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    Don't get in an accident in your Tesla unless you like waiting for repairs

    Long wait times for parts and for body service are ABSOLUTELY a Tesla issue; a Tesla issue that existed long before the pandemic. I feel for you. I was fortunate that my car was still drivable when I had my accident. Driving around with a beat up car was annoying but I was grateful, even in...
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    Model S nearly caught fire--should I be upset?

    Strikes me as something Tesla should cover and sounds like the precisely kind of thing a business carries liability insurance to cover. They should feel grateful they need only cover the repairs and are not dealing with something more serious with the accompanying lawsuit.
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    Tesla S Break pedal not functioning

    Wrong pedal?
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    Plaid Crash

    Geesh, and y’all wonder why the f-word gets thrown around here so much (and I’m not talking about the four letter word). Thread full of baseless deflections instead of actually addressing the brake failure. Tesla could no wrong even if it tried in the eyes of fanboys.
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    Plaid Crash

    What makes you think this guy is unskilled? Seems like a car enthusiast with experience in several high end powerful cars from his other posts.
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    New Tesla APP 4.x. Released for iOS and Android

    I typically know where I’m going, I just want to see my options in case I’m exceeding or falling short of my expected range. I just use the Tesla map from my browser...
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    New Tesla APP 4.x. Released for iOS and Android

    I wish they would allow you to see superchargers within a larger radius (at least 200 miles). When I travel and I’m stopped at a supercharger, I like to check my options for my next stop when I may be inside eating or walking around.
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    Enhanced Autopilot vs Highway Autopilot

    If “Highway Autopilot” is referring to the gen 1 autopilot (on cars from 2014-2016), I want to clarify that it doesn’t only work on highways; it works on surface streets as well. And one difference from the standard autopilot offered today is that the gen 1 autopilot offers auto lane changes...
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    will yoke steering be non-linear?

    I’m talking about the nonlinear steering. Theoretically, they could’ve offered it with the standard wheel.
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    will yoke steering be non-linear?

    isn’t this exactly what they did with autopilot?
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    will yoke steering be non-linear?

    This seems like something they could have easily implemented and tested as an option with a standard steering wheel until the masses got comfortable with the nonlinear solution allowing time for feedback and tweaks before turning it off is no longer an option. Ah well, hope it goes smoothly.
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    my S is a different car in winter vs. summer

    Another underrated annoyance in winter driving is how ineffective the heating system is below 50 rated miles. Not only is the range decreased because of the higher power draw, but it’s also decreased if you want to avoid an uncomfortably cold drive. At least this is true of my ‘ancient’ P85D.
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    Where Are We With the Model S Plaid?

    Is that 1100 HP legit, or is it like the 691 HP on my P85D?
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    Car not turning off or locking!!

    From your description, it’s almost certainly a software issue. If what you described (with the sequence of door openings resulting in auto door lock not working) is repeatable then that’s very fortunate as you’ll be able to show Tesla what’s happening and aid their troubleshooting. Have you...
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    Tinting recommendations in Atlanta

    I don’t have a preference on brand (honestly ignorant about the subject, so I’d welcome recommendations on that) I just want a quality job.
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    Tinting recommendations in Atlanta

    Does anyone have recommendations for a good place(s) to have a model S tinted in the Atlanta area?
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    Supercharger - College Park, GA (speculation)

    Still no location on this one?
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    Killing the brand with poor service

    Can’t believe this is still being used as an excuse....especially after all this claims about how dealers are evil and direct sales is the way to go. That line made sense back when Tesla was giving service that was better than your average dealer. Now? Not so much; instead we’re left with...
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    Killing the brand with poor service

    A huge bill I wouldn’t pay. Again, if the drive was that much of a hassle for me, I’d call their bluff.
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    Killing the brand with poor service

    Ummm what if you just told them to come pick the loaner up? What would be their recourse? If the drive was that much of a hassle for me, that’s what I would do. Call their bluff.
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    P85d vs Long Range Plus. Will I miss the performance?

