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  1. K

    Price rises

    Fwiw a US long range Y is $66k, the exchange rate where it is basically nets the import duty so you just need to add VAT to that, so that is the equivalent of £79k. Chinese costs etc obviously lower but commodity inputs are all priced in dollars and Chinese workers are not a dollar a day these...
  2. K

    Anyone worried about the value of their Tesla cars plummeting?

    I am pretty sure my Y will rattle itself to pieces well before any warranty dates are hit thanks to the tractor like suspension, expect the depreciation to pick up significantly once everyone becomes aware of this.
  3. K

    Model 3 Bodywork repair near Market Harborough/Leicester

    I had a minor ding on those two panels and Tesla quote was a bit over 3k, that included new bumper, which it didn’t need. Tesla approved was £900. But I don’t think that will buff out! So you would be probably looking at something similar to the big number I would guess. So insurance job. Parts...
  4. K

    [UK] 2022.24

    I wonder what happens in terms of liability in the event of an accident using vision. If you bought the car with radar, Tesla turned it off for their own convenience and it could have prevented a collision I would have thought they are exposed. Beta doesn’t absolve a company from liability...
  5. K

    [UK] 2022.24

    With regard to the Teslavision stuff… I presume the reason why we will never enjoy the benefits of proper Matrix headlights is that Tesla will always design everything around the fixed vision of the cameras? At least lightshow gave the kids 2 mins of entertainment.
  6. K

    Model Y standard range for UK - will it happen

    Unfortunatley Chinese pork prices are not an input into the price of a Tesla, unlike lithium.
  7. K

    Model Y insurance high?

    What is funny is that repairs etc are only part of the liability insurance companies have. I know someone that was knocked off their bike by a car and the total legal costs etc. were 800k. The difference in repair costs is probably pretty small, especially if you consider most claims are for...
  8. K

    Model Y standard range for UK - will it happen

    Well the LR is the same price once you factor the Dutch EV subsidies. Variance in Tesla prices globally are nearly always due to subsidies and exchange rate hedges. And in an inflationary world there is very little chance of a price cut. But one can dream.
  9. K

    Model Y standard range for UK - will it happen

    I like the way they are gaming the range up, the rwd version updates the range depending on wheel choice whereas LR and all the 3 configs maintain headline range whichever wheel option is selected. So you see the SR Y with aeros as dedault and LR with inductions - apples and oranges. Based on...
  10. K

    Switching from Model 3 for Model Y in the UK

    Was surprised just how much larger the Y is when I switched. Tardis like! I think its a bit bigger than a Q5 inside. So is very good value compared to the 3 right now. But the suspension is crap and they need to have some way of strapping things down in the boot (hooks, like every other car...
  11. K

    Is now the right time to swap??

    Its a sad that most people only change to an EV to save 10p per mile, rather than to stop emitting all the sh*t that comes out if the back of a crap ICE and all the environmental and health issues that leads to. If you can afford a 50k car you have choices in life. Look your kids in the eye and...
  12. K

    Model Y rocking (suspension odd)

    It’s pretty annoying that the roads where you’d think the problem of the hard suspension would disappear throws up an entirely new ride comfort problem. Damned if you do damned if you don’t!!
  13. K

    Model Y rocking (suspension odd)

    Hi, I know the Y suspension is on the firm side but on a long trip in very smooth French roads I found I could not rest my head on the headrests without being knocked about. There seems to be some sort of low frequency rocking back and forth going on. Has anyone else experienced this? Do I...
  14. K

    bjorn nyland's test of tesla vision

    Tesla treat software updates like some iphone app, except an iphone app probably is not capable of killing you. I would prefer a well tested update a couple of times a year. There are enough beta testers out there after all. But the endless fiddling has become annoying. The tipping point for me...
  15. K

    bjorn nyland's test of tesla vision

    People keep buying FSD, encouraging Elon to focus on that pipedream at the expense of every other bit of software. Being lofted a new game seems to be it for everyone else these days. So if you want to blame anyone, blame the fanbois who pay up for that vapourware. They should remember that even...
  16. K

    What interior temp is your app reporting today?

    Yep, last couple of days the hit has been 10%, but it has been on constantly!
  17. K

    Scheduled to depart keeps turning itself back on!

    I have always used the timed charge option to take advantage of Octopus Go, so car started at 12:30 and I got my four hours. End of tariff so switched to Intelligent Octopus which was fine until I tried out the Scheduled to Depart option in the car. I now find that the car and app automatically...
  18. K

    Has anyone traded their 3 for a Y and regretted it?

    This 100%. The suspension on the LR Y is crap and if the Performance solves that and brings back some handling and zip it would really be the perfect car. As it stands I miss the 3 LR which had much better suspension than the Y (and my old SR+ for some reason) handled great and perfect level of...
  19. K

    Andrej Karpathy is leaving Tesla. Bad news for FSD ?

