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    v11 software update SUCKS

    It’s not showing up on the “legacy” X and S. It only shows up for the Y (and I’m assuming the 3) excepts it’s a lot smaller and harder to set the exact limit.
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    Rimetrix Laminars are here

    For those that are saying $290 is expensive for some hub caps, people are selling the original Gemini wheel covers for $200-$300 on eBay. I’m not sure how much Tesla officially sell the geminis for, but I think $290 is a fair market price in comparison.
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    Model Y on 100% charge not showing the advertised range

    The F150 Lightning's rated 300 miles is supposed to be with 1000lbs of cargo in the truck bed. Without any cargo, people are expecting it can go closer to 400 miles. The reason Ford did this is because they don't want to advertise a higher range and have people be disappointed when it is lower...
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    Rimetrix Model Y Aero Cover Availability

    Looks like they released the design and it's available to order. Not sure when they'll actually ship though.
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    Elon Musk: Model Y will outsell the Model S, X, and 3 COMBINED... really?

    While parking spaces in Europe can vary across countries and locations like you said, the "standards" that they follow are indeed tighter. Using width as an example, the US uses 2.7m width, UK uses 2.4m, and France uses 2.2m as the "standard". While technically any city/garage can make their...
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    Sudden loss of range

    Did you do a software update recently? As part of the latest 2021.12.25 update, Tesla updated their battery range calculation to be more accurate. It could be the case where your original BMS calculations were overly optimistic to begin with, and the new number is more accurate.
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    Smart Summon Drove My Model Y Into A Tree - July 2021

    For those asking why didn't he let go of the summon button, there's up to a 1 second delay from release to when the car will stop depending on how fast the car is going. Part of it is the lag time between your phone and the car's computer. The 2nd part is how long it physically takes the...
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    Road trip and supercharger stops

    Your screen will literally say that the car is preconditioning right under the nav directions. How long it takes is distance and temperature dependent. Sometimes it’s not even needed because your battery will already be warm enough just from the driving distance.
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    Phone Died and 2FA Reset

    Your Tesla rep should be able to add SC miles to a new account. While I’ve never seen them add 30k miles, Tesla center reps have been able to add SC miles as a purchase incentive in the past. It wouldn’t hurt to ask them if they can just add the miles to the new account and then just delete...
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    294 miles on 100% charge - LR AWD

    The 12V battery and body control module should have nothing to do with how your BMS is estimating your battery capacity/range. The 298 miles is just an estimate and there are plenty of threads here that show how inaccurate it is. Your 298 might go back up to 305 on your next charge for...
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    DANGEROUS MAPPING ERRORS ON CURVY MOUNTAIN ROADS [Correction: Tesla map accurately displays this section of I-8]

    If there are 2 left turn lanes, the Tesla nav only shows the 2 left turn lanes. Unlike other navigation systems, it doesn’t highlight which of the 2 left lanes to take because of an immediate other turn right after.
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    Car Recording LONG (49min) Video Clips

    Tesla has 1 hour running buffer that is always recording if dashcam is enabled. Are you sure the 49 minute video is from sentry and not just the dashcam buffer?
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    I can’t believe that I rely on 360 camera views this much!

    I believe this has been standard on the Camry for the last 5 years at least. It’s one of the icons on the screen when you bring up the rear view camera.
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    Model Y full charge range

    I wouldn’t worry. I’m at 289, so just 2 miles more than you. However, I noticed that on my same work commute, my Wh/mi has been about 10% less than when my battery was at 316. That leads me to believe that no matter what your battery is showing, your actual range doesn’t really change.
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    Model Y full charge range

    Not sure it this will make you feel better or worse, but my MY LR AWD shows a 100% charge of 289 miles. It has slowly gone down from 316 when new to 289 now 5000 miles later. It is normal according to Tesla service.
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    Autopilot and Trust

    Instead of spinning the wheel quickly, just spin it smoothly so that it decreases at 1mph with each click. You can still set it down 15mph relatively quick but the car is a little more smooth getting there.
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    Fairly aggressive braking while using AP around town.