    Rough math... 28% reduction. 28% * 205 rated miles/98% = 58.6 rated miles You got 48.8 real miles. 48.8/58.6 = 83%. That’s a little more efficient than my 81% which makes sense because your Wh/mi is better than mine (326 vs 352). So, ya, I think there’s more at play during your 98% to 2%...
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    P85d vs Long Range Plus. Will I miss the performance?

    Ya, your degradation is too much imo. Tesla’s “unlimited mile” battery warranty has proven to have no teeth in it (with respect to degradation), but I’d continue to ask them repeatedly to address it if I were you.
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    P85d vs Long Range Plus. Will I miss the performance?

    Yes that’s pretty much what vampire drain is. Here’s why I say there’s gotta be more at play here: I recently went on a road trip from Boston to Atlanta. I left my house with 99% (240 rated mi) and reached the first supercharger with 8% (18 rated mi). I traveled 180.3 miles and used 222 rated...
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    P85d vs Long Range Plus. Will I miss the performance?

    The trips being broken into those increments doesn’t mean there’s no vampire drain. what was your rated miles at 98%? Edit: I see that’s the 205 miles you mention in the OP. Ya, that’s quite a bit of degradation. 99% is 240 on my 2014 P85D
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    P85d vs Long Range Plus. Will I miss the performance?

    Last 2/3rds of those miles was at a very low 200 Wh/mi. Total average of 337 Wh/mi. I’m guessing there’s quite a bit of vampire drain at play here. My P85D definitely has significant vampire drain. Particularly if left out in the heat for a long time.
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    Tesla increases Model S and X Supercharging rate to 225 kW

    As a 2014 P85D owner, this pic makes me so jealous. lol
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    In my car I can only see miles per hour charge rate how do I get the kw per hour?

    Both are useful...maybe one day they’ll allow both to be displayed on the same screen. There’s certainly space for it.
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    Premium connectivity scam from Tesla

    These threads are always hilarious to me... people chide the consumer for not having read some news from some random website announcing a policy change but don’t hold that same level of accountability for Tesla representatives selling the car. :rolleyes: Tesla reps are NOTORIOUS for spouting...
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    Service during COVID-19

    In my experience, they only offer $100/day in Uber credits. I suspect if they have a loaner available, they’ll give you a loaner instead of Uber credits. With that said, I dropped my car in for service on Saturday without an appointment (the app would’ve allowed me to schedule a Monday...
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    MCU died, AC won’t turn off... vampire drain excessive

    Went to the service on the whim as a walk-in and I was surprised they were able to take the car and give me a loaner on the spot. So this is all moot, but I do appreciate the responses. Thanks Rebooting was the first thing I tried. After multiple tries I did get it to boot up. But the...
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    MCU died, AC won’t turn off... vampire drain excessive

    I should’ve mentioned that the right scroll is set to sunroof and while it will show a signal to open if I scroll, the sunroof doesn’t actually open. I did try your suggestion. It displays the current fan speed (5; auto) it doesn’t even pretend to change the fan speed setting. Ditto...
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    MCU died, AC won’t turn off... vampire drain excessive

    Driving much less now obviously. Went to drive it yesterday afternoon for the first time all week and the MCU won’t turn on. The car still drives and still connects via the app, but the vampire drain is excessive as the A/C won’t turn off. Attempts via the app are unsuccessful. I have a...
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    Bluetooth Phone Connectivity Barely Works Anymore :(

    That’s fair, I see how it wasn’t to the liking for other owners. But it was for me. And I don’t like the “upgrade”. As I stated, I’m to the point where I’d much rather they stop “upgrading” my car (aside from necessary security updates). I haven’t gotten a desired update in years, yet I’ve...
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    Bluetooth Phone Connectivity Barely Works Anymore :(

    This definitely a case where they made a pointless “upgrade” to break something that wasn’t broken. SMH Since the update that changed it so Bluetooth wouldn’t connect until you’re in the driver seat with the door closed (seriously who asked for this?????), I can’t toggle between Bluetooth...
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    If you're first, you're last.

