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    SEC Lawsuit

    sad, the SEC may end up destroying the electric car.
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    500 mile update

    would you recommend the S over the 3? i have an S and am thinking i like the smaller size of the 3, better range, and increased visibility.
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    Has There Ever Been a More Polarizing Company?

    Elon is to blame, not shorts. This is Elon's erratic behavior in only a few months! Warning signs. 1. yelling at analyst at quarterly conference call. 2. getting into Twitter fight with cave diver. why? 3. getting back into Twitter fight with cave diver. 4. strange twitter comment about...
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    First look v.9!

    fixing the media player would be nice. maps still need more detail. still confusing if the location is on the right or left side of the road.
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    Elon is still throwing out pedophile accusations. He has learned nothing.

    i looked at the side effects of Ambien. memory loss, aggression, loss of emotional affect are just some of the side effects. Elon has to stop taking the stuff.
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    Tesla Killer

    Elon's tweeting is the Tesla killer! the guy has a serious addiction. he's going to drag Tesla down.
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    Strange News: Elon and Instagram

    i really hope Elon gets off twitter. The sentiment has improved this week.
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    35k SB Model 3, UBS Profit Study

    the side mirrors reduce range by 5%. if DOT can change the regulation, that would be a huge savings cost for Tesla. Tesla could reduce the battery pack by 5% and get the same range.
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    Is Elon on drugs? Seriously.

    Elon really screwed up with the tweet. media is coming after him and he looks like an unstable mess. feel really sad. i love what Elon has done for this world. but the baggage is affecting my love for my Model S. unlikely that Saudis will take over Tesla if the CEO has rumors of drug use.
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    Blog Report: Tesla’s Board to Meet With Advisors About Take-Private Deal

    Going private is best for Tesla. i think the negativity will slow down. At the same time, i hope that Elon will get off twitter. Social media has been shown to be bad for mental health. Elon has been very erratic. He will be better off without twitter.
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    My S85D and Tesla life at 50K miles

    i have a 2015 Model S at 45,000 miles. getting about 2% degradation also. 2 maintenance trips total. one of those was 17,500 maintenance. tires changed once. rotated tires once.
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    Our cars are invincible but sucks to have to find out

    the biggest gripe i have with the Model S is the size. i hit a lot of curbs!
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    Atari games coming . . .

    Outrun would be a better game than Pole Position. The premise was that you and your hot girlfriend were racing in a Ferrari on beautiful coasts. Could switch the Ferrari to whatever Tesla you have. win free upgrades in the game and get theTesla performance edition, new tires, a spoiler. I...
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    Atari games coming . . .

    i would like to play Words with Friends or Wheel of Fortune with other Tesla owners on the big touchscreen. when supercharging.
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    A hint into Model Y's future

    is it too much to ask for a normal electric crossover? make the interior nice. no funny doors or door handles. two screens. and proper interior storage.
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    How reliable is your Model S?

    Very reliable. I'm at 42,000 miles. Car has only been to service center twice in 3.5 years. Once for annual service at 17500. I had a suspension problem at 31000 but it was fixed in 2 hrs at the service center under warranty. .
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    New Battery

    there are a LOT of new superchargers coming. Tesla updated the map today with upcoming locations. you might not need a new battery for long distance travel. lot of gaps will be filled and there will be multiple charging options in some cities. Find Us | Tesla
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    45k$ — Looking for Model S with Autopilott under 45$K in Dallas TX area

    i'm in Dallas area. great place to own a Tesla. 3 new urban chargers opened up and are conveniently located. autopilot is a huge help. i found the auto lane change to be super helpful.
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    Musk’s burnout...

    i didn't see any positives in the conference call. Model Y delayed. they are out of space so they will money for another plant. they are losing money on the Model 3. that's with the longer range battery and all the upgrades. Model 3 $35k model is vaporware. we won't see smaller range battery...
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    [POLL] Will Tesla ever offer a key fob for the Model 3?

    Model 3 already has advanced buttcheek recognition. from a distance, you just have to shake your butt at the camera and the door will open. It only works if there are a lot of people nearby watching. Try it out.
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    Model S extended warranty decision time!

    i will skip the warranty. there is some chance i might not use it. and some chance that if repairs occur, they will be less than the warranty cost.
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    Supercharger - Plano, Texas

    Is that the new P100D trash can with the alcantera lining on the inside? :)
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    Supercharger - Plano, Texas

    Thanks for getting the trash can.
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    Supercharger - Plano, Texas

    Nobody at the Plano charger when I went. I wouldn't know about these chargers if it weren't for this thread.
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    Supercharger - Plano, Texas

