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  1. phaduman

    Tesla Insurance (California)- heads up, on coverage

    Hi All, just wanted to drop a note for those of you on Tesla Insurance to login (to Tesla.com) and check your coverage, if you haven't done so in the last 3-6 months. Mine had dropped to a much lower (likely basic coverage) somehow when I was accidentally checking for something else. I called...
  2. phaduman

    Tesla Insurance - first use/experience (minor)

    So we have 2 Teslas under Tesla Insurance - for the last 9months or so. Great price (40% cheaper than the Allstate insurance we were on for 15+ yrs). Labor Day weekend - had a flat tire (2 nails - one of them a big screw) going on freeway about 30miles away from home (and heading out)...
  3. phaduman

    Comparing Wi-Fi data - MS AP1 and M3 (30 days)

    I use my own product at home (Ruckus Wi-Fi) and have DPI engine in the wi-fi access points to get a bit more insight into the traffic flowing between the car and the internet. Both the cars are parked in the garage at night around the same time, and most of this traffic is during those...
  4. phaduman

    Not under warranty? Sunroof rubber seal (outer seal?)

    I brought to the attention of my service advisor that the sunroof seal on my 2016 facelift AP1.0 Model S, has a rip (perhaps due to the sunroof holder clamps brushing into it regularly...). My advisor said, this is cosmetic, and is not covered under the 4yr/50K warranty. And that, this rubber...
  5. phaduman

    Extend Warranty or not

    I have a AP1.0 (Sep 2016 build) MS75D, currently at 46K miles. I had already paid the 4yr extended warranty a while ago for $4.2K. Q I have is, should I cancel the contract pre-50K and get the full refund (& pay for repair as needed)? I MIGHT keep the car, Or, might sell it (to get a MX...
  6. phaduman

    3 motorcycles visual

    pretty cool!
  7. phaduman

    MB Sales guy's anti-Tesla sales pitch

    So this guy calls me to talk about our B-class EV's lease ending and trying to replace with another MB. They don't have pure EVs anymore, so C350-hybrid is the only option. With driver assistance package, it is at $56K before taxes. So to have fun, I said we are also looking at Model3 which...
  8. phaduman

    25,000 mile/2yr service report

    Just FYI that I paid the $725 for the 2yr/25K (I had 26K miles, and at 19months, 5months before 2yr anniversary) service. Yea, there will be both sides to the story - shouldn't have done it, Tesla charging a lot etc etc. But this is the only option in town to have the piece of mind I want, to...
  9. phaduman

    My MS's fan was ON for 2-days

    We came back from spring break to notice our plugged-in MS75D's fans were ON (loud noise that you cannot help but notice). Wife and I both were worried how long had it been on - I said it must have been for a short while because a plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla - so it works to keep the...
  10. phaduman

    Arachnids for sale

    I may be able to ask Tesla to deliver them to your closest SC. I haven't ordered them yet. The 21in wheels + new tires + TPMS all come together in the referral award. Let me know if you are interested, and your price. I am in San Jose, California. Cheers
  11. phaduman

    Opinion: raffle the Arachnids to raise money for non-profit?

    All, need some help on a good thought I have in mind - before I change my mind :). I am getting the arachnid wheels due to 3 referrals. I didn't have to do much - the car is that good. So what Tesla is giving me as a thank you, I want to pay it forward. I am getting trained to run a marathon...
  12. phaduman

    My daughter's first experience with a Model 3 door handle

    Just thought it would be funny to take a video. She got the demonstration once, and then tried it. She is 9yr old and a leftie. Using right hand for the passenger side door was a bit challenging. I think she would prefer using the driver side rear door when we get our M3.
  13. phaduman

    For Sale: set of 21-in arachnids for Model S (Bay area) $4K

    New (not yet picked up from Tesla) set of 4 staggered silver arachnids (forged) 21-in wheels for Tesla Model S cars. Prefer to deal locally so I can hand over the wheels (or hopefully get Tesla SC to install them on your car while we wait) at the SC. I am getting them as part of the referral...
  14. phaduman

    When is standard battery model 3 coming?

    Any insightful guesses? We are on hold waiting for the "early 2018" availability of the standard battery Model3. If we could get that car and also get the full federal credit (7.5K), that would be ideal. Also, any guesses when the 200K federal limit be reached? Q2? cheers
  15. phaduman

    New referral 21-inch Archnids for MS for sale

    Just received the email to claim my referral 21-in archnids for ModelS. I have a poorman's model S (75D), and don't want to further reduce range + just powder coated my 19s to satin black - so want to enjoy them for a while. These forged aluminum wheels are fantastic on the "P" cars to match...
  16. phaduman

    Posting from inside camper-mode enabled MS

    My son and I are out in Monterey to have some dad-son bonding fun while ladies are out attending wedding out of state. After surfing and dinner, the MS is plugged into a 50AMP (using Tesla supplied 14-50 NEMA adapter) in a close-by RV camp. When we were setting up the rear sleeping area, some...
  17. phaduman

    Any white Model S owners done full black top like the Range Rovers?

