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    why no beep for backup sensor in Model 3? [rear cross traffic warning]

    I do remember Elon saying on twitter a while back (over 1 year ago) that they would add rear cross traffic warnings, who knows what happened to it maybe they will add it with the vector space birds eye view when they release the FSD rewrite?
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    Phone not connecting to car upon walkup

    I had this problem on android (Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra), turns out the OS was putting the app to sleep because I wasn't opening it that often. To fix this I had to go to the phone settings and add the Tesla app to the "Never put to sleep" category and I've never had that problem since.
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    Tesla model 3 accident

    Dont worry about dealing with the other insurance, just give their insurance details to your insurance and they will take care of it for you.
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    Locked out of my Tesla account - Multi Factor Authorisation. Please help!

    Yeah, don't rely on the cloud to back things up on it's own. I've lost stuff before because I assumed the cloud had already backed it up.
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    Venting - Model 3 should come with the lift pucks

    Do you have to reset the TPMS?
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    Tesla homelink

    I have it auto close and open and it works pretty well most of the time. You can set the proximity. I also have garage sensors so I don't have to worry about the door closing on someone. It will tell you on screen how much further or closer you need to drive before it will actually send the...
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    HELP! Buy new M3 SR+ Or used LR AWD

    Ok, so after making my previous post I've come across some new info that seems pretty reputable. Apparently a bunch of new stuff are about to be added to the Model 3's including a redesigned center console, chrome delete as standard, double paned windows, a heat pump, and a power trunk, so this...
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    HELP! Buy new M3 SR+ Or used LR AWD

    If you can get a long range for just an extra $3-5k more, I'd say go for the long range. You won't be missing much in terms of features.
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    Biggest pain of EV is .......

    Had to drive an ICE car around to various tire centers when my 3 got a flat. At one point I forgot to take the key out of the ignition and just got out the car. After closing the door I just stood there wondering why the music was still playing inside.
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    Passenger airbag off light - on when seat is empty

    It's because airbags can do more harm than good if children are sitting in the front seat. Therefore if a certain weight limit on the passenger seat is not reached, the airbags will turn off.
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    Good portable air compressor for the Model 3?

    I use this one. Its 12V 120W so if you do the math it should only pull 10 amps https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QR4Q42L/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
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    12v battery issue, Tesla unsatisfactory response

    You can actually use a standard 9v battery to open the frunk (only works if the 12v battery is dead or car is unlocked)
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    12v battery issue, Tesla unsatisfactory response

    Honeslty it will prob be quicker, cheaper, and less stressful if you change the battery yourself. There are videos on youtube on how to open the hood when the battery is dead.
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    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    I heard EAP is only available to purchase until September 30th (don't quote me on this). Its prob to help generate cash before earning call.
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    Would you return this 2020 3 Performance?

    I suggest returning. Rumors are saying that Tesla will announce significant cost saving with battery manufacturing on battery day which will in turn greatly reduce the prices of all Tesla vehicles. Chances are you will save more than $2,800 a year from now on a completely brand new P3D
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    Sitting during vacation

    Five days shouldn't really matter so it's up to you.
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    Tinting the back window/sunroof

    I have 30% tint on my back glass, and the difference between the back glass and moon roof is barely noticeable.
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    External Speakers???

    The grill for the speaker is on the bottom of the car towards the front. If you have a speaker, you can access it through the wheel well of the front passenger side wheel.
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    Do I Own the Software in my Model 3?

    No, you own a license to the software.
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    WTF Alignment Estimate from Tesla

    I'm pretty sure they don't want you to use service centers for things that can be done elsewhere like changing tires, rotating your wheels, etc since this clogs up the service center. Otherwise it wouldn't make sense to charge over $100 for a simple tire rotation.
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    Does my model 3 look totaled

    In my opinion it doesn't look totaled, but I'm not a professional.
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    Things I will miss

    I'm pretty sure map database is on board. When I got my car upgraded to HW3 it had to re-download the maps and my cars touchsceen wouldnt display the map until it was done downloading.
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    Battery degradation???

    It could be, or it might not. The cars onboard system calculates the total range based on your driving behavior and maybe some other factors as well, battery degradation is probably included in that calculation but it's not the whole story.
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    Buying a Used 2018 Performance - Questions

    Enhanced AutoPilot is not the same as FSD
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    Should I upgrade my RWD M3 from hardware 2.5 to 3.0 now or wait for a possibly better CPU release?

    Even if there will be a HW4, who knows when that will be out. Tesla and Elon have never made any suggestions towards the development of HW4 so far.
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    Is my Model 3 on LSD?

