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    FS: 2015 Model S 10 Spoke wheels w/ snow tires - Silver Spring MD

    2015 factory 19" 10 spoke wheels. Michelin X-Ice snow tires have 2 winter months on them. 9/32 tread depth. 2 rims have some curb rash. Located in SIlver Spring MD. $500.
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    Can the Radio Flyer Model S fit in the back of a Model S?

    Didn't try only double seat down. I had both down. Fits in car in box
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    2014 vs 2015 model . what is major difference? Is 2014 still good deal to buy?

    No AP, no lane change, probably no traffic aware cruise control. The rest, not sure. I've never driven one without AP.
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    54K miles and 2.5 years on last 12 volt battery before dying...

    This is maybe a bit off the original topic, but I've had my S for 3.5 years w/ 85K miles and I'm on the original battery. Any known reasons for premature failure?
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    2014 vs 2015 model . what is major difference? Is 2014 still good deal to buy?

    It all depends on the date of production as to what was available on the car. Models do not change on the calendar basis. Early 2014 was no autopilot and around October '14, autopilot hardware was included. I bought mine in 2015 with Autopilot. The big difference in prices could be related to...
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    Recommendations for Tint and/or Opticoat in MD north of the DC beltway

    I did not get my car coated. I got tint done up in Baltimore. I'd have to do some research to figure out what the name was.
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    Pedestrian warning sound

    I want one with the music from jaws when the shark is going to attack.
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    How do you leave your key when doing activities?

    I believe if you leave the key in the console and make sure you and the car have internet access, exit the car and before you close the door, lock the doors from the console. Close the door. It should be and stay locked, ignoring the key in the console. I was given this sequence by a service...
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    Maryland Front Plate

    I've been driving my S for 2 1/2 years without the front tag mounted. I did get ticketed in late August 2015 for not having the front plate mounted. Oddly enough, the bracket I bought (can't remember the manufacturer, but it has the pins and magnetic sockets) arrived the next day. I keep the...
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    Want to Listen to Audio Books

    I second using Overdrive to borrow from the library and I use, on android, Smart Audiobook Player to play the books. It has some cool features like auto rewind when you pause, and sleep timer based on motion from the phone. I've done quite a bit of torrenting books and uploading them from the PC...
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    First Long Road Trip: Planning Question

    In December, I did a trip from MD to FL and back. I did a lot of pre-planning using A Better Route Planner and EV Trip Planner. I used an abundance of caution on the way south and depended mostly on the Tesla planner with backup from ABRP on the other half of the screen. It took 19.5 hours...
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    Maryland Front Plate

    I installed the Magneplate mount in August after I bought the car in June 2015. I have received 1 ticket for not having the plate mounted. It seems that Magneplate is no longer selling their option. I keep the plate in the frunk currently and don't plan on putting it back on. Also, the suction...
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    Repairing a Flooded Tesla Model S : HOW-TO

    I got all the references and I approve. Big fan of both this thread and the reference source. Until your car is completely repaired, naming could have come from The Walking Dead. Your parted out cars could have been Glen and Abraham.
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    EVTripPlanner buggy lately

    I've had the same problem with a long route. Silver Spring MD to The Villages in FL results in a route to The Villages and back to somewhere in DE. I switched the destination to the Ocala Supercharger and that worked.
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    Replacement 19" tires

    I was just in for a service @ ~31K miles and they measured my tread depth @ 5 or 6/32 depending on wheel and outer/mid/inner. Getting close to needing new tires, but not yet.
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    Tesla moments

    I didn't originally think of this as a Tesla moment, but the mention of the Ferrari above reminded me of this. Over this past Labor Day weekend I was at Summit Point Raceway (WV) for the weekend. It's a big charity weekend for our region of the SCCA. Saturday and Sunday they do exotic car...
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    Charging at Nemacolin?

