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    NVX Subwoofer vs 4 light harmonic door speakers

    NVX Sub makes a huge difference in sound. It's amazing and compliments the car well
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    Is MCU2 upgrade worth it?

    Worth every cent
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    Parting out 2015 MS 70D

    Do u have the silver trim on the rear diffuser?
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    Ontario Canada

    P90D Ludicrous avail, let me know your budget
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    Model Y Needed for a Commercial Shoot

    Lol, no one is getting paid, its a proof of concept Spec Spot, some hard costs will be taken care of, and a rental car can be provided to the donor.
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    Model Y Needed for a Commercial Shoot

    Compensation might be possible, ideally we could offer a rental car with gas receipt compensation, all up for discussion though!
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    Model Y Needed for a Commercial Shoot

    Good Evening Friends, This might come across as a strange and unusual request but here it goes. We're on the hunt for a Red or Blue Model Y, other colors would be considered however black would most likely not work. There is a very unique shoot happening in Toronto Ontario where we will be...
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    Toronto Collision Repair Recommendations?

    CSN 427 Auto Collision on Evans Ave
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    hello I’m interested in the 21” Tesla rims you have for sale. Please contact me when you can.

    hello I’m interested in the 21” Tesla rims you have for sale. Please contact me when you can.
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    Does MCU2 fix bluetooth audio / video delay?

    MCU2 allows you to play Netflix directly on the screen, no need to watch on a tablet
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    Tesla application for an electricity generation licence

    Probably relates to the solar roof...
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    Trunk orangizer Rola 59001

    It will also fit perfectly in the hidden 2nd trunk under the main trunk
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    Who is still on v8?

    Can you fill me in on the deadline? what's it about?
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    Dead MCU - May 2015 build S85D

    Sorry to hear that. Did you have any signs of weirdness before it went black?
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    Electrian need

    I have just the guy. His name is Malden 647-618-1360. Pls mention vinnie
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    Videos of Test Ride in Cybertruck

    How was the actual ride quality in comparison to other cars/trucks?
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    GTA Tint and Chrome Delete Recommendation

    These guys in Etobicoke The Lush Auto Spa Great service, always helpful, they’ve worked on a few cars for me.
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    Soon-to-be-owner from Toronto

    Electrican: Mladen Vugrinicek (647) 618-1360
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    Model X parts needed...

    Man! I was eyeballing that one on copart. Do u mind if I follow and perhaps help source some of the parts for U? I’m curious what the total bill will be! Happy u got the 100D!
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    Model three taking ages to wake up!

    Mine is slow when your in the drivers seat, the centre screen is on, its the dash screen that is slow to boot.
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    Model three taking ages to wake up!

    I also have the same problem with a model S on V10
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    Homelink Issues since V10?

    On V10, I do have a homelink door setup in the car, but my tesla app doesn’t see it. I logged out and re logged into the app just to be sure. and I get the following message: Homelink - There are no homelink garage doors near your vehicle.
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    NVX subwoofer box

    I have the 10" its pretty damn amazing. rattles the car if set too high. I have to turn it way down. I'm a serious audiophile and trust me its a lot of bass.
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    Retrofit my Tesla, that’s so Raven.

    I would love the new suspension
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    Painless Dent Repair GTA

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    What other tech stock to consider?

    They will be building chips for other manufactures, and leading the way into AR/VR tech. I'm sure its worth buying now.
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    Who has traded a Model S for a Model 3? How'd it go?

    I think all of the above totally makes sense and its a good play if you can do it.
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    Tesla Commerical

    Just wanted to share this little passion project commercial we did for Tesla back in 2013. Mark Cabiddu kindly offered up his brand new Model S to help tell our story. Along with a lot of friends in the Film community who also donated their time because they believed in what Tesla was trying to...
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    Nice Model S/X frunk storage solution

    interested, pls share!
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    Toronto Auto Body Shop

    +1 for excellence
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    Washer Fluid Warning

    So strange, I just looked through the manual and its not in there at all. I could swear it was on my RWD S, but not on the D
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    Washer Fluid Warning

    I’m not sure if it’s just me or other cars are experiencing the same problem, but my windshield washer fluid light does not come on to inform me that I’m running low. Today was the third time I filled up after getting bone dry - trust me you go through this stuff like water during the winter...
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    21" Arachnid Wheels and Tires For Sale - Canada

    Hi Jabardo, gonna stick firm at 6k, sorry I tried to edit the original post but it wouldn’t let me.
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    21" Arachnid Wheels and Tires For Sale - Canada

    As the title suggests, located in Toronto. I received the email from Tesla to configure the colour, so ultimately the choice is yours. They will take some time to come in once configured so if you're willing to put a deposit down, choose your colour, and are willing to wait they are all yours...
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    Show me those Arachnid wheels / Spiders!

    Horrible background but RED Calipers!
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    Should the door handles present when pressed on the back doors?

    What's stated here is totally correct. Apparently it's some safety issue, I just learned from Tesla. It would be super nice to be able to open the car doors if the fob is present when touching any door. Loading kids in the backseat becomes a bit of a pain when you need to push the front doors in...
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    Parting out 3 2015 model S's (70D, S70 and S85)

    Hello, I'm looking for the rear bumper chrome trim under the grey bumper on the old body style, ideally one in excellent shape. Can you please let me know if you have that part.
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    Model S 70D Totaled -- Selling whole car or parts

    Hello, I'm looking for the rear bumper chrome trim under the grey bumper on the old body style, ideally one in excellent shape. Can you please let me know if you have that part?
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    HomeLink in Reverse

    Yes this happens once and a while to me, more often recently I noticed.
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    My Experience with Upgrading the Sound System in my 2014 P85

    I used these guys! They were great and did a bang up job. Everything was done perfectly. They've done a couple of Tesla's now so they know the drill: Ultra Auto Sound Speak to Joe!
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    P100D 5 Seater with the new Quilted Interior.

    Wow that's stunning
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    Sound equalizer keep on resetting by itself

    I noticed this happens when the car goes to sleep. Driving around during the day it won't reset but over night or long periods of inactivity cause it all to reset. Mine is jumping to 4.5 across the board
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    Battery-powered Tesla kids' car for sale

    Toronto canada - is the plate in the back just a sticker?
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    Battery-powered Tesla kids' car for sale

    will u ship to Canada?
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    Salt Damage Winter Driving

    Ohhhhh nice, any shop could do it if I bring them a bottle?
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    Salt Damage Winter Driving

    I guess one would think that the Model S has far less to go wrong then a regular combustion engine car, but how does this fair in the winter? I've had a Model S for over a year now, and have been through one winter without any problems, but I continue to wonder how well does the Model S hold up...

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