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    WTB model x reservation

    Are you still looking? I have one.
  2. K

    Selling Model X reservation

    PM if interested
  3. K

    WTB Model X reservation.

    hi, how much?
  4. K

    Tesla model X wind door latch

    what's also annoying is that black rubber stripping behind the door that always seems to come loose. Like they can't even get good quality glue or something.
  5. K

    4 year service - MX

    I thought we can't rotate tires?
  6. K

    Model X Falcon Door Leak

    fix is to keep a towel in the car, seriously.
  7. K

    Aftermarket Yoke?

    do you want the yoke just to have it? I don't really see what advantage it provides.
  8. K

    Supercharger - Tampa, FL - S Hwy 301

    where exactly is this? that address is not showing up on google maps
  9. K

    WTB Tesla Model X

    I'll pay $5 more than this guy for the car ^
  10. K

    Grinding Noise (Driver Side Front Window)

    most likely an issue with the actuator. It's covered under warranty if you still have it.
  11. K

    Supercharger - Tampa, FL - E Hillsborough Ave

    awesome. If only hard rock had some L2 chargers
  12. K

    Comparable SUV's to X

    are you looking for electric-only? If so, I don't think there's anything that large out there. Rivian is still a ways out, and the audi e-tron might be too small for your needs.
  13. K

    Used Car Specialist

  14. K

    Anyone know where i can purchase this trim piece please

    what did the service center say?
  15. K

    How much mileages do you have with your tires?

    how did you determine that the alignment was not right?
  16. K

    chrome delete kit for model x

    If anyone has a spare kit, I'd be happy to buy it from you.
  17. K

    Fort Wayne: Free (4) Used 21” Silver Turbines

    do these fit a model x? If so I'll pay you for these
  18. K

    Vendor NEW! Tesla Specific Rotary Forged wheels by Ohm Wheels

    how much lighter are these wheels than the OEM 20s for model x?
  19. K

    Lemon Model X (FL)

    "But nothing beats the advanced autonomous driving of Tesla" let's be real, the feature that works and is reliable is a lane keep assist feature that can be found on toyota. all the FSD stuff is vaporware until they get it certified. Was yours a 2020?
  20. K

    Good Time to Sell

    it does make me wonder though, how many people (not used to Tesla) can spot the difference between an X and a Y on the road.
  21. K


    how long do these wraps last?
  22. K

    Why is there no option for yearly (or lifetime) subscription to Premium Connectivity?

    just use your bluetooth from the phone. Unless you need live traffic or something, the 9.99 isn't really worth it IMO.
  23. K

    WTB: Model X sunshades full set (Bay Area, CA)

    I have the front if you want it.
  24. K

    Set of 22 inch matte black rims

    I currently have 20s with the stock tires. Do I need to get new tires if I put on 22s?
  25. K

    Vendor New! Momo releasing new Rotary Forged wheels!

    do these fit Model X?
  26. K

    WTB Model X badge

    if anyone has debadged theirs and want to mail those letters over, I'd be interested.
  27. K

    Entertainment screen issues EVERY MORNING

    did you try resetting the car? I think you hold down both buttons.
  28. K

    Unique Model X Mod

    you would need to hire a midget stripper
  29. K

    Will lifetime unlimited supercharging canceled with 16 model

    there are 2 types of FUSC promotions when you buy the car: 1. for the lifetime of the vehicle, and 2. for the duration of the vehicle's ownership. you can only transfer FUSC if the original owner had bought it for the lifetime of the vehicle. This happened to a 2020 X I bought from the owner...
  30. K


  31. K

    Trading in 2018 Model 3 LR AWD for 2016 Model X P90D...

    do not get a 2016. It's old tech. Go for at least a 2018.
  32. K

    Meet Evie!

    nice, how much was it?
  33. K

    Caution Model X, Hidden Tire Wear

    does this happen as frequently on the 20s?
  34. K

    Wheel dip

    how's the dip holding up? I'm on the fence with hyperdip; worth it?
  35. K

    To buy or not to buy?

    I don't know if extended warranties transfer, have you verified that? Tesla changes their T&C's so frequently that it's hard to give info regarding the warranty.
  36. K

    Prob w/SW Update last night? 2020 Model X DOA this am.

    honestly this is bullshit, you shouldn't have to schedule service for a freaking software update! They need to fix their OTA updating.
  37. K

    Dipped my 20 factory rims with Hyperdip

    Is 1 can enough for 6 coats on all wheels?
  38. K

    Used Model X, Year to Buy?

    Get an X that can handle v2 supercharging. I'm not sure if 2019s have that?
  39. K

    Buying Advice: 2019 100D with Ludacris or 2021 LR

    dude, the car has 42K miles. It's basically out of warranty. You're already spending $$$, might as well get the new one for a few extra $. No brainer.
  40. K

    22 Gloss back Rims/blue calipers

    There's a picture of model Y with blue calipers on page 4: DIY: Model Y Painted Calipers
  41. K

    Front door seals hanging

    it's covered under warranty. They'll fix it.
  42. K

    Powder coating in Tampa area?

    Yes i just saw your post shortly after making mine lol. I think I'll pay some places a visit personally.
  43. K

    Powder coating in Tampa area?

    Any good and decent priced powder coating services in tampa area that have done Teslas before? I called around a few places, but everyone seems too busy to get back to me, or jacks up their price when I mention Tesla.
  44. K

    Gen 3 wall Charger

    sorry, it's sold.
  45. K

    Even Elon's Model X makes that creaking noise

    Jump to 3:38 and you'll hear the creaking noise as he turns the steering wheel
  46. K

    need a Lemon Law Attorney please!

    I have a '20 X with 4K miles, and I'm noticing creaking whenever I begin acceleration after a full stop. Is that your problem too? I'm also seeing noisy windows and weatherstripping that's loose. It's only been 4k miles...

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