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    Parts availability? Car has been in for service for 5 weeks.

    This too is becoming my opinion of Tesla. I still love my '13 P85, quirks and all, and used to happily tell anymore who would listen that everyone should buy a Tesla. My experience with the company stretches back to 2010 when I was actively considering a Roadster, until the S announcement...
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    Parts availability? Car has been in for service for 5 weeks.

    I have a 2013 P85 that I took in for service at the end of May, I got the 12V warning again so I took my car into the nearest service centre. It was time for new tires as well so I asked for those to be replaced, plus there was a dangling piece of plastic on the underbody I wanted looked at. I...
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    Service manual and wiring diagrams

    Gah! Access to Toolbox is bloody expensive... Toolbox Welcome | Tesla Service I wonder if Tesla would consider an 'entry-level' version, much like a cheapo OBD2 reader for an ICE vehicle. A shadetree mechanic would only want/need basic diagnostic information.
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    HPWC will not latch into charger

    I've had this same problem with my 2013 S albeit with my UMC as well as several Supercharger cables. I had my warranty service back in December and Tesla replaced both my charge port and my UMC - the problem is worse than ever now. It's definitely much more prevalent as it gets colder, we've...
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    Canadian LTE upgrade

    Ahh, I hadn't thought of hotspotting the car to my phone. I was concerned about the Tesla LTE hardware connecting to the AT&T network, wasn't sure how that'd work up here in my situation.
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    Canadian LTE upgrade

    My car goes in for its 4 year service in December, I'm considering paying the $650 to get the LTE upgrade added while it's in the shop. I'm in Edmonton but do a fair bit of rural driving out to north-eastern Alberta as well as into Saskatchewan. The city Tesla owners here seem to be happy with...
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    Proof of tire wear benefits of accurate alignment and rear camber

    What toe settings do you use for the fronts as well as the rears?
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    Tesla Owners Club of Alberta

    +1. Can't help but wonder if the pack is (currently) difficult to build and thus they want to limit the number of orders they get for it.
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Vancouver has been saying "end of this year" for an Alberta service center since they started delivering Model S' 3 years ago. I put zero faith in anything they have to say about that anymore.
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    That noise happens only when getting rolling after being parked (the parking pad has lightly fused to the caliper), this won't happen once the car's already rolling. Could the noise be the traction control kicking in? You say it only happens when you "accelerate hard", next time it happens make...
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    Inside brake pads seized

    I thought Tesla at least pulled the pads out during the annual service to inspect them, with the open-back calipers it's pretty easy unless the pad is stuck which should then indicate to Tesla there's a problem. :) Did you try getting the pads out through the back, or were they so stuck in...
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    Carbon Fiber Rims

    It's an imperfect system though, even at speed the car has to provide a small bit of energy to maintain that speed due to various losses. I notice a small range decrease when I switch from my 19" winter rims+tires to my heavier 21" summers, admittedly a tricky comparison due to the different...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Awesome, thank you! The trip will either be in May or in July depending how So, the output voltage is driven by the battery voltage? Is that the same for Supercharging? Electricity is weird...:eek:
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    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    Yup - look in the bottom left corner of each post where it normally says "Report". Your posts will also have "Edit" and "Delete" options.
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Weird, I didn't know that. Anyone know why that is? I've been holding off getting a CHAdeMO adapter because I never thought I'd use it (none yet in Alberta) but this thread, plus some future planned trips to BC and Oregon are making me reconsider.
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    Poor old Essie towed again

    Sorry to hear it. I had a very similar problem with popping/clicking whilst turning with mine, after a tow truck ride to Vancouver they found that the lower control arm on one side had gone bad. A simple part which unfortunately requires dropping the battery pack to remove (!). Hopefully your...
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    There's another 14-50 adapter now, different than the grey-backed one? I take back my comment then and apologize, I didn't know about that. :confused::oops::oops:
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    Line forming in Vancouver

    Holy crap, 3 McLaren P1s in Alberta!! We've at least beat you on that one BC! ;);) </hijack>
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    ?? The adapter is a Nema 14-50, for one. "Canadian regulations" have nothing to do with the amperage reduction, ours are the same as the US (80% of total capacity). The amperage reduction happens because they increased the sensitivity for line fluctuations, if the charger detects what it...
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    Model 3 Reservation Numbers Appearing in My Tesla

    I ordered online the instant the form unlocked, I got 1088.
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Sure, but you have to bring beer every time. ;);):p
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    How much is for service?

    There is no oil in the motor but there *is* oil in the differential which needs to be changed every 8 years. As for the cost of the annual service it can vary depending on what needs to be done, it's between $450 and $950 Canuck bucks: Service plans That bill appears to show your total charges...
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Wow, lineup started at 6am. Glad to see a healthy interest in Alberta! Let us know how the store process goes.
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    anyone get their brakes done?

