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  1. Chasedrgc1223

    View Waze Incidents on the Tesla browser

    Eric, thank you for all your work on TeslaWaze. I understand the dilemma that must be upon you, but your application will be dearly missed. I hope there is some way the service continues; a donation option sounds like a great idea.
  2. Chasedrgc1223

    Help me decide on Model 3 or S

    I had a 2015 85D I traded up to a new 100D in September of 2017. Last month, my 100D was involved in an accident on the highway and has been totalled. Well, today I have come to find out my insurance company is only giving me $77,000 instead of the full value. I'm not in the position to put out...
  3. Chasedrgc1223

    0 to 60 uncork

    I have an uncorked 100D Model S from the factory after owning an 85D for 2 years. I have ~20k miles on it since mid September, so I have some insight. The passing power in the uncorked 100D is significantly greater than the 85D/90D. The launch actually seems less intense (probably a similar...
  4. Chasedrgc1223

    Software Update 2018.10.4

    Absolutely fantastic update. I've had it since Friday and it is handling roads I would never trust it on perfectly. Hill cresting for me was the biggest issue to fix and having this fixed is a major step forward.
  5. Chasedrgc1223

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    Definitely repeat the tests with a 90%+ state of charge, that's where mine puts out about 427kW. If it doesn't put out close to that number, then you are likely corked, but based on your info I'm not sure. As for the app, not sure if it's doing some rollout addition/subtraction after runs but...
  6. Chasedrgc1223

    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    The low speed rattle and the full throttle shimmy/rattle, in my opinion, are not correlated. In my 2015 85D, I had the low speed rattle and the half shaft rattle that was never completely fixed after multiple half shaft replacements. However, in my 2017 100D, I have the low speed rattle but...
  7. Chasedrgc1223

    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    I've had this since my 85D. Most people don't even notice it, but it is definitely present on my 100D as well. On my 85D, they replaced some suspension components and upper control arms and that seemed to have initially solved the issue, but it didn't. Keep in mind I drove my 85D 95k miles and...
  8. Chasedrgc1223

    Did Anyone Notice That Tesla Gave Us The 2 Rear Caliper Setup Back?

    I don't think they really "gave up" vs just simplifying production. I came from an 85D pre face-lift with dual calipers, and not only have I not noticed a change in braking perperforma (very very aggressive braking too above 90+mph), but have noticed it's quieter in engaging the parking brake.
  9. Chasedrgc1223

    P85 modded to be a P85 w/Ludicrous

    What's in the "confidentiality" section where the release notes would be?
  10. Chasedrgc1223

    Parking curb & suspension

    My bet is when you got out of the car autoleveling lowered the car to compensate for the removed weight
  11. Chasedrgc1223

    So you can’t install an update while supercharging :(

    During the update the car doesn't seem to charge. I plugged in my car this morning, sat in it then started the update, and once it started the car stopped charging
  12. Chasedrgc1223

    Rain Sensing Wipers

    Autowipers are out
  13. Chasedrgc1223

    2017.50.3.f3425a1 is out!

    What a pleasant suprise to wake up to
  14. Chasedrgc1223

    Showing Semi-Trucks in Dash Display

    Yes, that was AP1 you were seeing. Hopefully soon we'll have that and more
  15. Chasedrgc1223

    Precondition battery iOS app update out

    I wish Tesla would have a dedicated button for preheating the battery. It would provide piece of mine but also even if it's above the allowed temp, we should still have an option smilar to max power on the performance models.
  16. Chasedrgc1223

    2017.50 2275226 is out

    I'm on .50 and autopilot seems to be anticipating curves much better and steering into it more smoothly with less (if any) ping-ponging between lanes. Hill behavior where you come to crest of a hill is still not good, it maybe got a little better, but it's still awful and will steer back and...
  17. Chasedrgc1223

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    Considering the X has more mass and aerodynamic drag to move, I wonder why uncorked X100D's output less power than S100D's
  18. Chasedrgc1223

    2017.50 2275226 is out

    2.0 or 2.5?
  19. Chasedrgc1223

    Easy Entry/Exit will wear out the motors prematurely?

    Many other luxury vehicles have this feature and have proven to be pretty bullet proof. Sure they're being used more so there is definitely more wear, but I argue it will not impact longterm functionality
  20. Chasedrgc1223

    Rear Wheel Drive in a Tesla

    Dual motor cars handle completely different from RWD ones. I felt as if they are more planted and more on rails, whereas every S75/85 I've driven feels a little more floaty and RWD feeling (as it should). I drive a Scion FRS as well which is about as RWD and drivers car as you can get, so I love...
  21. Chasedrgc1223

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    Less than 3
  22. Chasedrgc1223

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    As I have said, BMS ISENSORPROTOCOL NUMBER is the only way to tell if you are uncorked
  23. Chasedrgc1223

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    When I say the 85D has reached its limits I say so in Tesla's eyes due to the battery instability but also (mainly) just to differentiate the lineup. The motors are the same throughout the non performance D lineup so it's not that which is limited. I think in terms of marketing and Tesla as a...
  24. Chasedrgc1223

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    I've said this across every forum about this, but the 85D was uncorked in April 2015 with a software update adding sport mode. It reduced the 0-60 from 5.2 to 4.2. About a month later, Tesla sent out another update removing sport mode making the 4.2s standard. The 90kwh battery is essentially...
  25. Chasedrgc1223

    Sadly, my 100D cannot be uncorked :-(

    Keep in mind some owners being denied may already be uncorked. I will say though, the service centers are not informed. I'm in NJ and know I'm uncorked from the factory, but I asked a ranger and a tech if my vehicle could be uncorked, and they answered with "the upgrade is only for 75D's". This...
  26. Chasedrgc1223

    Sadly, my 100D cannot be uncorked :-(

    P1 may not be a definitive sign anymore, especially considering Tesla removed it from the API call recently. The only true way to tell if a vehicle is eligible for uncorking is to ask service to check the 'BMS ISENSORPROTOCOL NUMBER' and if it's greater than 3, you can be uncorked.
  27. Chasedrgc1223

    Any 90D uncorkings?

