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  1. Spenny818

    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    We were using a mount with the max 3/4" rise that Tesla recommends, and it put the trailer perfectly level. I didn't take any close up photos of the hitch, but the ball kit we were using is this one: https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/reese-tow-kit-2-in-0406899p.html Tanks were empty for this...
  2. Spenny818

    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    Did our first test run today with the Tab 400 and Model Y. The Tab 400 towed incredibly well and the whole rig remained very composed on the highway and on rougher surface streets. We did a 30km highway stretch with the cruise at 90km/h, and averaged 372Wh/km. On the same leg coming back, we set...
  3. Spenny818

    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    My parents just purchased a 2018 TAB 400 they intend to tow with their Y. I am heading up there this weekend to help with getting everything setup for their maiden voyage, and will post photos and consumption stats for you afterwards.
  4. Spenny818

    Pulling at max weight - experience

    Thanks for sharing! My parents are looking at getting a Tab 400 for their Y, so I will definitely pass this along to them. Do you have a pic of your towing setup you could share?
  5. Spenny818

    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    I skimmed this thread and didn't see any mention of it, but do we know if they also added the heated radar from the Model Y?
  6. Spenny818

    Enhanced Autopilot

    Certainly considering it! Curious to know if it will also include reverse summon once that is released..
  7. Spenny818

    Model Y for Canada!

    Let us know how your delivery goes! My dad finally got his VIN for the exact same build as you.. Ordered July 23, scheduled for Sept. 17th delivery VIN 445XX built 08/31
  8. Spenny818

    August/September VIN Notifications and Deliveries

    I really don’t understand their delivery logistics.. Super happy for you that you got a VIN, but my dad ordered the exact same config for delivery to Ontario on July 23, and has heard nothing but crickets. All account actions were completed the day after ordering.
  9. Spenny818

    Model Y for Canada!

    It seems like this is a popular config! My dad ordered the same on 07/23 and received a 3-5 week text today. FWIW, he received the same 3-5 week text 2 weeks ago.. Delivery to Toronto, ON
  10. Spenny818

    Tow Hitch (Factory) Waiting Room

    What is your order date and config?
  11. Spenny818

    Model Y for Canada!

    No TPMS included?
  12. Spenny818

    Supercharger - Peterborough, ON

    Stalls are lit up and things look energized! I didn't attempt to plug in and see if it's live, as they still have the stalls wrapped up with plastic. Fence is down though so should be any day now!
  13. Spenny818

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    Just got our 72mo with Scotiabank updated to 2.15% after emailing Tesla Finance.
  14. Spenny818

    Tesla donates chargers to Parks Canada

    I just discovered this past weekend that they have also added 2x Tesla chargers and 2x J1772 at the Trent-Severn Parks Canada location in Peterborough, ON. All connectors are live already!
  15. Spenny818

    2020 Model 3 and differences from 2019

    I just picked up my 2020 LR AWD today, having had a 2019 in the exact same config. I can't say I notice any considerable difference in the amount of road noise in the vehicle, however I immediately noticed that the seat height adjustability is reduced. I used to have my seat about an inch up...
  16. Spenny818

    Recommend me cool looking aftermarket wheels for all season stock tires?

    I really like the Fast EV03, however I feel like they would look better with a chrome delete as well.. This is them installed for my winter rims.
  17. Spenny818

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    I just emailed Tesla finance and within 10 minutes was approved for 3.32% with Scotia over 72mo.
  18. Spenny818

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    Did you have to request they re-run your financing application in advance, or was the lower rate just reflected when you were doing the paperwork?
  19. Spenny818

    60mph rear ending of my TESLA model 3

    Yup - Had the exact same thing happen when I was rear ended in December. For reference, I think this collision was between 40-50mph.. I was stopped and didn't see it coming. Seatbelt tensioner fired but no airbags went off. Estimate ended up being $41k CAD, and I still had to fight with...
  20. Spenny818

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    I was approved on February 6 @ 3.47% with Scotia over 72 months. Not sure if it has dropped since then.
  21. Spenny818

    Is my Model 3 totaled

    This was mine from 2 weeks ago. Similar scenario - rear ended while stopped and the other driver didn't seem to make any effort to stop. Initial quote is $28k for the repair, and insurance is NOT considering a total loss, despite me requesting a new vehicle (it is only 8 months old). Yours looks...
  22. Spenny818

    SuperCharger - North Bay, ON

    Yup! That was me! Stay safe out there folks..
  23. Spenny818

    SuperCharger - North Bay, ON

    I'm hoping to use this location for a trip to Cochrane the weekend of October 26th. I see that Regina just had their v3 stalls delivered and installed, so fingers crossed North Bay gets their stalls soon!
  24. Spenny818

    Tuxmat Coupon Code Share

    I could also use one please and thanks!
  25. Spenny818

    TuxMat Floor Liners

    I could also use a code if someone has one to share!
  26. Spenny818

    Are Canadians still getting Model 3s right now?

