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    Best Song for Premium Audio?

    I went on a hifi audio journey a few weeks ago (was looking for some Audeze headphones and Focal towers) and this was my go to test song. An absolute pleasure to test. (Make sure you get/stream a FLAC/CD version because i hear notable differences)
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    Expensive lesson learned. I broke my rear glass

    Keep in mind, you will have down to 60-70% of your rated range on very cold days.
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    What is going on with the salvage M3 prices?

    How much of that was labor and how much was the part?
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    When is 2022 Model 3 releasing?

    Mmmm like I’ve said elsewhere, we don’t need more than 350-400 miles of range in a reasonably priced car. We just need more super chargers in more locations. By the looks of the supercharger line in China, that is hopefully something Tesla also agrees with. Imagine having as few gas stations as...
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    CR Report/Test on Recent Model S Crash

    I imagine these rudimentary attention systems in other cars could be tricked by printing a face of someone and taping it to the seat. Has someone tried this? There’s no stopping stupid people that have a death wish.
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    This would look stunning if some of the trim could be this color
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    Charging Concerns; Challenging Townhome Situation

    I hear this is a great time be a seller!
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    2021 Pricing Changes on Model 3/Y

    what the hell is going on over there. feel like the car prices over the past month are as volatile as the stock price
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    2021 Pricing Changes on Model 3/Y

    As well as a longer total battery lifetime as you have a larger margin to stay within the sweet middle spot of the SoC and can go longer without using a charge cycle at all
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    What is your profession?

    yeah... I’ve consigned myself that this would happen eventually. I definitely relate to Richard Hammond here
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    What is your profession?

    Sooooo a promoter? Haha
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    What is your profession?

    I live on a horse farm. It’s my girlfriend’s project. Man is it an incredible amount of work. The culture of it all is wild. :D
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    Heat Pump Limit?

    doesnt the patent state the existence of two resistance heaters in heating mode 3?
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    Booming and Lucrative Career Fields - 2021

    What did you just subject me to in that video?
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    Best Song for Premium Audio?

    i think something that people have to recognize is that driver quality, amp watts and placement isn’t the whole picture. We have to take into account the car itself which has a lot of glass and open space to reflect sounds in weird ways. As long as the design isn’t... a black box with acoustic...
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    Model 3 getting shot at

    Well since this is going to off topic anyway- I think, at least in the United States of America, people are starting to think they can get away with crimes these days. They see people get away with severe crimes on national TV and start thinking the law no longer applies in this country. also...
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    Do we have any recourse for this insanely poor paint quality?

    So question- is this actually a paint issue or is this a design issue concerning the well around the front wheel? Wouldn’t rocks kicked into a panel at high speeds produce this on any car that had this design problem?
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    Model 3 absorbs 4 shots on highway in Nashville

    Guy made two threads for some reason https://www.reddit.com/r/TeslaCam/comments/l32wob/no_ht_there_i_was_addition_to_my_other_post/ edit* seems like a good time to get a cyber truck if folks keep doing *sugar* like this
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    Model 3 absorbs 4 shots on highway in Nashville

    Holy crap here are the shots from afterward. Two of those shots were dead on and had they passed through the door would have entered the driver. Also what is with that group? Shooter mast have had a red dot. Can’t imagine being that precise from one moving car to another at that range.
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    Model 3 absorbs 4 shots on highway in Nashville

    Why does this keep happening?
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Thank you! I'm trying to decide if I like the machined look on white. I think I do. I'm also wondering how long this trend will continue. Machined has been quite the rage. Was considering the Petrol P1A
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    How to tell battery size [79 vs 82?]

    Any speculation yet on when or if Tesla would bring these packs to the LR line?
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Wait what wheels are those? Can we get a better look?
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    New 2021 M3LR Owner - Wall Connector definitely worth it

    Question- have you experienced snow yet this season? The charger is fully weatherproof right? How does it operate when snow falls on it? You just brush the snow off and good to go?
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    Rats...[question on preventing rodent damage in model 3]

    Adopt a feral cat colony outside your house. Problem solved.
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    Clunking after alignment?

