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    CCS Adapter is Now Available in the US Tesla Store

    to the ones who already ordered, did Tesla website say when they would ship out?
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    CCS Adapter is Now Available in the US Tesla Store

    Going to order one as long as I take the delivery. Cannot buy it when I don’t have a car in my profile.
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    Official Tesla CCS1 adaptor now available in Canada.

    It also shows up in the US shop site as well. But it requires customer to login and purchase and I believe customer needs to own a Tesla in order to purchase.
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    iPhone would NOT work in area with no internet.

    Were there a lot of radio towers causing any interfering?
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    New Model 3 RWD break-in period

    Thanks for your advices. I saw the 3 RWD EDD is shortened from 32 days range to 29 days, I am starting to plan to get the wall charger to be installed and clean up the garage :) I don’t care about if it is the end of 2022 made or brand new 2033 made thou. I have learned a hard way for NOT to...
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    Warranty coverage after 1year

    Open a service ticket and see what they say? The panels should be covered but I am not expert in Tesla.
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    New Model 3 RWD break-in period

    Hi all, Tesla will be our first EV car and we can’t wait for the delivery. For all the new ICE we have, I always drove slow and not step on brake or gas panel or not to drive it for long distance during the first 500-1000 miles break-in period. Do EV cars, especially to Tesla, have break-in...
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    Model Y suspected paint Chipping

    Pls mark the chipped area in your photos. It is difficult to see them clearly.
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    California Auto Insurance: Share Your Claims Experience

    I know it is a 2-years old post. Did you find the insurance company you were looking for? I am shopping on insurance for incoming model 3 RWD and model y LR.
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    February 2022 Ordered and Estimated Delivery Dates

    Got exchanged to Dec 2022 on 9/1 and today EDD shows as 12/6 - 1/17. Possible will reject the vin or put in hold at the end of Nov. try to pick up in Jan 2023 :)
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    I am not switching to EV plan. I will stay with the tier.
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    Multicar Insurance Policies

    Insurance company will readjust for the premium if you remove one car from multi-car policy. I had the same experience. Sold one car and thus I only have the other car in the policy. They readjust / recalculate the premium.
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    Model Y 2021 Complete Battery Failure at 18k Miles

    it is correct. Even Honda does provide either their loaner car, or a rental for major repair (in or out of warranty).
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    MY LR waiting room.

    MYLR / Silver / Black / 19" / 5 Seater / No Tow / No FSD OD: 02/17/2022 12/2022 (original) 3/2023 - 6/2023 1/8/2023 - 3/5/2023 - 56 days range 12/2022 (as of 09/01/2022) I am ok with the Y bring delivered between Jan to March 2023 as I have a basic model 3 coming in. I will try to delay...
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Which company did you order the skip plate from?
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    MYLR delivery date bumped up

    It is not just you only. I have seen people in US also got bumped up to Dec 2022 from 2023. I might try to delay the delivery for the credits.
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    2022 M3 400wh/mi and charging problems in 110F heat

    Are you able to just log a ticket for the AC cooling with tesla abs have them to look at it?
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    Road trip through Blazing Heat

    I think the best would be using the onboard GPS to route you to supercharger stations. I don’t have my Tesla yet but I have already checked out YouTube videos about LA to Yellowstone route. You might want to check out from your starting point to UT for the superchargers. I assume you would do...
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    Model Y hit and run while parked - total loss or reparable?

    How much did the insurance company pay out?
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    1 month old model Y hit by other driver, is it totaled?

    What is the outcome? Any updates?
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    Two month old Model S refresh might be totaled, will insurance pay for a new one?

    Do you know which insurance companies in CA offer the replacement value coverage?
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    MYLR 19" Winter wheels and tyres from Costco instead of Tesla

    I would get tires from America’s tires. Esp the package for the tire replacement.
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    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    where are the proposed charging stations in Laguna Hills and Lake forest?
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    New! delivery estimate unchanged by options 8/31/22

    i am in the same boat. they moved up the EDD from Jan-March, 2023 to December 22. If the December timeframe sticks, I will have to postpone it. My another order of M3RWD has the EDD as 10/19-11/23.
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    February 2022 Ordered and Estimated Delivery Dates

    It shows the current EDD is Dec 2022. If it stays correct, I might need to put it on hold or reject VIN and hope it gets push to jan2023 so I can get the credit.
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    Rejecting Fremont VIN for Austin?

    what is your car configuration?
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    February 2022 Ordered and Estimated Delivery Dates

    MYLR/MSM/BLK/19/5 Seater/No Tow, FSD/ OD: 02/17/22 Initial EDD: December 2022 2nd EDD: March, 2023 - Jun, 2023 Current (3rd) EDD since July 28, 2022: 01/08/23 - 03/05/23
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    Steering wheel leather FAIL

    or get this Yoke steeling wheel
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    Used Prices/Valuations dipping?

