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    The right loan for the amount borrowed

    FWIW, I'm from OR & used Kinecta Credit Union for a loan rate of 2.89%. They were the lowest, that would service me. I think there were a couple on the east coast or south east, but you had to be resident in those states. PM for contact details if you need Kinecta rep details.
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    Confirm raven by VIN?

    IDK ... It shows the rated miles as 365!!! For a performance. If so, that is awesome. It was my understanding, that P cars had a 345 mile range. Non P raven cars range was 370 miles. And all Raven cars had a 100kwh battery. So ... IDK. Somebody else can shed more light on this.
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    Confirm raven by VIN?

    This may help, but others will need to chime in & confirm. I think Raven cars have a rated range of 370 miles; whereas the older ones had 335 miles. (Assuming you are getting a 100D). If so, ask the sales rep, to take pix of the dash that shows both the percentage & the miles. Extrapolating...
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    100% = 370 rated miles? Or not ....

    Thank you for your responses. To make this simple: I'm only addressing a full 100% charge at home, which should show me 370 rated miles, as advertised by Tesla. That's it. I have no range anxiety; I'm familiar with EPA ratings (wind, elevation, tire pressure,,...), etc ... Those are not the...
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    100% = 370 rated miles? Or not ....

    No range anxiety since we have already taken a couple of day trips. Its a peeve that's all, Tesla is advertising a range and touting the same; but the 100% charge does not reflect it in my case. AW, it just looks like false advertising on their part & now the Tesla configuration shows 373...
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    100% = 370 rated miles? Or not ....

    Done that and 100% energy shows up. But the Q remains, why the 370 advertising? Do folks see it ever? If so, under what conditions?
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    100% = 370 rated miles? Or not ....

    Hello: Hopefully someone can tell me if I should be concerned or not. Sept 2019 build Long range shows 364 miles after charging 100% at home (14-50). The car is (was) brand new when I picked it up a month back & I saw the same loss about 3 weeks back. Tesla service told me "it takes time" to...
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    Anyone install aftermarket CF rear spoiler?

    I got this (review & pix in there) installed. Have got compliments on it & FWIW, I painted the calipers red & added Tesla decals as well. Finishes it as a whole imho. G'luck.
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    What Comes with a New Raven Model S

    Congrats. Based on reports on this forum & others, you are possibly looking at about 6 to 8 weeks, subject to color & options. You may get lucky and end up with an inventory car; if you do, make sure you are very detailed during the delivery. Very very detailed. Freebies??? What are they...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    A friendly heads up, if this is your first Tesla: Make sure this is *not* an inventory car. If it is, which is OK, make sure you do your due diligence (extra) when picking the car up. Especially if it has more than 200 miles on it. G'luck, congrats on the car & welcome to the fold.
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    Need advice re New Tesla S Config

    Picked my MS LR Red with cream interior and 21" wheels. Love it. Color is a personal opinion. It works for me very well. Enjoy.
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    Driving Experience / Feel - 21" vs 19"

    Thank you. I have been on my 21s & like it so far. And I cannot rotate them since they are not square. I will wait for BF to get some 20"s. I think (hope?) that will be best of both worlds.
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    Model S Photo Gallery

    A few pix & shout out to some A+ vendors for prettying up the Tesla. XPEL Pro wrap done here; spoiler was purchased here; the brake calipers were painted here; the decals were purchased here (xplore-offroad.com 10% discount code USA10).
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    Tesla website says vehicle has repair history but carfax was clean?

    @sd_tom: My case was, I bought an inventory car from Tesla with 300+ miles on it. They sold it to me as new with no damage report at all. Carfax was clean. Later on I find out, the vehicle had been in an 'accident' or something (Tesla refused to tell me exactly what). And they did a buyback...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Tesla sales had a 'brain fart' moment & went rogue. A few weekends back, as part of EOQ push, they were giving away options (deviations in Tesla lingo) on inventory cars to spur sales. Some sales reps 'over read' this memo & offered it on new vehicles as well, which was taboo according to Musk...
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    FS: 2019 Model S 21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Wheels & Tires.

