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  1. Corsair

    MCU Upgrade - Canada

    I'd opt for MCU2. Refurbed MCU1 would still have the same write/rewrite limitation and will fail in 3-4 years. That extra $1k+ is worth the cost considering the hassle and time lost ... 6 week wait is a pain. Probably better resale value if you wish to part with it in future.
  2. Corsair

    MCU Upgrade - Canada

    One more difference: Wifi & LTE reception is way better, no more dropped signals. FYI MCU1 uses Parrot wifi module, whereas MCU2 uses LG wifi module. Yes, he did it all in the garage wearing gloves and mask throughout the entire process. Would have been really awkward to hover around him given...
  3. Corsair

    MCU Upgrade - Canada

    Drove to work this morning, calibration took about 8km of driving (instead of 20km which was advised by Ranger) along stretch of highway before completion and autopilot enabled. Full visualization of traffic lights, cones and directional signs. I'm on firmware 2020.20.1 MCU has snappier...
  4. Corsair

    MCU Upgrade - Canada

    Got mine upgraded yesterday. Took Ranger 5 hours in total. I opted to have the screen replaced for an additional $300-ish as the original was yellowing again despite Tesla's UV fix. Total $3510 excluding tax. Feels like a brand new car again .... although I have noticed the driver side DRL led...
  5. Corsair

    Model S MCU1 Upgrade to MCU 2 - Availability in Canada

    Mine got delayed to 2nd July as parts have not arrived in time.
  6. Corsair

    Model S MCU1 Upgrade to MCU 2 - Availability in Canada

    I was kinda surprised when I got a reply that it can be done as a ranger service, but I will confirm on the day Ranger physically rolls onto my driveway with all the necessary replacement hardware and formally announce he plans to upgrade my MCU1->2 and AP 2.5->3
  7. Corsair

    Model S MCU1 Upgrade to MCU 2 - Availability in Canada

    That's good to know the touchscreen gets replaced. I had the yellow border issue fixed by Tesla via UV, but it's back ...sigh.
  8. Corsair

    Model S MCU1 Upgrade to MCU 2 - Availability in Canada

    Mine's confirmed on the 19th June for MCU2+HW3 upgrade. Ranger service needing around 5 hours to get the work done.
  9. Corsair

    I traded my Tesla for a Lexus

    He was convinced by the ad https://electrek.co/2020/03/10/lexus-dealer-spams-tesla/
  10. Corsair

    New 20'' Two-Tone Slipstream Wheel Option

    The first few were tricky but gets easier once you get the hang of it, knowing the spacing and intervals. Kit comes with lots of extra decals which helps if you mess up. Once snowboarding season is done, I'll be swapping winter boots back to these ! Thanks Kenrico !
  11. Corsair

    Potential Canadian luxury tax on cars over $100K

    Double whammy for BC as we already have BC luxury tax since 2018. Getting expensive to have nice things these days.. :(
  12. Corsair

    12v Battery Question

    Do I just sue Tesla? New record for getting Powned
  13. Corsair

    License Plate Holder Removal

    These are the proprietary screws Tesla uses. Most of the time are not screwed down tightly and you can remove them using a 90 degree needle nose pliers. My friend has a 3D printer and I had him made this removal tool from Thingiverse.
  14. Corsair

    6 sudden error messages

    Similar cluster of 6 warnings reported over at the S forum, attributed to faulty ABS sensor: Six alerts, this happen to anyone else?
  15. Corsair

    Vendor DIY Model S Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Placed an order for S & X :D
  16. Corsair

    Tesla front license plate mount missing lower screw holes

    Just so happens I had mine removed today, replaced with Sho 'N Sto mounting bracket. Just slide the plate out to remove it from the silver frame
  17. Corsair

    Yellow edge screen

    MIT_S60 was probably referring to the aluminum bezel around the screen. Mine got the UV treatment 2 weekends ago and they left a tiny dent at the bottom bezel.
  18. Corsair

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Agreed. My wallet is wide open.....
  19. Corsair

    New wheels for my S

    Suspension not needed.
  20. Corsair

    New wheels for my S

    This should help make your mind up: Lots of 19, 20, 21 & a few 22" Show off your aftermarket wheels.
  21. Corsair

    Curb damage to S?

    The damage would be the same with any ICE, which depends on the rim dimension and the speed you are planning to hump over curbs
  22. Corsair

    REMIN Dash Kit DOES NOT FIT!!!

