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  1. 13P85plus

    WTB: '13-16 Model S, Silver Turbines, Grey or White interior

    I have the wheels I can sell you for a good price if you’re interested.
  2. 13P85plus

    WTB - Sonic Grey Turbine wheels (non-staggered; no tires)

    I have the complete opposite if you’re interested. Staggered turbines in silver, no TPMS or center caps for cheap. message me if you have questions.
  3. 13P85plus

    WTB/WTT: MS 19" Slipstreams for 21" Turbines

    I have a set of 21 turbines staggered from my 13 P85+ for cheap if you’re interested. Message me and we can discuss further.
  4. 13P85plus

    Model S 3D MaxSpider floorliners - black

    Hello guys! Got these for a late bday present and a few months later sold my vehicle. Looking for $175 shipped PayPal. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you!
  5. 13P85plus

    21x8.5 turbine (rash is fine)

    I have a set of staggered turbines in silver, no center caps or TPMS and three still have tires attached but not beaded If anyone is interested. I’m in ABQ, NM.
  6. 13P85plus

    WTB 21” turbine (Black or Grey) wheels with tires for ‘16 Model S

    Used set of staggered 21” turbines from a 2013, no tires, no TPMS, no center caps, slight ding on two of them. Silver, located in ABQ, NM.
  7. 13P85plus

    TPMS Gen 1

    I doubt it if it’s for a older MS. Ours have the older system and Tesla is starting to do retrofits of the newer system because it’s a lot more reliable, a lot less problematic, and we can finally see the tire pressure instead of having to call Tesla to get that info over the phone.
  8. 13P85plus

    TPMS Gen 1

    These are for the original TPMS system and not the retrofit system, right?
  9. 13P85plus

    Parcel shelf & 3D Maxpider

    Floormats found. Still hunting for a decent price on a parcel shelf before I go eBay. Thanks!
  10. 13P85plus

    Oedro Model S All weather mats for $65?

    Made my 3D Maxpider purchase easier. Thanks!
  11. 13P85plus

    Model S 85D 2016 breaking for parts

    Parcel shelf?
  12. 13P85plus

    Parting out 2015 85D

    Parcel shelf? 87113
  13. 13P85plus

    Parcel shelf & 3D Maxpider

    Hello, Looking for a few items. Parcel shelf and a set of 3D Maxpider floormats (black) front and rear seats (no cargo necessary) Going on a 2013 MS. Thank you!
  14. 13P85plus

    Model S Parcel Shelf - $90 OBO

    Message sent
  15. 13P85plus

    My 2013 is getting a replacement MCU now with LTE, questions?

    Thanks for the reply gaswalla. That’s great news.
  16. 13P85plus

    My 2013 is getting a replacement MCU now with LTE, questions?

    Hello, With some issues I was having, my ranger is replacing my MCU with a new LTE connected unit. I’ve heard but didn’t pay much attention about Tesla charging for LTE data now? With my car getting this upgrade, am I losing my unlimited plan or whatever, and will have to start paying for...
  17. 13P85plus

    The sad part of owning a Tesla... accidents

    Just FYI, these body shops have to pay thousands to get selected people certified to work on a Tesla. From my understanding, it's not up to tesla who becomes approved/ certified in any given location. I'm having to take mine in to Car Crafters locally, who only have 3 people certified because...
  18. 13P85plus

    My S60 was stolen last night. I recovered it this morning thanks to the app

    Obviously. Notice how I didn't quote your post on that response?
  19. 13P85plus

    My S60 was stolen last night. I recovered it this morning thanks to the app

    Gotcha. Maybe for insurance purposes is what I was thinking. Something about negligence or carelessness, along those lines.
  20. 13P85plus

    What to do when Tesla refuses to make warranty repair

    Mine makes the hum sound at 70+, ranger said its a pass rear wheel bearing. They are replacing it and several other concerns I had. They said they will retest and see if that fixes it. Car will be taken to the Denver SC on a flatbed
  21. 13P85plus

    My S60 was stolen last night. I recovered it this morning thanks to the app

    You left the key in the car.. Theft or not, don't think much could be done. I could be wrong.
  22. 13P85plus

    Firmware 7.1

    Will having any of the low power settings and always connected setting on, cause any delay when at home and the car is on wifi?
  23. 13P85plus

    Firmware 7.1

    Where is the tracker? Sorry, new. Lol
  24. 13P85plus

    No "P85+" logo on main screen or dashboard, just "P85"