    Another post I saw with this symptom said a bolt was loose
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    Are Tesla cars a good investment?

    Three years from now? In that case wait for the 25k hot hatchback. Almost certainly the highest trim level which you could shoot for will be 35k and at that point it will likely have more range than the 3SR+. Your bank account will thank you.
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    What is your profession?

    Hmmm well you’re free to make your own thread =) I enjoy reading the stories of people’s professional trajectories. Some really interesting pursuits here. Would love to hear more about how people got where they are in life!
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    Range Anxiety....Just saying

    The point is we wouldn’t be telling someone to do this on the BMW forum if they, in fact, like driving their car. I’ve said this before but I think there is too much focus on breakthrough battery technology and range instead of focus on simply increasing the number of charging points. There are...
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    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    Wat. Isn’t the only difference between the current LR and P rear motors just a few MOSFETS? And why would this translate to better efficiency?
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    Front license plate falling off

    Anyone have an opinion on a floating one that goes into the tow hook place? https://www.amazon.com/iJDMTOY-Tow-License-Mounting-2005-2010/dp/B01K5WJK12
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Did you or anyone else going with DCU have to sign up as a “plus” member or whatever to get that rate?
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    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    I hate to be pedantic but chrome delete would require chrome.
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    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    You know I’m very curious about how the new 19s would look powder coated in black. Somebody should do it and post!
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    Durability of 18 vs 19 inch wheels/tires?

    The fragility of the 20 inch spec for M3 seems well documented but does anyone know if there is a significant difference in durability of 19 inch tires vs 18 inch tires? Is it basically the same? Are there any cases of 18s blowing a tire from bad roads or do they really mitigate that risk?
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    Top Tips

    Out of curiosity, how did you end up handling that?
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    Sheddy dog - how do you handle it?

    Your dog is the best boy! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Brush your doggo regularly, especially near changes of seasons. They will shed a lot less generally after that. I would also invest in a hammock-like seat cover.
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    What's the lowest charge level you've had?

    That’s awesome. Congrats on winning the lottery ;)
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    What's the lowest charge level you've had?

    How old is your car and what’s the ballpark degradation at this point?
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    What's the lowest charge level you've had?

    that is horrifying
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    Notification about Window Open? (But Windows are Closed)

    you can recalibrate the windows? I did not know this. What an awesome car :D
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    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    you’ll get no disagreement from me. For example, I believe the NFA should be repealed completely. Mag limit laws are asinine. I just believe in greater screening around first time entry into firearm ownership but I digress, that is a conversation for another time and thread.
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    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    Eh I’m content to stop derailing this thread. I’m not committed to convincing anyone of changing their gun policy views over an internet forum at this time. I do think most people involved in this conversation generally agree however that the guy in that video is a problem and crazies like him...
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    Issue with keyless entry with iPhone 12s and iPhone 12 minis?

    It is good to have a sample of those where it works. Thank you!
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    Issue with keyless entry with iPhone 12s and iPhone 12 minis?

    Like everyone gets such an update right? Not just you? Just want to make sure I’m not missing something here:p
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    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    how would a background check be a burden? Aren’t background checks free? And don’t they take just like 15-30 mins? (I live in Maine, one of the most gun friendly states in the US so perhaps I’m a bit underinformed about other states here)
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    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    I have to assume that you also don’t want guns in the hands of bad or perhaps unstable people like the guy in that video. Don’t we all agree here?
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    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    Not a joke. There are two options here (until we make some more common sense gun control measures). Either a lunatic has a gun and you don’t or a lunatic has a gun and you have a gun too. I’d rather be in the latter situation. Deescalating and withdrawing was the correct move in the YouTube...

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