    What I do is set the follow distance to 4-5. If it is still braking to aggressively, I basically scroll down on the right thumb wheel to reduce the set speed as I’m approaching traffic. I then scroll it back up to my desired speed once the car stops. I find the car brakes less aggressively...
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    Tesla only vehicle

    You could always just rent a car if your Tesla is in service for multiple days. While that is rare, it does happen as you can see from some posts here. In my case, my Y had a faulty coolant hose that was leaking. For any other car, this would have been a 1-2 hour job. Tesla had my car for...
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    Rattle, Rattle goes the headliner

    I had the same thing. Mobile service was able to fix it, but it came back after a couple months. Mine was a loose headliner clip. In the meantime, flipping open the passenger sun visor does stop it for me.
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    Autosteer Not Working

    For less violent braking and acceleration when in autopilot, set the car follow distance to 4 or 5 (or even higher). Basically, the higher the number, the bigger the gap to the car in front of you, but it also means more room and time for the car to accelerate and brake, which makes it much...
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    Tesla x Konig Model Y Chains Destroyed My Rims...Need Some Advice

    If you look at the official Tesla shop photo, you can see that there are rub points even when installed properly.
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    Tesla x Konig Model Y Chains Destroyed My Rims...Need Some Advice

    Was it the metal chains or the plastic protectors that caused the damage or both? I test fitted these chains without the plastic protectors, and I could see how the chains could rub against the rims because the rims stick out more compared to other cars where there are more tire protection. I...
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    Pink foam under the car

    I believe this is normal. I have the same thing underneath my car, and it is also similar underneath the model 3. Yours does look a little messier than others, but that should just be a cosmetic thing.
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    Freeway Collision

    I don't know how much it costs for Teslas, but for other cars, this is~$100 part and usually just snaps into place.
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    Missing Voice command like Glove Box

    The weird thing is this was working back in June flawlessly and then for some reason it stopped working after one of the updates.
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    Alert for leaving phone (key) in car

    One workaround is if you have a smartwatch (i.e. an Apple watch), there should be a setting that warns you when your watch is too far away from your phone.
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    Model Y any good for light off roading?

    There isn’t much protection for the battery. Model 3 owners have had their batteries replaced (lots of $$$) after bottoming out on a speed bump.
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    Terrible Tesla Service, what would you do???

    Unfortunately, what you described sounds like actual GOOD service for Tesla. Yes, you are experiencing delays with service, but at least you are still taking about a couple weeks. Other people have had their cars stuck in service for months for body work, and in the extreme situations a full...
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    Weird Happenings

    Sounds like water is getting into the electronics behind your door. There’s multiple instances on this forum of people taking their Y through a car wash and getting the door open warning. It could be a rubber gasket that isn’t sealing properly. Try opening your doors and see if the black...
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    Scary incident at an HOV entrance

    I agree. Tesla builds data from Tesla owners as well as their own engineers and test drivers. That is why NOA works extremely well in California (and probably near perfect around Fremont) but isn't nearly as good in other countries.
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    Frunk Backpack Coolers

    Do you have any recommendations that would fit the frunk nicely? At the same time, I'm also trying to find a suitcase for the trunk understorage. Full size suitcases don't fit and there's a lot of extra space if you put in just a standard size carry-on.
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    Question for California owners: license plates

    6/5. no plates. I guess compared to you guys, I'll need to wait even longer.
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    Coolant Low Warning

    In my case, it was the hose itself that was damaged. During the 2nd visit, they checked the hose connections and said it there were no leaks. On the 3rd visit, they said probably damaged during transport and didn't develop an actual leak until after some miles driven.
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    Coolant Low Warning

    Not to scare you, but my less than 1 month old Model Y LR AWD has been at the service center multiple times to address this "Coolant Low" issue. First time, firmware. 2nd time factory didn't top it off properly. 3rd time, hose was leaky. 4th time, I believe points to the same manifold...

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