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    Octopus Tesla Energy Plan

    You don't have direct control over the standby reserve either, but you can choose to have it set to 20% when you join the TEP. Storm Watch mode does work, but again, you do not have the option to turn it on/off.
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    Climate temperature in App (4.0.1 wrong...

    Thanks for the replies, no sign of app errors so I'm going ahead with the service booking. On the Model S the sensor is in the rear view mirror assembly I beleive, but may still be outside scope for Ranger.
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    Climate temperature in App (4.0.1 wrong...

    Yep, that looks good, if I believed mine it would make a great freezer at the moment :) Time for a service call, should be a Ranger job I hope.
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    Climate temperature in App (4.0.1 wrong...

    Just a quick check with those of you using the new 4.0 version of the Tesla app on iOS... Does the climate temperature you see in the app appear reasonable? Mine is starting out around -12C and slowly climbs to around 2C then resets back to sub-zero... A/C Auto seemed weird as well so I...
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    Tesla PW2 - UK Availability

    Sorry to hear you've been waiting that long, makes my March '21 order seem quite recent... I'll post again when I hear if the next stock delivery date I've been given (September) actually happens.
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    Tesla PW2 - UK Availability

    Thanks for the comments, it seems to be since March that everything has fallen apart in the supply chain. Was expecting installation in August, but stock didn't arrive, now hoping for October...
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    Symbio Energy Tariff

    Interesting choice... Square1 don't seem to have any tariff that should appeal to someone with an EV, did I miss something, do they have a hidden tariff with low night rates?
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    Tesla PW2 - UK Availability

    If anyone has had a recent PW2 install I'd be interested to hear when it was ordered and who you used for the install? Seems like there is hardly any stock reacing the UK these days, but perhaps I'm just talking to the wrong installers... ?
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    Northampton supercharger - BE WARNED !!

    Not having their car park overrun by people parking there and not using the hotel. and yes, I find it hard to believe it would be a problem there but apparently it was.
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    [UK] Tesla Service Coming to Supercharger Locations Soon!

    There was one operating at the Oxford SC when I was there a couple of weeks ago. He was wandering from car to car offering his services. Sadly I had nothing for him to do.
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    Octopus Tesla and Powerwall

    You might get lucky, the tariff is still there although it has gone up a bit (8.72p/kWh 22p SC Eastern), so you might get grandfathered into a renewal...
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    Octopus Tesla and Powerwall

    If he is, it is an accident on Octopus's part, as Agile Export cannot be combined with 'Go' under their rules. The only export option for him should be the 3p SEG tariff...
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    Octopus Tesla and Powerwall

    Not any more it isn't, the 8p rate has gone for new customers and there is a standing charge... Currently 11.24p/kWh and 22p SC for Eastern region.
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    Octopus Tesla and Powerwall

    It was a decent tariff, but there were recent changes that make it much less appealing now. There are better options with Octopus like their 'Go Faster' tariff for example that can deliver lower per kWh costs and leave you in control. With the tariff as it is, you bear the cost of the...
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    How do I get the web browser to recognise I'm in the UK? Want to watch BBC iPlayer!

    No help I know, but I actually like the Netherlands version of Netflix, they get a few things that we don't.
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    Auto Wipers are awful

    They are adjustable on the MS though...
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    Northampton supercharger - BE WARNED !!

    Do let us know how it goes...
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    balanced costs saving mode config for offpeak; how to configure PW for "never discharge during this time / to this load"

    As far as I am aware, that is as good as it gets right now... The variability of UK weather was not a factor in the California based design :) Not like the UK is alone in this need though, large parts of the USA do not benefit from California weather patterns either...
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    Post Your Tesla Solar Layout

    I've been digging into the fire code situation a bit with respect to an installation in Texas, and it is worth checking a bit deeper than the simple '3ft setback' requirement as it seems it is a general requirement in most places as it is based on the assumption that the fire department might...
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    How to tell build date of PW v 2.1?

    Reported elsewhere that Tesla use YYDDD format for the manufacturing date... So this one: Would be 2020 day 294 which is October 20th, 2020.
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    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    That would be entirely consistent with previous major component changes on Tesla products. They keep going until the bin is empty then start on the new stuff so one line can be producing 'new' untis while another is still using up old stock...
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    Interesting... Sunrun is allowing ESS to support the Grid during peak time

    That is similar to what we have in the UK with the Tesla VPP. The Tesla Energy Plan has a single flat rate 24/7 for import/export and no daily fixed charges to cover the round-trip losses.
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    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    Not sure about this one. He is stating as fact that the PW+ is a DC coupled battery now instead of AC, but the spec sheets for it still refer to 90% 'round trip' efficiency which would mean AC coupled.. ?
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    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    it is this quote from Elon you are thinking about I suspect: “The difficulty of the installation will be much less. It will be much easier because the power from the solar roof, Solarglass Roof or the solar panels, will only ever go directly into the Powerwall. And the Powerwall will only ever...
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    Installed larger system from another company since Tesla wouldn't change design

