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    Full Charge Range

    My 2019 Long range AWD on a full charge shows 294 miles, why is it low what can I do better? I always keep it plugged at how with wall charger and on a daily basis set the charge limit at 80%
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    SolarEdge Monitoring w/Tesla Solar Panels (Using GWY10 Zigbee Gateway)

    Reached out to Tesla and rep was very helpful but she is not sure how to grant the access required and asked me to reach out to SolarEdge and SolarEdge mentioned that Tesla has to do that as they are the installer, again reached back to Tesla with this info so basically I am stuck there and...
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    SolarEdge Monitoring w/Tesla Solar Panels (Using GWY10 Zigbee Gateway)

    I got access to SolarEdge monitoring platform today but I dont see the panel layout, how can have access to this to monitor each panels?
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    SolarEdge Monitoring w/Tesla Solar Panels (Using GWY10 Zigbee Gateway)

    it used to say S_OK but not anymore
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    SolarEdge Monitoring w/Tesla Solar Panels (Using GWY10 Zigbee Gateway)

    I have a new systems turned on a month ago with no PW and I would really like to have monitoring from SolarEdge enabled for me. Where do I start with to get the SE account for monitoring?
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    Caraoke working for anyone with V10?

    It was working for me initially then it stopped on Wednesday night tried 2 button restart multiple times but still no luck. Magically came back on Thursday morning then I updated to 32.11.1 last night and haven't tried since then.
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    Tesla Solar Install

    When Tesla submitted the spec to Nationalgrid with 11.22kW DC and 2 powerwalls they totaled the system as 20kW AC and thats when Nationalgrid asked for infrastructure upgrade and proposed a new transformer and the timeframe quotes was like 6+ months so I didnt went with that suggestion and also...
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    Tesla Solar Install

    Hi All, I am getting a 11.22 kWh system with 34 SC330 and SolarEdge 10000H inverter (Not going with Powerwall as the utility wants to add a new transformer to support the load and the added expense is not worth it). Tesla is currently installing my system with some work done on Friday, they will...
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    Panasonic Panels/Solar Edge Inverter

    My system is scheduled to be installed in couple of weeks and I am going with SE10000H-US000SNU2 inverter with 34 SC330. I would like to know if inverter makes any sound as I am looking to install it in the basement currently. My garage is next to my basement is it advised to install in basement...
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    Supercharger Locations

    How to identify a per minute Supercharger location vs per kWh locations
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    Tesla Energy Site Updated?

    Looks like Tesla changed Solar, now I see the site is offering the renting and also see change in system sizes
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    Just got 2019.24.4

    Reached out to Tesla via chat couple of time but they just asked me to sit tight and did nothing, just automatically happened yesterday. Glad directly got on to the latest version
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    Just got 2019.24.4

    Got an update last night, this is my second update after delivery in end of June. Updated from 2019.15.104 --> 2019.28.2
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    Just got 2019.24.4

    June built LR AWD still sitting on 15.104 :(. I this normal or am I missing anything ?
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    Tesla deploys first solar power system in 24 hours after ordering online

    This is the future I am looking for. https://electrek.co/2019/07/24/tesla-solar-power-system-24-hours-ordering-online/
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    Model 3 Price drop [Speculation]

    Price got dropped and Multi coat white became standard. Tesla updates pricing and options across lineup, discontinues several variants - Electrek
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    What is the latest software version?

    I took delivery Of my LR AWD with FSD on 28th June. Upon delivery its on 15.103 and I got update to 15.104 couple of days ago. Reached out to Tesla via chat for latest version and I was confirmed that I have HW3(also checked the video codec myself) and I am on N-1 version as far as software is...
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    2019.20.4.4 updated

    Got update yesterday and updated from 15.103 to 15.104, not sure when I will catch up. Had a chat session with Tesla and the rep told that I was on the N-1 version and Engineering pushed a update and rolled it back as they found a but, I am clueless how being on 15.104 is N-1
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    Trade in

    I have traded in my old Civic for Tesla 3 and took deliver on June 28th but I still see my old auto loan is not paid off yet and today is my monthly loan die date for my auto loan, do I need to worry about it. Anyone had this situation with Tesla.
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    Software update

    Same here took delivery last week and I see not update, any way to force an update to latest version?
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    What happened to the Tesla Wall Connector with the NEMA 14-50 plug?

