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  1. Butane

    Supercharger - Haubstadt, IN - Ruffian Way

    She fits nicely on the floor under the kiddo's seats 😁 She wasn't happy to suddenly be the only one in the car! (I turned on dog mode right after this photo- we didn't forget her!)
  2. Butane

    Supercharger - Haubstadt, IN - Ruffian Way

    Still not open. Utility transformer has a functioning meter now, so they're not the hold up anymore. Inverter cabinets are still bagged.
  3. Butane

    Supercharger - Bloomington, IN

    I stopped by yesterday. Everything looks ready but the power. I didn't see a permit tag on any of the equipment (and I don't know if that's a thing for commercial connections) so maybe just waiting on the inspector to sign off. I don't know much about v3 superchargers, but this is the rating...
  4. Butane

    Rhode Island Law - Tire repair kit must be included

    I can't speak for the OP, but *I* am a millennial and I'm capable of considering ideas on their merits instead of making generalized ad homs because thinking is hard. My non-tesla (FCA) car also didn't come with a spare, but it does include a can of slime and a road-hazard triangle. The slime...
  5. Butane

    Custom fit trunk cooler

    I had a project? Oh shi..... :eek: I've made little progress even by my poor standards. I printed a bunch of parts, and noticed how the curves are pretty terrible as can be seen in the images above. I really started to run into the limits of my CAD skills to fix it. Then between kids, getting...
  6. Butane

    Mid range battery available now?

    Is the return policy new? Return Policy
  7. Butane

    LED strip on phone dock lid

    That's a pretty cool ambient lighting idea! Since I have one, I'd go the 3D printed route. If you don't then this is a good chance to rationalize getting one! :D Otherwise you might try some rubber D or F channel weather stripping. It's a bit hard to guess where you'd put it based on that...
  8. Butane

    Dipped! Bora Bora + Autoflex

    Ah OK. I'll admit I didn't understand the distinction between SWP and base plasti-dip. Makes sense that it's a system. I'm *assuming* my installer did it right as he's the only listed authorized installer for Autoflex in my area and it's holding up well.
  9. Butane

    Dipped! Bora Bora + Autoflex

    Installer said I could expect 5-7 years or more depending on how well I took care of it, how much sun hit it, etc. The Autoflex clearcoat is not supposed to yellow in sunlight. Not sure if the pearls will fade over time or not. Thanks! Autoflex is the "pro-grade" non-diy version of the normal...
  10. Butane

    Dipped! Bora Bora + Autoflex

    The guy just sprayed over the sensors and I've had no problems with them. I've also not heard of any other Tesla owner having problems after a wrap or dip. Ultrasonics are common enough on cars now I feel like most shops can tell you if they've had issues with a particular coating or wrap.
  11. Butane

    2019 Model 3 Predicted Changes

    Fair enough, it's definitely a want. However I think this feature could easily show up in the next year or so. Tesla made a big deal when they started syncing driver profiles to the cloud, and I see this as an obvious extension. I believe we won't see it in the Model 3 though until the same...
  12. Butane

    2019 Model 3 Predicted Changes

    A useful interior camera. Why is it in a car with so many cameras, it can't figure out who is in the driver's seat and select their profile? My wife and I use easy entry. I frequently forget who drove last. I have way too many harrowing Indiana Jones experiences of the seat and steering wheel...
  13. Butane

    What did you name your Tesla?

    Serenity. (Wife chose it because she's awesome.)
  14. Butane

    Custom fit trunk cooler

    Possibly. The problem is how to control the depth of the foam. I brainstormed this with a composites engineer (who thinks I'm nuts) at work and he suggested adhering a bunch of small wooden dowels as depth gauges to fiberglass and then cutting/sanding the foam back until I find them. This could...
  15. Butane

    Custom fit trunk cooler

    Thanks, that's a good idea. Unfortunately that only works with abs, which I didn't have enough experience with to be sure I could keep it from warping. Either way I'll still have seams between each of the pieces, so I'll need to fill and sand those anyway. In the meantime, I'm getting serious...
  16. Butane

    Custom fit trunk cooler

    Got a couple pieces printed now! I printed the piece with the handle the way because of printer dimensions. Rotating it so I don't need supports on the forming surface would require me to slice the mold on the long axis a 2nd time, creating another 6 pieces to print and more seams to smooth...
  17. Butane

    Custom fit trunk cooler

    Uh, I guess I kind of got fixated on using fiberglass. If I give it some thought, I see a couple issues with just printing. First the actual print would be huge, and take quite awhile. I'd have to print each section hollow and fill them individually with expanding foam and worry about the...
  18. Butane