    If you have the plan then brake fluid flushes are covered, brake pads & rotors are not. Service plans The Model S uses bog-standard Brembo calipers, any reputable brake shop will be able to fit you new pads and check that your rotors are still within tolerance.
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    If it's anything like the S or the X reservation process you'll only swipe your CC to get a reservation number and they'll send you on your way, you won't actually place an order. Remember, this car is still 2 years away so there's no way they'll have the options list ready by now. The longest...
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Two of my coworkers own Leafs, one bought new in Edmonton, the other bought a used one in BC. If you're seriously considering a Leaf let me know and I can put you in touch with them.
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    ...are you taking a picture of the Google Car taking a picture of you? That's awesome! EDIT: Didn't see Footbag's reply, he was cleverer, quicker than I was...
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Current owners reserve at the same time as everyone else, our orders just get placed earlier in the queue. Model 3 unveil Contest I was planning on driving down to Calgary to stand in line until I got that e-mail, now I'm reconsidering.
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    Model 3 unveil Contest

    I just got my "rejection" e-mail, nice of them to at least acknowledge they'd received my entry but that I didn't win. The mail included an interesting bit of text saying "Model 3 reservations will open in Tesla stores on March 31 at 10am PDT and online immediately when the event begins. As a...
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    Sun Country Expanding

    Because we're not the SAE.
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    Sun Country Expanding

    There's no such thing as a Level 3 charger: Charging station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Level 2 & 240V is as high as AC chargers go, beyond that chargers switch to DC which are different.</pedantic> :)
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    Record Snowfall in Ottawa

    You easterners sure have funny-looking snowplows.
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    Tesla Owners Club of Alberta

    Some of us already did that last time. ;) I'm happy to do it again this time too.
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    They're already on the map for 2016, as is Edmonton. Supercharger | Tesla Motors Canada L2s are not fast enough if you're trying to get out of the city, I can't tell you how many hours I've wasted wandering around Oakridge Mall trying to get enough juice to get back to Hope. - - - Updated...
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    Tesla Owners Club of Alberta

    Sun Country doesn't pay for the electricity, the city does. Sun Country also doesn't give the charging units away for free.
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Buying a power inverter and plugging it into the lighter socket up front is not what the original post stated: I don't know if this person confused the charge port with a power outlet. There is no power outlet on a Model S.
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    Is this normal?!

    *hm* I've found it to be rather handy. You still have to multiply it by a value to get the total drivable distance, I tack on between 10% and 40% using the same metrics you do: conditions, terrain & risk. To each their own.
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    I know there was a Tesla at a wreckers near Leduc, someone came in and pulled the battery out of it in early December. The person who pulled the battery had some of his buddies from Hobby Wholesale come take a look at it, HW sells a lot of RC gear/batteries and they were interested in seeing...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    ...how is snow getting into the end of the connector? The clip on the Supercharger unit is closed off to falling snow. I would've expected it on the SCH J1772 units because their "holsters" are much less secure plus the cables are longer, increasing the probability of the connector being...
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    Tesla Quietly Discontinues the 85 kWh Battery Option in Canada

    It'll depend on your driving habits - do you forsee taking a lot of long trips? Are you in an area where chargers are few and far between? Will you be doing a lot of long-distance winter driving? Will you be travelling with passengers a lot (family/friends/business) that will get...excited...
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    I find it really unfortunate that Tesla is making it this difficult on you to go to one of these events given your ordering history. For whatever it's worth I'm pulling for you. :) - - - Updated - - - This isn't local but I suspect it's closer to what you're looking for: Products - Evocharge
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    Please field report any Canadian Supercharger problems to Tesla

    They do - at least the ones in Red Deer & Canmore do. The number is on a little sticker on the interior red portion, just below where the connector clips into the unit.
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    Newbie service help in Edmonton - windshield defect

    I had mine replaced under warranty 2 years ago, Tesla shipped a new windshield to a Speedy Glass near me which took about 3 days and then the replacement process itself took a day. I had it replaced in ... March? It was still cold outside and part of the replacement process involved waiting to...
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    Crappy - I had to have my lower control arms replaced last summer. I think Alberta's pothole-y roads exceed Tesla's original testing parameters... :( Replacing the LCAs requires dropping the battery pack (!!!), hopefully the uppers don't need that. Make sure that they do both sides, if one...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Sorry we missed you - we went out to Banff on Friday and came back late Sunday afternoon. I've started to get the "orange ring" at several Superchargers too, for me it hasn't been temperature dependent. Orange means there's a communications problem/cable not seated properly problem, the...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Ah. Annoying that Tesla didn't publicize that better to existing owners, I've had several people asking if/when Tesla would be coming to Edmonton.
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    Tesla drivers aren't the only ones that can't drive across the country!

    Zero. Pick any Canadian engineering school's undergrad website, they'll all tell you it's a myth. a little history lesson: the iron ring After The Fall
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    Tesla Owners in Alberta

    You either tow it/trailer it to your nearest dealer, or depending on the work you wait (and wait and wait and...) for them to arrange for a local shop to get parts and they'll send over a tech. New cars may come with some sort of arrangement but my experience with a used one was that it was all...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    There appeared to be some kind of Tesla event at the Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton today, a bunch of cars were parked out front and a Tesla flag was waving. Anyone know what that was about?
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    Is the Model S made for Canadian winters?

    Doubtful. Oversteer is when the rear of a car gets going faster than the front, typically from weight transferring forward for a variety of reasons. Braking at the front is the worst thing one should do in that situation.

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