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    Curious about car nick names...

    I named mine the Teslaract. Huge Marvel fan. It's gonna be HUGE!
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    Fatal autopilot crash, NHTSA investigating...

    A Tragic Loss This is so sad. Condolences to the family.
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    QLD "767BHP" - Are you here?

    Thanks Ray, he found me actually :)
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    QLD "767BHP" - Are you here?

    Just a message to the owner of 767BHP, if you were wondering who lined up next to you at 5pm on Johnson/Paradise Rd on Tues 21st of June 2016, that was me!!! Not sure if you saw it was another Tesla. That was like one chance in a million we had that perfect opportunity. If anyone knows the...
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    Hi! So sorry I didn't see your post, probably a bit too late but I was sent the specs from...

    Hi! So sorry I didn't see your post, probably a bit too late but I was sent the specs from Tesla. If you send me an email to [email protected] I can forward the document to you with wheel alignment instructions. Thanks!
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    First Australia - New Zealand sighting of a Tesla at:

    Ahaha yes I sure am claiming that red P Plate! Ohh no LGGD, you knocker! Haha well played. It was actually the first time I used a public charger.
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    7.1 in Australia

    Installing now...
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    First Australia - New Zealand sighting of a Tesla at:

    First at Wintergarden - Brisbane City on 18 March 2016
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    Is Summon Australia Disconnected?

    I've been able to successfully complete a Summon with the mobile app. What you need to do is wait for the car to approach the wall or barrier in the front/back of the vehicle. It will slow down and then stop the set distance from the object defined in the settings page of the car. All the...
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    She took dad's car for a spin - literally

    I completely agree. In Australia, when you are on your Provisional License (normally 17-20 years old), you cannot have more than one person in the car with you who is not an immediate family member between 11pm and 5am.
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    She took dad's car for a spin - literally

    As a 19 year old who bought my 70D when I was 18 and have it as a daily driver, I am grateful to be driving such a safe vehicle, but it does not excuse my actions. I still need to take responsibility on the road and drive appropriately. But I don't believe that teenagers should be restricted...
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    7.1 in Australia

    I find if the intersection is straight, it usually will go straight through without any steering and pick up the lines on the other side of the lights. But the best way is to have a car in front so that your car can follow it.
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    Can you retrofit LED headlights?

    I saw Bjorn Nyland upload a video on the Model X headlights and the output looks amazing. Much much better than the Model S (he also claims this too). Probably would be comparable to BMW Adaptive LEDs.
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    7.1 in Australia

    I updated last night. Probably is a bug fix. Although that rainbow road easter egg is quite interesting, tried it this morning on the way to work. Don't quite yet get the reference though :(
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    Model S Facelift is Here (poll)

    I quite like this new look and I think removing the grill is a great idea. It would be better for aerodynamics and pedestrian crash safety. The LED headlights are a very welcome addition but I wonder if we will be able to retrofit them into our existing model?
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    Model 3 Unveiling and Reservation

    I love it! Interesting with the centre screen with no instrument cluster. But they said that they are looking at the future of cars when they are autonomous and you wouldn't need an instrument cluster. The landscape screen would be great to share multimedia with the front seat passenger. It...
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Just curious, how do you guys catalogue all these cars? Do you have the rego and attach all photos of it to that rego?
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    I only live 5 minutes from there!
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    Smash Repairs in Brisbane

    I believe he is still looking around. Hopefully it doesn't go that way. The Bridgestone workshop I used in the Brisbane area was awesome. When my steering alignment was off, I was told to get a wheel alignment. I gave them the specs and they aligned it. They also recommended a rotation and...
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    Strange tesla comments in Australia

    Here's a story: I was at the lights turning right last week and I heard someone yelling out. It was a car one behind in the left lane who was following me down the road. He kept yelling out but I didn't know what he was on about. When the straight ahead light went green he drove past and...
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    Smash Repairs in Brisbane

    Sorry to hear Ray. I was talking to Tesla Service when I was getting my steering alignment sorted the other week and they said that they are doing a deal with Brisbane BMW for accident and crash repairs in Brisbane.
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    Summon in Australia

    I usually start the Tesla app while I am on the way back to the car and leave it open then slip the phone into my pocket. I unlock the car at a distance to give time for the computers to wake and connect and by the time I push the summon button when I am at the car it is usually ready pretty...
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    Summon in Australia

    Used Summon in a parking lot last night. Had a car parked either side of me when I came back to the car so I decided to use Summon to drive it into the car space directly in front of it. As it was creeping forwards, a car came around the corner and went to dive straight into the space the car...
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    How fast can a Supercharger charge?