    I don’t know if they actually did it, but I remember several people saying they loved the car, but they’d rather throw $50k at TSLA instead of the deposit until it was actually launched. I, personally, didn’t have $50k just lying around so I couldn’t participate, but I liked the foresight. ;)
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    New Battery warranty terms for new Model S

    I’m not a lawyer, but I would think the date would be the date you (or the bank) paid in full and completed motor vehicle purchase agreement. either way you’re close enough to the change that it would be worth getting a clarification from Tesla in writing.
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    New Battery warranty terms for new Model S

    Agreed, and it looks like they’ve already corrected it. The warranty doc linked in my Tesla account now says: Model S and Model X - 8 years or 150,000 miles (240,000 km), whichever comes first, with minimum 70% retention of Battery capacity* over the warranty period. Any Model S or Model X...
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    Model S - still #1 selling large luxury sedan in US

    Haha, funny how that works, right? Although I bet a significantly lower percentage of model s buyers were considering another car on that list than is the case for the buyers of the other cars on that list. And that has significantly helped their dominance of the “luxury” sedan market.
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    Model S Recall - Power Steering

    Yup. my bolts failed after this was identified as an issue on this forum, but a couple weeks before Tesla issued a recall. My whole rack was replaced. A while after that, I had just the bolts replaced as a part of the recall.
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    Software Updates and AP1

    You’re not paying attention. Many have been waving this flag since Tesla took away the original two pane viewing mode on the main screen. A large contingent of us would be happy to just have our cars operate with no further updates as we were used to them operating. Eventually software...
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    Road tripping and charging to 100%

    If you’re leaving soon after reaching 100% I don’t think it matters. Having the extra 10% is more beneficial (in case of unexpected temperature drops, unexpected construction/traffic detours, etc) than any extra battery stress (if any)
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    Is Tesla changing warranty terms again, reducing coverage retroactively? [Website Error]

    Now this would be news.... what was covered under your 2017 warranty that’s no longer covered under the current warranty?
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    Is Tesla changing warranty terms again, reducing coverage retroactively? [Website Error]

    The website doesn’t show two sets of conflicting information. It only links you to the warranty document, which is and has always been accurate. The website was broken before. But now it’s fixed. So much of this thread is talking about other stuff (691 HP motors, yellow borders on the main...
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    Is Tesla changing warranty terms again, reducing coverage retroactively? [Website Error]

    all the employee has today is a website... just not the customer facing one. And the current customer facing one doesn’t show my extended warranty. Yet Tesla employees have had no problem verifying that I have it.
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    Is Tesla changing warranty terms again, reducing coverage retroactively? [Website Error]

    It’s fixed right now. Under warranty you click the learn more button to see your warranty which is and has always been accurate.
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    Is Tesla changing warranty terms again, reducing coverage retroactively? [Website Error]

    All of this is irrelevant: the terms never changed throughout this entire misunderstanding. The whole time the website was erroneous it still linked the actual warranty document which correctly spelled out the terms.
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    Is Tesla changing warranty terms again, reducing coverage retroactively? [Website Error]

    And they haven’t been changed. Never were. That’s my point. I don’t blame the OP for making this thread. It was a good catch. But it caught a website error. The document linked on that page that actually spells out the warranty did not change the terms of anybody’s warranty to benefit Tesla...
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    Is Tesla changing warranty terms again, reducing coverage retroactively? [Website Error]

    Only thing they’re reviewing is erroneous website coding. Our warranty terms were never changed. I cannot emphasize that enough. This thread is a classic example of the dangerous power of FUD.
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    Your prediction: is my car totaled?

    Ya it’s totaled. Especially given the fact that it’s 2013.
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    Is Tesla changing warranty terms again, reducing coverage retroactively? [Website Error]

    if they were, they’d have a new warranty document that specified different terms for these new S’s and X’s. They don’t. An S and X sold today is held to this warranty: https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/downloads/tesla-new-vehicle-limited-warranty-en-us.pdf It still states it’s 8 years...

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