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  1. dsvick

    I can’t believe I never noticed...

    And, when the brakes are engaged, they show reflected red light on the ground of the animation.
  2. dsvick

    Autopilot dangerously reducing speed on highways

    Has there been construction there within the last 6 months to a year? There is a stretch of highway near me that had construction and a temporarily reduced speed limit and for the last 6 months (since the construction ended) my car slows down there from 60mph to 50mph. I don't know that the...
  3. dsvick

    Slacker Invalid Tesla Credentials

    As far back as I can remember Slacker was part of the Premium Connectivity package which was always only 1 year free.
  4. dsvick

    Can a referral code be added after ordering

    I'm not sure why people always fall back on the "do the right thing" argument. From Tesla's view they have no way of knowing if the buyer really was influenced in their decision by the person with the referral or if they are simply trying to add it after the fact once they realize they could...
  5. dsvick

    Any Freebies or Discounts to Owners?

    Just as an FYI ..... none of the stuff you got from Mercedes was "free" ....
  6. dsvick

    Can't get app access for my wife

    Have your wife set up her account before you ask to add her to the car. When I added my wife I had her set up her own Tesla account first. Then contacted Tesla and asked them to grant her account access to the car. I sent them her account email, my account email, and the VIN. They asked for...
  7. dsvick

    Just do the math

    If the last thing it tells you is that you're 20" away why not just guesstimate another foot or so of travel and call it good? How finely are you trying to judge it when you're pulling into a parking spot? Are the parking spots you're using that small that you need every inch?
  8. dsvick

    Couple of questions after placing order for Tesla 3 LR AWD

    I believe you need either a cashiers check or to pay in advance with a wire transfer. What finance stuff? Are you financing through them? If not, and everything is in order, there is no need for them to contact you. I've no idea. In Ohio though, you could just show up with plates and stick...
  9. dsvick

    How to use the turn signals well?

    3 If it stops blinking automatically why does the physical location of the stalk matter? What physical feedback are you looking for? Do you check it to make sure the blinkers are off? It's not dumb, it's just one way of doing it. Other manufacturers do it differently, no big deal. I don't think...
  10. dsvick

    How do I know if I have the newer, powerful chips in my computer?

    I do not understand the constant fretting over the updated hardware... Why do you care? Unless you have FSD it doesn't matter, and if you do have FSD you'll get the new hardware anyway.
  11. dsvick

    Interior cleaning wipes

    That's actually what I'm leaning towards. Not too harsh and pretty inexpensive. For harder to clean stuff I can use something stronger as needed.
  12. dsvick

    Interior cleaning wipes

    I was worried that Clorox, or similar, wipes would be too harsh to use on a regular basis. How long have you been using them?
  13. dsvick

    Interior cleaning wipes

    Cool. Do they work well on other parts of the car as well? Like the center console and dashboard. I've got a couple of towels too but they aren't always the best for newfy slobber.
  14. dsvick

    Interior cleaning wipes

    What, if anything, does everyone carry around in their car to clean things like the seats, dash, armrest, etc.? I often have my dog in the car with me and he drools quite a bit. I can't always get to it to clean it up before it dries so I'd like to have some sort of wipes in the car for these...
  15. dsvick

    Stock Front Bumper Plastic Wrap/Protection?

    If it's that noticeable then perhaps it was supposed to be removed when the car was prepped for delivery? True PPF should be pretty much invisible, unless you get a partial hood or something where there is a definite line.
  16. dsvick

    2020 Model 3

    This is not likely. With the previous reductions in the credit Tesla did reduce prices but not by nearly as much as the credit decreased, so waiting will most likely result in paying a higher price for the same vehicle. Also, there are no demand issues at the moment so Tesla has no incentive to...
  17. dsvick

    Backlight Bleeding watching Netflix

    Why would you assume there are going to be issues and then go solicit images of them?
  18. dsvick

    Referral miles expire after 6 months?

    Yes, they do. You can see it in your Tesla account.
  19. dsvick

    What is the maximum # of miles should a car have when delivered 2b considered NEW?

    Actually, Tesla paperwork all has 50 miles as the default number of miles. That's not the same as Tesla saying everything with less than that is "new". It has nothing to do with Tesla or Elon, the definition of "new" is decided at the state level and most, if not all, of them say that as long...
  20. dsvick

    Tesla, remove the Easter eggs!

    Yes, as a matter of fact, you are.
  21. dsvick

    Vendor Questions people stop and ask about my TESLA (or, why charging takes zero time)

    If I said even half of that to someone who asked me about charging I'd have lost their attention and respect in minutes. No one wants to hear an EV owner come across as condescending to ICE owners. You can get the same point across without deliberately inflating what you need to go through to...
  22. dsvick

    Easter Egg Hunting

    From the Monty Python and the Holy Grail I had it wrong though, it should be 1 ... 2... 5 .... 3 There is at least one other scene in the movie where he miscounts and skips 3.
  23. dsvick

    Easter Egg Hunting

    Try 1 ... 2 ... 4 ... 3 as your pin to drive, might be something there ...
  24. dsvick

    Model 3, Tesla said they'd rate match my 2.99% from their 3.99% as a difference in check

    Usually, pre-approval is more informal and just means that they looked at your income, expenses, and the loan you are looking - plugged it into a calculator and decided that it looks like you can afford it. Actual approval is more formal and involves you filling out the application and them...
  25. dsvick

    "Burn" marks on rear fender, any idea?