    I'd certainly be surprised if the install in the picture would have been code compliant on the main house, but it certainly made the difference on the number of panels you could fit onto that roof. I'm guessing that rain water run-off is going to mostly miss the existing gutter though, and...
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    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    ... and just because Tesla can't use the Powerwall+ option in a few states doesn't mean they can't still use the Backup Gateway 2 design in those locations. They are still going to be producing that hardware for the global market for a while at least, so it isn't just going to vanish overnight...
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    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    My understanding is that 'revenue grade' is not the same as 'certified & approved' :) Not sure that a zero export option would be all that popular, this isn't just stopping the Powerwall+ from exporting to the grid, this would require no solar export at all with the new configuration.
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    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    Keep in mind that the US market is the only one where Tesla currently sell their own inverter, so whatever changes they make to the Powerwall+ the odds are it is still going to be installable with other inverters, and even in the USA, they will not be using the new Powerwall+/inverter...
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    Octopus Go - Specific Charging Time

    Tesla added the ability to specify and end time for ToU tariffs quite recently, shouldn't need to do more than set the start and end time these days...
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    Snowflake battery symbol

    A recent software update added the option to set an end time for ToU tariffs so you should be able to do it properly now.
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    Octopus Smart Meter Experiences

    It is actually 3, 4 or 5 hours, 4.5p, 5p, 5.5p respectively...
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    Octopus Christmas Rebate

    Should be there by now, but it can be easy to miss, take a look at the 'balance calculation' section it should show there.
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    Agile plunge pricing predictions

    There are a few apps for iOS/Android that will let you save the data, also many scripts shared by other users or just invest a few minutes in setting up a spreadsheet to use the Octopus API...
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    [UK] 2020.40.x

    Why wouldn't you expect that behaviour? The speed limit begins at the sign, if you don't slow down before the sign you will be breaking the speed limit.
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    [UK] 2020.40.x

    Also got the vent option on my S.
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    [UK] 2020.40.x

    Installing 20.40.3 on my S at the moment...
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    HW3 to HW4 Upgrade

    It is certainly priced as an option, I just doubt they will supply it at the moment. When I booked my MS in for the upgrade recently (3rd time was the charm) I got a fully priced invoice appear in my account for around £1200 or so as I recall. It became 'free' by the time the work was done of...
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    2020.36.3.1 Release notes

    Yep, tried to schedule it around the same time as yours and was refused, no explanation. Have submitted it again now, so we'll see what happens this time.
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    2020.36.3.1 Release notes

    Mine was an April 2018 build so no reason not to do the upgrade, already have MCU2. I've tried to schedule it again so let's see if it goes through this time or gets knocked back again...
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    2020.36.3.1 Release notes

    Looks like the speed sign stuff is HW3 only again... The continued failure to deliver the promised upgrades for MS owners with FSD is getting annoying.
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    Pedestrian Warning System - Arrived in UK yet?

    Model Y will be the first one that has to have it active on delivery as it will be the first new model to be introduced since the rules came into effect. In the US there is a requirement to produce a certain percentage of newly built cars with the equipment fitted hence we see it installed but...
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    Tyre rotation for M3P

    That's the other thing we don't do in the UK... oil changes at 5,000 miles.
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    Would it void the warranty?

    That was fixed a while ago...
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    Octopus smart meter installation

    I would go ahead with the switch to Octopus anyway (grab a referral code first of course:) ) If the IHD is working then your comms hub is not dead. If iut shows full bars then it is more likely that Bulb have a configuration problem with the DCC, so switch and see if Octopus can sort it out for...
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    Would it void the warranty?

    I'd suggest living with the car for a short while at least before doing this. Everyone's needs are different of course, but personally I opened the 'frunk' once when I got it and have not used it in the 2 years since then... The hidden storage area below the floor in the boot is way more...
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    Octopus smart meter installation

    The delays can be frustrating, but Octopus as the supplier can't talk directly to the meter they have to go through their data partners and the DCC which seems to add to the delays.
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    Octopus smart meter installation

    I've seen it reported a couple of times, don't worry about the 'credit mode' that is normal, you want it to be in credit mode, not pre-payment mode. The comms hub can come back to life after a power reset, but that isn't something that can be done remotely, it needs an engineer visit, or if it...
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    My Experience Switching to Octopus -> Go

    If you have issues with the smart meter once it is installed, use this as the contact point, not the regular help desk ... [email protected]
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    Octopus smart meter installation

    Unfortunately any attempt to do them in application order would have the engineers spending more time driving than changing meters, so they just move from area to area hitting as many as possible close together. For the moment you may want to ask them to move you to the Tracker Tariff, that...
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    Octopus smart meter installation

    Interesting, but I believe that is incorrect. There is nothing about the tracker tariff that would have issues with an E7 meter, as it just needs to know the total consumption over the month and they can use their own method to split that down by day. Unfortunately it is not a well understood...

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