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    Almost ICE'd at Burlington, NC Supercharger - 7 of 8 Stalls Blocked

    It's a NVidia Tegra. A general purpose computer. It can spend its processing power calculating Pi to the billionth digit or drawing fancy lines on video.
  2. Z

    Pollution caused by graphite mining in China for litium-ion batteries ?

    Elon mentioned this on Twitter: Twitter / elonmusk: @TeamAizek Not true. The amount ... And: Twitter / elonmusk: Working on a Model S ...
  3. Z

    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    I wonder, with the many shots from outside looking at the car driving away.. does that ever get annoying having to reverse and pickup the camera? :smile:
  4. Z

    SpaceX F9v1.1 Launch: SES-8, 2013-12-3

    It took 20 minutes to recycle the previous countdown, so I'm guessing we're done for tonight and the launch is scrubbed.
  5. Z

    George Blankenship Retires from Tesla Motors

    Didn't he do the same at Apple when he joined Tesla after creating their store strategy from the ground? Either he is really retiring or he just prefers building a business over maintaining it.
  6. Z

    Discussion of statistical analysis of vehicle fires as it relates to Model S

    All of the statistics on this are nonsense. 3 fires do not make a sufficient number of samples from which to derive *anything*. Elon is guilty of bending the numbers, but we need not build on his faulty analysis. (Sorry, I usually enjoy your posts, but anyone claiming any kind of statistical...
  7. Z

    Wireless front parking camera with monitor for front bumper protection

    Getting more interesting by the minute :) Makes me wonder what the PIC is doing...
  8. Z

    Firmware 5.6

    I think the app is certainly a factor, there was some discussion on this in the VisibleTesla thread.. if you keep making API requests, it keeps the car from going to sleep. The app should know not to make permanent updates if its going to prevent sleep mode, but you can try and manually kill it...
  9. Z

    Wireless front parking camera with monitor for front bumper protection

    I don't think the serial control interface goes over LVDS, the video data goes directly from the OV chip to the serializer, the PIC simply can't push all of that data, and the serializer on the other hand knows nothing about the OV chips configuration interface, so it wouldn't know how to...
  10. Z

    USB hard drive (not flash) recognized only intermittently

    That is an actual mechanic hard drive, so it requires quite some power, usually more than a single USB port can deliver. You could try getting a Dual USB cable to give it the power from the second USB port, too.
  11. Z

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    I think thats also the failure mode for a broken/discharged 12V. You might try jumping the 12V battery using the port behind the nosecone.
  12. Z

    10/21 Munich Tesla Event with Elon Musk

    He's being totally consistent. From an old interview: PandoMonthly Presents A Fireside Chat With Elon Musk - YouTube (Hydrogen cars are obvious nonsense. The gas from them leaks into its surroundings faster than a 4.0 Model S vampire load can empty the battery. And once hydrogen collects in a...
  13. Z

    Wireless front parking camera with monitor for front bumper protection

    I didn't say that, but it is what I would recommend as the next logical step :) I just hope there will be something useful to see, it's a BGA chip and it will be somewhat crowded in the camera assembly.
  14. Z

    Wireless front parking camera with monitor for front bumper protection

    I see. But you are not switching the serial lines that control the OV10630, just the high-frequency video output (from what I can tell from the PCB). So the touchscreen CPU can't talk to your front camera and instruct it to flip the image. Or am I misunderstanding and you want to use the...
  15. Z

    Wireless front parking camera with monitor for front bumper protection

    If the camera module is the OV10630, it can't be in the touchscreen. The chip has the actual CMOS sensor (where the light comes in) on top of it, so it will be whereever the lens is. (Which does confuse me as to how the flip switch in this sensor is the problem? It seems to me that you are...
  16. Z

    Tesla Motors and Government Money

    It's just a bizarre simplification. The $30B or what in the "future energy" funds, of which Tesla didn't even get one lousy $1B (they gave Toyota, the biggest car company in the world, more than a billion simply to build a factory), are peanuts compared to the impacts of a reasonable carbon tax...
  17. Z

    I'm living proof the Model S is the safest car ever made!

