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  1. culverwood

    Luxury Car Tax RIP - Budget 2020

    Thanks. :) It is all a bit complicated for me.
  2. culverwood

    Luxury Car Tax RIP - Budget 2020

    So us early adopters miss out? :mad:
  3. culverwood

    Is free supercharging still a thing for Pre 2017 Model S's

    All S's delivered before the end of March 2017 should have free Supercharging for the life of the car. Later ones may be free just for the first owner.
  4. culverwood

    Just want to say...

    Have you tried lowering the charge at that charge point in the car. I was having similar trouble at home and reduced the charging rate and the problem was solved. From S Handbook "The current automatically sets to the maximum current available from the attached charge cable, unless it was...
  5. culverwood

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    I mean that if a Supercharger site is more than 50% occupied your limit will be reduced by Tesla to 80% charge and you will be charged idle fees if you try to charge further. I got caught twice by this before I noticed and added notifications to my phone. I think you can up the limit after...
  6. culverwood

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Yes, Unlimited cars still collect idle fees or fees in busy Superchargers when charge is limited. I can confirm being unlimited and charged.
  7. culverwood

    First unnecessary massive tantrum (emergency brake) from M3

    No dash cam but it was a slow speed incident and was the first time it had really slammed on the brakes as the car in front of me stopped rapidly while I was distracted.
  8. culverwood

    First unnecessary massive tantrum (emergency brake) from M3

    Phantom braking has annoyed me dozens of times but the other day it saved me from a certain accident.
  9. culverwood

    Morning <brrrr. cold> 13kW to warm it

    Funny these cars are so popular in Norway then.;)
  10. culverwood

    Winter is coming

    Turn off auto-fold on wing mirrors for winter
  11. culverwood

    Low sun and Blind spot detection limited

    Me too. I had put it down to ice/condensation over the camera.
  12. culverwood

    Ubitricity Smart Cable

    I have a Ubitricity smart cable and would point out that mine at least is only suitable for low power supplies like the Ubitricity lighting column units, so you may need to buy a thicker dumb cable as well for faster charging points without tethered cables. Reading your post it seems they now...
  13. culverwood

    Please list voice commands you know

    "phone <name>" also works
  14. culverwood

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Yes. I got out of the car, plugged it in and went to have breakfast. Knowing that I would only be 30 minutes or so so nowhere near 100%
  15. culverwood

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    I have been caught twice in the UK at Brent Cross and South Mymms with the idle charge only charging to 80% having set my limit to 100% before i arrived. As nowhere in the UK is this charge highlighted I have complained to Tesla.
  16. culverwood

    SR+ Range

    You can on "A Better Routeplanner"
  17. culverwood

    SR+ Range

    I would ask if you used to get the advertised MPG rate on your ICE car. Neither ICE or EV tested MPG/Range are real world numbers.
  18. culverwood

    Common as muck

    LED lighting is even more convincing in a commercial environment as in addition to savings in the the cost of electricity and cost of replacement lamps there are savings in the cost of changing lamps. In any situation where the light fitting is not easily accessible this can be a considerable sum.
  19. culverwood

    A question for UK Model S/X owners only please!

    I was promised delivery before the end of March and the car was delivered before the end of March so in my limited experience the date is reliable.
  20. culverwood

    Car purchase and insurance mis-match - 70D to 75D upgrade

    Mine is the same, although all the Tesla documentation shows 75D the DVLA records which TFL etc use shows its original spec. I would imagine that whether or not it has been uncorked is more relevant for insurance.
  21. culverwood

    S and X Sub Forum for UK and Ireland

    As there are so many threads related to the 3 it is a time consuming job to sort through the threads and find ones relevant to the S or X. A few months ago this was not a problem as no 3s had been delivered but now a vast majority of threads in the UK and Ireland Forum are 3 related. Thank you...
  22. culverwood

    Wrapping a Model S

    The names in this thread may be useful.
  23. culverwood

    North London Wrap

    Thanks Jellybean and Upgraded. I'll check them out.
  24. culverwood

    North London Wrap

    My car is getting on a little and I am thinking of wrapping it. Can anyone recommend a North London or North Home Counties wrapper?
  25. culverwood

    White on white

    The white on white I saw in the showroom looked great. As ME_UK says baby-wipes can shift anything!
  26. culverwood

    Anyone swapping over to the Taycan??

