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    I have a Tesla and will be getting an additional EV from another OEM. What charger is best ?

    This is what I did, with a Bosch and a Juicebox EVSEs, The adapter for the other way around is too complex.
  2. K

    MY Delivered with Rock Chip painted with shitty white paint - What should I do???

    Actually quite happy with the solutions provided to you by Tesla, I cannot think of any legacy brand dealer doing this once you leave the lot, of course you could argue they wouldn't have delivered a car with those defects to begin with.
  3. K

    How to Sell Model S

    2017 75D FSD, Used Car Gurus and found a buyer without too much fuss, was still under warranty so made it a little easier. Serious buyers don't ask a lot of questions, they have researched the car and know what they want and what they will pay, if someone is asking a lot of questions, in my...
  4. K

    Replacing MS with a... minivan?

    2 Adults and one carseat family here, and take the minivan everytime over the Model S. S is relegated to commute duties only. Frankly prefer the minivan. Drive it at higher sustained speeds than my S and get ignored by everyone on the road. In my S every sporty car, (Honda,hyundai, Kia) on...
  5. K

    What to buy? $60,000

    Mine is listed on Car Gurus Used Tesla Model S For Sale - CarGurus
  6. K

    Elon: "Feature complete for full self driving this year"

    I am with you on this. My thoughts exactly.
  7. K

    What's the deal with ceramic coating?

    Having done both the PPF and the ceramic coat, here's my 2 cents....... Save the Money and get a wax for $100, twice a year. For the same money your car will look a lot better in 7.5 years.
  8. K

    Need guidance on sale price for S 75D

    Selling my Tesla S 75D White with Gray leather 2016 Dec delivery. 14,000 miles Free supercharging for life of car. Autopilot 2.0 Full Self Driving All Glass Roof Cold Weather Pkg Xpel film on front bumper. gtechniq ceramic coating applied on entire car. Two cosmetic issues small chip on...
  9. K

    Does tinting the roof reduce the heat?

    Roof Shade is better, To put it in a simple way (I am not a thermo nuclear scientist) the Sun is Hot the Earth is Hot, but space between is cold. i.e., Radiant Heat. Hot Glass (including tinted Glass) is the Sun and Balding Head is the earth. Put something in between to absorb some of that...
  10. K

    Where was Tesla automatic emergency braking in this 60mph crash?

    Oh No no no don't you dare say other brands actually do anything better than a the almighty Tesla. :) Which is why I agree with the philosophy that these Autonomous systems don't need to be perfect, just better than humans.;)
  11. K

    Where was Tesla automatic emergency braking in this 60mph crash?

    Sadly True. Until AI gets better from my limited understanding Stationary objects are all ignored by these not so smart algorithms.
  12. K

    My crappy morning...

    Had similar tire debris damage cost $600 to fix on my Camry. Happens:oops:,
  13. K

    Where was Tesla automatic emergency braking in this 60mph crash?

    I wouldn't say never but it is true for now. No need to rewrite the laws of physics, just need to rewrite a few man made laws to get there quicker.:)
  14. K

    Where was Tesla automatic emergency braking in this 60mph crash?

    Good Question OP, perhaps you will find someone here who won't bash you and throw insults at you, and give a worthwhile reply with more facts or even an useful informed opinion.
  15. K

    Anyone Uncork a 60D (limited 75)?

    Bought 60D paid for 75D upgrade and eligible for Uncorking, Vin 174xxx, Dec 16 delivery.
  16. K

    Uncorking official for most 75Ds!

    Vin 174xxx Dec 16 Delivery, eligible for uncorking.:D
  17. K

    Rear camera, bi-level view - Ever seen this?

    You need a reset. The top half and bottom half images have been reversed.
  18. K

    Got the finger from a Jeep Driver today, can't understand why.

    My unscientific observation seems to echo your thoughts, someone with more technical knowhow needs to educate here.
  19. K

    Got the finger from a Jeep Driver today, can't understand why.

    Thanks for this insight, did not know that.
  20. K

    Got the finger from a Jeep Driver today, can't understand why.

    Was cruising along in Autopilot 2.0 left lane on the highway slowly passing traffic in right lane, and noticed a Jeep closing in at ramming speed ( I was doing 75 mph), so turned on signal to get out of the way took control of the car, Jeep fell way behind so stayed in lane until I cleared...
  21. K

    Tesla S windshield fits in back of Tesla S

    Why did you not have the service center install it? Just wondering. My windshield needs replacing too.
  22. K

    Here are some missing features that Tesla should have!!

    One scenario could be that, the car stopped several feet behind the car in front, instead of say, using all the available space in front and stopping a mere millimeter behind the car in front.
  23. K

    2018 Nissan Leaf - $29,990. 40kWh battery

    Having owned three of those, I can tell you that the Leaf is a great car, no qualifiers necessary. If it wasn't for my personal need for luxury and vanity I could just live with the leaf.
  24. K

    2015 Model S 85D AP1, Black on Tan, 52k Miles

    I don't know how you got that info but , 'Wow'.
  25. K

    A Little Different Take on Tesla's Future

    A few die hards may believe that to be the case, and few others actually think that Tesla could be the Toyota of EV's, the name it self will sell even if the competition has better products.
  26. K

    Glass Roof Question

    Subjectively I don't like the sun shining at me through the glass roof. Relatively speaking about heat, the surface gets hot (glass or metal) but the upholstery underneath the metal roof prevents radiant heat, unfortunately the glass becomes it's own source of radiant heat on hot days.
  27. K

    How long does it take to get your badge upgraded?