    No sentry mode videos?
  26. dsvick

    RFID hack wristband

    Yep... Tesla Model 3 owner implants RFID key card chip into her arm as ultimate hack to unlock door If you have an apple watch or something similar you can probably just use the watch as phone key and not need to chip at all. Unless they're doing it in case the watch dies or gets broken.
  27. dsvick

    Model 3, Tesla said they'd rate match my 2.99% from their 3.99% as a difference in check

    Sort of, the original loan terms would still apply as far as payment amount but the amortization schedule and interest charged each month would change, you'd essentially end up paying it off two or three payments early.
  28. dsvick

    Model 3, Tesla said they'd rate match my 2.99% from their 3.99% as a difference in check

    No. You already figured in the affect of compound interest when you calculated the total amount of interest you'd pay in each scenario. In fact, if you take the check and make a payment on the principle of the loan you'll pay even less interest over the loan, as well as reduce the number of...
  29. dsvick

    Rejected 4 cars, was told they would not request more cars for me

    If the gaps bother you then that is your prerogative, however it is also Tesla's option to decide when stop trying to satisfy you. The people at the delivery center have no control over the cars that they get in to deliver, at best they could measure the gaps for you and tell you not to bother...
  30. dsvick

    Car coming before my NEMA 14-50 Adapter.

    First off ... congrats!! You'll love it. What size battery are you getting and what is your daily commute? Using a normal 110 outlet you should be able to add about 4 miles or so an hour. So, if your commute is less than 40 or 50 miles and you can charge for at least 10 to 12 hours a day, you...
  31. dsvick

    Summon garage accident

    If it initially stopped about 1/2 way into the garage you're implying that it lurched forward 5 or 6 feet after it reconnected ... that seems unlikely.
  32. dsvick

    Sudden Unexpected Acceleration today

    I engage it all the time in stop and go traffic from a dead stop. I've had this happen but not to that degree, my Tesla recognizes it's on a ramp/curve and adjusts speed as necessary.
  33. dsvick

    What happens when steering on AP comes out of Beta?

    If we get nagged to keep our hands on the wheel then it isn't FSD.
  34. dsvick

    Thinking about joining legal action on recent massive price cut

    I thought that that was Thumper's dad ....
  35. dsvick

    What happens when steering on AP comes out of Beta?

    You said it yourself, AP, EAP, and NoAP are not FSD so it's likely they'll always require the drivers attention and occasional check to make sure they're paying attention and are engaged. If you don't want the nag you'll need to buy FSD. On the other hand, if your getting the nag that frequently...
  36. dsvick

    Floor mats included with LR?

    My LR RWD last October did come with them. I think anything with the Premium interior comes with them so SR and SR+ do not.
  37. dsvick

    Unable to Remove Odometer Tab

    Obligatory .... RTFM.
  38. dsvick

    Trying to find out when my car was produced.

    Not to be the bearer of bad news but, being made after April 2019 is no guarantee that your car will have HW 3.0, there are a lot of people that have reported still getting that older hardware with May and June builds. It doesn't really matter anyway, if you paid for FSD you'll get upgraded, if...
  39. dsvick

    Model 3 Updated to 2019.15.105

    Keep in mind that not every update is going to add a new feature or have a noticeable change in options or appearance. The majority of them are behind the scenes bug fixes and tweaks to EAP or other things you cannot actually see. Also, not everyone gets every release so the release notes are...
  40. dsvick

    Bad Wrap Job?

    Most of the wraps (Xpel, Suntek, 3M, etc.) are very similar as far as the actual product goes and most offer similar warranties. What will most affect your satisfaction is the experience of the installer. Make sure they are certified by the manufacturer, and check out as many examples of their...
  41. dsvick

    M3 Flooded Last Week - Concerned

    The problem you're going to have though is that, right now, all Tesla can say is "Everything is working fine" or "These are the things that need to be fixed/replaced". To also ask them to tell you what all the potential things are that could be affected years from now is asking quite a lot out...
  42. dsvick

    Console Lid Warning

    Probably not, that one is easy to close. You could try to open and close it repeatedly and see what happens.
  43. dsvick

    Software updates included in the drivetrain warranty?

    Think of it this way, if you had an ICE car and you took it in to the dealer to have a recall done on it and they ended up making your car undriveable, they'd take of it and fix it. Tesla will do the same if a software update make your car unuseable.
  44. dsvick

    How does test drive work?

    You need to understand how free market is supposed to work and why there doesn't need, not should there, be a law for every little thing. If Tesla's lack of service centers is enough to prevent you and others from being an owner then that is on them and it is up to them to recognize it...
  45. dsvick

    Package Pricing

    The only law regarding destination fees that I know of are that they be listed as a separate item on the invoice. There is a common misconception that they all have to be the same regardless of destination but that's not true. I can't see your images but I just clicked on the BMW site and there...
  46. dsvick

    Speed limit is wrong!

    Since the speed limit data doesn't come from Tesla you're best bet would be to report it directly to Google as described in the post above. I'd be very surprised if Tesla is forwarding them on to Google when they get a bug report.
  47. dsvick

    Friend crashed model 3 and they think due to foot obstruction (maybe)

    Unless your friend's car that was in for service was another Tesla why in the world would someone give him an electric car as a loaner. Or did your friend tell them that he knew how to drive one and charge it? It sure sounds like they had an accident and the airbags deployed, which made them...
  48. dsvick

    Funky software events

    Judging by the consistent/similar nature of the issues I'd say it is more likely a hardware issue than software, if you still can't connect I'd reach out to Tesla, they can check the connectivity and schedule service on it if needed.
  49. dsvick

    AP can't recognize semis?

    Why so nervous? As long as the car can see the semi and react accordingly if it does something you should be fine. In fact I'd say that you crowding the opposite line or acting like a "startled driver" is inherently more dangerous than your car maintaining a steady position in the middle of the...
  50. dsvick

    AP can't recognize semis?

    The important part is that the car know that there is something there and that it can't move into that lane. Regardless of what the screen actually shows I think it does that part fairly well.

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