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    A joke, or just plain incompetence?

    Changing the world takes time, and if you're Elon Musk, it takes longer than you think. Just be patient, he is making things happen as fast as he can, even if he grossly underestimates his timelines.
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    Autopilot False Positive Braking

    Gotta level up the reaction time! LoLjk drive safe. I know I won't be riding any more Model S bumpers from now on.
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    Model X Deep Sleep

    Why is there a waking procedure anyways? Why not wake itself up when the brake is pressed and pop a booting timer up on the screen or something. Simple. Tesla take notes.
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    22 inch wheels lowered ?'s

    Curious what wheel offset you guys with big wheels are running. When I put wheels on other cars, I always like to fill up as much space on the inside as possible where the wheel/tire is almost fouling on the suspension. This also helps run the widest and tallest wheel possible without rubbing on...
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    Salvaged Model 3 auction

    Thanks for the info, that's good news. I thought I had read somewhere that once the airbags deploy, the vehicle becomes undriveable and Tesla needs to do some software magic before it can even move under its own power again. And of course, they won't do their software magic until they deem the...
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    Salvaged Model 3 auction

    Aren't Teslas a nightmare to get up and running once the airbags have gone off? Tesla needs to give the word before it goes back on the street? Correct if wrong
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    Model 3 Canada

    Not sure if senile or just poor planning, but he has a Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto meet planned all on Jan 3rd, and all within a few hours of each other. Either he has a bunch of M3s coming or his car already has a software update that supports teleportation
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    I don’t recall, but wasn’t there some promise made..?

    No one cares about us up here. We are basically a cold Mexico to Americans
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    Advice needed - how exterminate rat in car??

    "Epic battle" is not cartoony and I will use it as I please.. I use it at every party For example, "The Great Emu War was an epic battle between the Australian military and some ugly looking turkeys"
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    Advice needed - how exterminate rat in car??

    :DWhen did everyone become a comedian in here:D
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    Tesla found source of a noise (funny)

    Someone with butter fingers on the assembly line is clearly indulging in more jelly beans than their hands can hold. I wonder if this is a common issue:D
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    I don’t recall, but wasn’t there some promise made..?

    This should be common knowledge by now.. Maybe someone should make a shirt that has this quote on it. I'd buy one
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    DIY Urban Supercharger

    With that logic, could I make one that doesn't charge at all but looks pretty? C'mon its pretty misleading.. Agreed that this is super cool nonetheless
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    Want a Model S Estate... Your dream may come true

    This is awesome Are they contracted by Tesla in any way, shape or form?
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    Want a Model S Estate... Your dream may come true

    I feel like sums up how "contract manufacturers" work If Tesla wanted a convertible Model S, wouldn't they approach a company beforehand to contract the work to? Please enlighten me
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    Advice needed - how exterminate rat in car??

    To further explain this method.. The cockroach is attracted to the sweet musk of the beer. After drinking the remains, he will simply pass out drunk in the empty can. Kill immediately, you do not want a hungover cockroach on your hands. *Untested with rats although it is rumored they favor a...
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    Advice needed - how exterminate rat in car??

    This is an epic battle between man and rat.. No sympathy for rats especially when they destroy your belongings
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    How to measure toe yourself (with pictures)

    Thank you this is helpful
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    Are Ontario EV Credits Ending?

    Side note, how do you justify driving an FD and a Tesla? Seems you have to two extreme ends of vehicular pollution. Asking for a friend with an FD.
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    Are Ontario EV Credits Ending?

    Your definition of "cult" is not wrong, but I don't believe you should be looking at it that way. This are just a good group of current owners that support the Tesla mission and want to help in any way possible. They're only spreading the good word and encouraging ICE drivers to make the switch...
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    Peer to Peer Tesla charge assist

    Range anxiety is a problem, however, I don't believe this is the solution. More charging stations and higher capacity batteries is the answer which will both come with time. Investing money on a band aid fix that won't provide much long term benefit is not in the cards for Tesla. That being...
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    Why isn't there a Supercharger at Oakville SC?

    I agree there should be a supercharger here, great stopover point for travelers, but I understand the logistics of not building one. No need to crowd the SC parking lot, and this is not a very popular area in general. As far as I know, Tesla is prioritizing superchargers in high traffic...
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    Blog Trump is a Tesla Owner

    Oh hey Trump is looking after the environment! Great guy, would love to have a beer that dude
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    Iron Man

    Thats cool to the max
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    Summons feature flaw

    Guy your LED lights in your garagedoor opener are clearly messing with the keyfob don't you know how interference works? Same thing happened to me except it was my dog barking at the same time I tried to cancel summon, but he accidentally ate a few AA batteries the night before so I mean the...
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    Reuters: 90% Tesla defects

    Admitting it won't help TSLA either
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    8-month-old car, 12V battery needs replacement

    I just read that BMW 10,000 mile battery article. That is not common nor acceptable to replace a battery every 10,000 miles. It specifically states in the article that BMW came up with a new technology that stops charging the 12V much in an effort to improve gas mileage slightly. This...
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    Poll: Model 3 Dissuasion?

