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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    https://cnevpost.com/2022/05/10/tesla-sells-only-1512-china-made-vehicles-in-april-produces-10757/ BREAKING: Tesla sells only 1,512 China-made vehicles in April, produces 10,757
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I think one needs to think of the auto demand being elastic. Currently, demand is high while supply is limited, and Tesla cannot produce fast enough to meet demand. They are correct to raise price to capture extra profit, but this does not mean the price will stay high forever. As production...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    My wife's company recently moved few of their operations from San Francisco to Denver to save cost. Her department was one of the operations affected and she was retained to hire and bring the people up to speed. Her experience was that the quality and productivity of the available work force...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    No company can survive if shut down for months, the government cannot and will not allow this to happen.
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    Every service experience makes me want to sell my Model S

    Everyone has his / hers priority. We love our Teslas even though the services should be better, that is all I am saying.
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    Every service experience makes me want to sell my Model S

    Between the S and the 3 that we have, we have the same 3 issues that you have. We paid much more (combined) for both cars than you did for your S100D, so we should be unhappy like you? On the contrary, we love our Teslas. We value the cars' safety, EAP features, fun to drive quality and look...
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    Is sentry recording a joke?

    It was a free feature, that had proven to be useful for many. I am glad it was free and I ddi not need to install my own dash cam.
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    Looking for help evaluating a used Model S for sale in CA, 95742

    Be aware that car purchased in California must pay CA sale tax (~9% depending on the county / city). Does this apply to you?
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    Trade-in Bait and Switch

    Many ways to sell the car, no need to trade in, and no need to get upset about.
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    2019.36.2.1 for 12/2016 Model S a dud?

    What about ~3% power increase for model S and X ?
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    Model 3 Tax Credit

    The tax credit is not based on how much Federal tax you have paid, but what is your tax liability
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    Just bought 2015 Model S P85D - Max Battery is showing 310 Miles

    Check the setting to see if it is the rated miles.
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    Have Tesla insurance, just got DMV letter "Intent to Suspend" for lack of insurance

    You can also email a copy of your proof of insurance to them. I did that a couple of months back for my other car, but I needed to call them first to find out where to send to.
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    Tesla - Post Tax Credit

    Did you really think that the whole pricing scheme/changes were all planned out ahead of time? No, Teals was simply reacting to the demand side, lower price to simulate demand.
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    It’s finally made trade publications ...

    It had been known for years that Tesla focus on making cars for oversea beginning of each quarter and then back to US market from mid to end of the quarter. This is to make sure oversea deliveries will happen before end of the quarter. I do not see how this is an indication of "weaker than...
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    Door gap specification

    Have you tried to have Tesla fix the issues?
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    Why is Autopilot always trying to Kill me?

    The problem is new owner has expectations beyond what current beta software can handle. There is no point bashing the software for situations that it cannot handle yet.
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    Charging outside of the home

    Not everyone drives a Tesla with >200 miles of range. At my company, there are many Leafs, and I think many of them needs some charging at work to make it home. Also, my company encourages employees to go green, chargers are plentiful and charging is free.
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    Autopilot, GPS, and Nav broken. Tesla can't fix it. Advice?

    You definitely need to work with SvC to get it fixed. I would ask for a loaner while it is being fixed, and test drive it with a technician before picking it up. There is also the lemon law that you can pursuit if Tesla failed to fix it.
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    Should I have basic AP?

    What are the features listed in your purchase order? Is AP listed, or not?
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    Thanks for trying to kill me this weekend Tesla...

    Sensational headline. AP does not do lane change, so there is no prompting. It is most likely following a broken line or widened lane which it tends to behavior differently than human.
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    Botched up Delivery Houston

    OP was taking the inventory car instead, the $2500 discount was for $1000 (MSM) + $1500 (19"). IMHO, Tesla should give the discount to OP even though it was not delivered by EOT.
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    Ridiculous battery drain, this can't be right?