    Wondering how this would look like on a white MS with pano/glass. The white frames that run along the roof sides down to the trunk - it that could be black-wrapped (along with blackening of chrome window linings and mirror cases), I wonder how that would look. I find the below range rover (& I...
  18. phaduman

    Headliner - can this be replaced? Regret not getting dark headliner

    The only thing if I could change in my car would be to replace my light headliner with the dark (black) headliner. Every time I see a while S or X that has the dark headliner, I just day-dream about it in my car :). I have been thinking about using a permanent ink and do the painstaking work -...
  19. phaduman

    feature request: steering wheel control to switch Chill/Standard modes

    I am seeing myself switching between the two modes frequently. As already felt by Tesla, there is advantages to chill mode. Having a quick access to the chill/standard mode toggle under the right steering wheel lower button (like sunroof, fan control etc controls) would be quite useful. Have the...
  20. phaduman

    13 cars broken into last night, for laptops - costco sunnyvale parking lot

    Mine was one of them, :-(. Any good reliable south bay area Tesla repair shop? Glass damage, some paint damage and not sure yet, but likely some upholstery damage due to shattered glasses.. My regret: keeping the laptop bag in trunk instead of frunk. The rear glass has 95% tint, and parcel...
  21. phaduman

    Blue Model 3 sighted on highway 237 Bay Area

    Got a glimpse of a blue model 3 last friday. Enjoy! My quick take given this was my first real life viewing: was easy to spot, has the Tesla genes. The car looks a bit rounder as they had to keep the headroom similar to Model S but needed to take some width out - so the sexy wider stance of...
  22. phaduman

    Got rear-ended. Minor. Need some advice

    Need some advice here. Got hit on stop and go freeway commute by a Subaru, tech employee who was distracted. Couple of links (my rear has a tint 5% (pretty dark), so even a 1080p rear cam (thinkware 770) can only catch so much. In any case, identification wasn't issue, driver cooperated and we...
  23. phaduman

    MS owners - time to step aside and watch the Model3 show?

    New day for Tesla tomorrow. M3 will push Tesla to adulthood. Instead of overnight changes to options/configurations (which we MS owners survived all this long), Tesla will (hopefully) mature to provide more reliable promises, announce in-advance upcoming changes and give time for owners to...
  24. phaduman

    Morons... what should I do with them?

    During evening commute hours when rest of traffic was < 10mph, these two BMW & Mustangs were on fire lane perhaps going 50+mph. I had to move to my right within the lane just out of instinct, and could have hit motorcycles that usually lane-share & cross cars on the right side of carpool lane...
  25. phaduman

    solved a creaking sound from rear driver door side - Yay!

    The creaking sound (like a metal to metal) I could hear coming from driver side rear door area had got me quite wound up for a while (weeks). Below freeway speeds, I could hear the sound when going over slight imperfections on the road..couldn't really diagnose without sitting on the rear seats...
  26. phaduman

    AP1 Model S crossed yellow line during lane merge

    While driving down on CA-1 to Monterey yesterday 5PM, when left lane merged to right (reducing from 3 lane to 2 lanes), my car (autopilot engaged) couldn't follow the left yellow line (when the right side white lane divider disappeared for a while, the car has always followed the left yellow...
  27. phaduman

    Impressed with the car - after first long (Tahoe) trip (500miles total)

    I have read other Tahoe trip reports - so this is just a few points that I thought was worth sharing. From south bay (San jose) to North Tahoe (squaw valley) was 240miles each way. Family trip (2 adults, 2 kids) and decent luggage for 2nights/3-days. Charged car to 90% from home (7,000ft...
  28. phaduman

    Long term parking at home - plugged in

    Sorry for this spam - I know this gets covered so many times... I have seen various recommendations, starting from 2012, and I am hoping there is a recent summary somewhere based on collective knowledge learnt by the community. Fast forward to end of 2016, and I am hoping the new knowledge is...
  29. phaduman

    Front end vibration - newly built cars

    If you are getting some front end noise followed by steering wheel vibration on your new model S with the front facia, then pls read on. Two months after picking up my new car from factory, today is the first day I am enjoying freeway ride without the noise and vibration. I just posted a reply...
  30. phaduman

    15mile commute consumption of 174Wh/mile - Yay!

    This is bay area, California. Typical morning commute on highway 101 (speed varies between 15 and 55mph). The last 15miles were all on a near straight line with minimal elevation changes, occasional stops due to bumper to bumper traffic. Morning weather was 55F. Autopilot perhaps 90% of that...
  31. phaduman

    Letter to Mr. Musk from a 1-day old outdated Model S owner

    I am thrilled to see the progress Tesla is making on the new Model S/X/3 towards full autonomous vehicles. I am very disheartened that I bought (not leased, as I think Model S is a car worth 10yr of supremely enjoyable ownership) a $90K Model S brand new from your factory on Tuesday (18th Oct)...
  32. phaduman

    Wow - this is what it feels like to own a Tesla Model S

    I haven't stopped smiling since wife and I went for the delivery at the factory yesterday afternoon and drove off with our S75D White with Black Next-Gen/AP/SZ/Pano (owned a BMW 5-series for lat 7yrs). Wife said hasn't seen me this happy since our wedding (lol - that was 17yrs ago). Dropped it...
  33. phaduman

    front-drive only "D" models could get more range?

    I searched and couldn't find a thread on this. Wondering if Tesla could introduce a "low power" mode, that could use lower torqued front motors of the "D" cars to get a longer range? Perhaps a 20% or even 30% longer range? May be when Model-3s are announced, the Model S "D" cars could get a...
  34. phaduman

    Am I getting ahead of myself? Pls read

    Alright, I need some help here...I would like to know if I am going ahead of myself by considering to buy the Model X (say a $100K tag car). I could buy it with cash if I like, tomorrow, but what % of your worth would you put into a car? Knowing that in about 8yrs, it would be all gone. Sorry...

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