    If I wanted a superior model 3 I would buy an S. This is supposed to be Tesla's budget electric car right? Or am I severely misinformed?
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    Elon "Anti-Selling"

    You cannot teach those who do not want to learn
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    Poll: Model 3 Dissuasion?

    Model 3 is inferior? This is fake news
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    8-month-old car, 12V battery needs replacement

    12V battery should be charging with the high voltage battery while the charger is plugged in, no? Something is wrong
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    Saw a matte white Model 3 at San Diego Service Center - note on the possible 'roof rack points'

    I can definitely see how these might be mistaken for or even could be panel removing tabs
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    Keep my deposit?

    I think Benjamin is jealous that you're higher on the priority list than he is. *speaks in old grandma voice*You won't be successful flipping it if you're not a dealer!" :D blah I believe purchasing one is a good opportunity no matter how you plan on using it
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    Tires rubbing

    On a totally different note, all tire manufactures have different tolerances when it comes to measuring tire dimensions. Some even have different ways of measuring these dimensions which means the "exact same" tire size from one manufacturer, might actually fit a lot bigger or smaller compared...
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    Tires rubbing

    We were sold the incorrectly sized front wheels on our X (bought a set for winter) 20x9.5 I believe? and they would only rub at close to full lock in reverse. It has something to do with the bearing flexing in a direction that wasn't designed to see high stress. Anyways, the inner wheel lip...
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    Why do EV drivers park in EV spaces and not charge?

    Prank Idea: Model S owners band together and take up every pump spot at a high traffic gas station and go sit down for lunch across the street. Prank'd!
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    Tesla Motors Tees

    He's just salty that his shirts won't sell anymore
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    Forum split coming - Old & New Roadsters

    Whatever it is, I won't be happy. I am part of the majority and you can't please me! Jk i would vote for Gen1/Gen2. Why is there no poll attached to this thread?
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    Tire Wear P100D

    Are there a lot of you running performance tires on your S? I just try to max out my tire life and range. Gimme that high treadwear! Also is this actually what the treadwear rating means? I've never heard the 200TW = 20000 miles thing but it sounds very logical
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    Shocked by the new Roadster rolling out of the Tesla Semi!

    The 10 second rule is irrelevant in terms of Modern Safety Standards. A fully caged Chevy Nova with a massive supercharger and nitrous running 9's is going to be WORLDS more unsafe than the new Roadster going down the strip at full tilt. 10 second rule was made for the safety standards of cars...
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    Petition to add tow hitch to Model 3

    Hey man, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. 10,000nm of torque possible
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    Tesla Roadster 2nd Gen Canada

    If you think about it really hard, lottery tickets are actually just another form of investment! Get spending!
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    Shocked by the new Roadster rolling out of the Tesla Semi!

    No chance on the 200kwh pack in the Roadster on Launch night. Musk is assuming the technology will be there in 2020, which I also have no reason to doubt.
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    Tesla Motors Tees

    I'll take 12
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    Curious noise

    Mileage on the P85? CV sounds like a reasonable diagnosis but they usually make noise all the time when they go bad. Seems to me like it's a good excuse to run the car as low as possible for the time being :D
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    Tesla semi is ill conceived...

    Doesn't negate findings, it shows how they are going to PRESENT the information they find (and whether or not they present all of it). Rate of speed has no correlation with response time, think about that for a second. Braking distance increases, true. Less time to process actions? False...
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    Tesla semi is ill conceived...

    ^Biased Study..IIHS is just a bunch of insurance companies who want to lower the number of times they have to pay out of pocket. There is significant unbiased research that proves increased highways speedlimits do not increase the number of accidents. Not to mention, there are studies that show...
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    Petition to add tow hitch to Model 3

    Why joke? Did you see the picture of the Ferrari towing the camper up there?^^^^^^^ I think the new Roadster will be able to tow a lot more than an Ferrari with unlimited Torque and a drivetrain/frame to support that. Your biggest issue at that point is just lifting the rear suspension to...
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    November delivery of my Model 3

    Unfortunately, common sense among the general public is few and far between nowadays. I have every reason to believe that the general consensus on this topic is: Tesla is "slacking on Model 3 production simply because everyone over there was focused on the new Roadster prototype"
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    "Spaceship Steering" on the new Roadster?

    Not impressed Tesla... How am I supposed to retain my casual driving position with this Formula 1 steering wheel?!?

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