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  1. JHWJR

    "Any color so long as it's stainless"

    I LOVE that image. It looks like a GLOSSY black rather than the matte black I've seen. The matte black looks dull and dirty. But glossy, piano black is great.
  2. JHWJR

    Will Tesla ever do LIDAR?

    You think the issue with "firetrucks" is because it can't see the firetruck and LIDAR will help? If so, you are lost.
  3. JHWJR

    Where is the 12v battery?

    My recollection is that it is not centered. It's in front of the driver.
  4. JHWJR

    Windshield Replacement

    Can't help you regarding the Blackview. But I had a chip in my windshield that I ignored. It then cracked across the whole window. My insurer recommended Safelite, but I wanted to have Tesla do it. My insurer contacted Safelite anyway and Safelite emailed me. Their email advised that, once the...
  5. JHWJR

    Phone wont unlock car often

    You connection to the phone is bluetooth. Phones, and perhaps the iPhone in particular, has a limited number of devices it can have a good connection too. These problems are common for folks with lots of tracker tiles, which take up all of the bluetooth ports. Turn off your tracker app except...
  6. JHWJR

    Mid range sandbagged?

    Probably. Eventually. In the meanwhile, why not assume that the "official range" can be reached with dedicated effort -- like the rest of the cars -- but that 220 with aggressive driving is more likely most of the time.
  7. JHWJR

    EAP issue with On-Ramps

    Really smart folks are in charge of this stuff. My guess is the answer is states have to get in line and comply with road painting conventions soon enough.
  8. JHWJR

    PSA: Can confirm AP does not detect deer

    Unfortunately, I can confirm.
  9. JHWJR

    Model X key for sale

    That's a deal, folks.
  10. JHWJR

    Advice for leaving car in airport car park

    It's hard to advise without knowing more. First, charge your car to the % you think you will leave it at (apparently 50%) and see how much power it loses overnight. Multiply that by 14, and you have an idea what you'll have upon return. Will that get you to a charger? Does the airport have a...
  11. JHWJR

    How is the line formed at full superchargers?

    A fantastic idea that still has not come into being.....
  12. JHWJR

    Towing Without a Hitch: How To?

    Consider "Roadie," an App that lets you find drivers -- and you can specify that you want a tow for a few hundred yards -- who will come move what you want moved. You largely set your price and, if someone wants to help you out, they offer to do the job. It's Uber for things. And it works well.
  13. JHWJR

    FSD vs. EAP

    Nothing yet.
  14. JHWJR

    New X with loud fan noise from frunk area

    My car has been very loud while charging many times. Almost always at a Supercharger. Occasionally at home. I was told "normal." I would like to have stood there with them hearing the same thing, but that never happened.
  15. JHWJR

    Just dropped off my month-old 100D for a surprisingly open-ended service appointment

    Don't put too much emphasis on the open-ended appointment. It's like when I'm looking for my fob or my wallet. Who knows how long it will take to find it? But I have confidence that they will find it.
  16. JHWJR

    Best phone mount for Model X?

    For a variety of reasons, I need my phone to see out the windshield. And I like my iPhone just over my head on the right. I have bought several windshield suction cup mounts from Iottie, and they are always outstanding. Here's one...
  17. JHWJR

    Is it normal to be terrified when you're a passenger?

    I get myself in trouble when I'm that candid. Glad someone else stepped forward. But the issue does not seem to be with the wife's driving.
  18. JHWJR

    Does re-using my old license plate complicate Tesla delivery day?

    About 2 weeks before my X arrived, my vanity plate, issued for my prior car, arrived. I never took off the cancelled plate from the old car until I sold it, and Tesla filled out the paperwork to move the vanity plate to the Tesla. Never occurred to me that I might not have been able to move the...
  19. JHWJR

    full self driving update in April

    It means that some features of FSD -- but not nearly all -- will be turned on soon. If you did not buy FSD, you will not get these features. Tesla/Musk has not disclosed what features he is talking about, but it could be automatic lane selection, cloverleaf navigation, merging features, etc.
  20. JHWJR

    Tire Life/Maintenance

    I do not believe the tire cares whether the weight of the car is brought to a stop by regenerative braking or by braking. And regen is probably far gentler, which I suspect matters a whole lot more.
  21. JHWJR

    Has anyone ordered the “Full self-driving” option and took delivery yet?

    I support them that way too. I'm in for about $250,000 so far.
  22. JHWJR

    Has anyone ordered the “Full self-driving” option and took delivery yet?

    I paid for EAP and I paid for FSD. I would do that again. I would do it again for several reasons... I believe in the mission and I'm happy to support it. I bought a lot of Tesla stock at $17 and, at the time of purchase, I had enough to buy my Model X in cash. But instead I financed it for 6...
  23. JHWJR

    Getting gas reimbursed from accident and rental car

    I think there is a decent argument that the person who hit you owes you the INCREASED cost of your fuel, NO MATTER WHAT HIS POLICY SAYS IT PAYS. But I've read about 100 auto policies in my legal career and if I found one that addressed this, it would be the first. The policies say to the guy who...
  24. JHWJR

    High resting state of charge

    Run your heater for a few hours. Maybe all night?
  25. JHWJR

    Charging strategy in cold climate?

