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    All-Season tires for staggered 21" wheels?

    Time to retire the P85D+ with staggered tires. I see that there are more options. Any knowledge to share? I'm most interested in the noise/life/ride that the max performance. Thanks in advance.
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    Electric Pickup Roundup: Musk Says Tesla Truck 'Not Like Anything Else'

    Wish that Elon would have a welder accessory with the truck. Imagine the possibilities.
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    Landlord won't let me charge, says I need a permit for the 125v portable charger?

    Tell her you checked with the city and you need a permit to install a 240V charging outlet but not an existing 120V outlet.
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    Feature Requests For Tesla

    Wish Tesla/Genie/Chamberlain would come up with a garage door opener with separate commands for open and close. Sure phone apps have some feedback but I would like the car to send a open door or close door cmd with feedback to the car that the door is open/closed.
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    Hmmm spotted but not feeling this wrap

    Obviously ,its the new DARPA wrap developed at area 51.
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    Would you buy a 2014 Model S P85D now

    I do and I did. Got one 39K miles for 65K and plan to get the ESA in december. I've seen several in the last month at this price point.
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    Yet another yearly service pro/con thread

    Heres a good article to help you decide: Tesla Increases Price Of Maintenance Plans For Model S & X, Adds Additional Services Note that they change the Drive unit fluid the first year to remove those metal break-in particles.
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    EV/Tesla Tax Credit Eligibility

    One strategy you might ask about is to do a partial 401k to Roth conversion. That would create more taxable income to take full advantage of the tax credit.
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    Firmware Update 2018.12

    Just noticed the auto retracting mirrors stopped working. Got the 2018.12 update a few days ago. Anybody else notice? are they related?
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    ESA - now eligible even with dealer in chain of ownership?

    The second sale could have been a consignment sale and the vehicle not actually brought into a conventional dealer inventory.
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    2014 Tesla P85D only 8500 miles

    What is the full charge range mode # of miles for this 2014 P85D? I just bought one with 39K miles, P85D with plus suspension and rear exec heated seats built in Dec 2014. Trying to figure out how much battery has aged.
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    2014/15 Tesla Model S - P85D, Autopilot, White, heavily optioned

    Can you ask if a ESA is available after the car is purchased from you and then driven across the country and exceeding the 50k miles?
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    Looking to by Model S (our first Tesla)! Advice/leads?

    Others would know more details, but early cars suffered from door hand, screens, battery and drive units failures. Look for those to have been replaced. A door handle repair costs thousands. Cars with an existing warranty and less than 50k miles might qualify for an Extended Service Agreement...
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    Looking to by Model S (our first Tesla)! Advice/leads?

    I've seen some S60s with AP in the low $50s, so you might be able to bargain down a little. Look for a warranty.
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    2017 White Model X for sale

    Beautiful Car completely outside my price range.
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    Model 3 For Sale (Phoenix)

    It will be interesting to see what happens when the 200k car limit is reached. M3 flippers might disappear, Demand for a new Tesla should decrease putting pressure on Tesla/GM to lower prices. Some M3 reservations might be canceled. When M3 AWD is released, flippers will start again, and...
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    2016 Model X 90D for sale (Colorado)

    The seller has already agreed to sell and is pending financing. I've made an offer if that deal falls through. I'm one nervous puppy.
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    Feeler: Unicorn 2015 P85DL+ Pearl White

    Love this car, Just wish I was in a higher tax bracket.
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    Model 3's being flipped for the rebate and used resale at MSRP, for how long?

    One option to consider for taking advantage of the full tax credit is to make a partial 401k to Roth conversion at yearend. But consult a tax person for details. I would be interested in hearing from and purchasing a someones trade-in.
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    2018 Model 3 for sale, 71 Miles!

    Looks like seller just posted on eBay. Should be gone fairly quickly. 2018 Tesla Model 3 Premium Long Range | eBay
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    Tesla Model S 85D for sale - 74K

    And now some scammer is trying to sell it on craigslist for $45900 2016 Tesla Model S Dual Motor 85D
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    2015/70D/AP1/Metallic Blue/37.2K miles/Seattle Area

    Clearly, the $51k offer from the dealer is a ruse. snip: booziboy, Yesterday at 7:11 PM Just curious what did you sell the car at ? I have the same car, but with AP1 installed. I am getting tempted to sell as my Model 3 is coming next week. 2015 Model S 70D w/ 28,500 Miles $52,000
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    2015/70D/AP1/Metallic Blue/37.2K miles/Seattle Area

    If you believe in KBB.com, take the dealers offer before he changes his mind.
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    WTB 2014-2015 Model S with AP-1

    At that price point, you might find a S70 or high mileage S85. The warranty is important to myself and ESA eligible. For reference, I'm looking for a 85D at 60 or P85D at 70. Texas has lots of cars for sale. Model S / 2015 / White Pearl - d53c5 | Only Used Tesla
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    Unicorn P90(with upgraded 90 kWh battery from 85) with AP 1

    OK, I will change my wording from "just like it" to "similar".
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    Unicorn P90(with upgraded 90 kWh battery from 85) with AP 1

    Heres one just like it with no AP, $52k 2014 Tesla Model S | eBay
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    Unicorn P90(with upgraded 90 kWh battery from 85) with AP 1

    LOL, I posted a link to this car in another link. My offer was too low. Wish it was blue or white. Red reminds me of my first car...a 1972 Vega.
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    INQ: How rare are P85+ with AP?

