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    SiriusXM - can use a favor …

    Sirius changed their channel lineup a few weeks ago. 60's on six is now 60's gold and I believe it is on channel 73. People like me who listen to the 60's are too old to have the station at that end of the dial.
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    Update 2021.32.22 bricked my LEMR [not related to update -12v battery failed during update]

    Had some goofy problems yesterday after the low voltage battery was replaced. The car had four warning messages that came up about the low voltage battery needing replacement. Made an appointment at the nearest service center (that could do it next day) and they replaced the battery. Service...
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    Gemini wheels without the Aero Covers. Center cap removal advice.

    I have found that a suction cup mount for a Garmin GPS (other brands make work too) will remove the center cap. Just center the suction cup on the cap, flip the lever which will apply additional suction and pull. Off it comes.
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    Plaid+ CANCELLED

    If Elon thinks that the Plaid is so good that there doesn't need to be a + model, I would suggest he reads a poem by Edgar Guest entitled "Good Enough". Maybe he can get his thought process back in line---Tesla is supposed to be a leader, not just good enough
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    Question: Weight of Model 3 OEM 18" Rims

    Just weight my spare tire (which is the OEM spec Michelin on the 18" Tesla rim). It came in at 46.8 pounds.
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    Will My New Model 3 Be Worth The Same As A Honda Civic In 6 Years?

    You also have to take into account the earlier 3's with the full Federal tax credit available. That immediately changes the resale value by the amount of the tax credit. Your out of pocket expense for the car (assuming you can use the full credit) is much lower than what you paid for it. Now...
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    Paint Damage - What would do this to a car?

    Has anyone thought that someone might have dropped an egg on the hood out of spite? Just looking at the circular spot and the run of material down the hood it might look something like that. If you let an egg sit on the paint long enough, it will eat the clearcoat and finally the basecoat...
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    Turn signal assembly attachment

    For a long time I have noticed the right turn signal lens doesn't fit nearly as well as the left in the bumper cover. Today I applied some pressure and found that the end of the assembly toward the center of the car is loose and you can press it in with very little force. The left side is...
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    Model 3 has no spare tire

    I recently put together a spare tire for my Model 3 with 18's on it. I bought a new take off wheel and a TPMS sensor from E-Bay. I was surprised about how difficult the tire was to get. I had originally contacted the Tesla service center about purchasing a spare but I only got a recorded...
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    Aero Wheel Paint Color

    I have a model 3 with the standard 18" Wheels. Having already found the color on this forum for the front side of the wheel (Ford Dark Shadow Gray) which is a perfect match, I need to find what the color is for the darker metallic black used in the barrel of the wheel. I bought a spare rim and...
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    Dog mode for my bunnies?

    Should be fine. While you are on the screen to enable the "dog mode" make sure you press the little grey (or blue) icon in the lower right side of the screen to turn on the rear AC vents (on the back of the console). That will get plenty of airflow into the back end of the car.
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    Sunk-in hood

    The only thing that the Frunk liner has to do with hood fit is that the front edge of the liner is used for the rubber hood adjusters to rest against. Make sure the liner is fully pushed into the clips on each fender. Rest the liner on the inserts in the fender and using a flashlight, make...
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    How long to activate the "new autpoilot" on existing car?

    Just pulled up my account for my model 3 and it now reflects the 2k/3k pricing for autopilot and FSD. Clicking the FSD button (I don't have autopilot) clicks both buttons and proceed to checkout. It used my card on file and they debited it for $5,325 (including sales taxes). It now says the...
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    How long to activate the "new autpoilot" on existing car?

    Actually, the "new" price doesn't occur until April 1st. I read the information as released by Tesla on March 1st and it said "next month" you would be able to get the new pricing. That would be April. I called Tesla support tonight and they confirmed the new price will be set April 1st but...
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    Sunk-in hood

    Try raising (screw out) the passenger side hood bumper and lowering (screw in) the drivers side. Try one turn on each and see what it looks like. The hood is held down in the center near the Tesla "T" and the two bumpers on the hood adjust any twist in the hood. Once you get it even on both...
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    So That's Where They Hid the Model 3 Subwoofer...