    Can’t be any worse than the current status of complete waste of money!
  20. K

    Octopus app

    It pops up in the standard app.
  21. K

    Wiki Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    The option to turn off smart charging should be in account settings, where there should be a specific IO bit in the app. You cant turn it off from the bit where you set your charge and it shows the slots. It missed a couple of charges for me entirely this weekend, so had to schedule last night...
  22. K

    Just collected Model 3 Performance

    Most probably battery calibration, you might need to run it down to empty (well as close as you dare) and charge back up so the BMS can sort itself out. It should show close to the EPA range then (rather than the range they claim on the UK bit of the website)
  23. K

    App forgetting charging settings

    The last update fixed this, 16.3 I think it was.
  24. K

    16.3 visualisation - fewer vehicles detected

    Same. And that is with a new Tegra processor, which I had hoped would improve that sort of thing. It also now thinks my house is a bus.
  25. K

    EV Fuel Price Protest

    Oil prices trade globally ( blend adjusted, although you can buy Iranian and Russian oil at a 30% discount if you are China or India), gas is a more localised market, as is electricity. If you have no gas storage you have to buy in the spot market which is more volatile as supply and demand are...
  26. K

    20” Induction disaster

    Thoughts and prayers for the underwriters of the alloys insurance.
  27. K

    EV Fuel Price Protest

    Problem with taxes is no one wants to pay them, people prefer tax cuts to investment as you can’t sink infrastructure in a pint glass in the pub. Politicians know we vote for this kind of dopamine hit and can’t look beyond the end of the week. So we have no gas storage and not enough renewables...
  28. K

    Wiki Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    I just switched to intelligent as go running out and found it painless. All in the Octopus app, did the test charge, and that worked ok and that seemed to be it. Luckily on 34.5p peak, rather than 40p. But coming off 5/14.5p its a but of an increase. On the positive side no petrol to pay for...
  29. K

    Model Y Standard Range RWD

    Its a bit more than that as GST is 10% and VAT is 20% here. But still seems cheap. Especially compared to US model. I guess this shows how much cheaper manufacturing in China is. I guess this comes with the LFP battery.
  30. K

    Wiki Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    Can i sign up and just turn off the smart charging feature, or only use it intermittently, and use it like Go, or will they tell me off?
  31. K

    Model Y UK Delivery

    For those getting delivery this week, they have the rear parcel shelves (according to the peeps at Dartford who have seen them).
  32. K

    Octopus Intelligent

    This actually seems easier than go (famous last words!)
  33. K

    Late 2021 onwards MIC Model 3s Have poor/faulty air conditioning from factory

    Would it be stupid to assume this is fixed on the latest MIC deliveries?
  34. K

    Octopus Intelligent

    Does anyone know if Octopus constantly wakes the car when managing this? Trying to work out whether to switch from Go, which I just set to charge for 40% which basically takes the four hours. The language they use makes me think it might be a bit hit and miss, don't want to find it hasn't...
  35. K

    Price hike

    I was lookong at the little electric Honda, was 27k when it launched, that has gone up 10k, % wise more than a Tesla, and that only goes a hundred miles and change. I would say you have to look at current pricing as part inflation, part supply chain disruption but also a move to lock in...
  36. K

    Price hike

    Only way to meet the masterplan, there is no way Telsa can scale the way they are targeting with such a narrow product offering, something ID3 sized would be perfect for them, cybertrucks outside the US will only ever be a niche.
  37. K

    Price hike

    Despite price rises they are still cheaper than they are in the US, which never happens. You have to add VAT to US list prices, adjust for FX rate and there is 10% import tax but easy way if just to just visualise a £ sign instead of $. MIC models still get hit by the import tarrif.
  38. K

    Alternatives to a tesla *gasp*

    isn’t the main advantage of Telsa that they are still quite a bit more efficient than the competition, which means less weight and more range and performance on a like for like basis. I would love to go back to German build quality but spending 60k+ on something with a range that would not get...
  39. K

    Has anyone traded their 3 for a Y and regretted it?

    I am waiting on a Y and was wondering if anyone had switched from a LR 3 and regretted it, and if so why? I really like the 3 but kids getting big and everyone seems to like to take everything with them on even the shortest trips, so bigger boot would be nice. I am a bit worried it will be boring.
  40. K

    When to renew Octopus Go

    I got an email for the higher rate the other day, was a bit annoyed as had thought when I fixed my gas the electricity was also fixed for the same term. When I spoke to them at the time they just said if I fix the gas the Go would roll over too and I wouldn’t need to do anything! Turns out that...
  41. K

    M3 Faulty matrix headlight

    Ok, so it's working again today. Very annoying. What was strange was there was no warning light on or anything. Wonder if its a lose connection or software? Will keep service booked. Maybe they will have a look if I pop round, not too far from a service centre.
  42. K

    M3 Faulty matrix headlight

    Well turns out there is no stock, they are on order. So now trying for a loaner.
  43. K

    M3 Faulty matrix headlight

    Driving home today and noticed the running light on the drivers side headlight wasn't on and turns out the whole light is dead. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem? And if so how was it fixed? I am hoping a relatively speedy ranger visit could be arranged, although past experience...
  44. K

    Potential Model 3 buyer - spec question

    That is one of the last Fremont cars, so no heated steering wheel. But has the heatpump.
  45. K

    Model Y Roof Rack in stock

    Might be a dumb question, but are these the same as the ones for the 3?
  46. K

    2022.16 to fix the boot!

    Had car booked in with boot problems and they text me today to say….. “The correct diagnosis into the concern you have with your liftgate and can confirm this is a firmware issue. The powered liftgate has been programmed to measure electrical current/resistance to determine if it is making...
  47. K

    So will 2022.16 fix the boot?

    Admin, please delete
  48. K

    App forgetting charging settings

    Well I don’t actually set it usually, as it defaults to the start time, it is just charging immediately, I them have to change it manually either in the car or on the app. Not sure if the app is forcing me to use the new settings as Tesla wants me to use those or not or its a bug?
  49. K

    App forgetting charging settings

    Its always nice getting app updates but following one of the recent ones whenever I plug in the car starts charing immediately, rather than my 00:30 kick off time for Octopus Go. It seems to default to the departure option rather than charge. To be honest even with the departure option its...

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