    KBB has a value of $52k. Add the CPO warranty of $4k, makes $56k. Seller asking $62k. Is KBB accurate? I know its a rare configuration, but thats not important to me. Maybe someone else would pay more than market value. I've made an offer of $56k. Seller claims to have an offer of $58k
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    INQ: How rare are P85+ with AP?

    FYI Tesla Model S P85 with AP 1
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    Late 2014 P85 with AP1 for sale

    I know this is an old listing, but I'm looking at a similar vehicle with 45K miles. Can someone estimate a value for a P85 with AP1, 45Kmiles, solid roof, tech and sound packages, leather seats. Thanks in advance
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    Help me vet this car

    Houston did have flooding in Apr 2016, two months before the car was sold there. Carfax might not show it if insurance company was not involved. Flood cars are the worst. Problems just continue as corrosion occurs with time.
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    2015 P85D Model S for Sale

    Has this P85D ever had a bodywork repair? Thanks in advance
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    Feedback Requested on CPO 2014 P85 w/ AP

    I'm a no deal vote. I'm also in the same situation, a few thousand more and you get a better optioned P85D, Question for the community is how much the prices will drop in 6 months?
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    2015 P85D Model S for Sale

    Teslas CPO website has 2014 P85Ds with autopilot starting at $70K, that included a 4yr/50k warranty. Actually all the 2014 P85Ds listed have autopilot, Being that AP came out in Oct 2014. Is this correct?, Can I assume that all 2014 P85Ds come with AP?
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    2015 P85D Model S for Sale

    Heres a similar car on Craigslist with warranty. 2014 Model P85D w/ Autopilot 4yr/50K CPO Warranty $66.5K
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    2014 Model S P85D | Grey Metallic | 9.4k Miles | San Diego

    I'm curious what the community thinks about low mileage cars nearing warranty end. These cars are not without problems that are normally fixed under warranty. Like door handles, displays, motor whine, etc. mostly 2012/2013 that I'm aware of. I would be scare to buy this car if a ESA was not...
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    WTB: Dual Motor with AP in California

    Because the Money is in the local credit union, making for a clean transaction.
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    WTB: Dual Motor with AP in California

    I'm in the market for a dual motor MS or MX car with AP. Must have a clean California title and be a private party sale. Must not have black interior or exterior and should qualify for the extended service agreement. I'm watching everyday and hoping to make a deal soon. Solid roof, 19" wheels...
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    WTT Model 3 LR for Dual Motor Model S + cash

    I'm actually in the market for one of these dual motor cars with AP starting at $55k cars. Must have a California title and not black interior or exterior and qualifies for extended service agreement. I'm watching everyday and hoping to make a deal. Solid roof, 19" wheels are OK. Textile...
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    2016 Mdl S 75D - EAP AP2 - Grey - 13K miles - San Diego

    I'm looking too. 75D, AP2 EAP in California
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    I was in the Rocklin, Ca store yesterday. They have 4 cars in the showroom, up from zero two months ago. Also, there is a plan to put a supercharger in Reno. News of 100 cars in Germany sitting on a lot. Sounds like the model s in not production constrained anymore.
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    Tesla SP85 Plus 2013 - SOLD

    I would love to buy this car but lost my car money when I foolishly sold TSLA short the day before earnings.
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    1.5 Roadster for sale on eBay

    Autocheck has the DMV records from 4 different cities. Seller did not return my email wanting to know vehicle location.
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    WTB: P85 for $83K

    I'm still looking for a P85 and found a Sig Perf model. Are these basically the same car? Worth the same value assuming the same options and mileage? I know the colors ext/int are different and assume the Sig cars had the A battery pack. I'm not really interested with the collector appeal...
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    Social Chat - Short Term TSLA Movements

    Very interesting point. I didnt know that Tesla had shares to sell on the open market. Its quite the shock to see the price flat line for two days. I (most) were expecting short covering, massive moves up then down. The selling could have started Wed morning which could explain the dip...
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    Gee, Any chance that todays after hours trades were institutional short coverings and tomorrow with drop with profit taking? Tesla, how to lose money in less than 4.2 seconds.
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    Model S P85 green, 19k miles, fully loaded $91K, AZ - SOLD

    I just offered a guy $85k for a similar car in San Fransisco but hes holding out for $87.5 Maybe in a few months I'll have a car.
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    Model S P85 green, 19k miles, fully loaded $91K, AZ - SOLD

    Can someone educate me on the "A" battery pack significance?
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    WTB: P85 for $83K

    Thanks, I traced the WebRep lines to an Avast browser plugin. I've never had a signature. Hopefully, its gone now.

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