    In April 2015, the 85D got a software update which added a sport mode and reduced 0-60 from 5.2 to 4.2. Sport mode was removed a month later and made 4.2 seconds standard. The 90D is effectively the same car (same battery voltage, amperage, etc) so uncorking already occurred for this platform...
  28. Chasedrgc1223

    Chill Mode in Snow

    As much as I don't want to agree with the drive unit issues in being over aggressively driven, I have to say I'm sure that's the reason. Look up the acceleration shudder thread; this has to do with the half shafts on non performance vehicles (and even some performance ones) being worn down due...
  29. Chasedrgc1223

    Sadly, my 100D cannot be uncorked :-(

    HAHA .1s on normal SOC but like almost .5s improvement on 100% SOC. Passing power will be a big difference for you too, which is beyond what the 0-60 time will tell you
  30. Chasedrgc1223

    Sadly, my 100D cannot be uncorked :-(

    Yes, the sport mode update for 6.2 in April 2015 was the "uncorking" update for 85D's
  31. Chasedrgc1223

    Driver Profile Bug

    After getting .46 the IC settings for display preferences are not getting switched with driver profiles like they previously did. On my profile I had media on the left and energy on the right, and the other profile has clock on the left and media on the right. If I switch to the other profile...
  32. Chasedrgc1223

    I am not sure SC has uncorcked my 2017 S100D

    Ask your service center to check the 'BMS ISENSORPROTOCOL NUMBER' and if it is greater than 3. Greater than 3 means that it's still eligible to be uncorked, below three means already uncorked
  33. Chasedrgc1223

    75 and 75D variants increased performance from July 1st - software and hardware improvements?

    In an uncorked 100D, that's where the difference is noticeable. Coming from an 85D, I definitely felt the artificial acceleration post 45mph, so that's why the 100D blew me away
  34. Chasedrgc1223

    Sadly, my 100D cannot be uncorked :-(

    At speed performance (40mph+) is equivalent to P85D's I've tested if not more (shown by higher max power on my runs). This was done at 95%+ SOC, and that makes a significant difference in 100D 0-60 times and max power output.
  35. Chasedrgc1223

    Remote unlock doesn't work after screen replacement?

    A recent Tesla API update broke sunroof control within the Tesla app and if other API clients, which is very unlucky for you as this was done less than a week ago. I've never heard of the unlocking issue, though, that's strange
  36. Chasedrgc1223

    New "Chill / Normal" acceleration modes?

    The car can still control acceleration rate through standard cruise control, and changes power output on launches based on traction control inputs. My point is that the capability is there for chill mode to be implemented, but if there's something that was updated on AP1 cars that is needed for...
  37. Chasedrgc1223

    Galaxy Gear App

    Interested in this as well
  38. Chasedrgc1223

    2017.44 - Whats in it?

    I'm on .46 and I'm experiencing the same slowdown on curves as others, I'm very impressed. On this release, it is taking curves that even my AP1 car could not do.
  39. Chasedrgc1223

    2017.46 3387a54 is out

    Had this happen today. Didn't have time to reboot and test, but tried driving by 3 times
  40. Chasedrgc1223

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    Oh mannnn this is a scandal in the making haha! I guess we will have to rely on the bmsprotocol or whatever
  41. Chasedrgc1223

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    You, like me, have uncorking from the factory :)
  42. Chasedrgc1223

    75 and 75D variants increased performance from July 1st - software and hardware improvements?

    I personally doubt they will do an uncorking 2.0 on this drive unit platform; increased performance is a key differentiator between major generation refreshes, and while I know Tesla doesn't follow industry norms, I still don't think they will keep pushing the old ones hard. Maybe because there...
  43. Chasedrgc1223

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    This occurred in 2015, later that April they removed the sport mode and made that speed standard
  44. Chasedrgc1223

    Model S 100D Performance Upgrade

    Who sent you this response? Definitely incorrect and I would escalate the issue
  45. Chasedrgc1223

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    The initial uncorking update added a sport mode on April 9th or something like that. April 30th they sent out another update removing sport mode and making the sport speed standard
  46. Chasedrgc1223

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    Exactly. When I picked up my car, I didn't even do a 0-60 to test the power, I was driving around 30 and mashed the pedal and was blown away with the difference from my 85D at the same speed
  47. Chasedrgc1223

    Upgraded performance Metrics Summary

    Niceeee, 432 is higher than anything I've achieved on my 100D by about 3 kW
  48. Chasedrgc1223

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    I'm sure if we get a Tesla hacker like WK507 or Ingineer to tinker with a new 100D we'd know. I was doing some research today and the original P85D with a 0-60 of 3.1s output a maximum of 412kW at 85% SOC. I have recorded my 100D in excess of 428kW at 99%soc, theoretically making it more...
  49. Chasedrgc1223

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    The 90D/85D already got uncorked in April of 2015 when they sent out a software update adding sport mode. I remember experiencing that and the update went smooth as silk, nothing like the eligibility mess we're seeing today. Here's a thread from then Upgraded 85D?
  50. Chasedrgc1223

    Any news on 100D uncorking?

    The faster 0-60 is really reliant on SOC. Past 90%, I feel a significant difference in the acceleration and have clocked 3.5-3.7s repeatedly. Below about 85%, upper end acceleration remains pretty similar but the launch is more subdued and 3.9-4.1s.

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