    If you keep Sentry mode and other features on while parked, then accept the battery drain.
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    Worst buying experience ever

    Was it your experience that the inventory cars listed in the website actually do not exist? Have you worked with a local sales to look into those inventory cars?
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    Worst buying experience ever

    What is your expectation of the ordering process and how long would it take to get your car? After you submitted your order, Tesla will try to match a car to your specification. When there is a match, then you will be contacted. There is no use to contact Tesla in the mean time. The delay for...
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    Worst buying experience ever

    Your user name is "unhappy Bob", that is who you are, not Tesla's fault.
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    Taking delivery of my Model S today but.....

    Probably due to end of quarter "rush" to deliver, as today is the last day of the quarter, and they cannot find any hauler to bring it to you in time. You can always take delivery next week if this bother you too much. They asked for your permission and you ok it. So why complain about it?
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    Newbie Question How do I?

    I would advise you spend some time to read the owner's manual to be familiar with the operation of the car and its features.
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    Issues with new Model 3 and service

    Given the conditions of the panels and paint, I am surprised your took delivery in the first place. I would have not accepted the car in the first place.
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    The driver door frame will have the manufactured month and year, but no date.
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    Am I overthinking things?

    5-20 allows 16A constant load, vs 12A for 5-15, so that is 1/3 more watts per hour. Before going off to purchase the 5-20 adapter, I would suggest you check out the 5-15 plugs by charging at 12A to see if there is any significant voltage drop. Depending on the installation, if the wires are...
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    Business Charger for Employees

    My company has ChargePoint chargers. Dual chargers at 30A each.
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    Supercharging referral bonus now 2000 Mi.

    Tesla just up the free supercharging to 2 years and additional free upgrades. My friend cancelled his order and put in a new one. Hopefully he can get it before end of the month.
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    Supercharging referral bonus now 2000 Mi.

    A friend using my referral code ordered on 8/27 but have not taken delivery yet. He text me he was told by Tesla the free 1000 miles supercharging will be increased to 2000 miles as long as delivery before 10/1. So, I am not sure who has the correct information. I will update when the free...
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    Quick Mileage Cost Calculation

    @OP. Not sure if your electric is under PG&E or not, and what rate plan you are on. Off peak for EVA is $0.13452 (summer) / 0.13778 (winter) per kWh, and $0.15633 per kWh for EV2. EVA was closed to new enrollment as of July 1, 2019, so if you are not in the plan then you can only enroll into...
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    M3 standard draining when parked

    Double check all your settings. We were on vacation last month while our 3AWD was parked in the garage, and it lost 26 miles in 21-days.
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    What is considered "normal" battery drain when car is just idle and not plugged in?

    We just returned from a 21-day vacation while our S75 and 3AWD were in the garage. S75 lost 35 miles, 3AWD lost 27 miles, and each included a firmware update.
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    Tesla miles

    The odometer readings from our cars (S and 3) had been very close to google map distances.
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    Tesla miles

    Is the 580 miles observed on the "odometer", or calculated from the "miles" on the battery icon ?
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    About to pull the trigger, any known/rumored changes in the 3 upcoming?

    I did not say the price adjustment will be huge, but I agree that it will be relatively small if any. Regardless, I will not tell OP if it is worth the wait or not. Some people get upset even for a small price different that they lose out.
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    About to pull the trigger, any known/rumored changes in the 3 upcoming?

    I think there will be price adjustment coming as Q3 demand is likely lower than Q2 due to smaller Federal tax credit amount. However, this may not be immediate as Tesla is usually focus on European and China versions during the beginning of the quarter.
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    75D battery degradation

    I meant to type 2019.20.2.1. Also my S75 has only 16.5k miles.
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    75D battery degradation

    My 2017 Oct built S75 is at 181-182 miles @ 80% after recent 2019.20.21 update. When new, it was 194. Spec said it should be 199, but I never get to that.
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    For Sale: Brand New Wall Charger $450 OBO

    If it has the 24 feet cable, I will pay $400 and I can do a local pick up.
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    FS: Signed Black Wall Connector NIB $450

    I am interested and in the south Bay and can meet to pick it up.

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