    That's a rather interesting damage pattern. The front of course, as you would expect, but theres significant damage to the rear, while the middle section looks pristine (just look at the drivers' door).
  18. Z

    Model S Accident/Fire

    It took them 20 days to come out with the revelation "You are holding it wrong.". It's a running gag for terrible, terrible PR.
  19. Z

    Model S Accident/Fire

    I think I have bad news for some people. There will always be battery fires. If you drive a stick into a battery, chances are very good you create a short and all the energy contained in that little space is violently released. To expect the opposite is to expect gravity will stop working one...
  20. Z

    Test Drove Today. Bought Today. Confirmed Today. Watch Out Austin....P85+

    That escalated quickly :smile: An all too common occurrence...
  21. Z

    Video of the car using Shore Power for the AC

    Are we sure all 9A go to the AC? Given how many miles go to vampire load every night, some amps of those 9 might just be the vampire.
  22. Z

    Going Off Grid - Powering house and cars purely with renewable energy

    Why would you not just use the hydrogen/fuel cell setup for power at night and use the solar directly? I'm reminded of the "fool cell" comments... So essentially using the excess power over the day to create hydrogen for power at night and backup, but not take the efficiency hit all the time...
  23. Z

    ARG!!! Creep Failed me :( Bad Results

    Does creep in automatics do hill hold? I've only ever driven stick, and while sticks creep, the power will not be enough to hold on any hill and the engine will stall.
  24. Z

    NYT: Wondering if Tesla can get there from here

    Interestingly, the 10 miles per day of vampire loss are already outdated with the new version 5.0, which seems to have only 2 miles if any vampire loss per day (and that is still over what Elon estimated the eventual vampire loss will be, talking to Norwegian customers).
  25. Z

    Authentication flaws in the REST API (if you give 3rd party your private login info)

    Sigh. This makes the same very basic mistake as the other post. Let me put it bluntly: This API is not an official API and is not to be used by third-parties. It was reverse-engineered from the iOS/Android apps. It does not facilitate any access for third-parties, so using the user credentials...
  26. Z

    Cloud & EV Enthusiast!

    I think you are confused. The API is not meant to be used by any third-parties. That is why the authentication is designed that way.
  27. Z

    My First MAJOR problem @ 10,000 km

    293Wh/km equate to 471Wh/mile.. hes a very spirited driver, it seems :smile:
  28. Z

    P85 Loaner Governed at 80 mph

    Instead of adding a "reset personal data" kludge button, they should just transfer the settings from your Model S to the loaner, or reset before loaning.
  29. Z

    Design Studio Updates!

    Huh, they now have aerodynamic tires that are said to increase range by 3%.
  30. Z

    My Side View Camera mod

    Did you do this on both sides? Any effect on range?
  31. Z

    Luxury electric cars cannot overturn conventional autos

    Well duh, Tesla themselves knows luxury cars can not win over the majority budget market. Let's revise that, *everyone* knows that. Thats why they use the luxury cars to fund their expansion into the budget market, building a very valuable brand along the way.
  32. Z

    Might be Time for Another Subsequent Offering of New Shares

    Batteries improve 5-8% every single year. Every day that they simply survive is a huge win for future prospects. Theres no point in growing faster than research and improvements in batteries can progress.
  33. Z

    The Times has a Stick Up Its... When it Comes to Tesla.

