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  1. SupraDude

    Grey Sport Wheels Spotted on M3Ps on Car Carrier – An Option Soon?

    I love the grey especially on the white, I may have sprung the extra 5k to get a car with the pup instead of my p3d- had this been available a couple of months ago.
  2. SupraDude

    299km at 80%

    Was coming here to tell everyone to chill out and to post this video- but I see it was already posted above. Cliff notes- If you actually measure the total power going to your battery pack, the amount is the same as it's always been. Tesla has simply opted to make a portion off the power to...
  3. SupraDude

    New Tires...No Regen (Not Winter Tires)

    I'm more leaning towards something getting broken in the process. There are enough 3's out there with aftermarket wheels/tires and not OEM tire sizes that this should be a rampant problem we'd have heard of by now if simply replacing the rear tires was enough to make the car do this. Many people...
  4. SupraDude

    Atlantic Canada Superchargers

    Interesting that none of the newly activated chargers are on the app, car or website yet. Wonder how long that takes?
  5. SupraDude

    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    Damn, I had no idea that people still didn't have V10. I feel for y'all, that's messed up.
  6. SupraDude

    Which winter tires are you biying?

    I just picked up a set of X-ice for mine, I haven't had my 3 in the winter yet but I've had a few vehicles with the X-ice and absolutely loved them.
  7. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Woodstock, NB

    boils my blood.
  8. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Medway, ME

    Saint John, Moncton and Woodstock all went live this week! So hopefully this one is not far off! I'd think it would be their next stop!
  9. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Woodstock, NB

    Noice! Disappointed to see how many ****s are parked in the charger spots still, there is tons of parking at that gas station. But exciting to see none the less!
  10. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Quispamsis, NB

    he posted a video to the nb ev FB page.
  11. SupraDude

    Slacker doesn't play on demand music after V10

    Faaaaaaaaaaaaack, I loved that function but figured it was too good to be true. Maybe it was part of the deal with Spotify when they allowed that to happen.
  12. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Quispamsis, NB

    Dusty from SJ was already there yesterday charging. It appears it is now 100% open. The honors for Woodstock I think is still up for grabs though.
  13. SupraDude

    Driving efficiency decrease with V10

    Haven't tracked my wh but I was getting 450kms to 90 percent now I'm getting 440 after V10 but the weather has been alot colder lately and Ive had a couple times that full regen wasn't possible so that could have something to do with it.
  14. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Woodstock, NB

    So with Salisbury and quispam both going live today, who's going to be the first to check Woodstock?
  15. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Quispamsis, NB

    We're going to need a volunteer to open the box, lick their fingers, and start touching stuff to see if it's live. I wish there was a simpler way but there just isn't.
  16. SupraDude

    Poor delivery estimate

    I'm really curious as to what kind of unicorn you have ordered that still has that kind of delay? I genuinely didn't know anyone experienced that kind of wait time anymore?
  17. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Quispamsis, NB

    Definitely could be, hopefully it's something minor. Lol I'd love to go back through this thread with the actual techs and learn how right or wrong our months of speculations have been.
  18. SupraDude

    A more basic Model 3 - Will it happen?

    Yeah, so lots of valid points here and throughout the thread. Like I stated, "if they wanted to", I didn't say they should, simply saying it's not impossible to theorize a simpler 3 and this thread was more intended to talk about IF it did happen than what might it look like? To address your...
  19. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Quispamsis, NB

    someone new back now, maybe it's the pylon removing guy?
  20. SupraDude

    Myth Busting the Model 3 - Tackling Fake News.

    Good video, I appreciate the effort put in but you were a bit wrong on how you described the safest car thing. The model 3 was, in fact, the safest car ever tested. You can go crash by crash and look at the overall probability of injury and these results do not lie. It does make it better than...
  21. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Quispamsis, NB

    Haha not impossible but he sure had some balls to go back into the high voltage cabinets a few times and try to toggle it on and off then. You'd hope those would be locked lol. We need a sitrep!
  22. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Quispamsis, NB

    Annnnddd there gone? Maybe they leave it up to the gas station to remove the pylons? Or maybe they're still offline?
  23. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Quispamsis, NB

    I was about to ask that same thing. It's been working great for me for the past 2 months as I refreshed it and today it got worse and worse to the point that now I can't get anything at all! Haha, maybe quispam isn't used to the 15 people trying to view this cam at the same time today.
  24. SupraDude

    A more basic Model 3 - Will it happen?

    The actual structure of the car can remain the same, you'd simply swap the glass for a metal skin which would be much less cost. Ya AP components are cool but can you really see a 70 year old grandma using those features? That's a good point, they could certainly call it something else and keep...
  25. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Quispamsis, NB

    Salisbury just opened and I check the NB cams and something is happening. Is it possible we finally caught the Tesla pedestal checker in action? Could opening be imminent? edit- I evidently don't know how to insert a picture on this forum, but check the cam, something is up. Looks like a silver...
  26. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Salisbury, NB

  27. SupraDude

    A more basic Model 3 - Will it happen?