    I was offered a $700 discount on my MSM LR RWD config ($2000, dropped to $1300). I decided it was worth it to upgrade to the AWD for an extra $2k however, so I modified my order. If you call your delivery specialist they should be able to adjust the paint pricing no issue. They would not budge...
  27. Spenny818

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    I applied for financing through Tesla on April 10, and was approved April 11 for 72 months @ 3.52% through RBC. Was quite happy to get lower then the advertised rate without even asking for it!
  28. Spenny818

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    I ordered LR RWD on April 10, and was assigned a VIN the next day. After the April 11 price changes, I decided to change my order to LR AWD and just confirmed it today. They found a car for me in Calgary that they are shipping to Lawrence, and have my delivery scheduled for April 26. LR AWD...
  29. Spenny818

    Are Canadians still getting Model 3s right now?

    Just an update for anyone waiting for the LR RWD, I confirmed with my delivery advisor today that they will not be adjusting pricing on these cars, as it was not updated with the rest of the lineup. It also does not have AP bundled in the price like the rest of the 3 lineup, it is considered a...
  30. Spenny818

    Are Canadians still getting Model 3s right now?

    Ordered LR RWD MSM/Black, Aero, AP on April 10. Had a VIN in my account April 11, and delivery is scheduled for April 20! I'm waiting to hear if they will be adjusting the price since it was changed 24hrs after I placed the order, but I have to say - I had no idea things would move this fast...
  31. Spenny818

    Most efficient model 3 ever ;)

    Sorry for the blurrycam, but this was our descent into Death Valley in the spring. Unfortunately we don't quite have terrain like this in Ontario!
  32. Spenny818

    3 new DC Fast chargers in the County of Simcoe (non-KSI) Coming Soon

    I was recently in contact with the project supervisor. He said that Washago is still undergoing testing and won't go live for another month or so. The Stayner charger is supposed to be operational now, but they are looking for someone to test it out to confirm it is working properly. If someone...
  33. Spenny818

    Model 3 Unique HVAC system

    It appears that even though there is only one opening, it is still dual zone climate control.
  34. Spenny818

    Which tires? Help me choose!

    Was there any noticeable effect on your range when switching to these tires?
  35. Spenny818

    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Spotted in Huntsville. Apparently non-Tesla vehicles can use the Superchargers o_O
  36. Spenny818

    Ontario EV Rebates Cancelled July 11, 2018

    "It means such vehicles as the Tesla Roadster are now eligible for rebates of up to $14,000." o_O
  37. Spenny818

    Ontario EV Rebates Cancelled July 11, 2018

    Do you know the sticker price on the new Smart ED? I can't seem to find it online anywhere. It could be an extremely popular car with the $13k rebate!
  38. Spenny818

    This Is The Model 3 Pre-Order Gift

    The Tesla "E" hasn't changed!
  39. Spenny818

    This Is The Model 3 Pre-Order Gift

    I received mine fairly quickly in Canada. Was only a couple weeks I believe.
  40. Spenny818

    New Ontario Chargers

    I was told that they are making them free for the first year. I believe this applies to all Peterborough Utilities stations (not all of them are up and running yet).
  41. Spenny818

    New Ontario Chargers

    I'm happy to report that the Peterborough DCFC is finally open to the public!
  42. Spenny818

    Bolt Availability

    I spoke with Nurse Chev in Whitby, ON and they told me that they are not getting in any Bolts for inventory. They will special order them, just require a $1000 deposit. If you ordered now, your car would likely be delivered in March.
  43. Spenny818

    New Ontario Chargers

    Seriously - does anyone know anything about these guys? They haven't made a post to their Facebook page in 2 months. I tried emailing, and immediately received a delivery failure notification as it appears the mailbox isn't set up. I even tried calling the contact number on their FB page, and it...
  44. Spenny818

    New Ontario Chargers

    Agreed. Complicating things with 3+ networks isn't going to help the adoption of EVs. I love the Sun Country network for this reason - just pull up and charge. At least Flo and ChargePoint allow you to charge by tapping a credit card as well, although I believe you pay a non-member service fee.
  45. Spenny818

    End of Q sales...

    Was this on an inventory car? Or they were offering you $10k off to order a 75D?
  46. Spenny818

    Why you should never let friend drive your Model X. CEO of Coffee.club runs a Red Light

    *facepalm* so much wrong with this video.
  47. Spenny818

    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    Anyone else notice in the "Maximizing Your Range" video, the Chief Vehicle Engineer keeps referring to the accelerator as the gas pedal? :oops:
  48. Spenny818

    Ontario EV incentives upped to $14K... and decreased to $3k for Tesla

    If they could make this happen, it would be huge!
  49. Spenny818

    Model S 60 vs Model 3

    That would be tricky, because typically the incentive amount is based on the battery size. Not sure how they would incentivize a car with no battery installed.

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