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  1. Yev000

    Is this normal behavior for AP?

    This is normal. Has been updated to have a max speed on slip roads for about a year now.
  2. Yev000

    Winter Range

    Depends how long you charge for. Plus it will spend the electricity to heat it up anyway.... That pesky law of thermodynamics and all that...
  3. Yev000

    Winter Range

    You only need it between 10-50%. You need the battery at 50C to charge at max speeds. After 50% the speed has to drop. As for using a lot of juice, doing 450Wh vs 300Wh for 10 miles will cost you a massive 1.5 KWh with a crazy price of ~40p at supercharger rates. But it will save you ~15 min if...
  4. Yev000

    New M3 LR owner - what has surprised me so far

    Put a bit of RainX on the rear camera...
  5. Yev000

    Model 3 front Registration plate UK

    I have since changed my plates to UK... you quoted something quite old :)
  6. Yev000

    Britishvolt: Electric car battery plant gets government funding

    Yep. Our company is selling off all the profitable bits (Nuclear, Wind) to stay solvent... Sad really
  7. Yev000

    Britishvolt: Electric car battery plant gets government funding

    Batteries will be supply constrained for a couple of decades, someone will buy here, even if they are more expensive.
  8. Yev000

    Britishvolt: Electric car battery plant gets government funding

    Probably will be some import tax unless its made in UK at some point to level the playing field
  9. Yev000

    Wing mirror heaters

    There are wing mirror heaters now? If you pull up on the precondition screen in the app you get the "defrost" options. So App > Climate > notice little grey bar at the bottom and pull up. > defrost car. That should turn everything on max.
  10. Yev000

    New Model 3 [matrix] Headlights - adjust for LHD countries?

    Smells funny to me.... I didn't see any changes when I drove in France last summer. It's easy enough to do yourself, just 3 clicks down on the left one and 3 clicks up on the right, then back again in UK. Can? Yes. Will they, no..... They already stated that they have no plans to offer any...
  11. Yev000

    Weird buzzing noise when above 40mph

    It might be your window seal rubbing against the glass. Try opening the window 1mm one by one and see if it goes away. If it does, get some rubber care and treat it... It might also be something mundane, like your sunglasses in the centre console.
  12. Yev000

    Vanarama BP Pulse deal

    Not sure, some locations have peak charging. You have to check in the car.
  13. Yev000

    Octopus Go tariff billing

    You need to email them... They are literally swamped right now. If you email them, a poor underpaid support person will generate your bill in about a week.
  14. Yev000

    Vanarama BP Pulse deal

    The only issue with that is current gas prices - and by extension electricity prices - are insane due to politics. Also charger install can buy a lot of KWhs.... So maybe OP doesn't want to pay 25p/KWh - because Octopus Go does not accept new customers.... I would personally think that a home...
  15. Yev000

    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    Same as any smartphone, people still use them.... Or any software with a UI... Dev always "knows best"
  16. Yev000

    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    😂 I bet you have no idea what that means I've seen only one program with zero bugs: int main() { std::cout << "Hello World!"; return 0; }
  17. Yev000

    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    Am I the only freak here that likes YouTube music more than Spotify or Apple? I think Tesla is working on their own application store - they wouldn't have bothered with the v11 drag-drop UI otherwise. Probably in preparation the the FSD becoming L4 in US. How long that will take is anyone's...
  18. Yev000

    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    Ok... Lets go over it Interior - As you've stated, you'll never like it, they'll never change it The front seats - As you've stated, you'll never like it, they'll never change it Build quality is ok - will always be "ok" from your viewpoint - even when it's made in Germany by Germans Software...
  19. Yev000

    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    Speaking of... Did anyone manage to get Sonic to work? It somehow goes into demo mode for me and I can't play it.
  20. Yev000

    Snippiness 2.0

    What people choose to do is buy a Tesla then come here and moan about it ;)
  21. Yev000

    Snippiness 2.0

    Sounds like buyers regret right there. Good news! The second hand prices is really good, so you can exchange it for a BMW M3 and probably get some money back!
  22. Yev000

    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    A lot of people don't understand the differences and that's fine... Someone has to buy the other EVs. I categorically do not agree that other makers offer "similar experiences". Maybe in the same way that a Nokia 3310 offers a "similar experience" to an iPhone 11 - if all you are doing is...
  23. Yev000

    Newbie seriously considering leasing UK - sense check

    Not at all, I'm counting all EVs. Tesla would probably hold a big share though. 60-70%
  24. Yev000

    Newbie seriously considering leasing UK - sense check

    It's simple math. Demand = 100% of car sales Current EV sales is 16% (in UK) Second hand market lags this Even if supply doubles every year you are looking at 2026-7 until new market is 100% EV. Berlin top end capacity will be around 2 million units by then - for the whole of Europe. UK...
  25. Yev000

    Newbie seriously considering leasing UK - sense check

    Demand is much higher than supply and will likely remain that way for another decade. They have to raise prices to keep the waiting list in check, that should tell you something. Also people will keep EVs for longer than ICE, especially ones made now. Much more reliable batteries than 5 years...
  26. Yev000

    Games while driving

    Fear happened. But don't worry, soon driving will be banned all together and these discussions will be relegated to the scrapheap of history
  27. Yev000

    Games while driving

    This thread.... Not sure if I should laugh or cry. This is why we have a nanny state.
  28. Yev000

    Full PPF for model 3

    Just had mine done for 4.3k Regarding insurance - they just don't want to replace PPF as part of repairs. They don't really need to know, just use your chosen repair shop and re-apply PPF for that panel after repair.
  29. Yev000

    A view from the other side..