    I am a new owner and dont have the charging setup in the garage yet, as I am also going Solar with Tesla soon they offered Wall connecter for free but I have to pay $1000 for installation... so is going with Tesla wall connecter better or Wall connecter with 15-40 plug is better?
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    yes but even if you do so it wont be a quick process. I did that and was refunded back
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    Accessories we get with the car

    I took my delivery of my LR AWD M3 last Friday and only got the mobile charger along with one adaptor that supports other chargers and regular floor mats. I didnt got phone charging cables or anything else. Am I missing anything or this is what we get.
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    no direct contact to reach at arts New Orleans, they are slow and they wont let you join if your purpose was to get membership at the CU. CU needs to get a direct email for Arts council to get your membership application going and Arts council takes like a week to 10 days to do this, this is my...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Local credit unions are better I have decent score and was able to get 2.49% for 60 months
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    Took delivery today and I see sw version 2019.15.103.... Will I get an update soon or do I need to do anything. Also how to check HW version?
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Just took the delivery, experience was fabulous just some minor paint issues that were noted. only disappointment was Homelink. Ordered 06/12 Car built date 06/19 Delivery 06/28 Got software version v9.0 (2019.15.103 .....) do I need to update it if so how?
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    Delivery checklist

    My delivery is tomorrow and still didn't received RMV1 starting to get worried about as my bank needs this to process loan. Is this normal, has anyone gone through similar situation.
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    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    is there any sound track to test Tesla premium sound system, like a speaker test?
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    Delivery checklist

    Thank you
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    Delivery checklist

    Hi All, This community has always been helpful and quick in answering any questions or issues related to Tesla. Finally I am exited to take delivery of my dream car this Friday 28th and am nervous about making sure the build quality is as it is supposed to be and once again I reach out to you to...
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    Homelink Now An Extra Charge

    When I am getting FSD how does summon work without homelink, correct me if I am missing something
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    Homelink Now An Extra Charge

    I am getting M3 LR AWD with FSD will I get homelink included?
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Thank you this helped me, waiting for VIN got delivery date scheduled for next week
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Just got text for delivery scheduling and latest available is 06/28, but still no VIN White LR AWD 19" wheels with FSD.
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Hi can you please tell me which credit union is this as I am also looking for the auto loan for my Tesla
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    My System Suggestions

    I dont have the town water, my house uses the well pump to pump water into the house and without power I will not have running water(I will only have like 20gallon for water in case of outage) coming to heat I have central air and a oil furnace so if the central air is out that means that I will...
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    My System Suggestions

    Hi All, My current system design I got from Tesla is a 9.9kw (30x330 Tesla panels with Solar edge inverter) and 1 Powerwall 2 with 10035kWh first year production estimate and a price tag of $38,484 before incentives. I was told that I will not have my well pump, dryer, heater and AC load...
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    Wall Charger Installation Quote - Review

    I am in central MA, waiting for my M3 LR AWD (ordered 6/12), I am in the process of going solar at the same time and I got a call from Tesla that if we go solar in 90 days when we buy a car they are giving the wall charger for free and I got exited hearing it and the rep told me he will add it...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Here is also shows taxes as due amount, will that be included into the Tesla loan?
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    is this directly through the "Payment method" on your order on the web site? I placed my order and looking for best loan rate. I currently see 4.25 APR do we need to go to next step to see actual rates?
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    Tesla App Video guides

    No issues in accessing them from browser.. Progress bar shows partial as I tried to scroll I can see frames when scrolling but video is not playing
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    Tesla App Video guides

    I am on iPhone X with iOS 12.3.1 Tried rebooting, re-installing ana nothing worked
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    sell my 2019 m3.

    @Deepa Tesla just started selling used Model3's see if this help in any way https://electrek.co/2019/06/14/tesla-used-model-3-vehicles/
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    Tesla App Video guides

    I placed my order and am waiting for my delivery. I have installed Tesla app and notice that I can get to the video guide and select the videos without any issues but I am not able to play them anyone had this issue if so how is it resolved. I am able to scroll through video and do mute unmute...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    I placed my order yesterday for White M3 LR AWD with FSD and I am looking who is the best lender in the Central MA region. any help is appreciated
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    what is the APR with LightStream and is there any advantage in going with them instead of regular banks or CU's
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Now I am waiting, placed my order yesterday M3 White, black interior with 19" Sport wheel and FSD
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    My timeline (from assessment to permission to operate)

    I am in the process of getting a quote for a similar system what is the total system price Tesla gave?

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