    I'm going there in December. Keep us posted on what they have available. I'm expecting destination charging with an HPWC, but failed to confirm what the exact situation is when the reservation was made.
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    Supercharger - Laurel, MD

    I've got 8.0 as of yesterday morning. I'm local, so no need to charge.
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    Supercharger - Laurel, MD

    My wife, Heidi and I will be there @ noon Sunday. I'm always up for food. I think I have 8.0 now. Haven't gotten out of bed yet to check and see what installed overnight. Scott
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    Supercharger - Laurel, MD

    Late post, but we were by there on Sunday and, of course, no change. The parking lot was packed mid day though with alot of people meandering about between movies.
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    Car keeps resetting to 30 Amps

    I have a dedicated 100 amp circuit going to my HPWC, and my S only charges @ 40 amps. I have had it reduce the charge to 30a while charging overnight. I''ve never bothered to figured out exactly why it does it, but by downloading data from my thermostat and pulling data from the Tesla using...
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    what date/vin was LTE hardware introduced?

    I ordered our 85D and took delivery June 27, '15. My delivery specialist told us at the time that it was one of the first he'd delivered with LTE. We were not the 1st delivery of the day.
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    Supercharger - Bethesda, MD

    Hagerstown is not on 270, it's 30 miles west of Frederick on 70. If you're planning on traveling N/NE of Frederick from the Beltway, you're not going to Hagerstown to charge. The next Supercharger is Harrisburg
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    No more RWD at all?

    Could it be that the model 3 will be the only 2 wheel drive Tesla?
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    Any owners with big dogs?

    My 2 130 lb Great Danes will never see the inside of the Tesla. The 2005 Astro van is theirs. The Tesla is mine mine mine all mine. You know how hard it is to get dog hair out of the headliner?
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    Do your front windows hit the chrome trim when opening?

    I thought I was having this problem with the rear windows and I figured out that I was trying to pull open the door with the handle as if it was one of my other cars with a mechanical link between the handle and the latch. Now, I treat the handles as a switch and pause a fraction of a second...
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    How fast did Model S ruin you for ICE?

    Hank, Looks like we might be close to alone in this thread. I still love my S2000 and taking it to track days. I still love the sound of a V12 Ferrari or the looks of most of the "supercars" and would love the opportunity to drive them. I'd rather drive my 85D back and forth to work or...
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    Supercharger - Laurel, MD

    Not sure if you've been to the area in the last 2 years, but the indoor mall is gone and it's now an open air town center. The old Laurel Shopping center is still next door with the same sign from ~1956.
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    Supercharger - Laurel, MD

    I would not take that route to the charger from 95. The right turn on 10th street takes you through the residential neighborhood. Make the right on Van Dusen then left on Cherry lane, then left into the town center. Be careful of the speed camera on Cherry Lane. I've lived and shopped on...
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    Tesla keeps forcing me to accept things I didn't pay for!

    And how about Tesla's dastardly effort to get me to try out the nice B&B's they're giving HPWC's to? Now I've got to drive long distances to stay in nice places, charge up for free, and get home without having to stop at any of those stinky gas stations. I'll never forgive them.
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    What smartphone are you all using?

    Another Nexus 6P user. My wife just picked up a Nexus 6.
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    Supercharger - Bethesda, MD

    Nice! I wouldn't mind a supercharger only a mile or so from my house. Then maybe I'll get one of those fabled "Don't supercharge so much" letters ;-)
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    Supercharger - Bethesda, MD

    Assuming you're coming down 95 from Philly to 495 towards Silver Spring to get to Kensington, you've got several convenient options for J1772 charging. Depending on the time you would arrive in the area, check out the chargers in Maple Lawn/Fulton. There are several of them in the parking lot...
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    Supercharger - Bethesda, MD

    The IKEA in College Park could be an ideal spot. The lower lot farthest away from Rt1 always has parking available, even in the busiest of times there. Considering the massive solar array they have covering the roof, power capacity from the grid would probably not be an issue.
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    Supercharger - Bethesda, MD

