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  1. ColinA

    Dual chargers quote

    The current model with max 16.5kW is very different to the dual charger upgrade, as Richard said. With the new spec chargers it is a software update as all cars come with the full 16.5kW charger hardware. The original car came with an 11kW charger, up-gradable by the physical addition of a 2nd...
  2. ColinA

    Australia QLD Meetup - Macadamia Castle, 4th Feb 2017

    The next QLD TOCA meetup is this coming Saturday 4th Feb at Macadamia Castle. The plan is to meet at the Macadamia Castle Supercharger at around 11am next Saturday. Aside from soaking in some free electrons, Macadamia Castle is a great place to stop and have a bite to eat and relax, especially...
  3. ColinA

    Double distance SC spacing for regional routes

    The other factor here is that spacing would then require a much longer supercharger stop - like 75 min. The 200km interval means a supercharger stop of around 25 min. Having just done Brisbane to Melbourne on superchargers I could have skipped a supercharger (I get 420km typical on on my 85D)...
  4. ColinA

    SYD - BNE Supercharger Route

    James from Tesla has confirmed the Supercharger at Big Banana (Coffs Harbour) is now open - 2 bays, so must be a sled.
  5. ColinA

    Supercharger - Coffs Harbour

    James from Tesla confirmed it is open
  6. ColinA

    How did your V8.0 update go?

    From past experience I've just learnt to not stress about updates coming. They'll come when they come, and in the meanwhile we have the most awesome car on the planet to drive, even with 7.1!
  7. ColinA

    How did your V8.0 update go?

    They usually seem to start coming to AU up to a few days later, and then it is phased rollout even within Australia.
  8. ColinA

    Supercharger - Knockrow (Byron Bay) NSW

    During our meet up there a while back (but after the DA was approved) James from Tesla made it quite clear there were issues with the owners and it wasnt a done deal.
  9. ColinA

    SYD - BNE Supercharger Route

    Based on past superchargers, the DA would definitely specifically mention Tesla. So it is unlikely.
  10. ColinA

    Software Update - Not the Big ONE...

    I'm on 2.32.65 - Tesla service told me that there are many different firmware versions out there for the different model cars and options installed. Definitely not one size fits all, and apparently that is also a reason for the phased rollout of new firmware due to the different builds for...
  11. ColinA

    SYD - BNE Supercharger Route

    That's a fair enough point of view. In my case I didnt get dual chargers etc as a hedge against Tesla non performance, I bought it because I want flexibility to travel to other areas easily for which there are no immediate Supercharger plans. For example, my wife and I are doing a trip around...
  12. ColinA

    V8.0 Autopilot

    A bit more info on the new user interface in V8... First look at Tesla v8.0 software update with UI overhaul, improved Autopilot visualisation, and more
  13. ColinA

    SYD - BNE Supercharger Route

    I would suggest based on history that if someone at Telsa says "December or maybe January", then Feb/March is more realistic. The latest example of that was availability of the 3 Phase HPWC. Senior leadership set the tone, and Elon has always been willing to talk dates that are not fulfilled...
  14. ColinA

    V8.0 Autopilot

    Yes, that is a real biggie for me too. It is my single greatest irritation and need to take over with the current system. Made me realise how much we just naturally as human drivers move over to far edge of our lane when crowded by a truck or wayward car in the adjoining lane.
  15. ColinA

    Towbar on a Model S

    Signed! Would be nice if it got some traction at Tesla. Not holding out much hope though.
  16. ColinA

    Towbar on a Model S

    What are towing with it? Do you have the electrics (brake lights etc) hooked in?
  17. ColinA

    V8.0 Autopilot

    Elon's blog post... Upgrading Autopilot: Seeing the World in Radar While there are dozens of small refinements with Version 8 of our software, described in addendum below, the most significant upgrade to Autopilot will be the use of more advanced signal processing to create a picture of the...
  18. ColinA

    Towbar on a Model S

    For a bike carrier only - I need to tow a trailer. I'll be keeping my BMW X3 for now - it's not the kind of third party mod I am comfortable having done to my Model S.
  19. ColinA

    Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Install

    I have a hotspot in my car (Telstra), just plugged into the USB port. Always powered and works flawlessly. Blackvue is wired into permanent 12V - I had The Car Kit Company install mine. Very happy with what they did.
  20. ColinA

    Home Wall Charger / Plugshare?

    My 3P 32A HPWC is on Plugshare (Robina, Gold Coast) and I've had a few visitors. Always nice to chat to other owners.
  21. ColinA

    SYD - BNE Supercharger Route

    In fact they don't even announce it then. With PMQ supercharger it was only "announced" after it was open. The only way any of us knew about it in advance was because someone spotted it being built, and someone in the area knew the owner of Cassegrains. Personally I find the level of secrecy...
  22. ColinA

    New charge port surround for Oz

    Looks like an improvement. Fortunately I have not had any of the stickiness problems others have reported. My car arrived in Feb... not sure if anyone else with deliveries then or later have had stickiness problems?
  23. ColinA

    Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Install

    I'm curious what the actual benefit is of having a metallic coating on the windscreen? I am sure there is one, I just dont know what it is.
  24. ColinA

    Does your cable organiser fit?