    How fast charge can a Supercharger charge if a Supercharger can charge ICE? Sorry I couldn't resist.
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    Summon in Australia

    Just finished emailing the developer. He says because we don't have the in car setting to turn off "Continuous Press", his app won't work. That is due to the extra restrictions placed on Summon in Australia. It is a great app, faster and more detailed than the official Tesla app. Allows Summon...
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    Summon in Australia

    Has anyone tried RegoApps' Remote S app with Summon? I tried but a message pops up that says that Tesla's servers are overloaded. Emailed RegoApps and they said to turn off the in car setting for continuous press. But it doesn't look like we have that setting due to some additional...
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    Software updates in Australia

    I also got the Summon update last night. Been playing with it ever since.
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    Autopilot article - Best I've seen, so far.

    I had no idea the hardware in the Tesla is so advanced and will be capable of so much when the time is right. Great article. Easy to understand.
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    Body wrapping and Tesla withdrawals

    Looks great! Definitely is a good feeling taking it to a place that specialises in high end stuff because you know it will be a good job.
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    Tesla in The Brothers Grimsby

    Not sure if anyone has seen this but there is a "bulletproof" Model S in the upcoming The Brothers Grimsby movie. I hope they didn't destroy a real one. Bulletproof Tesla Model S Heading for Hollywood in The Brothers Grimsby
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    Strange tesla comments in Australia

    Was buying Nandos on the weekend and this guy was sitting out front. When I was walking back to the car he asks "Is that a Tesla?". Apparently he was looking at it for the last 20 minutes but couldn't work out what it was. Then he goes on about wow I was just reading about them on my phone...
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    Summon in Australia

    I was so happy when I found this post last night. Cannot wait to receive it and try it out! Does anyone know if it is actually "illegal" to use it on public property and could you see the police giving you a fine if you were autonomously pulling your car out of a parking lot and they happened...
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    Are we hopefully the first?

    Congrats guys! I have a 70D and my mum has a P85D. It's not very common for a family to have more than one in their house. A Tesla service tech was even surprised when he came to our place.
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    Australian Number Plates

    Also in QLD, I went for the Prestige design plates but the Slim Size 3 ones which are narrower and thinner. They fit perfectly on the front mount and the rear looks great too.
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    That is the SECOND "No Oil" number plates I have seen and I keep thinking it is mine!
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    Tesla in Queensland

    I got a bit of a surprise when I saw that magazine in the mail too! Mum went past the Carindale display yesterday. There were a lot of people there. Looks like the same car they used when they came for our seat belt check.
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    Model S - What's the Performance Like?

    I told a guy that it goes 0-100 in 5 seconds (my 70D). He dropped his jaw in amazement. Then I told him that the quickest one will do 0-100 in 3 seconds. He was still trying to fathom 5 seconds. He said "5, 5, 5 seconds?".
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    Seatbelt Chime

    Hi all, One thing I would like to bring up is the seat belt chiming system. When you are in park and people get into the back of the car, the seatbelt chimes whenever they sit down or move across seats. This is completely unnecessary in park. Also, when you drive off without a seatbelt on and...
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    Alarm Activation

    You should either turn off the auto lock feature if you intend to leave people in the car or leave the fob in the car. Most cars with alarms will trigger if you open a door when it is locked.
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    7.1 in Australia

    Having the engine running when you are not in the car is illegal in some places due to emission reasons. That is why Germany won't allow remote start in its vehicles. BMW and other German brands don't put them in because they believe that it is inefficient. With a Tesla there are no emissions...
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    Australian Model S sales 2015

    Apparently the i3 isn't that great a car. Have you guys seen the "front trunk" in the thing?
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    I have the exact same plates! Thought it was mine for a second. It's blue too.
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    7.1 in Australia

    Love 7.1. Spotify is awesome. Tried out AP briefly on Ipswich Motorway. It definitely seems to wander a little. Mind you it's not the smoothest road.
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    Strange tesla comments in Australia

    Many people seem to think that it must be owned by a much larger 100 year old company.
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    7.1 in Australia

    I just got the 7.1 software update notification last night. Yay! Will be trying it out over the weekend.
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    Strange tesla comments in Australia

    Unbelievable. The whole idea of electric is to have silent cars. Not just zero emissions. The sound of rumbling motors are annoying and distrupt the peace in a quiet suburb or basically anywhere.
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    7.1 in Australia

    I now have to ask, was it a car or a brick wall? ;)
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    Strange tesla comments in Australia

    Here is a question: Does anyone believe that there should ever be an audible warning system for electric cars? I've read about it a while back with some people believing that EVs should always emit some sound via external speakers for pedestrians, especially coming over hills and things like...
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    Spotify for Australia

    I didn't try that one, I don't use Spotify myself but I really like the concept now. You can follow artists and that. I did see a playlist button and I think I read in the release notes that you can do it. But you can also log in with your own account if you want your personal playlists synced...
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    7.1 in Australia

    My best friend in high school now works as an assistant to the QLD Transport Minister. He tells me that the minister is a massive fan of Tesla and has even driven one. So I hope he pushes for changes for electric cars and autonomous driving.

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