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    Alternative DC Fast Charging

    The Supercharger operates at battery voltage multiplied by 370 amps maximum. The max battery voltages are as follows: 60-70kWh battery - 354 volts max (example 320v * 370a = about 120kW) 85-90kWh battery - 403 volts max (example 360v * 330a = about 120kW) The Superchargers can operate at...
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    Alternative DC Fast Charging

    There will be commercially available 200 amp CHAdeMO chargers available this year. I recommend pushing for those, and getting Tesla to modify their adaptor to handle 200 amps, vice 125.
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    Who Made The First Coast-To-Coast EV Trip?

    CE Raum, Greg Hanssen, and Bill Korthof (deceased) They drove two EV1s, both CE's and Greg's, from Los Angeles to Florida in their "EV Odyssey." November 1999.
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    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    So, we could add a line of code to limit the charge to "100%", and then the user can select whether that 100% is a range charge or not. This solves a unique situation with this car. We will likely include our green selection button alongside the inlet: *********** Green steady = operating...
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    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    We completed a Phase 1 software test on Sam's 1.5 Roadster yesterday. There are a few issues which we will address in the coming week and retest sometime in the next week or 10 days. Also, when the Roadster showed up for testing, it was mostly fully charged. So, we didn't really have a lot of...
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    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    Hi, I'm the owner of Quick Charge Power and we're offering the CHAdeMO upgrade for the Roadster now. Feel free to ask any questions.
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    Honda Clarity FCEV revealed!

    Isn't there a fool cell station down there in San Diego ? Did Honda not get the memo or maybe they don't like Sea World?
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    Porsche Mission E

    800v * 400a = 300kW+ is the likely Porsche configuration. How fast that actually charges a real battery is anybody's guess, but with current technology (and dependability), it would have to be a very large and heavy battery. Perhaps some combo of capacitors (used successfully on large busses in...
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    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    A 200 mile range car would do just fine on either coast of the U.S. with CHAdeMO. I doubt either CCS or CHAdeMO chargers will fill in the "red states" any time soon.
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    Toyota 'Mirai' Fuel Cell Sedan

    Don't they receive emission credit based on refueling speed? The current standard in California is 95% full in 15 minutes (written specifically with hydrogen in mind, and penalizing Tesla for their "battery swap" fiasco). If they put a slow plug on it, it wouldn't meet that standard, and it...
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    Porsche Mission E

    It's actually worse than that... 800 volts would make it incompatible with every existing public DC charger in the world... every one. No simple adaptor is going to fix that. Of course, the car could have some simple charging configuration between uber fast 800v, and the rest of them (with an...
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    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    Yes, $145 now, $100 in 2020.
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    CAN vs other network infrastructure

    CAN existed long before internet... plus, for emissions, it's written in law.
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    Tesla should redesign the EU chargeport and retrofit!

    While its anybody's guess about Model 3, all the current Model S cars sold in North America and Japan have the same charge port. All those cars that we're going to summon and that need to recharge enroute will need their doors to open!
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    Need advice on feasibility of the trip from SC in NJ to Austin TX

    If you're concerned, take a CHAdeMO adaptor with you. It's a bit sparse from Alabama west, however.
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    Update on the Salt Lake City Tesla store turmoil

    Maybe a planned "TESLA UTAH RALLY" to coincide with the state legislative session? 26 January - 12 March, 2015 Pick a day, far enough into the session that active grass roots lobbying can be done to get a cadre of legislators (and the news media) at one local for test drives.
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    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    One: http://api.plugshare.com/view/location/75858
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    Faraday Future

    I'm beginning to believe that this enterprise is mostly focused on China. Some of the goofiness on the race car are things that nobody ever asked for, like oxygen and water, but might make sense in China to somebody. Heck, water has been plumbed into helmets along with air filters for...
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    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    What is a "snow dam"? I'd love to see a picture of both the "snow dam" and trailer hitch (and how it's mounted).
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    Do I need to upgrade my garage to NEMA 14-50?

    I would guess the truly thrifty EV shoppers are buying the LEAF, or a Mitsubishi iMiev. Saving the cost of a tire or two for the inconvenience to themselves with low efficiency and pathetically slow charging, and inconvenience to others by hogging local Superchargers to "save" a few bucks...
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    Faraday Future

    I'm confident that Model 3 will be just fine... this bat mobile is a cry for help! If this is their surprise, I guess that I'm surprised!!!
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    Do I need to upgrade my garage to NEMA 14-50?

    Certainly, for those constrained by rental situations, it's nearly painless to bump a 120 volt solo outlet (DEDICATED... not on a string with other outlets) to 240 volts. You just need to replace the single pole breaker with a dual pole breaker, and change the outlet to a 6-15. Easy, and no...
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    Faraday Future

    If there's an advantage, why not leave the pack at the higher voltage?
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    Bad battery heater?

    Just use "camping" mode... no battery heater, no waking up every 30 minutes to restart the heater. Car to neutral, then manually apply parking brake. Don't forget to lock the doors while you snooze.
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    CHAdeMO adapter

    For all intents and purposes, CHAdeMO is limited to 125 amps. Next year will begin implementation of 200 amp stations from ABB, as well as others, but the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter is limited to 125 amps. The overwhelming majority of charging stations are actually 115 or 120 amps, however. To...
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    Charging while moving?

