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    FSD Beta 10.69

    If they don't have a buffer or delay, people will complain it's too jerky and robotic.
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    FSD Beta 10.69

    installed FSD Beta for the first time today. Did one short drive this morning, no issues. I did not do a camera calibration.
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    Discussion: Can top end Horsepower be increased on Model 3P?

    All this supercharging to 100%, discharging, then charging again, cycling in temperature and SOC is not good for the battery. It's an academic exercise at best. I think we can all agree that there is a battery temperature and SOC that will generate the most output. It kind of misses the point...
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    Teslas are being delivered too fast for Supercharger Growth

    That's my experience as well, driving through the Great Lakes area and the mid atlantic region. I have a pre 2020 Model 3, so I would need a retrofit to use CCS, but I'd say maybe once or twice have I had to wait on a Supercharger, and that was a small V2 location and only for about 15 minutes.
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    Guide To A Perfect Safety Score for the FSD Beta Queue, or Tesla Insurance reasons. (Whether you like it or not)

    this thread reminds me why I don't even want the FSD Beta until they significantly lower the score requirement.
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    Hertz Rental Model 3 - which battery?

    He was just asking what kind of battery it has, maybe because he was planning a road trip and charging infrastructure is limited where he's going. No need to bring boomer vibes in here.
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    Another Model Y or go with a Model 3?

    do you care about acceleration and handling? That's the biggest benefit of a 3 vs Y, besides cost.
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    12v battery horror story

    Do you have Sentry mode running and other battery draining options?
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    Spotify Daily Mix not updating

    Mine does it too. It's annoying. It also doesn't update my podcast playlists at times. It might have to do with the fact that I park the car in my garage and the WiFi is only marginal in there, but I'm not sure. The only sure workaround I've found is rebooting the screen by depressing the...
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Well Karpathy's sabbatical tells me that he was totally burnt out from the pressure or hours (I quit my job and traveled for 8 months after burning out, had no obligations at that point in life). Elon probably told him to take some time off because he didn't want to lose him. Eventually a long...
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    Charging a power bank with Tesla M3 Long Range

    yeah you need to be reaaalllll careful when you start doing anything beyond tapping off the cigarette lighter port to charge something. I've been to my share of festivals, I'm assuming this means music festival or anything that involves people who consume things over multiple days. People who...
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    Service options for independent shop ? Los Angeles area

    you can take it somewhere and have them upsell you on unnecessary service...
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    Buying used Model 3, new model 3 or Kia EV6

    New Teslas don't have radar, and a lot of people feel like auto pilot and traffic aware cruise control have much more phantom braking on them. Of course that could be fixed with a software update, but we've all been holding our breaths for autopilot fixes for years.
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    What is your reserve percentage set to and why?

    oh yeah I remember reading that now. So 100% indicated charge should be 96.5% of the nominal max. I'm pretty sure it's similar for the car batteries, but other EV makers have a big margin (GM for example). It's just weird how relaxed everyone seems about the issue of battery degradation on...
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    What is your reserve percentage set to and why?

    So you can't directly cap the max SOC like you can on a Tesla vehicle? It's all handled internally? Maybe somebody mentioned it somewhere, but is there an upper level buffer? (100% indicated isn't really 100% of what the battery can actually do) ? It's a little strange to me how there is so...
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    What is your reserve percentage set to and why?

    Resurrecting an old thread. I'm new to solar + powerwall, not new to Tesla stuff. I've got installers here today installing 5kw of solar (probably will produce less due to some tree coverage, have Panasonic panels with micro inverters), and 1 powerwall. Power consumption is on the low side...
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    Going to order a new Model 3 performance. Should I consider the long range AWD?

    For what it's worth, I had a 2005 Cadillac CTS-V (same engine as your Z06) and now I have a Model 3 LR AWD with Acceleration boost. It's plenty fast, I don't need the heavier and less efficient wheels or the stiffer ride (if that's still true). A friend of mine had a Performance. Yeah it has...
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    “Dumb” cruise control?

    They've definitely toned down the "catch up" acceleration in a recent software update.
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    2021 vs 2022 Improvements worth it?

    That's a pretty big assumption at this point, considering rising wages and the high level of general inflation, the high demand for Teslas right now, and ongoing supply and logistical challenges for the auto industry. Interest rates can only go so high given the current deficit and debt to GDP...
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    Should I test drive before delivery?

    The new vehicles have a weird factory branch of code, then they get updated after delivery
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    Upsell my M3 AWD and replace with a M3P?

    Do you have another car to drive or are you depending on this one? Well the Tesla website says January 2022 delivery for a Model 3 performance, but that's if you order today. So I guess the logistics aren't that complicated assuming that is correct, but as we all know they do production and...
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    Upsell my M3 AWD and replace with a M3P?

    OP how are you going to manage the logistics of selling your car private party, which isn't the most convenient thing timing wise if you want to maximize the money you get for it? Isn't there a significant delay to taking delivery of a new Performance? And then you have to run the numbers...
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    Upsell my M3 AWD and replace with a M3P?

