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  1. thelastdeadmouse

    Supercharger - Potsdam, NY

    1 week check in, no visible change, chargers are still covered in plastic.
  2. thelastdeadmouse

    Supercharger - Potsdam, NY

    The satellite view hasn't been updated since the construction, but the charger is on the east side of the parking lot, clearly visible from the street.
  3. thelastdeadmouse

    Supercharger - Potsdam, NY

    At the new Stewart's on Maple Street in Potsdam, 4 pedestals.
  4. thelastdeadmouse

    Supercharger - Malta, NY

    Stopped in on my way north from Albany yesterday around 9am, the area was coned off from the front but not if you drive around the back of the building. Plugged in and charged at 90 kw (cold battery).
  5. thelastdeadmouse

    Service scheduled before warranty expired, still covered after 50,000 miles?

    I have a few items that have been defective with my car for a few months now, I scheduled mobile service (I live 4 hours away from the nearest US service location) back in spring, but due to a mistake on Tesla's end they never came and I'm still waiting on them to come out. I finally got an...
  6. thelastdeadmouse

    CT Steering Wheel Replacement

    I probably won't buy a Cybertruck if it comes with a yoke and there's no first or third party replacement options for a normal steering wheel. I'd give it a week or two but if I still hate it, out it goes. The difference between yoke steering in a plane or Formula 1 vs a street car is that...
  7. thelastdeadmouse

    Bed Cap That Increases Range?

    It seems like for a standard pickup truck shape 10-25% improvements in mileage are possible with an aerodynamic bed cap. https://ecomodder.com/blog/aerocaps-for-pick-up-trucks/ I'd assume that the sloped back of the Cybertruck is already an advantage over the standard shape, so aim on the low...
  8. thelastdeadmouse

    Bed Cap That Increases Range?

    With electric trucks improving aerodynamics doesn't just mean lower running costs, but longer range, which can be significantly more valuable. Because of this I'm surprised I haven't seen any concepts for Cyrbertruck bed caps that would improve aerodynamics and add range in the process. If you...
  9. thelastdeadmouse

    WTB 2008 - 2012 Tesla Roadster

    Looking to by an original Tesla Roadster. High mileage is fine, this is a car I intend to drive so I'm not looking for a pristine low mile museum piece. I prefer the looks of the later cars, but there's not many of these and even fewer for sale, I'd be happy to have a change to buy any of them.
  10. thelastdeadmouse

    Which front facing camera is the dash cam?

    We know there's three front facing cameras:wide, medium, and narrow lens. Do we know with any certainty which of these captures the camera footage we've all seen? I'm guessing we're getting the medium lens as Tesla refers to it as the main front camera, but has anyone captured footage from the...
  11. thelastdeadmouse

    Supercharger - Lake Placid, NY

    Quick stop today on the Albany to Potsdam run. Started charging at about 30%, topped out at 194kw.
  12. thelastdeadmouse

    Diminished Value in NY

    I got the quote, $7,100 and change from the Tesla approved body shop. The quote isn't super easy to decipher, but I believe the damage ended up being minor enough that they're going to repair the existing quarter panel instead of having to replace it, which I'm sure is saving a ton of cost...
  13. thelastdeadmouse

    Diminished Value in NY

    I'll post when I find out. I already had a service appointment for a suspension squeak next Monday, so I'm hoping I can just leave the car there and either get a loaner from Tesla or through the insurance company.
  14. thelastdeadmouse

    Diminished Value in NY

    The car is a 2018 3 Performance, just under 39k miles.
  15. thelastdeadmouse

    Diminished Value in NY

    Car got hit in a parking lot today, someone tried to cut the corner too close. From the outside it looks like the damage is limited to the bumper, rear quarter panel, and slightly to the tail light, not sure is there's any damage beneath the outer skin. The person stuck around and admitted...
  16. thelastdeadmouse

    Unhappy with Tesla Service, allowed battery to drain

    The last few days I'd noticed a few things in my car not working. I could set the cruise control but then couldn't adjust the speed, when using the scroll wheels nothing would happen. If you tapped the + - on the screen it'd flash, but the number wouldn't change. Same if you tried to open the...
  17. thelastdeadmouse

