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  1. alwaysru

    Door leather lifting

    I had the same thing happen recently on my 2017 model S. They told me it would require replacement of the whole door panel. Since I am out of warranty I’m going to try the heat blower idea.
  2. alwaysru

    Vendor “X-Care EV Protection” - First 3rd Party Service Agreement for Model S, Model X and Model 3!

    Just picked up a 6 year extension for my 2017 Model S where the warranty is expiring next month. Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong between 10/15 and 10/29!
  3. alwaysru

    Any Advice for Destination Charging near Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX?

    Traveling back in the day was a bit of a pain, but totally worth it.
  4. alwaysru

    Please Help! Drive unit seal not covered under warranty as part of drive unit??

    I received an invoice I had to agree to prior to my most recent warranty repair (headlight) also. Once they confirmed it was warranties, the cost went away. Kind of a backwards way to present it to customers though.
  5. alwaysru

    Supercharger - Indio, CA (8 V2 stalls)

    Attempted to charge here on the way in from Austin on Tuesday - how on earth is this site not marked degraded by Tesla? 1/2 of the chargers give between 4-10kW or are broken. The cluster-f of this charger delayed my trip by almost 2 hours to get into Riverside. I sent a note to Tesla -...
  6. alwaysru

    Supercharger - Van Horn, TX

    Over a year and still broken? Planning on driving from Austin to LA next week - Van Horn is necessary, huh? Maybe I bring my Chademo and do an hour @ the Days Inn instead.
  7. alwaysru

    Sentry mode bugs

    5) anytime sentry mode turns on due to me moving too close to my car (Model S), even when I don’t have keys in my pocket the Bluetooth takes over my phone calls.
  8. alwaysru

    To Sell or to Trade-In....New Long Range X Ordered!

    I used the blinker app to sell my S - as long as you’re cool meeting up at a bank to do the transfer, all should go well and you’ll get the most money.
  9. alwaysru

    To Sell or to Trade-In....New Long Range X Ordered!

    Sell private. You can ask for a refund on the extended warranty, they will provide.
  10. alwaysru


    Nice price, and I love the chrome delete.
  11. alwaysru

    Do you keep a electric scooter/ bike in your MS to use while charging?

    Seriously? Y’all carry things around to get away from superchargers? This is some next level stuff. And, yes, I’m jealous.
  12. alwaysru

    Remove Visor Airbag Stickers

    I used rubbing alcohol. Put it on there with a very damp paper towel, let it sit for about 45 seconds, and begin gently peeling. It gives it a weird texture in the end, but should come off completely.
  13. alwaysru

    Latest firmware+app is preheating all seats when heating car.

    Having the same issue, but the in car icon doesn’t show them on. They’re just HOT.
  14. alwaysru

    2012 Tesla Model S 85 for sale, lots of extras and upgrades $35,500.00

    That’s a great looking car. Good luck with the sale.
  15. alwaysru

    Three-position dynamic LED turning lights in new, custom Model S

    Yes, I have the setting and it's enabled. Just doesn't seem to actually do anything. Brought it up at my last service visit and got this response. My 2013 didn't have adaptive headlights (as they didnt exist then), and did the EXACT same thing with the lower fog lights - so I think they're...
  16. alwaysru

    Three-position dynamic LED turning lights in new, custom Model S

    So I got mine retrofitted... but they don't seem to do anything, even when Adaptive Headlights is turned on. The fog (lower) lights light up when the wheel is turned, but compared to my old BMW where the lights actually moved - I see nothing with these. Anyone have a video of working turning...
  17. alwaysru

    AP2.5 Dashcam records when climate is remotely turned on!

    Got the USB drive setup this morning and I noticed that the camera began recording again during my grocery shopping after I turned on the climate control remotely so the car would be cool when we got back to it! Pretty sweet way to be able to see what's going on when you're not in the car/driving.
  18. alwaysru

    Dashcam Help - How to Format Fa32 in Windows 10

    Turns out that 64GB USB drives cannot be natively formatted as Fat32 in Windows 10, so I thought i'd give some tips as to how I did it. 1. Format the drive as NTFS via Windows 2. Macrorit has a free FAT32 converter on their website @ Free Download Partition Magic Manager Alternative Software...
  19. alwaysru

    Purposely Delayed Tesla Model 3 Refund

    I requested a refund after purchasing an S instead. Took 3 days. Are you sure you entered your routing number etc?
  20. alwaysru

    What’s my 2016 P100D Worth?

    A P100D sold on the tesla site preowned with 20k miles last week in the high 90’s, with warranty for another 50k miles. I’d imagine you could get a few more dollars from private sale, but if Cali will credit you for taxes by trading into tesla directly, it’s probably worth doing.
  21. alwaysru

    Software Update 2018.39 4a3910f (plus other v9.0 early access builds)

    Booo :(. Guess I’ll stop hopping around like an excited kid the night before Christmas then!
  22. alwaysru

    “Congratulations you can now charge at Tesla stations”

    I got this too and noticed that it no longer shows the last place I supercharged and the $0 cost on the charging screen .
  23. alwaysru

    Software Update 2018.39 4a3910f (plus other v9.0 early access builds)

    Looks like it downloaded overnight! 5GB update is the biggest I’ve seen yet. Wonder how long from the download until the update notification as I’ve not gotten one yet in the car.
  24. alwaysru

    2017 Model S 90D - Black, Multipattern, SAS, EAP

    Oh and only 10500 miles.
  25. alwaysru

    2017 Model S 90D - Black, Multipattern, SAS, EAP

    P100D is the plan if I can make this work.
  26. alwaysru

    2017 Model S 90D - Black, Multipattern, SAS, EAP

    Hi all - looking at moving to a different car and so looking at selling my current car. It is a Model S 90D w/ Black paint, Multipattern seats, EAP. SAS, upgraded speakers, and glass roof. Looking for $76k, but open to offers for a quicker sale.
  27. alwaysru

    Car seats: how do you all prevent creases in the headrest?