    That's because its not really an article on buttonless dashboards, but a piece of advertisement for the Honda Acura MDX. Research would just take longer for no added benefit.
  34. Z

    Supercharger - Darien CT Rest Area

    I think they are building all superchargers with 2 bays initially, but generally negotiate for 8-10 parking spots, to convert into superchargers as needed. Theres more to superchargers than just the bays, theres lots of stuff in the electrical backend, so adding bays may not be the...
  35. Z

    Tesla's new core business? CES Grid Storage Device For SuperCharger/SuperSwapper

    Remember that Tesla has been providing battery packs for SolarCity home energy storage systems: http://www.solarcity.com/residential/energy-storage.aspx Capacity for these should be around 50kWh (2kW continuous load for 24h) No idea on the production volume, though.
  36. Z

    Flash Charging a Model S?

    That bus probably uses supercapacitors, not batteries like the Model S. They allow for that ridiculous charging power at 400kW.
  37. Z

    Agonizingly slow charging at 120 volts

    Did you have 4.5 installed? I think there was a recent change to 110V charging. It will now make sure not to use the little energy available to heating/cooling the battery instead of charging it. See this picture: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=21471&d=1367689463
  38. Z

    Jim Cramer test drive on CNBC May 31st, 2013

    So we have electric cars that go 300 miles, but call-in interviews still sound like the original Graham Bell telephone.
  39. Z

    Tesla Model S P+ vs BMW M3 sedan (and everything else out there)

    Awesome pictures. Thank you a lot for sharing with us!
  40. Z

    Parking sensors

    Do not fear ;) The Norwegian price for park assistent is 2850 NOK or ~$500. For the other european options, see http://www.teslamotors.com/no_NO/models/options
  41. Z

    Order Accepted by Factory

    You can always install the dual charger after delivery: http://shop.teslamotors.com/collections/model-s/products/2nd-onboard-charger I think most people overestimate the charging speed they really need.
  42. Z

    Reservation Deposit Lowered to $2500 USD

    Elon alluded to this in the conference call. He also mentioned credit card fees and the barrier to reservation as reasons.
  43. Z

    A Theory on this Week's Announcement

    I think yall are vastly overestimating the impact this loan has on Teslas business. I do not believe a from-zero entrepeneur like Elon would approve of spending 400+M$ just to get some loan paid off, a loan they are already making accelerated payments on. Think of how many businesses you could...
  44. Z

    Hill Hold Function

    Note that this is considerably harder still in an ICE with stick than the Tesla. If you don't time it right or aren't very careful with the pedals, you risk stalling the engine. Try that with an electric drivetrain :)
  45. Z

    2 Brand New Tesla S Sedans for Sale

    9) Why the well would you not drive two electric vehicles sitting in your garage? Like ever? Complete scam.
  46. Z

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2013

    Interesting comments there re: naked short: Musk said in an interview last week there are rumors some investors had a naked short position in Tesla. In a naked short sale, the seller doesn’t borrow shares at the beginning of the process and can get caught needing to buy at ever-higher prices...
  47. Z

    Elon confirms new supercharger capabilities

    Supercharger rollout has been slower than expected. When did they last introduce a new charging place? So their sunk costs might not be prohibitive to introducing a different way of charging, either through battery swaps or the proposed metal-air batteries.
  48. Z

    Share ownership breakdown

    Disclaimer: not an expert. I think if you own enough of a publicly traded stock, you need to report any changes in ownership. So you could estimate the breakdown from these financial statements. For example http://ir.teslamotors.com/secfiling.cfm?filingID=1494730-12-5&CIK=1318605 shows Elon...
  49. Z

    Elon’s 5 part Trilogy

    Elon just tweeted: "There is a way for the Tesla Model S to be recharged throughout the country faster than you could fill a gas tank." "Don't forget the mystery announcement. Part 5 of the trilogy." Now since I don't assume they could get the superchargers to charge at multiple megawatts...
  50. Z

    Yahoo Cars: Six months with a Tesla Model S: the good, bad and glitchy

    I never had a car that got the range the manufacturer stated. Why would people assume it is any different with an electric car? At least with the Tesla you get detailed reports on *why* you are not doing the optimal range. The only thing most ICEs offer is lousy averaging or completely...

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