    Model 3 20" Silver Performance Wheels

    These are nearly new wheels, swapped off a new car. I bought them over the winter to use as my summer wheels but decided to go with 19s instead. One wheel has slight damage from shipping, the others may have negligible marring from the process of mounting and then removing the OEM tires...
  18. thelastdeadmouse

    45 Offset Wheels?

    I'm looking at a set of 18x9" wheels with 45 offset. Should fit on the back but how about the front? I'm looking at 255/45/18's (I'd be happy to get the small amount of extra tire height), 255/40/18's second choice. Is 45 too much offset for fronts? I'd like to run a square setup.
  19. thelastdeadmouse

    Glugging sound with rain after roof glass replacement

    I had a small chip in the roof glass that was hidden underneath my roof rack, which turned into a sizable crack with some hot weather. I had the glass replaced by Tesla today. On the way home I hit one of those summer downpours that start and stop suddenly, and when it finished I could hear a...
  20. thelastdeadmouse

    Molded mud flaps arrived

    Preliminary efficiency result. Yesterday before installing I got 246 wh/mile, today on the same route was 244. 29 miles is obviously a really small sample size, but it looks like the impact is likely negligible.
  21. thelastdeadmouse

    Molded mud flaps arrived

    I can take a picture of my (red) car tonight like this, it probably won't look like much though, they're pretty subtle in person and on the camera they mostly blend in with the tires, wheel wells, and asphalt from the side.
  22. thelastdeadmouse

    Molded mud flaps arrived

    If you're reusing the existing push pins, its nearly impossible to push these in without a mallet or some other tool you can get leverage with. I'm fairly large and I found it quite difficult doing this with the car on the ground and the wheels on, so you might want to find help, or have them...
  23. thelastdeadmouse

    Molded mud flaps arrived

    Got them on tonight temporarily. It's really tough getting the push connectors back in with the extra thickness of the mud flaps. It pretty much requires use of a mallet, it'd be much easier up on a lift with the wheels off. I'll try to get an idea if there's an efficiency difference tomorrow...
  24. thelastdeadmouse

    Molded mud flaps arrived

    The combination of an inflexible schedule this past week, bad weather, and no garage have kept me from putting these on yet, but I'll try to at least mock them up and take pictures tonight. I'm probably going to try to get my hands on some xpel scraps and cover the areas the mud flaps will...
  25. thelastdeadmouse

    How to ship Model 3 OEM Areo wheels and tires cheaply?

    You can also ship large items via Greyhound for a lot less than UPS/FedEx, but you're still probably better off trying to find someone local.
  26. thelastdeadmouse

    Molded mud flaps arrived

    2019 Car Mud Flaps Splash Guard Fender Mudguard For Tesla Model 3 + Fixing Screw | eBay These are the ones I ordered, though I've seen several vendors selling seemingly identical ones, almost certainly purchased from the same manufacturer. These were $30 when I bought them which was the best...
  27. thelastdeadmouse

    Molded mud flaps arrived

    I've seen these mud flaps pop up for sale from a number of different vendors, I bought mine off eBay last month, and as far as I can tell I'm the lucky one and got mine first. I didn't have time to out them on last night but will try in the next day or two. They look well made, came with a small...
  28. thelastdeadmouse

    Ugh, Ordered Mud flaps

    Ordered these as well. Looks like it'll be a few weeks for shipping, I'm post the results when I get them.
  29. thelastdeadmouse

    0-60 time button

    99% of the time if a car isn't hitting its advertised acceleration its because conditions aren't providing adequate traction, the battery is low, the battery is cold, the road isn't flat, they're driving into a headwind, the car has heavier aftermarket wheels, or any one of a hundred other...
  30. thelastdeadmouse

    Vendor Vorsteiner VOLTA Model 3 Aero Kit 10% off Pre-Order through July 7th!!

    Any pictures or availability info on the non-track edition diffuser?
  31. thelastdeadmouse

    Vorsteiner CF lip kit, can't wait!

    The full kit isn't my taste and the track edition diffuser is too rich for my blood, but if the normal version is the same style I'm pretty tempted. I can't find pictures of it anywhere though.
  32. thelastdeadmouse

    Car forgot it has FSD

    I purchased my car last August without EAP or FSD. Then I purchased both this spring during the temporary price drop, got the update within a few days that added them to the car. Then about a week ago I noticed after an update that Summon was missing from my app. Then I checked the Autopilot...
  33. thelastdeadmouse

    Performance Leaning 3 Season Tire?