    That mahogany stuff reminds me of my grandma's formica kitchen countertop from the late 70's. I'd stick with the original trim.
  23. Corsair

    Side skirts and lower rear piece

    or this Gtechniq Ceramic Paint Protection, Automotive Ceramic Coating, Marine Ceramic Coatings
  24. Corsair

    DIY Tesla Model X Mud Flaps

    Skipped the rears as some members recommended. Couldn't care less if the cars behind me gets stone chips. That'd teach them to keep a sensible distance behind. Those snow tires are Dunlop - SP Winter Sport 4D - 265/45R20 104V 3rd winter. Great grip but noisy.
  25. Corsair

    DIY Tesla Model X Mud Flaps

    Got the same flaps from eBay. I wonder why the screws come in olive green rather than black.
  26. Corsair


    Try this as suggested by Viper Musk confirms/Tesla Refutes upgradeability from MCU1 to MCU2 Helped with speeding up the browser.
  27. Corsair

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Which FW do you have ? I'm on 2020.4 which is more responsive than the 40.50 which was brutally laggy and buggy.
  28. Corsair

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I can confirm that too. Browser working and using Tesla Waze instead for traffic and nav data . Thanks Viper.
  29. Corsair


    No noticeable difference
  30. Corsair


    Got the car to download and reinstall 2020.4 after power down. Browser remains pants , interface felt a tad more responsive , can't tell a difference with regen due to the cold temps we have here, and voice command still lags On the bright side, I can read incoming messages on the dash and my...
  31. Corsair

    Soft Close Frunk

    It's a well-worth upgrade IMO. no more palm prints and risk of crease marks. You may want to set it at the highest speed for opening and closing. I stood in the grocery store parking lot looking like a dork waiting agonizingly for the frunk to open & close with people waiting to pull into my spot.
  32. Corsair


    Well, mine's downloaded but installation failed with persistent nagging to contact Tesla ('Software Update Required) despite reboot. Now I have to schedule mobile service to sort it out ...sigh
  33. Corsair

    Is FSD refundable?

    Unlikely. I too drank the Kool-Aid and bought FSD.
  34. Corsair

    New S/X Coat Hooks Now in Tesla Store!

    Correct. They are no longer compatible noting the new seat design on my wife's X which we took delivery last month.
  35. Corsair

    Vendor DIY Model X Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Same here, though I'm waiting for spring to try this as it is too cold up here to play with vinyl at this time of the year and also eagerly waiting for the S kit as well.
  36. Corsair

    Empty Front Trunk Space: What is it for?

    Not in mine (Nov 2019) but I do recall seeing the red emergency kit in others. Probably came as a standard in previous years.
  37. Corsair

    Phantom drain out of control

    Mine's about 4% loss/day with sentry mode on & summon off with BlackVue 1CH recording. (ver 50.6)
  38. Corsair

    Yellow line around 17" screen

    Out of curiosity, which month and year is your X ?
  39. Corsair

    Supercharger - Richmond, BC

    Here's to holding out for some hope seeing there's 7 hours and 13 minutes left
  40. Corsair

    Hansshow’s power frunk/trunk kit Xmas promo

    I've emailed Hansshow for installation estimate, was given range between USD200-400. I bit the bullet, ended up buying frunk kits for S & X and installed both myself S was way harder than the X as the space around the latch area had ~ 3cm clearance and you had to bolt the screws back on...
  41. Corsair

    DIY UV Treatment for Yellowed MCU Screen

    @Blue X90 , great write up. I am going to try your solution. After I'm done, will reassemble the unit and give it to my wife as she spends a lot of time doing her nails (win-win scenario)
  42. Corsair

    Supercharger - Surrey, BC

    @Poobearcretu , I had those Whispbar/Yakima racks on the last car. The rubber feet left permanent imprints on the roof from constant rubbing. You may want to take it off, Xpel the area if you have just got them put on.
  43. Corsair

    Entitled at the supercharger

    Chargus interruptus happens when you press on the button, so yes it can happen.
  44. Corsair

    Entitled at the supercharger

    I chalk it up to pi$$ poor parking skill judging by the angle of turn made backing in. Hanlon’s Razor comes to mind.
  45. Corsair

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I check this thread every time it floats to the top of the forum, hoping for good news .... :(
  46. Corsair

    Supercharger - Richmond, BC

    Speaking of these 2 Supercharger locations, I intentionally park in the vicinity even though I don't plan to charge and don't mind longer walks to mall entrance just for the sake of 'herd immunity' knowing mine will be surrounded by cautious owners.
  47. Corsair

    Power Frunk | No more fingerprints on the hood!

    It’s different in my case as I use the frunk far more than the trunk. I love Indian food and order lots of take outs and groceries go there too. Keeps the cabin scent free. I had called around and they were charging between $200-400.
  48. Corsair

    Power Frunk | No more fingerprints on the hood!

    The controller box looks identical , probably all rolled out from the same manufacturer. I actually followed the installation video from that website.
  49. Corsair

    Power Frunk | No more fingerprints on the hood!

    Got my installed today. The toughest part was actually putting the latch mechanism back due to lack of working space. Dropped the metal washer which took 30 minutes to grope around in the dark looking for it. 2 hours all in all for someone who never never took the frunk apart. Now I gotta lie...

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