    Looking to sell 2019 Model S 21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Wheels. and tires only. They have less than 100 miles on them (9/28), since I'll be replacing them with 19" wheels & tires as soon as I can get them replaced with 19". Asking for $3500/- OBO Portland, OR Buyer pays S&H
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    V10: nav thinks my car is in Mtn View (wtf)

    It happened to mine as well (Portland, OR) and it took a test ride around the block to 'reset' it.
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    V10 rollout tracker

    No worries. Am sure one of the MODS can edit. FWIW, I got my update @ about 1AM. :-) ... 2019 MS LR Build Date: Sept 2019 AP3.0 & MCU2 Car Delivered (9/25) SW: v9.0 (2019.15.106.1 3d1aae1) 1st Update: 9/27 around 4PM PST: v9.0 (2019.32.2.2 da05838) 2nd Update (v10): 9/28 around 1AM PST: V10.0...
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    Tesla does it right ... by me. Happy endings

    The car issues were noted *after* the wrap process had begun.
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    V10 rollout tracker

    Lines 8 & 10 read the same. I think you meant to write, Line 10 as AP 3 / MCU2 / non-FSD perhaps? But yeah, I'll be interested in the poll results.
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    Tesla does it right ... by me. Happy endings

    Summary: Hopefully this (long) post, in good faith, will provide some reference point(s) to folks, who are in a similar situation as me. My inventory car purchase did not work out well for me & the cost of saving about $6000/- was not worth the experience I went through. I would like to...
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    Does NEMA 14-50 Adapter No Longer Come with Car?

    Bummer they don't. I checked with the OA when I picked my car & suggested, instead of cheaping (sp?) out on these, give the owners a choice what they want, since not all will use the Chademo adapter. Or at least for the S/X owners, give these for free!!!.
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    Post Delivery Issues ... Suggestions needed.

    To close this thread out: Tesla did a buyback & ordered a new car (MS LR Red with 21" sonic wheels) on 9/13 and I picked it up on 9/25.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Portland, OR MS LR Red with 21" Sonic wheels Order date: 9/13 9/18: VIN 9/23: Get ready for delivery text 9/25: Delivered.
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    New Inventory Model S Panel Gap Issue - Fixable/ask to fix before delivery?

    This is my experience & mine only. I purchased an inventory car, sold to me as new & it was shipped from California. Pix, price, etc looked great. I was the first owner. Got this registered & even got the plates for them!!!. Got it, loved it & got it wrapped after a month (the good ones are a...
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    Good deals on Raven Standard Range Cars - is range the ONLY difference?

    I think all SR cars are pre-Raven, which means there are a lot more differences (some noticeable, others meh imho) than the Raven cars (cars manufactured after May 2019 I believe). I'll let the experts chime in. And yes, range may not be in issue today; but trust me, unlike ICE cars, EV cars...
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    Driving Experience / Feel - 21" vs 19"

    Looking for input on folks driving a Model S with 21" wheels vs 19". Specifically during winter time in the PDX area. And also, what was your maintenance schedule like - meaning, tire rotation? replacing after "N" miles? TIA Magesh
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    Post Delivery Issues ... Suggestions needed.

    Yeah. I read up on that as well. That's why I'm unsure about lawyers. :-(
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    Post Delivery Issues ... Suggestions needed.

    I doubt they will take it back. But I have to wait till next week to take it in. Unsure about lawyers - who is out there? Who will work for me? Cost? etc. Thx.
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    Post Delivery Issues ... Suggestions needed.

    Knowing what I know now, my $0.02/- would be to take a car guy, with a good eye for detail+paint+etc. Let him do the walk through on your behalf. In my case, my wife & are newbies to this & we are used to German quality & never thought $0.02/- about the Tesla being this bad. Especially their...
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    Post Delivery Issues ... Suggestions needed.

    *** Long Post *** I picked up a MS 100D inventory car with 316 miles on Aug 6th in Portland, OR. (Yes about a month back). At the time of pickup, we did our due diligence walk around the car & spent about 30 minutes looking for the usual - dings, cracks, scratches, rim rash, panel gasp, etc ...
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    Has Model S quality improved?

