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    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    The last I checked, they were are 4/32nds I think? (take that with a fair margin of error).
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    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    I have 26218 miles @ 45 PSI. Efficiency is 259 wh/mi. Its absolutely worth it to me, I hated how the MXM4 feels compared to these especially when making turns.
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    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    19,000 miles on them, Avg 259 wh/mi So Cal, mostly 70-80 mph freeway driving. LR RWD @ 42 psi
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Just a general question, is 235/40/19 +25 offset wheels "okay"? Or should I go wider than stock, 9"?
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    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    Update, 7921 miles @ 45psi. Efficiency is 258 wh/mi.
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    Can you break down the cost of the wheels and the TPMS sensors? Recommendations on TPMS?
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    IKON Motorsports Front Lip for Model 3: A Review

    Install went pretty well. It's very secure with the screws underneath. Please make sure you align it first especially with the tape. I have a gap on the passenger side of the lip because I applied it unevenly and will have to re-apply the tape. Also the two clips they give you are very large. I...
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    Range differences with Pilot Sport All Season 4 or CrossClimate2 vs Primacy MXM4

    2500 miles in, Michelin PS A/S 4, 258 wh/mi @ 45 psi vs 247 wh/mi for 19,000 miles with MXM4 @ 42 psi.
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    IKON Motorsports Front Lip for Model 3: A Review

    I have the lip arriving today, this does not inspire confidence...
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    IKON Motorsports Front Lip for Model 3: A Review

    Ikonmotorsports.com or Ebay
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    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    I've never needed to, I top off in San Bernadino before I head up to BB, and on the way back I have plenty of charge. I also think Tesla needs to add some, its a heavily traveled areas for socal people. Also 2000 mile update, A/S 4 @45 psi is currently at 257 wh/mi so 3.9% worse than the MXM4...
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    IKON Motorsports Front Lip for Model 3: A Review

    Well the edges use similar clips, but the frontal area of the lip uses bolts to tighten, albeit they are set further back so you can't tighten them up and pull the very front up very much compared to the drilled version.
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    IKON Motorsports Front Lip for Model 3: A Review

    Fits 17-21 Tesla 3 IKON Front Bumper Lip Spoiler PP Looks like Ikon removed their glossy CF version from the website and now have a new PP version. From the instructions I've read online, the new PP version doesn't require you to drill into your bumper, it uses front wheel well clips and the...
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    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    The pilot sport 4 A/S is far superior to the MXM4 primacy tires for sure. I've only had them for a short while in 18s, roughly 750 miles, @ 261 wh/mi, compared to 19,000 miles on the MXM4 @ 247 wh/mi, so roughly about 5-6% less efficient so far, may go up to 8-9% in the long run, we'll see. It's...
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    Man, that looks so good. Always tough to choose between 18" and 19" wheels for me.
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    Just stop engaging if it bothers you. You think they'll stop accepting individual orders?
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    Instrument Panel Display for M3 and MY, or HUD

    The mickey mouse ears look ridiculous and doesn't match the interior at all. The Hannshow one looks significantly more OEM and does give android auto/carplay. It seems like it'd block a lot of airflow from the vent though. Both are way too expensive, but with a 25% discount, not sure why anyone...
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    Best wheel for handling on M3 2021 LR (18 vs 19" vs 19" aftermarket)

    Yeah, no. Tsportlines are overpriced, and are heavy. If you have more money to spend then aftermarket wheels, but if you want to stay fairly reasonable. PS4S tires + sway bars and it will feel like a different car. Coilovers are another story.
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Earlier in the thread, he went with PS AS4s.
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info

    Wow, that looks good. Did it come with the flat caps or was that extra?
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info

    I can't see what you're seeing within the finish. The photo resolution is terrible to even tell.
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info

    He wanted the lip that way. He used the same design request that Sam1 did, but with different offsets.
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info

    @Olavxxx How did yours turn out? Mount them yet?
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    Protecting Glove box area from passenger scrapes

    Model 3 / Y GloveBox PPF - Pro Protection Line Clear Vinyl | Tesla Model 3/Y Accessories | TESBROS Saw this online, I don't really like the finish though. I'm not using anything currently, kinda waiting for a CF overlay for the glovebox. I know the electronic speed design has one for $200+, but...
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info

    You got these in +35 ET? These look very flush for only a 5mm change from the regular 18s. Spacers?
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info

    Damn, that looks nice. How much we talking all in?
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    Plasti Dip Aero Rims?

