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  1. bigbear

    DIY Chrome Delete with Plasti Dip

    How did the handles hold up?
  2. bigbear

    2013 Tesla Model S P85

    Still available?
  3. bigbear

    Maximum battery charge level reduced

    2013, out of warranty.
  4. bigbear

    Maximum battery charge level reduced

    How much does this repair cost out of warranty? The car I'm looking at getting has almost 200k miles and wont charge past 40 or so miles.
  5. bigbear

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Has anyone come across a Tesla that won't charge past a certain point? I found a used Model S at a dealer and he can't get it to charge past 42 miles, it has the 85kwh battery. He went to a supercharger too and nothing will get it above that point.
  6. bigbear

    2016.5 Model S 90D, loaded,

    Just for reference, can a 2016.5 Tesla Model S not be upgraded to FSD and some can?
  7. bigbear

    For Sale: 2016.5 (11/16 build) 75D Model S NYC Area

    Could you point me to these?
  8. bigbear

    2012 P85 Model S Signature for sale, 124k mi

    I could deal with those issues if you can drop the price, let us know.
  9. bigbear

    2012 Model S 85

    Carvana will give me more than that.
  10. bigbear

    2012 Model S 85

    Reduced to 29k
  11. bigbear

    2012 Model S 85

    Probably going to be selling my Model S after the car payment ended up not being a good idea for my overall finances. It has 94k miles, with most options included (Smart Air Suspension, Panoramic Roof, Tech Package, High Fidelity Sound Package, Free Supercharging, Turbine Wheels). I bought it...
  12. bigbear

    7 in one spot, in 2020, @Fully Charged, Austin, TX

    You caught a Southwest flight in the background too. I hate myself for missing this. Do you think fully charged come back to Austin again?
  13. bigbear

    Sold 2013 P85 112k miles

    Did you install the rear facing yourself? I ask because I want to add them to my Tesla but don't have the knowledge to do it myself.
  14. bigbear

    WTB rear facing seats

    I'm in Austin.
  15. bigbear

    Vendor New Vendor, OEDRO All Weather Floor Mats, Big Sale!!!

    I'm assuming these won't fit in a 2012 Model S.
  16. bigbear

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Holy crap, what are you doing to get that? I drive very efficiently and I'm at 309. I have a 12 model s, non performance.
  17. bigbear

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Does anyone get to those numbers here?
  18. bigbear

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    So what the the wh/mi that gives the best chance of displayed range?
  19. bigbear

    Need New Tires - 21" - What's Best?

    You're right, not staggered. I got all the same size, will that be an issue?
  20. bigbear

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    306wh/mi over 8k miles in my 2012 model s with 85k miles.
  21. bigbear

    Need New Tires - 21" - What's Best?

    I bought 4 Hankook tires last week for 880 after rebates, install, and certificates.
  22. bigbear

    Tesla Used Inventory Down 30%?

    They are out, lowest S on there now is 40k where as a couple months ago there were quite a few under 30k.
  23. bigbear

    Model S Parcel shelf

    Sold, thank you for your interest. Yes, fedex was way cheaper.
  24. bigbear

    Model Y Aims to Be Tesla's Real Mass Market Hit

    I want a Y and I want it now, but with 7 seats and under 40k.
  25. bigbear

    2018 Model S 100D - $74990

    What should this car sell for?
  26. bigbear

    Model S Parcel shelf

    Looks like usps wants $40 to ship...
  27. bigbear

    Model S Parcel shelf

    It looks new, perfect shape in black. I'm asking $125 + shipping unless you're in Austin.
  28. bigbear

    Need a J1772 adapter

    I got a loaner one time without one.
  29. bigbear

    Need a J1772 adapter

    I took my car to Tesla yesterday to service some minor things and put the adapter in my pocket thinking they'd give me a loaner. They actually fixed everything that day so I didn't need a loaner and I placed my adapter somewhere between getting out of my car and waiting on my car and didn't...
  30. bigbear

    2013 in the shop...2018 loaner MS

    I'd love some parking sensors. My wife won't even park our model s in the garage. Well, it's probably because she scraped the paint off the MS from the side of our garage right on to the car. Parking sensors would have prevented this.
  31. bigbear

    2013 in the shop...2018 loaner MS

    Like what?
  32. bigbear

    2013 in the shop...2018 loaner MS

    It does look better, was hoping to get it in an update.
  33. bigbear

    2013 in the shop...2018 loaner MS

    I got a 15 MS loaner and own a 12 MS. Why don't we get the circle energy gauge? Seems like that'd be an easy update?!
  34. bigbear

    Buying used - what max mileage would you buy?

    I bought a 2012 85 from Tesla with 77k miles last December and haven't had one issue with it. I've already put 3k miles traveling all over Texas. I think these cars are built to go 200k miles easy.
  35. bigbear

    Need New Tires - 21" - What's Best?

    How are the falkens holding up?
  36. bigbear

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    2 keys, note body damage not seen in pictures and get the contact info of your inside sales person. I didn't and have no idea who to contact. I've had my car a month and still no plates or due bill.
  37. bigbear

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 **Brand New Motor** - $36000

    I'm getting 216 on 90% on a 2012 S with 78k. You think I should charge to full charge to get it up?
  38. bigbear

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    I recently got a CPO, disappointed with the communication overall, but the end result was way worth it. I love my car. These prices are really dropping
  39. bigbear

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    Dang, there was a $25k model s the other day. Lots of 85s way under $35k. Buyers market!
  40. bigbear

    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    I didn't have a great CPO experience, but all in all I got a great car pretty quickly.
  41. bigbear

    Brand new tires on sale at Discount Tire Direct eBay

    Hope this deal comes back around in a few months...
  42. bigbear

    Pre-Refresh: Removing Front License Plate

    That's how mine looks, I'm under warranty still too. But I'm assuming this wouldn't be covered?
  43. bigbear

    Pre-Refresh: Removing Front License Plate

    Would love to know too, I'm only finding info on refresh teslas.
  44. bigbear

    Using TM-Spy to see Model S data.

    I'm in, just bought. Is there a how-to to get started?
  45. bigbear

    Been denied refund on CPO deposit three times

    No AP, it's too old a car I think.
  46. bigbear

    Been denied refund on CPO deposit three times

    I'm super happy, I put about 700 miles on it this week and it performed perfectly. To review a 2012 MS for $33.4k with tech package, 85kwh battery, air suspension, uhfs, 21 in Turbines, sunroof, unlimited super charging, and full warranty up to 100k miles. It has 78k now.

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