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    Changing from MR RWD to LR AWD

    Yes I paid two deposits. They will eventually refund me on the one.
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    Changing from MR RWD to LR AWD

    Well that worked! Cancelled my order that I made a change on because I saw no progress. Cancelled at 4:30 November 15 and ordered a new one with the correct changes. On November 16 at 1:30pm I received a text and an email that the car has been assigned a vin 102xxx and will be delivered to my...
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    Changing from MR RWD to LR AWD

    ughh. That is frustrating. For the first time mine now shows a December delivery which never showed on my previous RN. Weird that the changes are messing things up. Good luck to you!
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    Changing from MR RWD to LR AWD

    Well for some reason I feel much better. I ended up cancelling my old reservation number and going through process to place a new one. I just feel better being able to see on my page the correct changes. It seems that those who make changes, their car gets lost in space. I think the change...
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    Changing from MR RWD to LR AWD

    Not really. This is our second model 3 so I'm down to just the white for now. Thanks!
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    Changing from MR RWD to LR AWD

    I'm also wondering what to do. Ordered 11-1 MR and on 11-2 I changed order to the P3D. I don't see any changes to my page, no vin, no estimated delivery. I called several times and they say the same thing. Change department is really busy right now. I think I would have been better canceling...
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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    I don't get it either. I reserved on November 1st the mid-range then one day later on November 2nd I made a change through calling Tesla and emailing back to them all the changes for a P3D. When I look on my account it still shows mid range with no updates and no delivery estimates showing on...
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Let's see another shot of those wheels!
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    Tesla Grey or Satin Black Powder Coat Wheels? (pearl white M3)

    Looks fantastic Omar! Do you guys have any recommendations in San Diego area for something similar to what Omar did?
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    In reverse moving when it goes into park without command.

    Thanks for all the responses and the other similar threads. I never received any error codes and it never said to pull over or that anything was disabled. I just put it back in reverse and it was fine. Based off the comments: 1. no I didn't lift myself up from the seat. 2. All doors were...
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    In reverse moving when it goes into park without command.

    I have about 800 miles on my TM3 all with the 10.5 update. I just updated to the 2018.12.1 just now. Anyways this has happened 3 times to me in about 2 weeks. I'm in reverse moving very slowly when all the sudden it comes to an immediate stop and it shows it's in Park. It's kind of alarming...
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    Unlock Charging Port Button Doesn't Work

    The exact same is happening with me. The TM3 is my only EV so no confusion over vehicles. I can't unlock the charge port on the main onboard screen. I have to use the phone app to do it.
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    Cleaning the headliner

    Not sure on the best cleaning method but as far as the cleaner goes, I recommend Folex. Works well and doesn't discolor the area. I use a white microfiber towel. Home Depot, Walmart, Target should carry Folex.
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    VMR V710FF 19" Wheels

    Those wheels look awesome! Also curious about the offsets.
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    Exclusive first Model 3 Dyno

    That's really interesting. I never knew the Transaction Control was somehow tied into the ABS. Too bad there's not a way to just disable fully the Transaction Control. In one of my cars I could disable TC about 90% but I had to do the "Peddle Dance" to fully disable it. Thanks for the replies.
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    Aerodynamics of the Sport Wheel Vs. Aftermarket?

    So I've been thinking of either painting my 19" wheels or going aftermarket. After seeing another post of the TSW Nurburgring wheel and some of the others out there and it's raised a few questions. Did Tesla create that design based on Aerodynamics? I'm just wondering if I go with an...
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    Exclusive first Model 3 Dyno

    Can someone please help me understand why the disabling of ABS had anything to do with it?
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    Tesla Grey or Satin Black Powder Coat Wheels? (pearl white M3)

    It would be interesting to see back to back photos satin black vs. glossy black. I lean toward satin but I also think glossy could show the wheel and contrast better against the rubber.
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    Who's tinted their windows?

    What is it like driving with windshield tint 75% at night? Is it noticeably darker? I want to do the windshield but worry about it being a little too dark at night.
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    Tesla Grey or Satin Black Powder Coat Wheels? (pearl white M3)

    For white, I'd say satin black. That one picture of the white TM3 is not a good one because its all too dark to see the wheels. Is there much of a benefit with going powder coat over paint (heated)? Seems that many just do the paint job and claim just as good as powder coat. Just curious...
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    Bizarre Noise Coming from the Wheels/Drivetrain?

    Just curious, does it happen upon hard acceleration?
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    Who's tinted their windows?

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm looking into a few quotes right now. Do you mind sharing who is doing it for you, what you are getting, and how much. Feel free to DM me if more comfortable. I'm also in Carlsbad/San Marcos area.
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    Who's tinted their windows?

    Thanks! Yes I meant windshield. Not sure why I'm struggling with this decision, maybe because I've never done it before. Anyone have opinions on this that they would be willing to share? I'm in San Diego area. Thanks
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    Who's tinted their windows?

    For those who tint the front window, do you experience any issues while wearing polarized sunglasses?
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    NEW invites are out 2/28/18

    I got my VIN on 2/28 and pick up my Black w/ sport wheels this Monday in San Diego.

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