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    This truck design had better be a joke....

    I slept on it, looked at pictures again this morning.... Still looks like a lifted up 80s DeLorean...but a lot uglier. Stock took a nosedive, too. This is Tesla`s Multipla.
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    Tesla Gigafactory

    You`d be suprised how quickly new taxes get created here.
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    Tesla Gigafactory

    Musk might just be able to have that up and running before the BER.
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    Tesla model Y will kill the crossover competition

    The usual clickbait hyperbole.
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    Starting to regret my purchase

    For those who are interested: A YT comment from Nextmove about their cancelled 100 Model 3 purchase and the issues they had with the cars and with Tesla. It´s in german but has english subtitles. I think the most striking question I heard in that video was "does Tesla even care about...
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    Starting to regret my purchase

    At least in central europe it`s currently ~75% crap and only 25% fine. Streit über Qualitätsmängel: Tesla stoppt Model-3-Lieferungen an Nextmove - Golem.de For those who don`t understand german, which is probably the majority here: Nextmove, a german fleet operator, had ordered 100 Model 3s...
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    Waymo's self-driving Jaguar I-Pace begins testing on public roads

    wait...WHAT!? Tesla has been doing nothing else but releasing features that are basically beta versions, that`s especially true for anything AP but also for features like the infamous NN-powered wipers. Heck for a long time AP didn`t even require any driver feedback and people were doing videos...
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    Byton unveils interior with huge screen

    And we don`t need more than ~5-6" on our smart devies to have all that and now we suddenly get a ginourmos ultra wide screen in our cars for the same purpose? I´ve seen the demos, too, and I still think that design is absolute garbage and was purely made to fetch some attention and not to...
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    Byton unveils interior with huge screen

    Imho that design is seriously overdoing it. I´m in a car, and since there is a steering wheel I guess I´m supposed to drive that myself for the time being. So what do I need the monitor setup of a multimedia artist for? And if that thing was fully automated and I could use the screen for...
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    Volkswagen’s answer to Tesla is a Volkswagen bus????

    The concept of a car manufacturer offering multiple models seems to be hard to grasp for you....
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    FSD - hands on wheel?

    Tell that to all the people that bought into AP1 back then. Jesus, your optimism is nice and all, but with you it`s like Tesla`s long track record of broken promises didn`t exist. But hey, since I just bought into Tesla shares again I sure hope you`re right.
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    Coast to coast drive happening this year for all FSD Teslas!

    I`m seriously astonished that after so many broken promises some fans still give Elon the benefit of the doubt..... I´ll not believe a thing Tesla claims or Elon promises anymore if a corresponding product isn`t actually available.
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    Hydrogen vs. Battery

    and again I don`t agree with that math nor does the situation with the rapid improvements apply to a lot of places where the eco-fetishists are trying to make us swallow the infrastructure investments all at once. Keeping all those plants for backup due to the lack of any storage options while...
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    Hydrogen vs. Battery

    Making emissions the absolute top priority to the point that you`re sacrificing grid stability on that altar and accept rampant curtailment, dispatch and gap-fill costs is financial suicide....We´re experiencing this first hand in central europe atm. we just cracked the 0,3€ line for a single...
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    Hydrogen vs. Battery

    Quite the contrary needs to be done... We overproduce in the summer and then we have to fall back to nuclear and coal power in the winter months. We need massive storage capabilities before renewables can progress further over here.
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Basically everywhere besides the US they are ALL very big cars, with the Model X being too big to use in some countries even.
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    Drove Audi e-tron Today

    If you think a Model X drives like a sports car you`ve probably never driven a sports car... A model X sure can brute force sprints, but that`s about it. You can`t cheat physics......
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    Drove Audi e-tron Today

    A 2.5 ton SUV drives different from a 1.5t sedan? You don´t say.... ... ... ...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    A miserable quarter result and a dwindling model 3 profit margin and demand is what`s happening. Add the plans to do another capital raise to that and you got an explosive cocktail. Tesla hasn`t looked this bad in 2 years. Meanwhile looking at the dips and bounces here and there....big capital...
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    Falling Battery Prices to Make EVs Cheaper Than ICE Cars in 3 Years

    Considering that the demand for battery cells is already significantly higher than the production and the resource prices are on a steady way up I don`t see this becoming a reality in the foreseeable future if manufacturers want something that resembles a reasonable profit margin... I wouldn´t...
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    Volkswagen Group To Produce 22 Million EVs By 2028: Over 50% In China

    meanwhile VW slashed their production targets for the E-Tron in 2019 again because they can`t get enough batteries and still have no means to actually get bigger volumes as they`re 100% dependent on 3rd parties there which won`t change in the foreseeable future.....
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    Andrej Karpathy Very Negative about Computer Vision?

    7 years could just as well be a century in the IT world. Also this was posted and discussed...well, 7 years ago.
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    What the chances Tesla cars will be self driving in 3 years? Why do you think that way?