    I have a LR AWD with accel boost and I've ridden in the M3 Performance, and driven a Y Performance. The power/torque difference between the LR AWD+ and the Performance is just not that big. Basically the acceleration boost software cuts the gap in low and mid range torque between the two trim...
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    Buying decision used LR (2019) or refreshed SR+ (2021)

    If you have a good charging infrastructure where you live, the long range matters less. I'm telling you, the power difference is huge. Don't buy a SR+ without driving a LR AWD first.
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    Buying decision used LR (2019) or refreshed SR+ (2021)

    Do you care about acceleration? It's a night and day difference between a Standard Range + and a Long Range (I presume all wheel drive). I'm sure the difference is even bigger with the LFP battery SR+ cars. You can also buy the acceleration boost software for the LR AWD cars. Enhanced auto...
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    Hertz buying 100,000 Teslas

    It sounds like it will be a pretty seamless process actually
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    ding ding ding do you really think they have the resources to look through a gazillion video clips and data logs from all the new users? They're just collecting high level statistics from the fleet. Besides, you think the devs don't know the problems and limitations by now? They know the...
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    I might get it, if they roll out the software to people with 92 driver scores before there's a high profile accident. It's clearly following the path of Smart Summon, stoplight control, etc. You use it a few times and realize that it's too stressful and limited in functionality to be usable on...
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    Who with a score of 100 and more than 100 miles is still waiting for FSD roll out?

    If it makes you feel any better, FSD Beta rollout is pretty much a disaster, with people here rationalizing a turd of a dangerous product that frequently does dangerous manuevers.
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Let's be real guys, FSD Beta is a turd. We've all mentally moved the goalposts so that it's "impressive" and yet it tries to drive the car through solid objects at least once per drive. I dropped $6k on it two years ago and basically the only useful thing out of it is the driver initiated auto...
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Reading these reviews, when I get the Beta I'm not sure I even want to try it (I have a 92 driver score so it will be a while). I wonder how much money we will all get when the class action lawsuit settles?
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    SR+ comes with what charging equipment?

    unless you have a very time sensitive charging rate plan (off peak are only a few hours in the evening), 32 amps is more than enough to charge a model 3. You can easily charge from 20 to 80% overnight. Even a 120V standard wall outlet is fast enough to top off the battery on days where you're...
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    Please help me figure out my charging costs

    all this random math about gasoline should be taken out of the discussion. Cost per mile for fuel/electricity is a useful metric to compare with an ICE car but all this weird stuff about $15 per gallon makes no sense. An ICE car has a large fuel reserve (stored energy in gas tank) with poor...
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    Tesla is showing their dirty laundry with FSD way more than any other company's advanced driver assistance systems.
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    MP3 broke down on drive home from picking it up

    now you get a crash course in Tesla Roadside Assistance
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    Full price for FSD with EAP installed?

    Automatic lane change is nice to have. I'm not sure I'd pay $100 a month for it though. The other stuff in its current state (Summon, Smart Summon, Navigate on Autopilot) you end up not using after trying it a few times. Navigate on Autopilot specifically (as mentioned above) struggles in...
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    Full price for FSD with EAP installed?

    I will speculate that we will see FSD Beta have an updated Navigate on Autopilot (released this weekend unless there are delays). Then after some minor version updates at some point the updated NoA will migrate to enhanced auto pilot users, maybe in a larger software update. I'm really hoping...
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    Full price for FSD with EAP installed?

    Wait until the newest FSD Beta with the updated navigate on autopilot comes out. The current system has a tendency to miss exits unless there is very little traffic.
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Seems like it will be a month or more before a large body of users are able to actually use the beta, when you account for the roll out of the update and the one week window of driving evaluation.
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    well damn I didn't see that coming at all. Maybe I should have. I'm guessing they will judge based on paying attention (in car camera), rate of acceleration and frequency of hard braking, whether you are running lights or not.
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    The biggest problem with Navigate on Autopilot is that it misses exits when you are in traffic. It will change lanes into the far left lane, and before the exit it will try to change over multiple lanes but isn't aggressive enough. That and it will cut off faster traffic when trying to pass...
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    Vision Y on 2021.32.10 scary experience in Navigate on AP

    I mean poor behavior behavior exiting (in any kind of traffic) is basically the #1 flaw in Navigate on Autopilot. I basically gave up on it a year ago, it's too stressful to wonder if it will make the exit or not. We can only hope that the updated version that will be released on FSD Beta 10.1...
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    New LR AWD Charging Slower?

    Put the old mobile connector back in and see if you're getting 16 Amps /reduced charging again. See if it's consistently an error with the old mobile connector.
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    I think the progress feels frustratingly slow because of all the promises previously made. When I bought FSD around this time in 2019 (before price increased from $6000 to $7000) I figured they were at about the point they are right now: getting close to a public release of a usable level 2...
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    Advice on buying a used high mileage P90D

    So the car has MCU1 still? You will need to upgrade to MCU2. It's only going to run worse and worse on MCU1 as the software updates arrive (new Tesla OS version 11 will probably come this year). You'll have to see how much that costs at the service center.
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    2014 S vs 2021 3. Or head vs heart.

    The problem isn't that he wants an S, it's that he wants one that is likely to have a lot of issues, such as throttled supercharging, MCU, etc.
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    Replacing cabin air filters without using Evaporator coil cleaner spray

    I live in Michigan. I usually keep the A/C on auto, set anywhere between 67 and 71 degrees F. I ordered the Nextsett stuff, hopefully be here on Sunday. I hope I can find time to get this done before I leave Thursday. I am reading different comments about how hard and time consuming it is to...
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    Replacing cabin air filters without using Evaporator coil cleaner spray

    2019 Model 3 LR AWD with about 16k miles, received in May 2019. I'm getting the A/C stink. I looked on Tesla's website and the OEM filters are sold out. I go on Amazon and buy the EP Auto CP681 filters. It seems like the Evaporator coil spray that some Youtube videos are recommending is sold...
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    Bad Basic Autopilot experience

    Except FSD stops at stop lights... in the city

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