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  1. bluefuego

    FalconHeavy caravan?

    I am driving down from St. Louis; leaving Sunday. Another local owner will be flying in. Obviously I won't be on your caravan route - but maybe a meetup depending on arrival timing?
  2. bluefuego

    Missouri Help

    I haven't gotten either done on my car, but I have heard good things from other local owners about both Clear Auto Bra as well as A&G. Be sure to check out our local owner's club - we'd love to meet you in and your new ride in person!
  3. bluefuego

    Check your AC

    I had this repair done in February as well on my '13 S85. I was quite thankful for my extended warranty as it has now paid for itself in the first year that I have had it active. I am curious about firmware actually be the root cause of the failure; seems to me that that is a fault of Tesla's...
  4. bluefuego

    Supercharger - Joplin, MO

    Here is another report on this. My father just drove through here Friday morning (4/21/17). He found 2 screws in one tire which weren't discovered until Springfield. He had it plugged in Springfield and continued on to St. Louis. I have advised him to skip this supercharger on his way back to ABQ.
  5. bluefuego

    My Almost delivery in North Houston today - 2nd build

    Stories like these are why I told my dad who takes delivery tomorrow to go over his X with a fine tooth comb; particularly the paint job. I told him that I would be concerned about cars delivered during this quarter as so many were ordered before the change to the supercharging program. The...
  6. bluefuego

    Supercharger - Memphis, TN

    A few STL folks might be willing come down if there is an event. Just sayin'...
  7. bluefuego

    Latest 5 Seat Photos

    Thanks for those pics. I was at the STL service center looking at a 5 seater being prepped for delivery but wasn't allowed to take any pics. They weren't even able to fold the seats down for me as the adjustment lever hadn't yet been installed. I am happy to see how well the seats do fold down...
  8. bluefuego

    Supercharger - Memphis, TN

    Rummaging around the Tesla events page tonight and found an event for the Memphis supercharger ribbon cutting set for 11/19. I didn't rsvp as I'm in Denver this weekend, but has anyone else heard anything about this? I figured with the fiber optic repair needing to be done, construction was on...
  9. bluefuego

    Supercharger - Springfield, MO

    Thanks efusco! Husband and I are looking forward to going down to Maumelle (from STL) for Thanksgiving. It's a race between Springfield and Memphis to see which supercharger will be available for that trip. Is the Nov 18 event still on track? I would love to try to come down if the supercharger...
  10. bluefuego

    Cost of Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

    Elon mentioned that there were micro louvres in each panel - thereby making them look opaque from ground level but less so for the sun's angle. I was wondering if those louvres played any part in compensating for different roof angles. However, I admit that my assumption that roof angle being...
  11. bluefuego

    Cost of Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

    Thanks. Sun angle, yes. But doesn't the pitch of the roof matter as well? For instance flat top roof vs steep angles. I think pitches can vary up to 45 degrees.
  12. bluefuego

    Cost of Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

    When we had panels installed on our house, the solar company looked at which portions of our roof would receive enough sunlight at the proper angles to make the cost worthwhile. They were even able to determine what our ROI would be when we decided to add on the east facing roof of our garage...
  13. bluefuego

    St. Louis to Louiville--anyone done that route?

    I had not, but I figured that I could turn it into a dinner break which would make me a patron (right?).
  14. bluefuego

    St. Louis to Louiville--anyone done that route?

    I've done that route from Effingham to Louisville last February. It is slow going but, for me, worth it to not have to swing up to Indy and then down to Louisville. Since it was winter, ie cold!, when I drove the route, I liked knowing that French Lick Resort was my fall back (they have a couple...
  15. bluefuego

    Unusual supercharger activities?