    I hope I don't become an urban charger addict.they are so fun to use. Good charging rate. I found 25-30 mins enough for me. I get so excited when my car is juiced. Makes the Tesla experience so much better. And Good for Legacy shops too. Spent money there that I would have spent elsewhere.
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    Supercharger - Plano, Texas

    I love this supercharger! It shows up on now on the Tesla map. Got 94 miles in 25 minutes. Time went fast as I was checking out the stores. Zoe's has good healthy Mediterranean food. So I will grab lunch while I charge.
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    Blog NTSB “Unhappy” With Tesla’s Comment on Fatal Model X Crash

    Tesla did the right thing about releasing the information. it's a safety reminder to keep your hands on the wheel for autopilot. if releasing the information, prevents another crash then it's worth it.
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    Supercharger - Plano, Texas

    awesome! thanks for the reports guys.
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    The Clock is Ticking Faster at Tesla

    WSJ has always hated Tesla. They post a negative story almost every day about the company.
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    Supercharger - Plano, Texas

    Supercharger is between Parkwood and Bishop. The ramp to go up to the higher levels is on the Bishop side. Can take Lois St from Parkwood to Bishop. Parkwood is a little less congested to turn onto from Legacy Rd.
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    Supercharger - Plano, Texas

    oh wow, your wife got the Model 3! i still haven't seen one in person.
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    Supercharger - Plano, Texas

    Tesla has to put some information on how to get to these chargers. i had trouble finding them too. i parked and walked up the steps to see them. but couldn't figure how to get to the top of the garage in the car. i knew where they were due to the helpful pics on here.
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    Supercharger - Plano, Texas

    Yee-haw, almost ready! What's the charge rate on these babies?
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    Supercharger - Plano, Texas

    i drove by today to look at the Plano supercharger. i got too excited. 6 of 12 pedestals are up. one guy is working. but glad we are making progress.
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    Supercharger - Plano, Texas

    looks like it's almost done!
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    Switching from TM3 to Jaguar I-Pace

    the Ipace looks awesome. a foot less in width and length than the S and X. so will be easier to drive and park. and interior looks good to me. Model S and X look outdated. it doesn't make sense to me that the Model 3 has a faster screen and charges faster than the S or X. Model 3 goes too far...
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    Blog Tesla: What to Expect in 2018

    I'm not expecting much. the company is not as innovative as it used to be. i thought we would get really fast superchargers. still no full self driving. Model 3 numbers are lagging. gigafactory was supposed to run on solar. what happened to the solar roofs and solar superchargers?
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    No blindspot warning on Model 3?

    I could really use blind spot detection. i hope Tesla will make it a priority.
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    CNN Money review of the Model 3 - not very flattering

    it seems like a safety concern to me. people fiddling with the screen while they are driving. insurance rates may be high for the Model 3 because of it.
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    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    the car is too big. needs to go on a diet. trim the sides and length.
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    Musk Sends ‘Note of Deep Gratitude’ to Tesla Owners

    I would promote Tesla differently. I would say Tesla is American made with mostly American parts with 30,000 employees. it's something to be proud of in my opinion. I would get away from the climate change angle. too much politics there. a message that: We want a world of clean air for our...
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    Musk Says ‘Major Navigation Overhaul’ Coming in 2018

    I had trouble locating a few superchargers. i got close and couldn't figure out where they were. would be nice to get more info on their location in the maps. would be nice to get a picture of their location and areas around them.
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    Supercharger - Plano, Texas

    i'm happy Plano is getting a supercharger. but Legacy shops can get congested. it took me quite a while just to get a parking space on a weeknight in the garage. i wouldn't want to supercharge there when i am tired on a long road trip.
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    Front engine noise - Brand new S75D

    the noise sounds normal to me. but agree with others to monitor it to see if it get louder.
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    Next Gen Model S wish list

    auto tinting would be great too.
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    Next Gen Model S wish list

    car is big. would like less width. some of the Model 3 features like the cup holders, coat hangers, and pockets. option for automatic door handles. i love the feature, but prefer less maintenance costs. less bulky doors blind spot monitoring scroll option for fan. Google earth images of your...
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    Cracked forelink?

    Jennifer, my forelink broke also. driver's side.
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    Serious Problem with my 2016 Model S

    last week, i was backing out and i heard a snap the other day on the driver's side. when i went over a bump. i heard a rattle. turns out the forelink had broken. Tesla service was great and fixed it under warranty. in about 2 hours. i'm at 30k miles. does anyone know how much the part would...
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    What Don't You Like About Your Tesla?

    1. fear of getting into an accident and the cost to fix the car. 2. I will agree with lack of interior storage. Shouldn't have to pay $600 for a console. need a good place to put coins. 3. i agree with the sun visor. looks cheap 4, the car is very wide. takes getting used to. hard to tell how...

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