    Custom fit trunk cooler

    Like others, I've tried to find a cooler that fits in the lower trunk as it's just such a convenient location for one. Since none of the ones I have fit and I haven't seen anything that makes optimal use of the volume, I decided the only reasonable choice was to build my own. :) This thread...
  19. Butane

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Thanks. It's a dip with Autoflex. Same for the wheels.
  20. Butane

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Transformation complete!
  21. Butane

    Dipped! Bora Bora + Autoflex

    It was around $2k for us. Partly depends on color choices.
  22. Butane

    Dipped! Bora Bora + Autoflex

    Today celebrates two months of Model 3 ownership. Fitting that I should get to pick it up from my dip guy today! This whole idea was inspired by showing my wife the thread where @HankLloydRight dipped his Model S in a colorshifting pearl, back when the long wait had just begun. Then she saw...
  23. Butane

    Self-Driving or Not?

    This is only partially true now. Driving along this section of IN-37 which is under major construction to be turned into I-69 (see completed sections to the south in Indiana) I get lane change abilities on less than 24 hour old dashed lines and AP is definitely aware of the cones, adding or...
  24. Butane

    Self-Driving or Not?

    It depends on how much you believe in Tesla's ability to deliver on promises and how long you plan on keeping the car. A lot of people with December 2016 AP2.0 leases that paid for it are rightfully pissed they'll see no value for 2 years or more. If you're keeping the car for many years...
  25. Butane

    Have you signed up for TeslaFI?

    I noticed it does this too. Sounds way better than my results. I'll give your settings a try and see how it goes. Thanks!
  26. Butane

    Have you signed up for TeslaFI?

    Two ways. 1) In TeslaFi settings, right at the top is a checkbox to disable logging. You can re-enable at any time. 2) Change your Tesla password. That will revoke any API tokens in use. You must put in your Tesla credentials on TeslaFi to get another token.
  27. Butane

    Software update - 2018.26.1

    I received the notificiation yesterday. No issues pulling up the clock icon and installing right when I got home. Now have 26.1. Connected to my WiFi fine, summon is a gimmick but the neighbors were impressed. :D Lock notification is nice, even if it's a boring horn beep. This will be really...
  28. Butane

    Have you signed up for TeslaFI?

    I used it up until about a week ago, 6 weeks or so of use. Vampire drain was around 4.5kWh/day (19 miles for me) even after spending some time tweaking the sleep settings. The range loss wasn't a huge deal as our daily commute is only around 90 miles, but the electricity adds up. Nearly...
  29. Butane

    60A Breaker -> 4 gage or 6 gage wire?

    Came here to say essentially the same thing as eprosenx did. I'll just add the NEC code sections to back up his claims about why Contractor #1 is wrong. NEC 210.20(A) Specifies that overcurrent protection devices "shall be sized to not less than the noncontinuous load plus 125 percent of the...
  30. Butane

    Child lock

    Add me to the list! We frequently have one adult and one toddler in the rear. Though I at least appreciate that it's a software switch at all. On our previous car, the switch was a recessed screw that you needed to have a narrow flathead screwdriver on hand to enable or disable.
  31. Butane

    Easy, Practical, Inexpensive Charging Cable Bracket

    Not sure which one tivoboy was referring to, but I found several on Thingiverse. These looked promising: Tesla Cable Holder by adafruit (From adafruit.com - they even have the Fusion360 files on their website so you can modify if needed. Tesla Home Wall Charger Holster UMC by kriskitchen Has a...
  32. Butane

    Model 3 Design Studio Open

    I went ahead and actually read the fine print in the Motor Vehicle Purchase agreement. "Your Order Payment is fully refundable only until your order is matched to a Vehicle, at which point it becomes nonrefundable." This was in bold print. So you have untill you're "issued a VIN" or whatever...
  33. Butane

    Hot outlet reducing charging speed

    https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/downloads/US/universalmobileconnector_nema_14-50.pdf Called out by name and PN. The cheap ones are rated to be plugged/unplugged as often as people (are supposed to) clean behind their stove. The industrial one are rated for regular use and unplugging...
  34. Butane

    Hot outlet reducing charging speed

    Not familiar with that rule on crawlspaces. I know you are supposed to protect them in attics under certain conditions, and generally a couple pieces of wood, taller than the cable, nailed on either side meets the requirement. I don't think you'll have any issues running cable in a manner...
  35. Butane