    I've charged there a few times before I got my HPWC installed. If you go off hours, you'll probably be able to charge. I've been there alone @ 10pm at night and also been second person on the charger that late, so it's hit or miss. Do not bother any time during the day. You're just asking to...
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    Loaner gets 240 plus miles with a 90%/standard charge

    My 85D gets 238 @ 90% with no range charges @ almost 8000 miles. I typically recharge nightly at no less than 100 miles.
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    40amp to 30amp Charging Drop Update

    Back in the summer, I had my charge rate drop from 40 to 30 in the middle of the night several times. I have a thermostat that records data from my Heat Pump/Furnace setup and I could tell that sometimes when the AC came on in the middle of the night, the charge rate dropped to 30 amps...
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    EVmote App

    I'm the one that deleted the location. I thought I had set it up wrong. Added it back in now. It looks like it's saved. Thanks.
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    EVmote App

    I thought I set up a charging reminder yesterday evening to let me know if I'm not plugged in between 10pm and 2am. I received a nice email at 9:53am: "Hi, It's your car. You forgot to plug me in just now. Do you mind coming back out and charging me so I'll be ready next time we go somewhere?"...
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    Anyone saved from an accident by autobrake?

    Several weeks ago, I was in normal DC bumper to bumper traffic using TACC. At one point when traffic started to move, and then stop again suddenly, the impending doom warning went off and TACC stopped the car in plenty of time, but the car in front of me rear ended the truck in front of him. I...
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    Is there a way to turn touch screen off?

    Perfect example of a reason to be able to turn the touch screen off while sitting in the car. (Old tech vs. New) My wife and I were at a drive-in this past weekend and we had to use cleaning mode to dim the touch screen to the max, but of course that does not change the dash. Kind of annoying...
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    Warning to model S owners in Colorado.

    My 85D was delivered in June. Tesla apparently made a change to the windshield in May and now there is an uncoated area to the right of the rear view at the top that is the place to put the transponder inside the car. I just checked my EZPass bill and there are no charges by tag, only by...
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    Help Me Learn To Park My Model S Properly

    I've found that if I back into a spot using the backup camera lines as guidance and get them parallel to the parking spot lines, the car is not straight in. If I back in using the tried and true rear view and side view mirrors, I get it straight. Also, I did not know you had to adjust the...
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    Any interest in getting a group together at Katie's Cars & Coffee in Great Falls, VA

    As someone who has never been to Katies and have only been to that parking lot later at night at the Old Brogue Irish Pub, where in the parking lot would we try to gather? The only points of reference I have is the map on the site. I plan on a valid attempt to be there @ 6am, or close to it...
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    Spare lay flat tire

    It would be much easier to fit your AAA card in the frunk. Kidding aside, I haven't carried a spare tire in my S2000 for the 15 years I've owned it, and I had exactly 1 flat tire. I'd rather not waste the storage space for a spare. Porsche 944's also had the odd pre-flattened spare with a...
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    Recommendations for Tint and/or Opticoat in MD north of the DC beltway

    Anyone have experience with any installers between Rockville / Silver Spring and north Baltimore? I'm hoping to not have to drive an hour into NoVA to drop off my 85D and then again to pick it up.
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    Any interest in getting a group together at Katie's Cars & Coffee in Great Falls, VA

    Not sure I can shake the wife out of bed @ 5:30 in the morning for a car show, but I'll be there.
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    How far away can the radar see?

    I use TACC all the time in traffic and on the open road to help control my "normal" aggressive driving tendencies. It does seem to have the ability to see pretty far and the 600' estimate seems about right. I happened to be following a state police SUV today and as my upper limit of speed...
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    Any interest in getting a group together at Katie's Cars & Coffee in Great Falls, VA

    I'm interested. Life seems to fill up Saturday's pretty quick. Can do 07/25 or 08/01, but not any others until September. Is this something they do there all year round?
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    Tire Gas

    Not sure I understand the reference to electricity and using nitrogen. If you can bring a tank of nitrogen to a track, you can bring a tank of air. I've used nitrogen in tires for autocross to minimize the amount of pressure increase when the tire heats up using air. The amount of pressure...

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