    This is how I did mine. I have the 1P 32A HPWC on the cheap night rate circuit (works from about 9pm to 6am), and the 3P 32A charger for fast charges if I need them during the day, or if I have a visiting Tesla needing a top up! The 1P 15A socket allows me to charge with my UMC during the day...
  25. ColinA

    MEL-ADL Supercharger route

    I agree with Homer... until it's on the Tesla radar, as indicated by it showing up on their proposed supercharger map, there is really no point as it would be nothing more than idle speculation.
  26. ColinA

    Does your nav voice have a stutter sometimes?

    I use the voice nav quite a bit and I cant say I've ever heard that.
  27. ColinA

    Bling your home changer

    I've emailed them for another rerun for me! Can never have too much bling :-)
  28. ColinA

    Has Autopark ever scuffed your rims?

    It is really easy to do yourself. I avoid anything to do with car maintenance myself normally, but I did this myself - quick and anyone can get a nice neat result.
  29. ColinA

    Autopark Problem - Beware

    Good to know, and watch out for!!
  30. ColinA

    Browser - access to specific sites?

    The glove box release on the right hand side is a giveaway :-) We can dream though!
  31. ColinA

    How long for the last 20% on the mobile connector?

    Yep, I'd echo that. Air con and other usage represents a much greater percentage of the available charge rate with the UMC compared to more high powered charging solutions, so is far more noticeable on the total time. Charge rate wont really slow down much though for the last 20% as it is...
  32. ColinA

    Infographic - Charging your Tesla in Australia

    Brian... download this document I wrote. This tells you everything you need to know about charging in Australia. I updated it recently for the new models too... Charging In Australia Rev 2.1
  33. ColinA

    Queensland Event - Hinze Dam 12th June 2016

    A great TOCA event at Hinze Dam today... 17 cars, great company, great location! We met at 10:30 after convoy to the Dam, went on a tour of the Dam facility, which was fascinating, and then all enjoyed a very nice lunch before heading home. Great support by SEQ Water for the event, and Channel 7...
  34. ColinA

    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Spotted at Hilton South Wharf in Melbourne (AUS: 644)
  35. ColinA

    Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Install

    I have it plugged into the USB port in the centre console. The unit just sits in the little tray under the USB port. No problem at all with reception on that.
  36. ColinA

    Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Install

    Mine is installed in the locations in your Teslarati photos - virtually invisible when driving, hidden by mirror. The rear cable is fully hidden in my install. Done by The Car Kit Company - very happy with them. GPS works fine for me. Takes a few min of driving before it locks in, but then...
  37. ColinA

    Queensland Event - Hinze Dam 12th June 2016

    Only a few days to go before our Hinze Dam meetup! It's not too late to register - we have a reserved parking area and it will be awesome to have as many cars fill it as possible. We will meet at Hinze Dam at 10:30am - full details in the post at the start of this thread. Register for the event...
  38. ColinA

    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    spotted in WA (Vic rego) (AUS: 625)
  39. ColinA

    Queensland Event - Hinze Dam 12th June 2016

    Our next drive event is coming up! We will be driving to Hinze Dam on the Gold Coast, reachable as a return trip for Model S owners from as far north as the Sunshine Coast, although there are plenty of charging options for those that want or need them. Hinze Dam is a pristine location in the...
  40. ColinA

    QLD Event - The Farm, 15th May 2016

    That's interesting... a very worthwhile study to do, and I guess the findings make sense! At the end of the day though, I did buy the colour I like, which was... white :-)
  41. ColinA

    QLD Event - The Farm, 15th May 2016

    It is by far the most popular colour in QLD (plain or pearl) due to the hot weather. I also have white, but regardless of the climate and all round visibility, I have always liked white cars, and with the black highlights on the Tesla it looks particularly good. Personal preference of course!!
  42. ColinA

    QLD Event - The Farm, 15th May 2016

    Not lucky... that's just how we roll in Queensland :-)
  43. ColinA

    QLD Event - The Farm, 15th May 2016

    A great event today, awesome bunch of people and a great location. 13 cars today, which is pretty good considering how far south we went making it hard for the Sunshine Coast folk. Next event at Hinze Dam will be much easier for all!
  44. ColinA

    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Woo hoo! 600!
  45. ColinA

    Tesla owners wanted for DC fast charger launch

    My bad... I should read more carefully. Thought you were referring to now not historically.
  46. ColinA

    QLD Event - The Farm, 15th May 2016

    No probs... I've used Stockland several times, it's a nice setup. I assume you have the J1772 adapter.
  47. ColinA

    QLD Event - The Farm, 15th May 2016

    Cool... I'm in Robina - if you need a top up I have 3P 32A.
  48. ColinA

    Tesla owners wanted for DC fast charger launch

    Not sure what your are getting at here. I've used the Brisbane BMW charger several times with the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter.
  49. ColinA

    Tesla Social Drive Day

    Sounds great, and good to see Tesla organising this sort of thing.
  50. ColinA

    QLD Event - The Farm, 15th May 2016

    No problem, great that you can come. Alternatively you can join the convoy and charge on your way home? where are you coming from?

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