    I was theorizing with a friend this weekend about the concept of a more basic (more affordable) model 3. Instead of offering a lower range version that most people won't go for; there is likely a ton of options that many people could likely live without. Eliminating some of these would...
  28. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Woodstock, NB

    I was here yesterday, thought I'd give it a try even though 5 of the 8 stalls were iced and I hadn't heard any updates. Soon as I backed in, an employee came running over to tell me they aren't working. I get the impression that the cars parked there are staff because they want people to know...
  29. SupraDude

    Red vinyl oem multicoat closest match.

    Thanks! It arrived the other day, haven't had a chance to put it on yet but looking at the color it is much closer for sure. I'll take some pictures when completed and post them to this thread. cheers!
  30. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Quispamsis, NB

    I checked it yesterday a couple of times and didn't see anyone but yes I said the same thing a few days ago. It seems as if there is something off about this one, the others it seems that once the transformers are installed, the pedestals go in and tesla comes sometime later to check and...
  31. SupraDude

    Subwoofer? Is that what the hole is for?

  32. SupraDude

    Subwoofer? Is that what the hole is for?

    I too was confused about this, as I thought they all had it. I went to check my car and it wasn't there. 19 with premium interior.
  33. SupraDude

    Ridiculous battery drain, this can't be right?

    Anyone tried to get any battery usage rates for Teslacam? Does it use battery % while driving?
  34. SupraDude

    Botched up Delivery Houston

    Yes really, I'm not sure how you've been posting and have been on this forum for so long but still think your delivery expectations are somehow normal for Tesla. They are not. Receiving your car within the 2 weeks of order does not seem to happen very often. Also, had I been given the choice...
  35. SupraDude

    Did you have to convince your significant other?

    Mine took some convincing as she didn't believe my math figures at first. We didn't have a car payment but we're spending around $400 a month in fuel with the vehicles we had. We'll end up saving almost $300 a month which is a huge portion of the payment. Not to mention it's a massive releif to...
  36. SupraDude

    V10 for non FSD

    WOW, I"M REALLY LOVING THIS V10 UPDATE!!! is what I'd be saying if I had V10. Waiting is hard!
  37. SupraDude

    Botched up Delivery Houston

    Damn, not sure who set up your expectations but that guy ****ed up. The fact that you expected that your car was funded on a Friday and delivery would take place the following Monday does not go inline with any other single Tesla delivery experience I have ever heard and your car wasn't even in...
  38. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Baileyville, ME

    I was surprised to see this is not yet on plug share.
  39. SupraDude

    What is the most reliable android phone with Tesla Model 3?

    Huawai p20 pro. Looses connection frequently. Try to remember to reset it if I haven't gone to the car in a while. The other day I was dropping my daughter off at school, big lineup of cars behind me. Get out, get her out of car seat, walk her 5 feet and turn around to get back in car it's...
  40. SupraDude

    Debating pulling the trigger on Model 3, welcome any thoughts

    I've got a 3 with two small kids, 5 and 2 and I love it. Even though the 3 is smaller, it has a deceiving amount of room and the rated cargo capacity numbers don't make sense. Tesla rates it at 15 cubic feet including the frunk but many have found it to be much larger. Like this guy- ...
  41. SupraDude

    Red vinyl oem multicoat closest match.

    I got this, https://www.amazon.ca/KPMF-Vengeance-Vinyl-Free-Style-Pro-Wrapping/dp/B07TVHB773/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=k75400%2Bred&qid=1569417561&sr=8-3&th=1 It's a 1x5 sheet, so I should be able to do my door handles over like 20 times if I mess up wrapping it myself, I really don't think these...
  42. SupraDude

    Beware of this Scumbag PHEV driver, Richmond, BC

    We went to my mother in law's the other day, had to be a quick trip for various reasons so I was a little stressed out about keeping the charge as full as I could. Plugging in at her home wouldn't have netted enough of a charge to do what I needed but luckily she lives within a block of a pretty...
  43. SupraDude

    Red vinyl oem multicoat closest match.

    Amazing thank you! I ordered some from amazon. It looks perfect in the video!
  44. SupraDude


  45. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Salisbury, NB

    hurrah! what a magical day!
  46. SupraDude

    Supercharger - Quispamsis, NB

    checking salisbury on your way back home?
  47. SupraDude

    LR vs SR+ for my situation

    The reality is that most of us would be fine with an SR+ or heck even an SR most of the time. 95% or more of the time in terms of features, driving experience, and general ownership satisfaction, there is not 20k worth of difference between an SR+ and an LR. I have a real mental block about not...

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