    It took an hour and half of waiting. Much longer than I had anticipated. Not at a busy center either. Only one other car was in for service at the time.
  28. K

    Volvo EV

    Yes, Free speech and all you know...:rolleyes:. It isn't but American Ignorance is, and we can afford to be ignorant.;) Or maybe OP is upset that China will get the Volvo EV before we do. Then yes that definitely sucks:mad:
  29. K

    what do you think??

    Not sure about the Title of the article but the sub heading of the article I agree more with. (Tesla)... must learn to nail true luxury interiors before Mercedes, Audi, and the rest learn to make EVs with Tesla-like range.
  30. K

    Will you buy Tesla vehicle again?

    Got to agree with you there.
  31. K

    Will you buy Tesla vehicle again?

    Glad someone else shares my point of view here. What's wrong with that when your second car serves 90% of your driving. Keeping ye old gasser for your 10% need is greener than buying a new EV. I for one don't see any. Many others will however, disagree and some will even attack with spite...
  32. K

    Loud "thunk" coming from driver side somewhere?

    I've had similar experiences in Gas cars, it is usually the sound and feel of clunky multi speed automatic transmissions getting foiled by driver inputs. In the Tesla it maybe suspension / control arm issues?
  33. K

    Will you buy Tesla vehicle again?

    You are right about that. So they should get a free pass if these systems aren't as refined as one would hope. I really wish they would devote more resources to refining the non tech parts of the car, and little less towards Easter eggs, gimmicks and such. Unless of course they figured out that...
  34. K

    Clarification from Tesla on AEB

    There are IIHS.org and other videos of people who have tested AEB on different cars, so far I think Subaru with their eyesight (mobile eye) beats the competition including all the expensive brands.
  35. K

    Will you buy Tesla vehicle again?

    Yes it worries me as Tesla needs to do well to force an EV revolution.
  36. K

    Will you buy Tesla vehicle again?

    Yes. How about not having the gap to begin with? But I get it, your opinion on Tesla is the only one that matters and everyone else is a useless complaining low life too stupid to understand that Tesla is the greatest and the best.
  37. K

    Will you buy Tesla vehicle again?

    My Toyota has Air conditioned seats as well and yes they are awesome.
  38. K

    Will you buy Tesla vehicle again?

    You miss the point entirely,
  39. K

    Another Easter Egg idea: rev/engine sound modulated by accelerator

    Yes I want this too, Please Tesla. You positioned yourself as the tech leader in the auto industry so you should be doing this. Heck I wouldn't mind an external speaker with the ability to dial in the volume for this sound. All nay sayers, just realize that Infiniti (for many years) and BMW...
  40. K

    Will you buy Tesla vehicle again?

    Just sharing my opinion here, I,ve been an early adopter had hybrids for over10 years and Electrics for 5, but if BMW or Audi makes a standard sized electric car I would dump Tesla. Had a BMW i3 BEV and not a darn thing was wrong with it ( and I'm not a fan of BMW, only got it cause it was...
  41. K

    Model X 90D Six Seat Pearl White/Tan Interior For Sale

    $7500 Fed Rebate and $5000 Colorado Rebate amount to $12500, so essentially you are discounting the car by $4500 which I am fairly sure people paying Near $100 K for a Car would not consider to be quite a discount. But, I get your point you are don't need to sell the car you are just seeing if...
  42. K

    Autopilot 2.0 is dangerous

    For now yes; but the dreamers among us hope that it won't be so, for long.
  43. K

    Autopilot 2.0 is dangerous

    All your observations are valid. I would propose a feature that would activate the lane keep assist, while leaving the gas and brake controls to me. Would take a lot of fatigue out of driving and still keep it safe. I speak with experience in my Acura which has a very smooth lane keep assist...
  44. K

    Model X 90D Six Seat Pearl White/Tan Interior For Sale

    By now surely you realize you are overpriced in the market. At this price point people are looking for a substantial discount, or else they would just buy a new one.
  45. K

    MS 60 already built, en Route to Europe, now 8k devalued - cancel order?

    I say pay the extra for the 75 upgrade, and you have a car that costs almost the same as ordering a 75 now.
  46. K

    75 price cut and 60 upgrade follows!!

    Does anyone know if the upgrade will reflect in the Vin number search? And do I have to call the insurance company to reflect the changes? Will this change insurance premiums?
  47. K

    Model X hits semi.

    You mean under your feet.... I can see how this should help if you hit something that is planted in the ground like a tree, but doesn't a big engine block provide good energy absorption too? Ahh..... there vehicles that sell at 100 times the volume and have no fatalities, of course that may...
  48. K

    Model X hits semi.

    Me too, those are the only situations I use autopilot. As far a safety if there was a front passenger they likely would not have walked away from that crash. I am also in disagreement with claims that Tesla is safer than other cars that have high crash test scores.
  49. K

    Feature request for Tesla

    Sorry I meant heavier regen not the paddles.

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