    Not a chance of me looking at a Taycan.
  27. culverwood

    Charging Interrupted

    Was a Chargemaster charger and we found that the 40 amp contact breaker had tripped. The charger runs at 32amp so probably something to do with the heat. I was on my way to Heathrow SC but stopped at a local destination charger (Van Hage's) where the car charged without a problem and went back...
  28. culverwood

    Charging Interrupted

    Charging on my S was interrupted today 10% short of target at a wall charger at work. Red light in car's charging point. Could it have someting to do with the temperature?
  29. culverwood

    West Drayton Supercharger/M3 deliveries

    I was at West Drayton on the 6th and again yesterday and on both occasions after work had been done on the car I picked it up from the Supercharger. They are very busy with type 3 pick-ups and if I did not have to be there the one the other side of the M25 has more spaces IIRC.
  30. culverwood

    Tyres for S

    Does anyone have a recommendation for the best tyres to use for year round driving in England. I had my car serviced yesterday and they are all getting towards needing replacement.
  31. culverwood

    CCS Adaptor

    Well the CCS adaptor upgrade took place yesterday without trouble. I wonder if I will use it more than the CHAdeMO which until now has been not at all. Does anyone know if there is any speed difference in charging at Superchargers between the CCS and Type 2 sockets.
  32. culverwood

    Teslas And Cold Weather

    Another factor in cold weather on short trips is the lack of regeneration from braking.
  33. culverwood

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Just drove the Tesla to East Anglia. Wow, its a desert for Superchargers out there!
  34. culverwood

    latest (July) Tesla price changes

    Saw a white on white Model 3 at Tesla Heathrow the other day. It did not appear to be pearl but it looked very cool with the white interior.
  35. culverwood

    Confirmed no model S / X interior refresh coming

    Although I love my S I do find it big for country roads and will probably swap for a 3 (or whatever is current) when the time comes, but that may be many years from now.
  36. culverwood

    Confirmed no model S / X interior refresh coming

    But it's a 2012 model still ahead of the competition
  37. culverwood

    Feriolo in Lake Maggiore to Interlaken in Switzerland

    A faster road so quicker journey?
  38. culverwood

    CCS Adaptor

    Mine is booked in for early August, I will tell you if they cancel. From what I understand the car still has the Type 2 socket and the CCS fits to it in the same way as the CHAdeMO does.
  39. culverwood

    CCS Adaptor

    Asking for a CCS adaptor for my S I got the following message which may be old news but I though I'd better pass it on: "Regarding the CCS adaptor, only Models S and X produced after 1st May 2019 have the technical capability to charge at CCS Combo 2. So you vehicle would require a retrofit in...
  40. culverwood

    So what did we think of the Top Gear (TV show) M3 review then?

    Given the institutional bias against EV cars on Top Gear I thought it was a fair review. The admitted that had to stack the deck to give the competitors which were a M3, AMG C63S and Alfa Romeo Gulia QV a chance. They did not make enough of Supercharger network though IMO.
  41. culverwood


    I am another who finds the ability to play the Grand Old Duke of York, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Engine Engine number 9 etc very useful though tiresome after an hour.
  42. culverwood

    How to verify free Supercharging?

    Free supercharging for life of the car theoretically ended for cars delivered after 31st March 2017. Mine was delivered in March 2017 and has free supercharging for the life of the car, "You have free, unlimited Supercharging for your current Tesla. If you choose to sell your current Tesla...
  43. culverwood


    Good decision - well chosen.
  44. culverwood

    Colour combo

    We went for blue with tan interior. A bit of an old man's colour scheme but then my last few cars have been that colour combination.
  45. culverwood

    Model S 85D rated range (UK)

    Don't charge next to another car if possible.
  46. culverwood

    Free Supercharging across the Channel?

    They put us in the tall vehicle carriages though we did not book it and was told they put all Tesla S in them. And yes for free supercharging abroad. It sweetens the pill of the motorway tolls.
  47. culverwood

    EAP & FSD changes?

    Now back to £3900 for EAP and £10700 for FSD. Tesla's prices go up and down like a whore's drawers
  48. culverwood

    Superchargers being increased in Scotland

    Most London boroughs do not charge on public holidays but check.
  49. culverwood

    Looking at the used market for a Tesla Model S

    All your points look sensible. If there are any 60Ds out there still you could add them to your list as they can be upgraded at a very small cost to 75D. The S is a big car, for me a little too big for the B roads of Hertfordshire, have you sat in a 3 it may not be as small as you think.
  50. culverwood

    Feature comparisons (old S, new S, 3...)

    The problem with lamp-post charging units is that they are low power units and as residents parking is open to all residents they will often be ICEd. The Ubitricity ones used by many central London boroughs including Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster require you to have a Smart Cable which...

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