    A couple thoughts. First, you don't have to use range mode on a 7 mile commute. Heat your car, heat your seats, heat your steering wheel, heat your windshield, heat your wipers, heat your rear window while turning of "range mode." It's 7 miles. Absolutely charge when you get home while your...
  26. JHWJR

    Tesla Model 3 for sale

    80% of the purchased price, tops. So, let's see. That car can be purchased new for $58,000. Less tax deduction, $50,500. Less state incentive (for Pennsylvania): $48,750. 80% of that: $39,000. So, you've got a $40,000 car right there.
  27. JHWJR

    Cancelling my reservation

    Big difference between "can't" and "hasn't done it yet."
  28. JHWJR

    Cancelling my reservation

    We will keep some electrons warm for you for when you and Tesla are ready.
  29. JHWJR

    Why Tesla pursued non rain sensor auto-wipers?

    You have to say it right. "Nawt becawse it is easy, bot because it is hawd."
  30. JHWJR

    Why Tesla pursued non rain sensor auto-wipers?

    It's both a test and demonstration of AI and what Tesla can increasingly do by having its cameras look around and pass the information through the computers.
  31. JHWJR

    Supercharger - Truth or Consequences, NM

    There is a public Tesla Destination Charger in Las Cruces. And one COULD go down to El Paso's Supercharger.
  32. JHWJR

    How many people have gotten the Rain Sensing wipers update? I haven't

    I got my update to 50.3 while the car was in for service early this week. Got it back Thursday night and I have rain sensing wipers. Then a problem arose as a result of the service, and they have my car back again. :-(
  33. JHWJR

    Blog Tesla: What to Expect in 2018

    I love this kind of post because it shows lots of thought and originality and usefulness in case folks in Palo Alto are reading. That said, I do have some comments... I agree that, when I get an S loaner, the interior feels a little 70's compared to my X. Could use some updating. I, too, would...
  34. JHWJR

    car wash

    Not at all. Let it get a little thicker and deer will wander up and lick it off.
  35. JHWJR

    Damage, insurance and approved garage

    Nope. It's the other driver that owes everything and it's between him and his insurer whether the insurer covers his obligations. And whether he has selected rental coverage applies to himself, not others suing him.
  36. JHWJR

    Damage, insurance and approved garage

    What your own policy would or would not do has absolutely nothing to do with anything. The other guy ran into you. You are entitled to be compensated for the damages caused, i.e., the reasonable cost of repair (NOT the cheapest) and the reasonable expenses and losses you have incurred as a...
  37. JHWJR

    car wash

  38. JHWJR

    amazing balancing after 145k miles

    How does one do that?
  39. JHWJR

    $2.3 billion Icy Road Regenerative Braking Lawsuit

    Your physics is impeccable. Your expectations of mere humans in "emergency" situations and the likelihood of instinctive, panicked reactions may be suspect.
  40. JHWJR

    Should i spend $3000 on AP?

    AP1 was remarkably good. It was based on a 3rd Party product by a company named Mobileye, and it was good. Tesla decided to transition away from that product and Mobileye walked away from Tesla almost immediately. So Tesla was tasked with starting over. AP2 was rather challenged at first and...
  41. JHWJR

    (Serious Q) - I'm thinking of starting a new company. Input please?

    I don't think the truck will charge at 220. I THINK they talked about charging at a much higher voltage and amperage. Of course, that doesn't PRECLUDE the possibility that one could charge at a lower rate. For instance, I can charge my Model X at 110 if I have to. But I think that we don't know...
  42. JHWJR

    Warning on MX60D

    Here is another way to look at your question (which I think some of the posts above have missed.) First, you are saying you paid for and received [roughly] 60 kWh of battery range, though you understand that they installed a 75 kWh battery [approx.] and then software-limited your car to only...
  43. JHWJR

    (Serious Q) - I'm thinking of starting a new company. Input please?

    I would LOVE an electric RV, particularly if it is a Tesla at heart. But where would one charge these? I think most of the charging stations will be privately erected and used, such as at War-Mart warehouse centers for its own drivers, and at the UPS facility for its own trucks. I don't think...
  44. JHWJR

    New Tesla Roadster...Stupid Inexpensive

    Sure, but the Chiron has cupholders.
  45. JHWJR

    Leave UMC plugged in all the time or store & retrieve as needed?

    Is wrapping it up every time you use it bad? No. It's just an inefficient. But you know how you drive and where you go and what your charging options will be. If you won't need it while away, just leave it plugged in all the time (assuming it's in a garage or somewhere safe). If you think you...
  46. JHWJR

    $2.3 billion Icy Road Regenerative Braking Lawsuit

    Wrong on almost every count, and I grew up just south of the Great Lakes and had about 4 months of bad driving weather nearly every year for decades, Mr. California.
  47. JHWJR

    $2.3 billion Icy Road Regenerative Braking Lawsuit

    We probably think the same about you.
  48. JHWJR

    $2.3 billion Icy Road Regenerative Braking Lawsuit

    You still haven't thought about it, have you. Well, let me give you a taste. I'm very wealthy, but you are not. I have done you a great wrong. So you sue me. With all my wealth, I pummel you and bury you with 200 attorneys filing all kinds of motions and conducting amazing levels of...

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