    It holds up fine, and yes you see less brake dust compared to ICE vehicles. I do recommend putting turtle wax ice spray wax, makes it slick, works well with it, instead of dip coat which imo is way overpriced for the same thing. Though I would wait for HyperDip if you want peelable color...
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    Changing headliner and pillars

    I plan on spraying the headliner to black, cheaper than the alcantara material which after including the paint for the plastic and the adhesive, will probably cost around ~$400. Using Dupli-Color High Performance Vinyl and Fabric Coating HVP106 to do it and some black spray paint for plastic...
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    Trunk lid hits bumper

    I took it to service. My bumper was damaged due to misalignment in the trunk. They couldn't buff it out, so they replaced it with a completely brand new bumper under warranty.
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    Vendor 20% Off - So.Cal. PPF/Ceramic Coatings/Tint/Chrome Delete and More!!

    Hi can I get quote for all services? Thanks!
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    New? Tesla Model 3 All Weather Floor Liners

    Just gonna go with the new (TapTes 3D All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3) since it has much better coverage.
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    Paint came off due to panel to panel contact?

    What is Tesla's normal course of action when paint is coming off? This doesn't look like rock chip damage. I have a mobile service coming out for my trunk seal, and I'll bring this up then. I just don't know what Tesla will do and if this will be out of pocket for me. The car is 6 months old, wtf.
  33. IMG_20191005_152548


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    What is the most reliable android phone with Tesla Model 3?

    My Oneplus 6T has 100% success rate.
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    Door Seal

    The Basenor one, mine is just 1 experience, other people have gotten installed just fine.
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    Door Seal

    I did, my other seals around the car are fine.
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    Door Seal

    If that's what you're after, then the seals do improve it significantly. The adhesive separated for the front doors for me, I had to replace it with 3M VRB to get it reattached.
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    Anybody have a Front Lip spoiler?

    The one I've considered is RPMTesla, but I'm not sure yet. It's the cheapest one I've found, but it is still pretty expensive. Tsportline, is a CF replacement, but is essentially invisible for $800 (Could get a very similar effect with just vinyl). I do want one though.
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    DIY chrome delete with plastidip?

    Tesla Model 3 plastidip door handles Others have done it, seems to be okay. Though, never did get a follow up on how well the handles held up from constant touching. If you do go the plastidip route, I highly recommend using Turtle wax Ice spray wax, oh, every two weeks or so? It makes it much...
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    Illuminated Door Sills for Model 3

    I think they will all look a tad weird seeing how the model 3 sill plate is just taped/glued onto bare metal. No wiring paths, and raised a decent height. Though I agree, I wish it had it flushed like the model S.
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    Anybody have a Front Lip spoiler?

    Fitment is good on both sides?
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    Power Frunk by TeslaOffer

    Yeah, the original safety latches are still intact with this modification. I've seen a seller on Alibaba sell the Frunk/Trunk for $700 total which isn't bad. Honestly, $500 is not outlandish and is comparable to other options you would add to other cars.
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    MASTER THREAD: Tesla Insurance Services in California

    $16 less than travelers with better coverage. However, I'm very wary of Tesla and their customer service. Especially with providing loaners. There are not enough. So I'll wait and see 6 months down the line. Travelers: 50k/100k Colli. $1000 Comp. $1000 $50 glass deductible New car replacement...
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    New removable front plate holder (Snapplate). Anybody try it yet?

    Yeah, it's too overpriced for a 3D print. Log In or Sign Up to View
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    New removable front plate holder (Snapplate). Anybody try it yet?

    Probably because it is 3D printed, with no idea of infill% or top layers. It's a good design though.
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    PPF Installation Recourse Help

    Resolution achieved. Today, the charge back completed successfully and the case is closed. Thank you everybody for your input. DO NOT GO TO EXOTIC AUTO TINT in Northbrook, IL.
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    Anybody have a Front Lip spoiler?

    Looks like Maier's also isn't flush like RPM's. I'm thinking about IKON, but it's so low...

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