    You'll like the next update then
  30. Yev000

    M3 vs MY

    You can get an 18 reg Model X for ~58k that would fit your needs Model S is also a hatchback. ~ 41k for an 18 reg Don't go for anything older than 18 because it might not have sentry mode. Unless you're really set waiting for a year for MY. You can get the MX now, drive it for 2 years then...
  31. Yev000

    A view from the other side..

    And a high driving position too I bet... Chelsea Tractor driver by chance?
  32. Yev000

    UK Price Rise

    Hertz got 100k cars, thats 1 month output... But yes demand is very high in any case.
  33. Yev000

    Model 3 (not so!) Long range

    Didn't read the whole thread so maybe someone already said this.... Your issue is that you are using it as an ICE car - long drive, as few stops as possible. That's not the best way or the quickest way to complete a long drive in almost any EV Your charge is fastest between 10% and 60%. Don't...
  34. Yev000

    Helping out our petrol friends

    Hand out referral codes at petrol stations?
  35. Yev000

    Your Model 3 Maximum Range?

    The car shows EPA miles, the UK sales page shows WLTP miles. Not all miles are created equal. Mine is 340 after 6 months
  36. Yev000

    [UK] The Button and good driving.

    Don't worry, by the time UK gets the Beta you could buy the Tesla robot to be your driver.
  37. Yev000

    12v battery must be replaced - warning after car repair

    Maybe I needed to rive it for longer? I did ~ 120 miles. And to be honest there is a lot going on with regen braking etc. No clue at what point the 12v gets charged.
  38. Yev000

    12v battery must be replaced - warning after car repair

    So got the car back, battery is fixed... but now the tyre pressures are 44, 44, 48, 48 ..... Why they think thats perfect I have no idea. At least the battery is sorted.
  39. Yev000

    12v battery must be replaced - warning after car repair

    Thanks, it's back with them. They gave me another bloody Mercedes - I can't for the life of me understand why people buy these heaps of rubbish anymore. Like going back to a Nokia phone. Makes me feel like Scotty - lifting up the mouse and going "Computer".... They told me they will put it on...
  40. Yev000

    12v battery must be replaced - warning after car repair

    I'll pop in there today I think. Since I drove it about 100 miles since then. The HV battery never went below 60% in the shop.... If it's cooked it's entirely their fault.
  41. Yev000

    Charge Slowed from 220kw to 45kw

    Germans have more in reserve and sell their cars at a loss. They are also a lot less efficient. End result you are spending just as long on a charger.... https://insideevs.com/news/511820/tesla-model3-srp-1000km-challenge/ Basically only E-Tron GT is 15 min faster than Teslas - in Norway (with...
  42. Yev000

    12v battery must be replaced - warning after car repair

    So just got my car back from 3 weeks fixing dented doors and it has "12v battery must be replaced" warning - Fastlane, the repair shop, said its because its reporting 11.5v. They had the car in service mode for 3 weeks - and apparently that's why - not sure I'm convinced. Told me I should drive...
  43. Yev000

    Rising electricity costs, reflected in big increase in supercharger rates

    It's basically split system air conditioning - while good at heating, not the magic bullet. With the systems being installed in UK it wont pay for itself, or indeed remove the need for a boiler. I personally predict that we will have abundant renewable power from wind and solar in excess of...
  44. Yev000

    Rising electricity costs, reflected in big increase in supercharger rates

    Here is another nice link, once Nuclear is pushing out a bit more after October we should be burning less gas. https://grid.iamkate.com/
  45. Yev000

    Rising electricity costs, reflected in big increase in supercharger rates

    We will have 3 more reactors back up in October, so that should improve prices https://www.edfenergy.com/energy/power-station/daily-statuses
  46. Yev000

    Rising electricity costs, reflected in big increase in supercharger rates

    Nuclear reactor maintenance is hardly 'not been planned for'.... You are just being asked to pay for it
  47. Yev000

    Van Moof - Has Tesla Missed A Trick?

    Musk has stated a number of times that Tesla will never make bikes due to safety.
  48. Yev000

    Driverless vans before FSD cars?

    If Branson has anything to do with it it'll do one successful lap around the M25 about a month before Musk launches a 1 million strong robo taxi network....
  49. Yev000

    Interesting UK Autopilot news

    Where/When did he say that?
  50. Yev000

    Upgrade 2021 SR+ to 2021 LR

    Also, faster, more expensive to insure and has all the intended bits, such as a subwoofer. Absolutely worth it.

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