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    Software Bug Model 3 Video

    As of 2020.48.12.1 (Released Dec 17, 2020): Sentry Mode footage of the last panic event will now be saved to onboard memory. To view or save this clip, plug in a USB device, launch the Dashcam Viewer, and tap the save icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. Relatively new update and...
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    USB Device Malfunction

    My USB ended up getting stuck in a write-protected state where it's pretty much pooched. Unable to format (via car or PC), unable to delete the partition via diskpart or run any 'clean/clear/format' tasks quoting write-protected state. I do see the video files in the USB and can be...
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    How to disable other users with app access from viewing your location?

    Why not drive to places and take nearby public transport to your final destination? Sucks, but sounds like a better alternative to getting beat for going to a specific 'offensive' destination. Oh, and good luck if he decides to run Sentry and Dashcam mode.
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    Long/Loud beeping sound coming from M3!?

    When something gets super close to your car when driving, the car makes a flatlining sound. (At least it did for me when a pickup truck decided to turn into me - less than 5 cm [2 inches?]). Take a glance at your screen to see if a sensor is (falsely) detecting something close to your car when...
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    A lot of bugs after 28k miles.

    The first thing would be to install the new update to fix any potential software issues? Re-asses from there.
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    Just got the update from 2020.4.1 to 2020.8.3 today..... Includes visuals in Canada! :)
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    Just my Luck..............

    If there is a video, you wouldn't need to emphasize anything and tell it as it is as the video speaks for itself. Actual footage of the incident far outweighs what you said happened. If there wasn't a video, I would strongly agree.
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    Just my Luck..............

    Had an incident where a concrete truck dropped cement from in front and a lane over which ended up hitting my bumper. Insurance covered it because the dashcams got the truck's plate, company name, and truck #. Was told that without that info, I'd be on the hook for repairs/deductible. Pushed...
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    No premium connectivity even though I’ve paid.... anyone else?

    Opposite experience here. I randomly gained access to Live Traffic and Satellite view as of Dec 31. Premium Connectivity has never been an option for me to subscribe (Doesn't show on my Tesla Account as an option to subscribe). SR+ HW3, Canada
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    Might be a geographical update difference. SR+ HW3 no FSD. Adjacent lane speed feature and release notes just came up in the 40.50 update for me. (Canada) Don't see a visualization slider in AP settings. Texting works though.
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.2 - FSD AutoSteer Stop Sign Warning and Adjacent Lane Speeds

    You may want to look up the definition of "perfected" as the way you describe the AP/NoA system 7 words later as "doable" is FAR from labeling something as perfected. "Understanding AP's limitations" (especially on city streets) is way different than a "Perfected system". FWIW, I use AP...
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.3 and .4 [nothing new in release notes In comparison to prior version]

    I'm wondering if the Premium Connectivity is only for US currently as I'm on 2019.36.2.4 and don't have the option to subscribe on my Tesla account. As for Autopilot, I haven't had any negative results from using it recently. In fact, it seems to be working better with 0 phantom brakes on my...
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    "Updates Restricted"

    Probably tried pressing the 'Advanced' button 5 times. :D
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    New Tesla-Screen features

    Too bad it's the opposite for me. My car doesn't have cellular connectivity at work :(
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    V10 and front park distance sensor

    I have about 3 inches in front and 3 inches in the back of clearance when parked in my garage. Given that the parking sensors cut out at 30cms (~1ft), I couldn't use sensors to park and fit sufficiently because it would just say "STOP" when within less than 30cm(1ft)... I didn't like the idea of...
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    Motor dead on delivery?

    From the sound of it, you may be better off refusing delivery and placing a new order. Something small not working is one thing, but the entire drive unit being replaced on a brand new vehicle...? Don't think I'd be comfortable with that. Can't think of a situation where the vehicle was...
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    Hardware differences between 2018 and 2020 Model 3 LR AWD?

    With the latest update, 3.0 also gives you cone visualizations! Think about all that you're missing! What are you ever going to do without seeing cones on your screen!? Nice to have, but wouldn't have paid extra for just that ;)
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    Real life Winter Model 3 efficiency thread

    By "easy 50% range loss", are you suggesting your range loss is potentially more than 50%? If so, you should really get your battery checked. I drive 130kms round-trip of a mix of city and highway driving. I start at 85% (approx 330kms) and get home at the end of the day with 40%-45% battery...
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    Real life Winter Model 3 efficiency thread

    It really depends how you drive and what you have switched on. I drive a SR+ and changed the battery reading to percentage vs estimated range for my own sanity (because I know I'll get less than the rated range and it helps keep my sanity). My commute is 65kms each way in to the city (avg of...
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    Leaving Model 3 for 3 months

    Turn off Sentry Mode, Overheat protection (though it's probably going to be around freezing temps in NY so I don't think this would matter), don't periodically wake your car up by opening your Tesla App, and assuming you don't have a garage, would it be possible to run an extension cord to a...
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    Rear row side window cleanly broke in half on 3 month old Model 3

    I'll take your word for it as I have never sat in the rear seats of my Model 3 and closed the door.
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    Rear row side window cleanly broke in half on 3 month old Model 3

    The typical response of something horribly wrong (like a window snapping in half of a new car) is to document the incident. Did you just keep driving after the window "just came off the car"? Why not document proof that it came off the car and fell in the middle of the street, or any proof that...
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    Video of accident shows incapacitated driver using AP nag defeat device

    What's curious is why the OP decided it was necessary to speed up the video 8x. No audio could be explained by embarrassment, swearing, etc, but... "Hey guys, watch this incredibly sped up video where you need to slow the speed down to 0.25 to actually see anything" The fact that the video...
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    Winter Battery Warmup Question

    Since it looks like you live in AZ, you'd likely benefit from parking in the shade vs sun in regards to battery. Your Overheat protection will likely kick on to keep your car cool if it is parked in the sun. Or... You can always turn that off..
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    Winter Battery Warmup Question

    I phrased the question differently in my head and concluded that it would be a waste of energy: "Would it be better to warm the battery internally or externally?" If I ever feel the need to "warm up" the battery/car, I just change my charge limit from my usual (85%) to 90% about 20 mins prior...
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    Bad luck. Small tree branch got into the front bottom light.

    Had a piece of concrete come off a truck and hit my bumper. Missed the sensors and just put a dent in it. 4-5 day quoted repair. Driving a 2019 Mercedes C300 rental (and I hate it compared to my Model 3). The dashcam caught the incident, truck plate, company, and truck #, so they waived the...
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    All Tesla Models will get Range/Power increase (not just SR+) of 5%

    My SR+ showed 367kms at 100% (charged to full for a trip over the weekend) where it had previously showed 386kms during the warmer months (between July - Sept). The last 3 weeks have been fluctuating between 0 and 15 degrees Celsius which I just assumed it's adjusting based on weather...
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    Sentry mode events

    After the V10 update, the folder created itself on my USB. I now have the following folders: TeslaCam SavedVideos SentryMode
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    Sentry mode events

    Part of the V10 update is that the Dashcam and Sentry mode videos are saved in different locations.
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    V10 for non FSD

    Just got the update a few mins ago... Installing. SR+ No FSD.
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    Worst buying experience ever

    How recent is recent? The site gives you an "Estimated delivery date" of 2-4 weeks even before you please your order. I ordered my M3 on June 30, got my VIN a bit over a week later, and the car delivered at 3 weeks... Yes, I was restless a lot of the time waiting for my car; checking daily for...

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