    Out of curiosity - which cooler do you recommend? And did you really leave it plugged in to the car overnight? If so, what effect did that have on your range come morning?
  16. bluefuego

    Beware paying with personal check

    I had a credit card company do this to me once many years ago when I was much younger and didn't carry a significant balance in my checking account. Actually, what I found out was that they deposited the check and then deposited a photocopy of the same check, and the bank let this happen...
  17. bluefuego

    Tesla employee hogging supercharger in new Reno SC

    Or we could go with my more evil idea and have superchargers start to discharge the car's battery the longer it sits there. That would be motivation to get back to move your car.
  18. bluefuego

    TMC Connect 2016

    PM sent!
  19. bluefuego

    I-44 Superchargers in Missouri-maybe talked to the right person finally

    Awesome! I drove through there Saturday night and was disappointed that there were no signs of construction.
  20. bluefuego

    Possibly ordering today. Seeking advice

    Sorry, can't help with trade in procedures, didn't do that myself. But definitely consider annual service costs as well as a possible extended warranty. Cost to operate the car is cheap on a daily basis, but the service/warranty plans are not cheap. I have the matte obeche - love it, but since...
  21. bluefuego

    I-44 Superchargers in Missouri-maybe talked to the right person finally

    It's been awhile, but thinking about it now, I did the opposite route directly (Wichita->Independence) with a 100% charge and a shopping pit stop in the KC area (not too far off the path to the supercharger, but it did add a few miles to my drive). When I did I->W, I remember, I decided to go...
  22. bluefuego

    I-44 Superchargers in Missouri-maybe talked to the right person finally

    Good luck. I think you will be fine. I did Independence->Wichita last year in my 2013 85. No problem. Do watch for headwinds (and thunderstorms) and adjust your speed if necessary.
  23. bluefuego

    Supercharger — Catoosa, OK - Near Tulsa, OK

    Interesting.... wish they had been around on Monday. I was driving an ICE - I could have just expressed interest in 'what the heck' was going on there and played dumb.
  24. bluefuego

    Supercharger - Rolla, MO

    Did a drive by yesterday (5/16) - found no signs of construction in the Bandanas lot. :-(
  25. bluefuego

    Supercharger - Perry, OK

    I can confirm that construction has started on the super chargers in Catoosa (Hard Rock Casino)!
  26. bluefuego

    Supercharger — Catoosa, OK - Near Tulsa, OK

    Sorry for the delay in posting pics. I was less than half way through my 1,000 miles for yesterday and had to get back on the road. Didn't have time to dawdle. No workers were present when I stopped in (~4pm).
  27. bluefuego

    Supercharger — Catoosa, OK - Near Tulsa, OK

    Just stopped in Catoosa to scope out the supercharger progress. Happy to say construction has begun! Pictures to follow.
  28. bluefuego

    Model S headroom at door frame and pano roof

    Bummer - sorry the Model S isn't a good fit for your height. At 6'2", my husband is just able to get comfortable in the car - but everything is set to their extremes. Would the Model X be a better fit, or are you not interested in an SUV style vehicle?
  29. bluefuego

    Model S headroom at door frame and pano roof

    Welcome! I am currently visiting ABQ , but alas not in my Model S (am slumming it while driving my dad's Nissan Frontier). Anyway, I may be driving back to town in the next week in my S and would be happy to let you sit in it for you to judge for yourself. Otherwise, you should check out the...
  30. bluefuego

    Real Photo of new Slipstream Wheels

    Huh... Thanks for pointing that out! I will remove that pic so as not to confuse others.
  31. bluefuego

    Real Photo of new Slipstream Wheels

    **Deleted pic - they are the old cyclones** Not a great pic - but I parked next to a newly delivered 85D last night picking up some Indian takeout and spotted the new wheels. When they first appeared on the website, I was super jealous, but after seeing them in person, I think TSportline did a...
  32. bluefuego

    Supercharger - Champaign, IL

    I have seen those at other newer installations on my recent trip to Florida. I think they are a good idea seeing as I have seen pics of SC's that have clearly been 'backed' into. :-/
  33. bluefuego

    Most Superchargers Visited

    I'm on a mac and was just able to update my list (the edit button is at the bottom of the post.) But I haven't mustered the courage to move my row up.
  34. bluefuego

    Most Superchargers Visited

    I can't find it either - hoping it will pop up soon - I have 10-12 to add to my list after a recent trip to FL as well as a trip to Albuquerque last Fall. Those should get me to close to 70, I think. And now I am planning on Houston.
  35. bluefuego