    Demand and supply. They added the FSD so it has the 12k added on. Otherwise, it would be just 58k? Of course, there is no reason for Tesla to lower the price on used cars when they know people are still willing to buy.
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    what is your OD and what config on the new one?
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Just checked my EDD has changed. it was 10/20/2022 - 12/01/2022 it is 10/19/2022 - 11/23/2022 it moved up 1 day but with the range has shortened from 42 days to 32 days. I am planning to place an order of the Wall charger in Sept, and check out the installation appointments with electricians.
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    Model Y 2021 Complete Battery Failure at 18k Miles

    I am sorry to hear that and it is alarming that your car is just 1 yr old and it has the battery fail message. A YouTuber @everydaychris has the same experience, and he got his battery replaced. I am sorry to hear that they did not get you a Tesla Loaner. :(
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    Tesla Sold Me A Wrecked M3 As New

    I think I would take the 3, and as well as order a Y. As if they have a way to order a 3LR for you with last year price? may be you can get the tax credit if you take delivery next year? anyway, i would take the 3, order a Y at the same time, flip the 3 and pocket the $. The market should still...
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    Anyone else in the Los Angeles area with a March 2022 Order date? What are your EDD’s? See my info below.

    did you have the wall charger installed already? my EDD has moved forward (10/20 - 12/1). I will start to order a wall charger and gets the installer to install it. However, i might want to have the car first (and use the mobile charger) and get the installer to come out.
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    Model 3 LR not currently available to order (USA) [posted 08.12.2022]

    i will see if my order on M3RWD will be delivered before end of Dec, otherwise, I might switch to M3LR and "hopefully" i will be eligible to get the tax credit. for the people who might say it is above the price range, if I do switch to M3LR, the price would be $54999 as it was the time I...
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    Is $750 CA Clean Fuel Reward Instant Credit Gone?

    i wonder if it is because of the new climate bill?
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    you can always be able to reject during the inspection tomorrow right? What else would you do other than 1) check out the car and accept the delivery; or 2) reject the car. It does look like someone else rejected the car at that location, and you are the next inline to get that.
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    Done: installed two Tesla Model Y (& Model 3) Rear Seat Folding Table

    it looks like the actual working area is small for placing a laptop. for drinks and snacks for the kiddos, they look good.
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    Tesla Sold Me A Wrecked M3 As New

    have you considered to contact a lawyer to handle this issue?
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    Austin built MY LR quick review

    Is Austin producing the MY Long Range and not only the MY Standard like some posts about that few months ago?
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    Keep or sell 22’ M3 LR/boost

    use the cash to invest too
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    Keep or sell 22’ M3 LR/boost

    I would sell, and get a M3P :)
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    MYLR Delivery Damage

    Looks like it is a scratch on some hard surface. I don’t believe it would affect any internal components but may need to watch out for any sensors related issues going forward (but they should be covered by warranty). If they have this car to me as-is, I will reject the delivery. If they...
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    MSRP max for EV Tax Credit: before or after FSD?

    Feb 17 2022 Details are in my signature
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    Can you delay delivery to wait on Model Y improvements?

    Can we still do it once? Just in case the delivery date range comes when I am out of town.
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    Can’t PPF the whole car, what is the bare minimum to get done?

    Can you DM me the place where you for your PPF installed?
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    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    does the msrp for the car exclude taxes and destination fee?
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    I am thinking to same to upgrade RWD to LR. The different is exactly $7500. However, I am thinking the M3RWD won’t be qualified for the credit as the battery is made in China.
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    Recommend a solar company in Orange County

    Hello All, I am doing the researches over Solar panels purchased/installed thru Tesla, or some other companies. I hope the owners of Solar panels in Orange County, CA could help sharing your experiences/tips on the solar panels installers to me. Thanks

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