    Thanks, the A/S 3+ was what I was leaning towards based on Tire Rack and Consumer Reports reviews. I'm also eyeing the CrossClimate+, I'm guessing it might be slightly more winter orientated and slightly less summer oriented than the A/S 3+?
  34. thelastdeadmouse

    Performance Leaning 3 Season Tire?

    I have a P3D-, AWD Performance with 18" wheels. I'll be using the 18s as winter wheels and buying a second set of either 18" or 19" (probably turbine style) wheels for summer tires, so just about all sizes are on the table. I'm looking for something performance leaning, but not too loud, and...
  35. thelastdeadmouse

    Perfectly balanced...

    The very first reply got it, I knew someone would but I thought it's take a little longer than that.
  36. thelastdeadmouse

    Perfectly balanced...

    Points to whoever guesses where this happened.
  37. thelastdeadmouse

    Car camping boxes

    Thought I'd show the quick and dirty boxes I made up for the rear floor of the car for my upcoming car camping road trip. They're the right height to be even with the rear seat backs when they're down and the rear cushion is removed, so they will support the top edge of our mattress. The fronts...
  38. thelastdeadmouse

    Roof Rack T Bolts

    I bought the roof rack and a cargo box for an upcoming road trip. The cargo box came with U shaped bolts that go below the entire bar. I'd rather secure it with the T track, it just seems much simpler and I'd rather not scratch up the bars with the U bolts. Is there something that can be...
  39. thelastdeadmouse

    WTB Model 3 rear seat cushion / bottom

    I'm looking to buy a black Model 3 rear seat cushion / bottom, in any condition. 1st gen preferred. Looking to modify it to allow the rear seats to lie completely flat while still having the rear seat available for the rare occasions I have more than 1 passenger. Shipping to either Potsdam NY...
  40. thelastdeadmouse

    Spoilers Help

    Model 3 Exterior Parts Disclaimer, I haven't purchased one, waiting for their forthcoming OEM style one they mention in one of their videos.
  41. thelastdeadmouse

    Spoilers Help

    RPM Tesla has two different options for rear spoilers for $240-$320, and I understand that they have a OEM style version coming out soon.
  42. thelastdeadmouse

    Aero wheels without wheel caps, without lug nut caps and center cap

    I did for a little while. It looks unfinished, much better with the nut covers and center hubs. I was also concerned that leaving the nuts uncovered would cause them and bolts to rust over time and look really bad. (I live in salt country)
  43. thelastdeadmouse

    What part of rear suspension keeps the wheel in place?

    The wheel nuts. You're gonna want those.
  44. thelastdeadmouse

    P3D Highway Passing Speed.

    Its fu*&$#g quick. If the fact that the 50-70 isn't quick as quick as the 30-50 in a P3D is going to cause you to not be able to make a pass in time you had no business going for that gap. There is no practical application for the level of speed and power this car has. Get it not because you...
  45. thelastdeadmouse

    Ground clearance?

    Mountain Pass Performance 1.75" Lift Kit Something tells me they'll sell more of these for Model Y's than 3's.
  46. thelastdeadmouse

    Can the Model Y tow?

  47. thelastdeadmouse

    Thoughts on UP’s efficiency upgrades?

    I'd like to see some real world testing results before I bite. The lowering springs probably won't work for my driveway, but the lid spoiler looks relatively modest. If that and the rear spoiler can really add up to a nearly 13% drag reduction that could be 30 highway miles on a LR car. At...
  48. thelastdeadmouse

    M3 Performance crushes the driveway

    We have a ~250' long driveway and a couple really steep parts, especially at the bottom. We also tend to get a lot of freezing rain on the "warm days" of winter, and then it stays below freezing so you just have 2" or more of ice in your driveway all winter long. People get stuck on it all the...
  49. thelastdeadmouse

    2018 Non Autopilot people, should we buy AP for $2000 before next Monday?

    I skipped all the AP stuff when I got my car last August, bought AP for 2k the second I was able to. It wasn't worth it to me at the time to pay 5k for what was then just traffic aware cruise control, lane keeping, and parking (I'll park myself thank you), and I frankly really stretched my...

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