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    Hot to fit things to look at for a backwards facing child seat?

    We have a MS and we have two kids, one age 5 and one age 1. The 1-year old is traveling in a backwards facing child seat in the back seat. In previous cars we've had a mirror on the headrest that's in front of her so I could see her from the drivers seat. This is good when I'm traveling alone...
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    BMW Electric SUV to compete with Model X in 2018?

    See report here: BMW plans to build an electric SUV in the U.S., report says
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    What's up with these capacity KWh numbers?

    I can't really get the numbers to add up for my S85. Last charge was to 80% and I have 17% left and have used 32.6 KWh. That would mean 100% is 51.7 KWh. I know there have to be margins but shouldn't I be able to use at least 75 of the available 85???
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    German test claims 184 km range for P85+ in 75 mph !?!

    Here: Elektroautos: 6 Modelle im Härtetest - AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT (Use google translate to get reasonably understandable english)
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    New Manual. What's new?

    Noticed today that there's a new manual available for Europe. Don't know about the US. Does anyone know what's new?
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    Delivery month gone from dashboard?

    Hi So I confirmed a month ago and got a VIN about 10 days later. At time of order, earliest possible date for delivery was "July" which is what my dashboard stated until now. Now there is no date or month at all. Should I be worried or is this normal?
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    Suggestion for mods

    How about moving all the US supercharger location discussions to the North America subsection and keep this main part for what the sticky says it's for?
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    Tesla selling the original or turbine 19" Rim separately?

    Hello, Sorry if this has been asked and answered but I couldn't find it. Does Tesla sell the original 19" rim to MS owners? I need a rim for my winter wheels and don't really think it's worth the hassle to get an aftermarket one that fits but I don't want the complete winter wheel package from...
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    Tesla Model S advertisement?

    It is generally known that Tesla doesn't do advertisement or commercials. When I visited Oslo the other day I discovered that it isn't entirely true. On the central Oslo <-> Oslo airport train, there was and advertisement for the Model S. New trend? Or just a local thing?
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    Tesla fleet services?

    In the european part of teslamotors.com (change location at the bottom) there is a page about Tesla fleet services. Does anyone know what it is? What they offer? Etc...
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    Tesla's ordering model makes it impossible for me to order. Any advice?

    [Solved] Tesla's ordering model makes it impossible for me to order. Any advice? Hello After finally convincing my wife that a Model S is a great idea, actually getting one might be impossible. :( And no, this has nothing to do with the dealership issues in the US. Why then? The company I...
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    Parking sensors. 4 in total?

    Hello Appologizes if this has been answered before, but a search didn't turn up much useful infromation. In the Model S design studio, for the parking sensors there is the following text: "four zone front and rear parking sensors" together with a bunch of pictures showing two zones at the...
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    Price changes after confirmation and reservation payment?

    Hi I'm sure this has been answered somewhere before but a search didn't find any useful posts. So apologies in that case. If there is a price change after confirmation and reservation payment, will I be able to get the new price if it's lowered? Or am I fixed at the price at time of...
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    Price comparison chart between countries

    Due to the discussion in the Euro price cut thread I put together a small table with the base price for a Model S in different countries. Prices are in USD and all incentives have been removed as well as VAT (where applicable). Prices within parenthesis are today's price in local currency as...
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    Pano for headroom only

    I'm debating with myself about getting the pano or not. The reason to get it is extra headroom, I'm 185 cm (somewhere between 6' and 6'1") tall. The reasons to not get it is that it is expensive to just get ~2 inches headroom. And it seems to have some problems like creaking, leakage, etc. Can...
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    Volvo concept mimicking parts of the Tesla interior

    Saw this and thought it looked a lot like parts of the Tesla interior. Maybe other car manufacturers are starting to pick up on the minimalistic design. Volvo Concept Estate I'm of course referring to the dashboard.
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    Europeanizing needed for the Model S

    The intention of this post and thread is to try to list things that seriously needs to be europeanized (for lack of better word) on the Model S. It is not a wishlist of the type "my Audi/BMW/Mercedes has this feature and I want it on the MS too". It is not to bash anything. I love the MS but...
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    CCS DC-charging

    I just saw a post about BMW i3 and CCS DC charging. Here: BMW i3 Charges at First Ever Charging Station with Combo-Charging DC Fast Charging This is in the US but it uses the Type2-based CCS in Europe and supposedly support DC-charging here too. These kind of stations will soon be everywhere if...
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    Pano roof and doors and snow/ice, any problem?

    Hi Sorry for starting so many threads. If the asked questions have already been answered, please point them out. (I of course search first). I would really like the pano roof since I really need the head room, at least in the back seat (I have a long torso and short legs for being 6'1"). But I...
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    Guaranteed buy back in Europe?

    Hi Have anyone heard of a guaranteed buy-back program in Europe like the one in the US? When I test drove last week the sales-person casually said something like "since we have to buy some of them back".
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    Tires on 19" wheels in Europe?

    Hi I'm researching while waiting for leasing approval to order a Model S. Does the European delivered Model S also come with the Goodyear RS-A2 on the 19" wheels? Same on both the 60 kWh and 85 kWh? I saw something about the 85 kWh getting Michelin tires in the US? If it's true it's a really...
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    Inside materials?

    I have several questions about the inside materials. This is for a regular 60/85. No performance and no sig. Steering wheel: From some pictures the steering wheel seems to be leather. Can someone confirm this? Also. Is it the same on all models even if you order a regular 60/85 with textile...
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    European SuperCharger rollout updated

    Here: Supercharger | Tesla Motors
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    DC charging on type 2 mode 3?

    Hi I've been trying to understand the type 2 mode x thing. Model S have a plug that's obviously compatible with type 2 modes 1,2 and 3. And it does DC supercharging with this. Can it do DC charging from non-supercharger type 2 mode 3? Limited to 70 KW of course. Does such charging stations...
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    Rear-seat headrests adjustable or not?

    I know this topic has been discussed before, but I can't find any conclusive answer on the currently shipping version of Model S. Are the reas-seat headrests adjustable or not? I know they were fixed earlier but pictures floating around seems to suggest differently. Including on Teslas own...
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    Suggest to EuroNCAP that they test Model S. Here: Can't find your car? | Euro NCAP - For safer cars crash test safety rating
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    Safety net between trunk and back seat?

    I'm trying to sort out some details before really ordering a model s. I've searched and searched for this but can't seem to find it. I know there is a parcel shelf available for the trunk. But is there a safety net that separates the back seat from the trunk? From Tesla? Standard? As option? 3rd...

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