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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I took delivery on Saturday June 12th. Ordered on May 10th. Everything went well, panel gaps looked fine. The car had some smudges and dust on the dash, I will need to do a interior detail and exterior hand wash. Picked up from Tesla Lawrence in Toronto. Deliveries were so busy that day that...
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Just got my delivery date scheduled for Saturday June 12th. Ordered a LR MSM on May 10 in Toronto, ON. Picking up At Tesla Lawrence in Toronto. Happy to have a M3 again after my last one was written off in an accident on May 1st. I'm even getting my garage floor epoxied in a matching colour for...
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I just accepted Tesla Vision today and got an official VIN of 983xxx, which doesn't match searching the web source code I did previously. My delivery is not scheduled yet but is estimated now at June 11-17. From Toronto, ON
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Its not official but maybe since I'm in Canada they have a VIN lined up in advance of production.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    My previous 2018 LR RWD 3 with EAP was totaled in an accident May 1, so I ordered a 2021 LR 3 with FSD on May 10. Went from 5-13 weeks to June 11-24 now and even got a secret VIN peeking into the page source. The VIN's seem to have rolled over as mine is an 006xxx. Hopefully the new 3 will not...
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    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    June 6th car application, July 11th Charger Application Got my car rebate check in the mail yesterday and glad to say it cleared! What a relief. I will tell the ombudsmen's office that I don't need their help anymore. I got my car charger rebate directly deposited yesterday too.
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    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    Filed my complaint as well. Hope it adds fuel to the fire under their butts.
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    Model 3 Charging cost? - Significant increase in Electric bill

    Teslafi allows you to monitor your electricity consumption quite accurately. It tracks the kWh usage and efficiency of charge and displays the total monthly cost. You can go into their settings and adjust your electricity rate after you receive your bill to take into account all of the...
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    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    I haven't received my charger rebate or car rebate, submitted June 6th. Is it possible to be denied a rebate lets say if i didn't fill out the form correctly or they deemed my application not sufficient? Would I have been notified? Has anyone had this happen to them?
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    Just got a new software update notification

    you must be new to the internet
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    Washer fluid

    "Broke" my first part on my Model 3, the fluid filler cap came right off when I went to top up the washer fluid. The car took less then half of the fluid bottle after it gave me a warning that fluid was low. My previous cars used to be able to take a whole fluid bottle (3.78L) when the fluid was...
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    Model 3 3D Maxpider Floor Mats

    I've been trying to get my hands on these mats for months now. I ordered from Costco first when I saw in the forum they were available, turns out the weren't and I had Costco provide me a back order. Then I saw in the forum that Partsengine.ca had these mats, so I ordered them there and...
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    Who has lost regen with winter tires?

    Funny I didn't get this prompt but paid for new TPMS on my set of new winter rims. I wonder if there's a way to check to make sure the shop didn't just take my old sensors and put them in my winter set and make me pay for something they didn't provide.
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    Who has lost regen with winter tires?

    I am following this closely. After swapping out my aeros for aftermarket rims and Michelin Xices I am having the exact same issue. I find the green regen bar tries to start growing when you lift off at medium to high speed then disappears. The car is trying to regen, but it must sense a fault...
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    Cambridge Supercharger?

    Stopped there on my way back from London to Toronto as well. The superchargers are in a parking lot with big box stores all around. Its a bit tricky to get off the highway so make sure to follow the signs properly. Stay left at the fork when taking the offramp and then go strait into the mall...
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    Model 3 3D Maxpider Floor Mats

    I cant believe this, I ordered it from the states, but when I saw that it was available from Costco I cancelled my order. Now its sold out. Unbelievable!
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    TSN 1050 on TuneIn

    Maybe they can change the DNS address of the SIM the way some people get around Netflix geolocks. I don't believe these settings are user accessible.
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    Canada - Model 3 - Wifi update - anyone?

    Ok I'mstill on 21.9 and my update coincided with me bring in my 3 for the break squeak issue. My LTE connection to my car is very spotty, cuts out regularly around the GTA. So has anyone just tried parking in front of a service center to see if they will catch the update via wifi?
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    TSN 1050 on TuneIn

    Until and unless the Tunein issue is fixed, this wou Newstalk 1010 back is great news
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    TSN 1050 on TuneIn

    I logged into tune-in with my id and no it did not fix the issue.
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    TSN 1050 on TuneIn

    Probably the only way to get it now is to stream via bluetooth from the tunein app from your phone to the car.
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    TSN 1050 on TuneIn

    I noticed this as well and am very unhappy about it. Is there a reason for this, is it only temporary or is it permanent?
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    My experience with Model 3 Autopilot so far.

    I've been driving on the 407 and find in the mornings driving eastbound the sun's glare is so bright that AP has trouble picking up lane markings and wont perform an autolane change. This morning the drive was overcast and it changed lanes beautifully. Keeping my left hand at the 7 o'clock...
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    Static Sound over Streaming

    I am occasionally hearing a static crackling sound when playing streaming music. I heard the sound when I first picked up my model 3. Myself and the delivery specialist tried to duplicate the sound but couldn't. I thought it might be the immersive sound option so I turned that sound off. I have...
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    A/C problem? Rear vents blow warm/hot air

    There is a weight sensor in each back seat to sense if someone is sitting to warn of unbuckled seatbelt and to turn on the AC. Maybe my car seat doesn't trigger it but yours does. Gave multiple people first rides yesterday and can confirm that the rear ac does turn on by itself if someone is...
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    A/C problem? Rear vents blow warm/hot air

    The rear vents turn on when a person is sitting in the back seat but they do not sense children in car seats and have to be manually turned on.
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    Any Issues with your Model 3?

    It is! Great thanks will set as a preset now.
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    Any Issues with your Model 3?

    My preferred morning radio station (AM) doesn't work with Tunein radio. I am getting a "Loading Error". Have lost LTE several times, had to reset the computer to get it working again.
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    International Centre delivery experiences

    Got my car today, appointment was at 9:45am. Delivery was super smooth, on my way after 45 minutes. No rushing just everything was done. Now am sitting at work waiting to drive it again.
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    Tesla Finance Not working ?

    Yes same thing happened to me. Its an internal bug, tell your sales rep and they will direct you to Tesla Financing.
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    VIN Support Group: Passed Over and Still Waiting...

    Reserved March 31st 2016. Invited to configure March 27th 2018. Configured March 27th 2018. MSM/Aero. Toronto Delivery. Still Vinless. Called Tesla 2 weeks ago and last week, both times was told my VIN should be in by the end of the week. Waiting, refreshing, waiting, hoping, planning.
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    Charger Configuration and Install New M3

    I'm torn between the 8.5' cable and 24' cable. Having the 8.5' cable would work for my spot, I'm just worried about giving up future flexibility like being able to park outside the garage (for an unknown future reason). I don't want to have all that extra cable everywhere. Will I be fine with an...
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    Model 3 Canada - Confirmed Orders Only thread

    Configured March 27th still no VIN. I called them today and they said I must be one of the only ones left without a VIN that configured on that date. MSM/Aero. They said it should be any time now, same thing they said last week.
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    Auto Insurance for Model 3 in Canada

    Got my quote today, $1600 for the Model 3 from The Personal. Now if only i could get my VIN.
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    Model 3’s reportedly warehoused in Maple

    I drive by the area occasionally, can keep an eye out. Also, I once saw a parking lot full of new Model X's at the link below. Maybe someone can swing by. Can check myself next week. Google Maps

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