    Hot outlet reducing charging speed

    Run length for a given wire size is generally limited by the voltage drop across the line when under load. No more the 5% off nominal = 114V minimum, though I have not seen any electrician care about this in my area. Other things that can impact wire size are deratings due to number of...
  36. Butane

    Hot outlet reducing charging speed

    Congrats! You may consider replacing the Leviton outlet with an industrial grade one, per Tesla's requirements. Common outlets that meet that spec are the Hubbell HBL9450A and Cooper 5754N. Do this especially if you plan on unplugging the mobile charging adapter repeatedly, as a big difference...
  37. Butane

    Hot outlet reducing charging speed

    Assuming you're in a garage where the ambient temperature can exceed 86 degF, then you can point your electrician to NEC Table 310.15(B)(2)(a) [PDF], and tell him that he's not derating the conductors properly. Also, as others have said, the industrial grade NEMA 14-50 outlet is actually...
  38. Butane

    Abstract Ocean phone tray vinyl wrap

    I did the AO brushed titanium wrap for my center console a couple weeks ago. I left a comment on their support forum that they should add a 4th piece to cover the plastic over the USB cables on the phone tray. Didn't hear anything for a couple weeks. Then this showed up in the mail! Don't...
  39. Butane

    Does a standard 80" door fit in a Model 3? No problem.

    Glad it fits doors. I learned the hard way this past weekend that new-in-box Kohler toilets will not fit. :D
  40. Butane

    Does creep mode link to driver profiles?

    All of the driving settings do in the 3. My wife and I have separate preferences for regen, creep, steering feel. It's really nice. Now if only we could put that interior camera to good use and have the car figure out which of us was in the driver's seat. Tapping the brake after she drives...
  41. Butane

    Neighbor buys Tesla Model S. Neighbor installs HPWC. Neighnor sell Tesla...

    You can blame Ohm's Law if you want. Voltage (V) = Current in Amps (I) * resistance in Ohms (R). 100ft of 14awg wiring has a nominal resistance of 253 milliOhms. At 12 amps, that's a voltage drop of .253*12 = 3.0V, and that's just from the breaker to your car. (For 12awg wire, it's a 1.9V drop.)...
  42. Butane

    Vampire drain from unclosed door/trunk

    I had something similar happen to me. First night on a trip, at a hotel, I checked on the car via the app as a paranoid person does. Noticed the climate control was on and shut it off. Then noticed the unlocked symbol. Tried to lock the car, and only then did the app throw an error saying a door...
  43. Butane

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    First supercharge on my first road trip! Took my son to the Dayton airshow. He absolutely loves charging "Mommy's car." (I get the minivan...:()
  44. Butane

    Delivery appointment email and the unreasonable requirements on third-party financing

    All FPCU needed from me was the MVPA (not even signed by Tesla) to finalize the loan. Took them 1 business day. They then overnighted a check to Tesla. They made this process clear to me before I applied for pre-approval. Several other CUs I spoke with when shopping rates were not so easy. One...
  45. Butane

    Elon tweets about assembly line built using scrap parts

    @buttershrimp is gonna be so pissed to hear this! He'll cancel really soon now!
  46. Butane

    Would not update car if you have a road trip coming soon

    I think you're being a bit overly dramatic. My commute is 60 miles of freeway everyday and I have no real issues that I didn't have before with the nagging. Remember (or maybe heads up) Tesla detects the presence of your hands by their resistance to the motion of the wheel. Apply a steady, light...
  47. Butane

    Model 3 - Modifications & Ideas

    Hi everyone. My name is Butane and I fail at vinyl wrapping center consoles. The other two sections were comparatively easy and turned out fairly nice. Wife and I are really happy we picked the brushed titanium.
  48. Butane

    Model 3 - Modifications & Ideas

    This is the AO T puddle light in a 2 car garage light by 4x 60W equiv LED bulbs. The original OEM puddle light was not visibile in these lighting conditions. I agree that installation was very easy, just be aware that there is almost no slack in the Model 3 wiring harness, unlike the Model S you...
  49. Butane

    Model 3 - Modifications & Ideas

    Center console wrap - delivered in the mail today. Just gotta get home and do it. "T" logo puddle lights. - Also arrived today. Full Autoflex coating - coming in the next month or so. Aftermarket 18" wheels for summer - next spring or so when I rotate on then off winter tires. Aluminum...
  50. Butane

    New Configuration Invites 4/6

    The wait is over! Picked it up yesterday. Delivery was almost derailed by a cracked charge port door, but they got it replaced just in time. I didn't go over the car with a fine tooth comb like some others here, but all panel gaps, headlight protrusions, and charge port door alignment seemed...

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