    My last S had the lines from the Dionos even 2.5 months after I removed them (and it was summer - I thought the heat would make the leather more supple and likely to come out). You can see it in the attached photo. Not sure how to prevent so I’m hoping my daughter grows faster so i can change...
  28. alwaysru

    Avoid RPMTesla...

    I’ve also used them for carbon fiber wraps for the exterior items, internal cubby drawer, door handle covers, etc. I’ve always had a good experience, and once even on the rear wrap I messed it up and they sent me a new one for free. So I have to say their customer service and product seem good...
  29. alwaysru

    Ideal Aftermarket Audio System for Model S

    No, I bought new speakers from BA designs. I still have the old speakers and from what I read, it’s not too hard to cut them out and put in new ones. But I want to keep them in case I switch out and get a new Tesla, so I can put the stock ones back in.
  30. alwaysru

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    S90D @ 10k miles - 360Wh/mi 19" slipstream, much AP2, and also much hills.
  31. alwaysru

    Should I Trade In My 2017 Model S 75 for an AWD Model 3?

    I'm wondering the same thing with 2017 90D - feeling like I can sell it and buy a Model 3 Performance and even keep a couple thousand dollars. Love the thought of faster, better (newer) MCU, and I can buy FSD at a discount. Only downside for me right now is that I think it'll be harder to fit...
  32. alwaysru

    Why is Tesla failing to deliver referral awards?

    Nope. Still not there almost a week later either.
  33. alwaysru

    I love not supercharging!

    I do love those, but I also loved dinner at home tonight instead of a chicken salad sandwich!
  34. alwaysru

    I love not supercharging!

    Got to do my first round-trip from Austin<->Dallas without hitting a supercharger this weekend, and DAMN do I love not having to stop @ an SC. Now, the question may be, how did I do >400 miles without hitting an SC, and the answer is: having a NEMA 14-30 installed at my in-laws house. Used to...
  35. alwaysru

    Why is Tesla failing to deliver referral awards?

    I just got my Sig HPWC from an October 17 referral last week. It's gonna be a while...
  36. alwaysru

    Auto parking change?

    I try it sometimes - it works when between 2 cars pretty well, but when it's a car and a curb (perpendicular), it seems to want to scratch my rims by trying to hit the curb every time.
  37. alwaysru

    Windshield Damage

    Had the same thing happen today - except mine is a ~3" crack on the passenger side. Hoping it can be repaired as opposed to replaced as it's nowhere near my line of vision or the cameras.
  38. alwaysru

    Not-a-Flamethrower or Signature Black Wall Connector?

    Got it! Signature HPWC. Loot box info still not updated that it shipped.
  39. alwaysru

    Not-a-Flamethrower or Signature Black Wall Connector?

    I can live with that! Just wish there was some sort of notification. My app still says “shipping in June” for it - where the arachnids and kids model s had “at service center” and a tracking number.
  40. alwaysru

    Not-a-Flamethrower or Signature Black Wall Connector?

    Got a notification from Fedex tonight that I have a 29lb package on the way from Fremont. My 2nd referral was delivered back in March and I've yet to receive the wall connector - so maybe this is it? Orrrrr, I did receive an email on July 17 saying that the not-a-flamethrowers would be...
  41. alwaysru

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+, 42k miles

    Beautiful car - good luck on the sale!
  42. alwaysru

    I built a private car sales search engine

    Now I am spending time looking up Lamborghini's ... thanks. :( But seriously - great work here!
  43. alwaysru

    FSD price increase disincentive

    While I agree that prices can change over time, I agree with many members above that if you buy something and it says $4000 Later - that it should be $4000 later - unless there was a "price subject to change" caveat that we all didn't see?
  44. alwaysru

    FSD upgrade option disappeared from My Account

    And dang. It went up today. $5000 now.
  45. alwaysru

    FSD upgrade option disappeared from My Account

    I have it (Oct 2017 90D w/ EAP) still on Tesla.com
  46. alwaysru

    Anyone try B.A Design works speakers/sub upgrades?

    That works well if your car already had the UHFS system, but for those of us with the standard sound system, not quite the same simplicity of upgrade. I wish all the cars were “wired” for the UHFS sub and amp - would make it super simple to do then.
  47. alwaysru

    Anyone try B.A Design works speakers/sub upgrades?

    Compared the speakers tonight to my friends car (with standard Tesla audio system), and the BA Design speakers definitely have more bass and are louder at the same volume levels. Still need a subwoofer though to get the bass I want. Glad to see there is a difference though!
  48. alwaysru

    Three-position dynamic LED turning lights in new, custom Model S

    I got pretty squeaky about a month ago for my car (picked up in nov 17) - and got them installed this week.
  49. alwaysru

    Ideal Aftermarket Audio System for Model S

    I'm sure this sort of thing has been posted before - but in case anyone is wondering, installing new door speakers in the S is super simple. All tools needed - T25 TORX, T30 TORX, 10MM Socket, Screwdriver, and electric screwdriver with bendy extension (makes it a hell of a lot easier to...
  50. alwaysru

    Ideal Aftermarket Audio System for Model S

    Installed mine yesterday - same experience. Much heavier - look nicer - but no real audio difference I can tell. I installed the drivers side (front and rear) first to test the difference - and my wife even said she preferred the factory speakers. Damn.

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