    Summary: Tesla's QC is not anywhere near the established manufacturers - especially on their higher end offerings. FWIW, this is my take: I owned one of the first Prius Plugin Hybrids, here in PDX, when it came out, since I believed (!!!) in the EV story. Luckily we leased that & I could not...
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    First time driving a Model S

    I was in a similar boat a month or so back & after driving a MS, I don't think I'll go up. True this car has lot more quirks, than ICE cars - that we seem to take for granted, but it is, imo, one of the best & safest cars to own & drive. a) There is no active BS available, unlike some of the...
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    USB issues after update

    This is my setup: - Samsung 128GB MicroSDXC EVO Memory Card - Kingston G2 USB 2.0 microSDHC Flash Memory Card Reader FCR-MRG2 (Black) FYI, I had the card lying around the house & purchased the adapter for $3/- or so. I used Minitool partition to format & the drive has been working well with...
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    Inventory 100D

    Talk about refresh started 8+ months back, with diff' pundits & experts drawing out 'what could be', etc. And Elon put all that to rest a month or so back. But yeah, that does not negate the fact, a refresh *will* happen - its when? And no one knows. So I would not hold my breath, waiting out...
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    Inventory 100D

    a) How are you factoring two versions 'behind'? You are getting a 2019 100D. Not the Dual Motor, I understand, but still a 2019. And you are getting FSD, which is a *good* thing to have for resale. Depreciation is gonna happen no matter what. If you want to 'save some' on the depreciation, buy...
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    Inventory 100D

    FWIW, I picked my 2019 MS100D inventory car (MSM/Cream) for about the same price as yours, but with EAP & lower miles. Is your apprehension based on: - Price paid? - Issues you are seeing about software updates? - Resale value? - Fit & finish of the car? You have not mentioned what those...
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    2018 S100D advice

    As others have said above, I agree with them. Do not buy this car. a) It has close to 14K miles. You never know how it was driven (0 to 60'ed'), etc. For a year old car, the mileage is a bit on the high side. b) The asking price of ~$80K+ taxes is very high imo. c) It mentions EAP & FSD. Its...
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    Northwest Tesla Auto Insurance

    Not that I'm aware of, but we also had a teen & another under 25. And they have been reasonable compared to Safeco, Progressive, Geico, etc.
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    Northwest Tesla Auto Insurance

    Been with PEMCO for over 5+ years (previously with Safeco) and our insurance for the 2019 MS 100D is just shy of $1400/-. But it is for 3 drivers, one of them just turned 25. No accident / citation history past 3 years if my memory serves me right.
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    Pacific Northwest Owners (Seattle, Portland, or towns/cities in the region)

    2.5 years of Owner's pride, Neighbors envy.
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    Pacific Northwest Owners (Seattle, Portland, or towns/cities in the region)

    Good morning from Beaverton, OR. Got our 2019 MS1KD last week & luvin' it. MSM+Cream Tan.
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    Questions about Raven MS

    My purchase had the same Qs as yours, but I ended up buying a pre-Raven (100D) Feb 2019 build with EAP. And saved over 20% of the configured price. a) Tons of sources between how FSD > EAP > AP. And @iqless summarized it. b) We were told the charging rate is not significantly better in the new...
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    Manage button disappeared

    Yup. Just checked. Back 'online' & ready to spend the $$$ on FSD. Or not. The price did not go up. Elon did say Aug 16th, but conveniently left the year out. Or he was speaking to another earth multiverse. :-)
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    Manage button disappeared

    Not seeing the Manage button, when I logged in. Don't see my car either. Was thinking of buying the FSD upgrade; but maybe this is a 'sign' to not buy??? Anyone else not seeing the Manage button?
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    Oedro Model S All weather mats for $65?

    I just got them today & they fit well. Only wish/complaint, is on the driver side, the mat could have been longer, on the left side, so that the left foot does not sit on the floorboard.

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