    Universal Studios Destination Charger

    Husband and I were just there at the beginning of March. We found no chargers in their parking garage. There does look to be destination charging at Citywalk (2 hpwc's) according to tesla's website. Not sure how to access it. Otherwise the Turkey Lake supercharger is just a few miles away.
  36. bluefuego

    SpaceX Falcon 9 FT launch - SES 9 - SLC-40

    Admittedly I haven't read through this entire thread, but is anyone down here in Orlando? Hubby and I just debarked from a cruise ship, and I fully admit to crossing fingers for launch delays while we were at sea. So I am uber excited that we may get a chance to see a launch tonight. Am thinking...
  37. bluefuego

    What's your 90%?

    May 2013 S85 with 50,000 miles down to 218 miles at 90%. I haven't done a deep cycle of the battery lately.
  38. bluefuego

    Key Fob Battery Low

    I got the same warning mere months after my last annual (and presumably key fob battery swap). Advisor admitted sometimes the batteries they get are iffy - he swapped the batteries in both fob's.
  39. bluefuego

    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    Oh... *sad face* me too... ;-(
  40. bluefuego

    Window Issues going up and down?

    I just had a similar problem fixed with my rear driver side window - intermittently (very hard to reproduce) after closing the rear door, I would notice that the window would not roll back up all the way. This is the solution that was on my repair ticket: Found rubber backing on door handle had...
  41. bluefuego

    Gilbert, AZ to Holbrook, AZ and Trinidad, CO SC to Lone Tree-Park Meadows SC

    I did the run from Chandler to Holbrook through Payson the summer before last. Absolutely no problems and a gorgeous drive. I may have driven a bit conservatively to start, but don't recall stressing about range. Sorry, can't help with your second leg.
  42. bluefuego

    Shamrock Supercharger Offline

    I did.. My post was has been edited. ;-)
  43. bluefuego

    Shamrock Supercharger Offline

    The staff that run the gift shop are very nice. And having grown up in Texas, I can attest to the fact that it is probably the only gift shop where you can not find a single Texas shaped tchotchke.
  44. bluefuego

    Better range after 7.0 upgrade?

    Have you already run your tests? If not, would running two cars together be a useful test - one pre upgrade and one post? I have upgraded and been on 7 for over a week now but haven't been paying close attention to energy usage.
  45. bluefuego

    Supercharger - St. Charles, MO

    2 miles from my house? Eek! I could finally earn the letter regarding local supercharging abuse that Tesla prematurely sent me. :-) Logistically I would think something closer to I44 or I55 would make more sense, but who am I to argue? Oh wait.....
  46. bluefuego

    Trinity Atomic Site "Ground Zero" caravan October 3 from ABQ SC ??

    Trinity Atomic Site "Ground Zero" caravan October 3 from ABQ SC ?? Are we only 3 cars? Has this been posted on the New Mexico owners meetup? Eta: I just posted a discussion on the NM meetup group.
  47. bluefuego

    Trinity Atomic Site "Ground Zero" caravan October 3 from ABQ SC ??

    I am in the process of making this work! If it does, it'll be me and my dad. With an older battery with slight degradation, I would feel more comfortable if we could work in a short charge stop at the RV park.
  48. bluefuego

    What do you guys do in the rare Dallas ice storms/snow? (Model S)

    Definitely change the regen to the lower setting. Do you have dual motors or RWD?
  49. bluefuego

    Supercharging letter from Tesla 8-13-2015

    I sent an email to Servicehelpna @ teslamotors.com on 8/18 requesting clarification as to why I received the letter (again, I have only used my local supercharger once, but have been on a number of cross country trips in the last year and have visited more than 40 unique superchargers). I have...
  50. bluefuego

    Letter-gate poll. Did you receive the Supercharger 'please less local charging' lette

    I guess my question is more whether those that deserve it in my eyes think they deserve it in their own - the whole Tesla sold me "free supercharging for life" vs "supercharging for long distance travel" debate.

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