    Dual voice coils are usually used to combine the right and left channels into a mono bass channel. One voice coil receives audio from the right channel and the other from the left. Along with a passive crossover for the subwoofer it is a cheap and effective to get audio information from both...
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    Model 3 key fob and keychain

    On my old S, they sold (or gave you) a fob "cozy" that would slip over the fob and had a key ring on the end. I suppose that is what you are looking for.
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    Sunk-in hood

    to sandrews---The hood is high on the corners because the bumper cover is low. If you follow the instructions I have posted, you will note the bumper cover needs to be shimmed higher in the front. Adjusting the hood position, adjusting the latch position and shimming the bumper cover all but...
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    Sunk-in hood

    The majority of the fit problem you are seeing is adjusted/corrected by removing the tire and the wheelwell liner on the side of the vheicle that is giving you the problem. Once removed, you will see the bolts that attach the bumper cover to the fender. Removing the frunk liner shouldn't be...
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    Tesla charger

    HPWC's can require as much as a 100 amp service to provide full power on an older dual charger Model S which can draw up to 80 amps. The Model 3 LR charger can draw a maximum of 48 amps which is close to 12 KW at 240 volts. Therefore, if you want to use the full output of the Model 3 charger...
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    Help: A/C not working properly?

    I had an A/C problem early on where the grille shutters were not opening when requested. This shut off all the air going to the A/C condenser which kicked the compressor off. The logs showed the compressor issue. In addition, when parked with the A/C on, the fan noise from the condenser fan...
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    Front Fender / Bumper Gap

    If you remove the front wheel well liner, you can access the bolts that attach the bumper cover to the fender. There is adjustment available there so what I think happened is just sloppy assembly. Tesla service should be able to quickly sort this out, but if you are handy with tools, it's...
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    Evaporator Drain

    Somehow I got this in the wrong sub-forum. Maybe the moderators could move it to the proper model 3 forum. I have never seen the evaporator drain on the X but if it is like my S, the problem might also exist in the X.
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    Evaporator Drain

    Tesla did it again! On my 2014 Model S I noticed that the A/C evaporator drain dripped water inside the front end of the vehicle directly on an aluminum cross brace. It already started to corrode the part after only two months in service. I put a drain hose on the car to route the water out...
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    Model 3 UI Wish List

    In regard to the HVAC screen, I wish the selections you make (other than basic) would remain. My biggest complaint is the airflow to the rear passengers has to be manually selected each time the car is restarted. I would like that to remain were I set it last as I almost always have a rear...
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    Supercharging costs discrepancies (Display vs Bill from Tesla)

    I think the billing for the Supercharger session might be more exact than the display on the car. If you watch the in car display during the Supercharger session, you will see that (at least in my car) it updates in increments of 3 KWh. I tried timing the session and terminated it just prior...
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    Center Cap Removal Tool

    If you have a Garmin or similar windshield mount GPS, the suction cup on the mounting bracket will pull the center caps off both the model 3 and model S. The 3's caps have a slight crown and you have the set the suction cup tight and then pull the lever on the mount (as you would when putting...
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    Sunk-in hood

    First question---As the hood is only held in the center by the latch the hood could be normal on one side and low on the other. The two rubber bumpers adjust to determine if the hood is level or not. Once you get the latch height set, then you can "tip" the hood to get it the same height on...
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    100 foot 120 Volt extension cord?

    Unless you really, really need a "plug in" electric mower I would suggest you try a Li-Ion battery mower. I have had a Lowe's Kobalt 80 volt battery mower for two years. And it actually works. Comes with two batteries and will run a little over 30 minutes per charge. The batteries charge in...
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    Max USB Drive Size?

    loading error on any AAC files. All my MP3 files play fine. No AAC? no Car Play?---someone doesn't like Apple.
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    Vampire Drain after 2018.4.9?

    I can think of a lot of reasons why I shouldn't disconnect the battery. However, when you live in an area where there are heavy thunderstorms in the summer, in a house that has been hit by lightning that even with surge suppressors lost half the electronics then you have cause to worry. In...
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    Vampire Drain after 2018.4.9?