    Since he is quite publicly "anti-gasoline", I can't even imagine him trying it.
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    how to best sell my Model S

    I'm interested for under $50k.
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    Toyota 'Mirai' Fuel Cell Sedan

    If your thought is 100% true, they would have shut down the swap station on the day after the CARB rule change. - - - Updated - - - Carbon fiber tank at 3600psi or less with natural gas:
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    Trouble with CHAdeMO

    The problem is likely a l ack of properly received CAN messages from the CHAdeMO station. This could be the result of interference, or the actual CAN transmitter / receiver in the adapter. Perhaps cold has affected this in some way, too. Since the common thing is the adapter (is there more than...
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    Toyota 'Mirai' Fuel Cell Sedan

    Not true. Tesla no longer receives any credit for battery swapping after a rule change at CARB.
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    Ideal charge limit for new MS 85 (100 miles per day usage)

    The Tobacco Companies all called... they said cigarettes were actually good for you. The Oil Companies all called... they were all in agreement, global warning is a myth and gasoline is like "butta". Yep, no "big important company" or industry would put out conflicting or contrary information...
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    Ideal charge limit for new MS 85 (100 miles per day usage)

    As everybody has stated, most of the advice is quite reasonable, as it is also all over the place. First, as a newbie, I would just charge to whatever value over 50% that makes you comfortable. Once you've become accustomed to the actual rated miles used for your daily trip, and you want to...
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    pin assignment US charging port

    It's precisely the same as J1772 / Type 1.
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    J1772 Hydra - charge two vehicles with one charger

    Split the NEMA 14-50 outlet with two 25 amp breakers, and charge each car at the same time at 20 amps each.
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    Hack UMC to get 48 amps?

    Yes, you could modify the UMC with enough diligence... it just wouldn't be a very smart thing to do. Buy a Clipper Creek CS-60 or HPWC. Our Products | Clipper Creek Inc Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
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    (Reported on 12/26/2015) 11+ car wait at Tejon Ranch!

    Have you been to San Juan Capistrano? Yes, people do that... even leaving the car in the stall for hours and hours while they are elsewhere. - - - Updated - - - They need more locations, not 15 chargers at one location. Probably one somewhere up the grapevine. Imagine a closed road or a blown...
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    (Reported on 12/26/2015) 11+ car wait at Tejon Ranch!

    There are 10,000 CHAdeMO stations in the world, so I think it might be cheaper to carry the adapter and have a plan B.
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    WTB: Chademo adapter w/referal credits

    Oh... value of dimishing returns. Sure. My value of the adapter went the other way; with one Tesla, I have two CHAdeMO adapters. I hate failures on dark, stormy nights, usually when I'm in a hurry. Yes, two UMCs, too. I'm sure that there's an accountant somewhere who has calculated to the...
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    WTB: Chademo adapter w/referal credits

    I agree with free or reduced price for almost anything!!!! I just didn't follow any logic how $225 even makes sense... you could rent a Range Rover. It was the cost calculation I was looking for, not the emotional discriminator. I personally wouldn't take any serious road trip in the developed...
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    WTB: Chademo adapter w/referal credits

    Isn't that the case for about 90% of CHAdeMO adapter owners? Charge at home, use Superchargers enroute, HPWC / UMC / J1772 overnight at hotels, and CHAdeMO if available on trips (where the other solutions aren't as viable)? Heck, I'd like one at 1/4 price... or free... or pay me to use it. - -...
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    WTB: Chademo adapter w/referal credits

    I'd be interested in your calculations. How is $450 "not worth it", but half that amazingly is?
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    Faraday Future

    Sounds like a subscription / ownership model like fractional jet ownership. It also sounds like the cars are tucked away somewhere that isn't in traditional parking lots (an off site parking garage plugged into the grid, but not in "downtown"?). I suppose they just drive around, clogging up...
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    Signature #1 delivered today

    There are some different pics on this site: Tesla Delivers First Signature Series Model X Congratulations to to the new owners.
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    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    Any DC charge station that is not at a BMW or VW dealer will always have CHAdeMO (even if combined with CCS). There are so few CCS only stations in North America, that it would be difficult to actually find one. I believe that this announcement from the CHAdeMO Association refers to worldwide...
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    2013 85 vs. new 70D observations

    Buying a car is mostly an emotional experience. We do not "need" to save 7 minutes per charge, or accelerate a few tenths of a second faster. The last thing that we absolutely don't need is a car with more range than is needed to go from Supercharger to Supercharger. So, as has been stated, if...
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    model x battery trailer idea

    Mixing a simple battery hauling trailer and hooking into the Tesla high voltage is easy. Making this affordable and SAFE is not as easy. Of course, the concept has been done many times already. Tesla isn't going to do it, so that leaves private enterprise. Since VERY VERY few people have a...
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    CHAdeMO Make/Model Review — Using with a Tesla

    Yes, of course, subsidized things can be "free" or lower cost. The costs to provide that service didn't go away... the are just paid for elsewhere. The same is true of the Tesla Supercharger network.
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    CHAdeMO Make/Model Review — Using with a Tesla

    Except the cost of electricity may not even be the largest cost. Let's say a 90kWh car shows up, and is near zero on range. At 90% overall efficiency (all cooling losses included), then we are close to 100kWh consumed to fill the car. At the national average of $0.12 per kWh, that's $12.00. In...
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    Hyundai to Launch 2016 Midsize BEV Powered By Next-Gen LG Chem Batteries

    The state law in California is: 10 years / 100,000 miles minimum battery warranty for EVs (because everybody knows that they can't go more than 10,000 miles per year) 10 years / 150,000 mile minimum battery warranty for hybrids

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