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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    When they assigned you a VIN, how long was it till delivery?
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    I have a model 3 Performance in a Hold state. I want a mid July delivery at the Scottsdale Raintree delivery center at the earliest. Does anyone know what the earliest delivery date I would get if I release the hold today?
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    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    I have a model 3 Performance on order with a scheduled delivery date range of June 13 - June 26, 2022. I will take delivery at the Scottsdale Sales/Service center. Will my car have Matrix headlights? I forgot to mention that I don't have a VIN number assigned yet. Thanks for all the responses!
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    Refreshed S Jack Pads

    I removed the original O rings and installed 18mm OD X 2.3mm ID rubber O rings referenced in my previous post. These worked perfectly to keep the jack pads in the center holes prior to jacking the car up. The TWCC box list the thickness as 4mm, but the O rings are actually 2.3mm thick.
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    Refreshed S Jack Pads

    Thanks everyone! I just ordered an O ring kit from Amazon to replace the smaller diameter O ring on my jack pads.
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    Refreshed S Jack Pads

    I have a refreshed model S and want to know if there are specific pads available. I have the pads for my model 3 and the peg diameter is too small for the S holes. Also, there are three holes at each jack point on the S and it is not clear which hole to insert the peg. I also have hockey pucks...
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    Front License Plate Holder on a Refreshed 2022 Model S

    I made the decision to remove the front license plate holder. I used 20# fish line to cut through the 3M double sided tape, then used alcohol to soften the remaining tape to make it easier to roll off with my fingers. See photo. Looks so much better!
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    New SirusXM Activation

    I took delivery of a Refreshed Model S on 2/18/2022. How do I activate SirusXM service? Thanks!
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    Front License Plate Holder on a Refreshed 2022 Model S

    I took delivery of my Refreshed Model S on Feb 18th at the Scottsdale, AZ delivery center. The car was in almost perfect condition with only a minor left front beltline trim misalignment which will be fixed by Mobile Service. I am thinking about leaving the front license plate holder on due to...
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    Sun Shield

    I have a 2022 refreshed Model S. Are the front windshield dimensions the same on all model S cars? I need to know so I can order a front window sun shade. Thanks!
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    Refreshed Model S Front License Plate Holder

    I took delivery of my Refreshed Model S on Feb 18th at the Scottsdale, AZ delivery center. The car was in almost perfect condition with only a minor left front beltline trim misalignment which will be fixed by Mobile Service. I am thinking about leaving the front license plate holder on due to...
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    I just found out that the model S and X both have SirusXM. There is a free 90 day trial.
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    Does the refreshed S have SirusXM?
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    Refreshed S Heat Pump

    Sorry.... I just saw that it will have a heat pump.
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    Refreshed S Heat Pump

    I have a Refreshed model S on order which is scheduled to be delivered in late Feb 2022. Will my vehicle have a heat pump in place of resistive heating?
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    VIN issuance and production date

    I have a model S LR on order with an estimated delivery between February 12 - February 23. Assuming this will be a new production car, when does production start? After the VIN issuance, or before?
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    Refreshed model S Tire rotation

    The F/R tires on the refreshed model S are different sizes. Why doe Tesla lists this in the S owners manual: Tire Rotation, Balance, and Wheel Alignment Tesla recommends rotating the tires every 6,250 miles (10,000 km) or if tread depth difference is 2/32 in (1.5 mm) or greater, whichever comes...
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    AFS Headlights

    Page 59 of the Owners Manual states: "If equipped, the Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) automatically adjusts the beam of the headlights to improve your driving view." Does the refreshed Model S have this feature?
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    Update removed the ability to set Charge Limit?

    I already tried to remove the "Scheduled departure". I tried Scheduled charging" and I still can't set a 80% charge limit. I also don't want a scheduled charging. Prior to this problem I was able to set an 80% limit without any scheduled charging or
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    Update removed the ability to set Charge Limit?

    Here is the car charge page screenshot.
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    Update removed the ability to set Charge Limit?

    I still can't change the charge limit while sitting in the car. Changing the limit on my iPhone has no affect on the car charge page. See the previous car charge page screenshot.
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    Update removed the ability to set Charge Limit?

    It only happed once. The problem I have now is that I can't set an 80% charge limit. Maybe it is caused by the battery charge level of 96%? I guess I need to wait till the battery level drops down to below 80%.
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    Update removed the ability to set Charge Limit?

    Yes it does save my location by GPS at home. I just looked at my iPhone App again, and there is no option to set a charge limit. All I see is enable Scheduled Charging. All the options on the car and phone assume I am going on a trip.
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    Update removed the ability to set Charge Limit?