    Still don't understand how the car calculates things and how the battery will last with the constant cycling. The solution I used with my model S for long term storage (trickle charging the 12 volt to prevent main pack from being used to charge it) worked fine for months of storage but won't...
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    Sunk-in hood

    Great that it is working out for you. In my case, as I mentioned somewhere back in this tread, the gap between the front edge of the hood and the bumper cover was too wide after shimming it. Moving the hood forward to close up the gap also will give you a bit better fit on the sides of the...
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    Model 3 Front Hood dimension

    The hood is about 1400 mm wide and a tad over 1200 mm long. That is the minimum sheet size you would need to cover it completely. Because of its shape you are going to have excess material along the sides and at the rear that you may be able to use elsewhere. That's just for the hood. I...
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    Sunk-in hood

    It does fit. IMHO there is a problem (either with the engineering or manufacturing) of the bumper cover. As I said before, the cover is urethane so, like all bumper covers, it is somewhat flexible. Therefore the transition around the front corners of the hood comes out pretty close. The...
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    Sunk-in hood

    Your car must be worse than mine at the get go. I am not all the way to the top of the adjustment of the latch. However I am high enough to have the hood bumpers adjusted fully out. I added a little felt pad on the frunk liner to get the right height on the bumpers. The felt (although not...
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    Vampire Drain after 2018.4.9?

    It would be interesting to see if anybody else is having a problem with the 12 volt battery life. As I said earlier in this thread, I tried to hook up a charger to the battery to eliminate the vampire drain from taking power from the main pack. Works fine on the model S but the voltage...
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    Sunk-in hood

    I am going to try upload pictures. So if you look at the pictures in sequence, you can figure out how to remove the liner and install the shims. The first picture shows lifting off the service cover at the rear of the frunk. Start on either side near the rear and pull up. There are several...
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    Sunk-in hood

    I took the front trunk liner out today and took pictures of the procedure. I just got to figure out how to resize them to put them all in a post. BTW--I took the time today to adjust the hood hinges and get the panel gaps correct. The hood just needed to come forward a bit and now there is a...
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    Sunk-in hood

    They are Nylon and have a hole for a 6 mm bolt. About 32 mm in diameter and 3.25 mm thick. They were in little bins at the hardware store stocked by a company named "Jandorf" but anything similar will work. Hope It works for you as well as it did for me. Follow my earlier posts about...
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    Sunk-in hood

    If I really wanted to go for it, the panel gap can be addressed. My first attempt was to get the hood flush with the fenders. As there is no reference point at the rear of the hood, the hood could be adjusted forward at the hinges to close up the gap between the front of the hood and the...
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    Sunk-in hood

    OK this is my first attempt at uploading pictures. The hood looks a lot better then it did when I got the car but still isn't perfect. It is good enough for me and it is nearly 4 mm higher in the front than it was when delivered and the hood closes a lot easier. Remember, this is a 1/2 hour...
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    Updated Supercharger Rates

    Does anybody know if the "KW" of electricity we pay for from the supercharger is the AC KW's that went into the supercharger or the DC KW's that were output from the supercharger into the car? It does make a difference in calculating the true cost as some energy is lost in the conversion from...
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    Vampire Drain after 2018.4.9?

    Is the Tesla app running in the background? Mine is set up so that if the app isn't open in the phone the car can't find it. I can go out to the car with phone in hand and nothing happens until the app is open. It works better for me like that because if I move near the garage with the phone...
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    Sunk-in hood

    I wish I had taken some pictures. The key thing is (at least for my car) that the process of trying to fix the sunk-in hood relies on trying to align the front of the hood with the top of the bumper cover. However, it is the location of the bumper cover that is the majority of the problem, not...
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    Vampire Drain after 2018.4.9?

    My vehicle has been on 2018.4.9 for a couple of days now and the vampire drain seems to be less than the previous firmware versions. Averages around two miles of range loss over 12 hours vs. at least double that before the update. Nothing else changed, BT still enabled. I don't have a...
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    A hole here?

    It appears that the lower edge of the fender is bolted to the rocker panel at this point and the hole is to allow clearance for the flange without rubbing on the wheel well liner. If I was concerned about it, I would cut a little square of heavy rubber tape (like the "as seen on TV" Flexseal)...
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    Little Things

    The more I look at this car, the more it amazes me. Sure there are the things that everyone sees right away about it and they have been discussed at length. In the last few days, I have had the frunk liner out and can really look in detail at all the engineering that went into this car. But...
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    Sunk-in hood

    Sunk-in hood is fixed. I started by shimming the hood striker to get the hood higher and more flush with the fenders. I then took the frunk liner out and found that I didn't need the shims as there was plenty of adjustment in the latch. When the hood is close to flush with the fenders, the...
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    Sunk-in hood

    I took the cover off the latch area in the Frunk today. It pulls straight up off a couple off molded guides at the bottom. You can then see two bolts that take a 10mm socket to loosen. There is a slotted hole on each side of the latch to adjust it up or down. I removed the shims that I added...

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