    Nvm, email sent in. About 1wk turn around time from date of request. Let's see.
  25. 13P85plus

    No "P85+" logo on main screen or dashboard, just "P85"

    What's the contact info to get this done? Mine just shows P85 but P85+ on the trunk :)
  26. 13P85plus

    Suspension software flaw

    Old thread. Just noticed my 13 P85+ did this twice today. At first I thought it was due to a leak, but when I saw it lower after parking in my garage, I knew this was supposed to happen by design or software. Many have said it was a bug in several other software variants going back to 5.xx...
  27. 13P85plus

    Updated Swag Thread

    No swag, just a zip lock bag with my two keys.
  28. 13P85plus

    Updated Swag Thread

    I get my CPO in 1-2hrs delivered to my house from Van Nuys, CA to NM. I'll let you know if it has anything inside.
  29. 13P85plus

    CPO en route to me!

    It's a P85+ 2013, fully loaded.
  30. 13P85plus

    CPO en route to me!

    Hello everyone. I know myself and many others have been curious about the wait times and delivery times for their CPO purchases, so here is an update on mine. Secured financing last Friday and sent the copy of the check and tracking to Tesla. Last night/this morning my vehicle left from Van...
  31. 13P85plus

    What to look for at CPO delivery?

    Great, but what does one look for when a vehicle is being delivered to your house, and there is no service center in your state?
  32. 13P85plus

    Just put deposit for 1st CPO P85+

    I've already looked and decided that 275/30/21 will be the new rear which can be had by hankook for about 1/2 the price of the oe sizs f/r VS f/r. How is acceleration compared to the V2? I haven't driven in about 2wks so I'm hoping I won't be saddened by the difference in acceleration/tq.
  33. 13P85plus

    I challenge you to say this sound is normal.

    The way I see it, is if the car didn't make that sound new, it's not normal. Also, I'm located in Albuquerque, NM. :)
  34. 13P85plus

    Tesla moments

    How much did it cost to get it installed?
  35. 13P85plus

    Just put deposit for 1st CPO P85+

    How is acceleration? I'm coming from a 2011 CTSV, spirited driving but not racing, etc. I've never driven a P85, just a 60 and P90D with ludi mode
  36. 13P85plus

    Just put deposit for 1st CPO P85+

    Man you all got some good deals. Mine is a 2013 + model as well, and mine was $62k before TTL. 52,600 miles
  37. 13P85plus

    [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Parting Out a 2015 85D - What Do You Need?

    Do you have the rear trunk cover/parcel shelf?
  38. 13P85plus

    CPO Experience

    13 P85+ myself :)
  39. 13P85plus

    CPO Experience

    Just wanted to give you all an update. I finally got photos of the actual vehicle, granted these were from the appraisal. Vehicle looks to be in amazing shape. I secured financing today at my credit union and the payment will be sent out tomorrow. My advisor requested a photo copy of the...
  40. 13P85plus

    CPO Experience

    I haven't seen my car, 13 P85+, yet, but was told it was in grade A condition. The prior deposit I had on a 2012 p85 all black was a B. My car is located in California, no dirt lot that I know of per google maps. 1wk went by with Chris Harrison as my DS, and I never heard a peep from him, after...
  41. 13P85plus

    CPO Experience

    You only say this because you have your car and no longer have to wait! Lol
  42. 13P85plus

    Vendor Energi - App for Tesla

    It would be nice if mine shows up next week, but he is supposed to call me early next week to send the purchase order so I can have a check sent over. I'm thinking 2 weeks for me. But hopefully sooner.
  43. 13P85plus

    Turning car on/off too quickly caused this issue

    The whole premise of a AC unit is to be turned on and off in a vehicle. The clutch isn't engaged 100% of the time...
  44. 13P85plus

    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    I bought your app and I don't even have the car yet, lol. Never the less, ready to see what's new!
  45. 13P85plus

    CPO transport?

    Forgive me if I've missed this somewhere, but when they deliver a CPO to your house, Is it a closed transport truck, or flat bed/trailer, etc? Car is in California, and I'm in New Mexico.
  46. 13P85plus

    Is there any way other than VIN to determine which Tire pressure sensors you have?

    Just call a service center and ask for parts.
  47. 13P85plus

    Vendor Energi - App for Tesla

    Anymore promo codes? Interested in trying it out. If not that's fine, I'll make the purchase. Just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

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