    If we`re talking true lvl 5... 0% Lvl 4 (Highways prob)...hmmm 30%
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    Volkswagen Group To Produce 22 Million EVs By 2028: Over 50% In China

    wouldn`t say that. Remember when VW talked about their uuuultra clean Diesel engines? :D
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    Gas vs Tesla

    Jesus friggin christ I´m so jealous. We`re now at 0,3€ for one KWh in Germany and will be at 0,32 by the end of the year......
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    (early)Model S --> E-Class
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    The Tesla hate is real

    this is not about Tesla but about people being assholes. Go park in a european city like rome or paris, you get this *sugar* no matter what you drive as long as it looks more expensive than a garbage can.
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    The Volkswagen I.D. Is The Electric Future Of Compact Cars With A 373 Mile Range

    I simply don`t care. Live and let Iive. I pretty much despise Apple, but people can buy whatever they want and they`re feeding a giant amount of employees. I make decisions for myself, not for other people. The Diesel scandal wasn`t a thing back then, so why screw their core business just for...
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    The Volkswagen I.D. Is The Electric Future Of Compact Cars With A 373 Mile Range

    Nothing about that stems from logic. It's mostly arrogance and pretty stupid black and white thinking. You don't like xy and that must mean it, and everything affiliated with it, deserves to die, because your opinion is absolute and things can never change........ My condolences if you actually...
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    The Volkswagen I.D. Is The Electric Future Of Compact Cars With A 373 Mile Range

    sarcasm is like clean water and food... Not everyone gets it. o_O Better never watch British comedy, someone of your surpreme ahem...intellect would probably feel offended... @ItsNotAboutTheMoney Apples and peaches. Choosing not to buy from person xy is different from wishing for the demise...
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    The Volkswagen I.D. Is The Electric Future Of Compact Cars With A 373 Mile Range

    Right, screw the rest of the 650.000 employees worldwide for the crap that 50 or so guys in the management did.... I think there is no polite way for me to answer anything more to such a profoundly stupid post so I'll just refrain from doing so.
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    Battery Consumption

    LPG taxes are way lower and will stay that low until at least 2022. I´ve actually been able to get lpg for <0,5€ until 2016, even. Normal gas ist at >1,5€/l and even Diesel is almost at 1,4€/l currently, completely crazy. I have to thank our german government's incompetence for that. We got the...
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    Battery Consumption

    I said "fuel cost" not efficiency. :) The M3 would sit around ~23kwh per 100km for me, which is 6,21€ in power cost where I live. (0,27€ / kwh ) My current 350 E-Class consumes ~10l LPG per 100km which costs me 6,3€ (0,63€ / l) And the E-class actually performs better at 130+ km/h. In basically...
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    Battery Consumption

    Well, you already made your choice, so It probably doesn`t matter anymore for you. But there`s still enough people contemplating the choice between ICE and EV in general. When the first reports about cold weather power consumption for the model 3 rolled in the "fuel" cost calculation for my...
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    Battery Consumption

    If one of that car`s main salepoints is the "efficiency" of the tech you probably should though.
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    Musk tweets, traffic lights, stop signs and roundabouts are in testing

    I think I´ve heard the very same phrase in relation to AP for 4 years straight now :rolleyes:
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    Will the value of used M3's increase once the rebate is half and then gone?

    The relatively low depreciation on Tesla vehicles up to now wasn`t because of the brand-name but because of the production volume. With Tesla`s entry in mass manufacturing we`ll see similar market treatment to all other brands. Don`t expect Tesla to fare any better than a Merc/BMW/Audi in a...
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    European pricing and configurator now live

    if you are unable to comprehend more than one line of text at once and thus only post utter nonsense you should consider not posting at all:rolleyes: I don't know what you want to express here, but nice for you I guess?
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    European pricing and configurator now live

    It´s not general unavailability,, just that you can`t use AP above ~140km/h and on bidirectional roads. And that happens to be most of my driving :)
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    Musk tweets, traffic lights, stop signs and roundabouts are in testing

    So, what does "soon" mean in Elon-time again? Little reminder: Last time he announced this was when we were still on AP1 If it goes on like this we`ll have the first people on Mars before we have lvl4+ automation in cars. :eek:
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    European pricing and configurator now live

    As if Tesla fans would all only care about the green factor. That must be why the AWD and P models are so popular and people opt to drive 2,5 ton cars with 4s 0-60 instead of smaller Evs from different brands. I´d dare to say the majority is into it for the performance and novelty factor. The...
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    European pricing and configurator now live

    Neither, recheck your own facts pls. 0,63€/l LPG => 10l/100km 6,3€ 1,30€/l Diesel => 7l/100km 9,1€ 0,27€/kwh => 25kwh/100km 6,75€ All my cars have been running on LPG since the 2000s and so do my company cars. I gave the 1€ saving only because of the LPG adaption costs. The only category where...
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    European pricing and configurator now live

    I already calculated it and with the current power prices (25-32ct) I´d barely save 1€ per 100km compared to a Diesel or LPG engine. Company car, doesn`t matter. And I can´t say I can share the experiences of many boardmembers concerning high maintenance costs on older german premium cars. Maybe...
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    European pricing and configurator now live

    at 58k€ LR starting price I´m definitely out. With our company rebates that translates to a ~75k BMW 5 or E-Class. The Model 3 can`t compete with that for me, personally. For non EV enthusiasts that`s just terrible value for the money. Enjoy your cars guys :)
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    Tesla Model 3 Pricing Info & Range Rating Released For Europe

    58k STARTING price for the LR model. Ok, I´m out. For that price I´ll choose a nice 5 series or E-Class.... I guess folks here will undoubtedly start argumenting with list prices....No one pays list price for BMW/Merc & Co. The only car-company where the list price is actually the final price...
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    Poll: Which versions of Model 3 do you expect Tesla in Europe at first?

    P probably. I`d expect them to put out the highest margin ones first.
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    Help!!!! LEMR VS LRM3

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    It would be nice if EAP features can be a la carte...

    who wouldn`t agree with that notion.
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    Audi Offers Up Sneak Peek Of e-Tron GT Ahead Of Reveal

    I actually have the same issue with the Model S. I understand why the "classic" lines were kept here, but I expect things to change bit by bit. The M3`s "bubbly" proportions are already going in the right direction imho.

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