    It's one of the easter eggs, I don't remember the exact process to trigger it but it looks like u figured it out.
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    Mea Culpa

    I don't think you don't need to pair. You can remotely unlock and start the car (under controls) from the Tesla app as long as you're logged in.
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    Rear glass tint

    yikes, there are some tint shops that only tint part of the rear window. When I went to get my windows tinted I asked to make sure they would tint the entire rear glass and not just the bottom portion of it.
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    Wait until battery day to order a new Tesla?

    If you don't need one right now, then I suggest waiting until battery day.
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    Driver Side Mirror Turned Out...Fix, Please

    happened it me. Push it back, it will go back to normal, make sure the windows are set to be in the open position, not folded, when you do it.
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    Model 3 LR AWD - involved in accident -- can it be repaired?

    nah, that car is done for. If the car has homelink, see if you can retrieve it (if you're planning on getting a new model 3), I'd also retrieve the frunk hooks and frunk floor mats (if it has them) since new model 3's don't come with any of those three things just mentioned.
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    Autopilot Brake checking

    I had my first case of phantom braking today. Was on the highway with NoA on, the car was changing lanes from the left lane to the right, there was no car in front of me or next to me but for some reason when it was halfway through the lane change the car suddenly brakes, it completed the lane...
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    Rear defrost strips falling off window after 17 mos. Tesla wants $820.

    should be covered under warranty, this happened with me. My driver side door was misaligned causing it to stick out when closed, when I made an appointment to get it fixed they gave an estimate for $80 to fix it but the final bill came out to be $0 and was listed as a warranty repair. When you...
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    Model 3 Sr+ Door Closing Question

    No, the car doesn't come with auto-close. You can install them yourself if you'd like. Model 3 Soft Closing Doors (v2) – Tesla Offer
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    Model 3 repair costs

    damage to the rear quarter panel will cost a fortune to repair unfortunately
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    Is this noise normal?!

    if it sounds like this than it's normal.
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    service procedures during pandemic?

    Went to the SC less than a month ago for HW3 retrofit. They texted me the morning of my appointment with a link telling me to fill out this form from my phone once I've arrived at the SC, when I arrived and parked at the designated spot I filled out the form from inside my car and within a...
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    Tesla wheels at Service center

    They prob will if the wheels are OEM Tesla wheels. However, you will probably save more money if you go to your local tire dealer instead.
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    Android App

    the fan icon is for the AC/heater. if you click it it will cool or heat the cabin area of the car. The fan button is just there for quick access, if you click the climate option you get more options such as setting the temperature and turning on the heated seats.
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    Model 3 SR+ forced downgrade

    Delete this thread and pretend everything is fine lol that's what I'd do.
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    Easter Egg Menu Does Not Appear

    they got rid of that menu, you can now access the apps that were in there through the toy box menu.
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    Hey, I’m Getting Better Than 240 Miles on SR+

    the rated range is given on the assumption that you will drive at 250 wh/mi. If you can achieve something better than that than you will get more range.
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    Cleaning Model 3 Glass

    If you're looking to clean the inside of your windshield, follow this video, it doesn't leave any streak marks. I laid out a towel on the dashboard when I was cleaning mine to prevent water from dripping onto the dash.
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    Tesla App Hacked???

    I've never had this happen to me. People have been asking Elon for ages now for two factor authorization, hopefully it will come soon.
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    New owner questions

    I believe there is one USB-C and one USB-A port at the front so you should be fine
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    Aggressive " Keep Hands on Wheel" Notification

    I got this once, then a couple days later it went away (there was no software update in between)
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    Buying advice: used 2018 model 3 or 2020 model 3

    the 2018 will have some minor perks that come with it such as the garage door opener (you have to buy it separately for $300 on the 2020 model), bag hooks in the funk, a carpet mat in the frunk (assuming the previous owner left it in there), the 240v pin (assuming the owner left it), iphone and...
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    Question for people who purchased in 2018

    The $2k price for EAP owners was only available for around 2 weeks during March 2019. In 2018 the total cost for FSD was $10,000 ($2k for AP and another $3k for EAP and FSD was another $5k). Then they got rid of EAP and moved all of it's features into the FSD package and made basic autopilot...
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    Will my Model 3 be able to park like this G3?

    Im pretty sure the ability to find an open spot and park on it's own is on Tesla's autopilot roadmap. The way Elon described it would work was that you can get out of your car at the front of the store and the car will navigate through the parking lot and park itself in an open spot.
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    I have full self driving on my model 3. If I buy a new Tesla does FSD transfer

    Unfortunately it does not transfer over if you buy a new car, I hope in the future FSD is tied to individual accounts rather than the car, but it probably won't happen since that would be a logistical nightmare to try and figure out with used car sales.

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