    I used to be able to set the charge limit to 80%. A recent update removed this capability. I charge at home using the Tesla charger. I had the limit set to 80% and when I got ready to go on a local trip, the battery was charged to 100%. I have never set the battery charge level this high. When I...
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    Does the refreshed model S use side window double-pane glass?

    Does the refreshed model S use double-pane glass on the side windows?
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    Unable to drive with new iPhone 12

    OK, thanks everyone! I forgot that I needed to use the Tesla App to add the iPhone 12 as a digital key. I did that and now it works fine.
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    Unable to drive with new iPhone 12

    I just got an iPhone 12. Every time I try to shift into reverse or drive from park I have to use the contact card. I paired the phone many times and the same problem persists. My previous phone was a Pixel 4a. I didn't have this problem with that phone. I did delete the Pixel 4a, so the only...
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    Strange Bell Sound

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I noted that I had the Speed Assist Chime enabled (Ref Page 114 Owners Manual). I disabled this 'Feature'. I haven't driven the car yet, but hope this change solves the problem.
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    Strange Bell Sound

    I am getting a strange bell sound every few minutes. It started after the last software update. It is very loud and I can't determine the source. Does anyone have this sound? How do I suppress it?
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    Ping Sound

    I just downloaded the 'Christmas Present' software and now I get a loud ping sound intermittently. It appears to be stop light related, but I only got one ping going through a stop light. No other stop lights generated a ping. Does anyone know what this sound is for?
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    Selecting Drive and Reverse Requires Two Pushes

    My problem is not associated with regenerative braking.
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    Selecting Drive and Reverse Requires Two Pushes

    Does anyone else have the problem of requiring two pushes to get into drive or reverse modes? The problem is not alway there as sometimes it works correctly.
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    Black "OEM" aero wheels on ebay

    Note that you can buy the 18 inch aero wheels from the Tesla parts department for only $220.00. I just purchased one from the Scottsdale Service Center last week.
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    Tesla Chat

    How do I start a Tesla chat? When I try all I get is this page: You may find answers here I am requesting a chat during operating hours.
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    Windshield Wipers in Carwash

    OK thanks! I forgot about the cards. I looked everywhere except the cards.
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    Windshield Wipers in Carwash

    I just went through a carwash for the first time. I could not stop the auto wipers. The wiper action was a real pain. Is there anyway to stop them from activating?
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    AP Initial Set Speed

    I have my AP speed control set to 'Relative' Speed. The car accelerates to the posted speed limit anytime I engage the speed control function below the posted speed limit. It didn't use to work that way. I want the car to hold the current speed at engagement. Has anyone else seen this...
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    Increased Steering Effort Message

    I got an 'Increased Steering Effort' Message today. When I pressed on the message a pop-up stated to contact Tesla service. I drove a few miles and didn't notice any difference in steering effort. When I got home I shut the car down and repowered - that cleared the message. Has anyone else seen...
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    Aero cover paint color

    Another option is to just purchase a new wheel cover at the Tesla parts department. They are located within the service centers. I believe the price is only $30.00. Not that much more than touch-up paint.
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    Rear Sun Shade

    I just installed the rear sun shade and it fits great. The shade only came with two clips. It looks like I am missing one or three clips. Does anyone know how many clips the shade should have?
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    Display Lock-Up After AP Trial Download

    I am having problems downloading the AP Trial software. The download starts, but never finishes even after waiting 4+ hours. This lock-up has now occurred three times. I clear the lock-up by pressing both steering wheel switches for > 5 sec. The download is occurring in my garage using a 100...
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    Cracked plastic mesh

    No it isn't. I found defects on my car weeks after delivery and they were repaired under warranty. I took delivery at the Tempe, AZ delivery center. I would press them to cover this defect.
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    Rear Glass Sunshade

    I purchased the shade and did not like it. The shade had gaps around the edges and the clips were cheesy. I returned it. As others have stated, it isn't really needed.
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    M3 Steering Wheel off-center

    My M3 tracks perfectly straight with the stering wheel centered. Sounds like you need an alignment. They will adjust the left and right tie rods to make one longer and one shorter be equal amounts. This will center the steering wheel while retaining the straight-line tracking.
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    Windshield stickers?

    I would try a wet Magic Eraser with a small amount of comet cleanser added to the Eraser. This worked for me to remove a circular stain on the outside of the rear window.
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    Sirius XM

    CNBC is not on TuneIn.
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    40 Amp Charge Rate Bug

    I set the rate prior to plugging in the WC. I would think that once I set the rate it would never change.

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