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  1. longshadows

    Trip planning software of choice

    About to make my third long road trip in my Model 3 DM/LR. So far, I've found the online AAA TripTik to provide the best routing details (including SuperChargers), but it cannot help me determine my range and which SCs I need to include. What do some of you use for trip planning that can...
  2. longshadows

    Traveling in a Model 3

    I'm in the planning stages of a 5,000 mile trip to South Texas and back to Maine in the coming months, and I'm intrigued by the possibility (and cost savings) of stopping at night (Camper Mode) along Interstate Hwy rest areas and (nicer) truck stops, where I can take a shower, etc. I'd be glad...
  3. longshadows

    Tune-In Radio

    I have a Tune-In Radio account and have signed in on the Tesla. Once is a great while, my "Favorites" will show up on the Tesla, but most often not. I have contacted Tune-In and they cannot account for this problem and suggested it may be something Tesla can address. When "Favorites" is...
  4. longshadows

    Latest on SentryCam with iPhone

    SentryCam is great, but hard to use, especially to view recent "events" Until Tesla provides a way of viewing camera recording on the Tesla screen, we have to rely on 3rd party apps. Recently, there has been discussion about the vulnerability of thumb drives, as opposed to small memory...
  5. longshadows

    My car ignores me all too frequently!

    For the past few weeks, my phone key does not automatically work when I approach my car. The car asks for the card (which I refuse to give it!) I have to open the app and wake it up or press the unlock icon on the app. The same for the charging port. It won't open when I need to plug it in...
  6. longshadows

    Apps shows my car is 1/2 mile away!

    For several weeks now, my Tesla app on iPhone has indicated that my car is at an address about 1/2 mile away from my residence. I live on a street, which is listed on Google Maps, and there are several streets between my house and the fictitious "location" of my car. So, why is it arbitrarily...
  7. longshadows

    To charge or not to charge?

    Advice, please: I won’t be driving my Model 3 for about a week. It will just be sitting in my garage. Should I keep it plugged in to the wall charger all that time or should I charge it to the regular 80% and then unplug it for the week? Thanks.
  8. longshadows

    Security Mode alert video "gone missing"

    Got my first "Security Alert" this morning while at the vet's. No obvious damage. Came home, brought the little thumb drive into the house and plugged it into the PC. Lots of old video clips, but nothing dated today. (Lots of videos of my garage wall! Useless!) How does one identify/find...
  9. longshadows

    TuneIn Radio

    Love my M3 and the audio system. Slacker isn't great, but I use TuneIn Radio all the time (streaming those classical stations...). Problem is, I can't seem to set any stations as "favorites" and have them stick. I have to search for them once I exceed the number allowed to remain in...
  10. longshadows

    12 volt battery "back-up?"

    I've read a few times about problems some owners have had with the 12 volt batteries (near the frunk) and some have had to replace them, some even carry a replacement... "just in case." What's the deal? Is this a serious issue and how should a concerned owner deal with this possibility? I'm...
  11. longshadows

    Superchargers "misssing" on navigation???

    I just attempted to set a route for an upcoming trip on my new M3. I need to drive from Brunswick, ME to near Syracuse, NY. No matter what I input, the resulted navigation only shows me two SuperChargers (both in Massachusetts). Can anyone advise me if this is as it should be or is something...
  12. longshadows

    Rubber foot pedal pads

    My M3 is two weeks old and I ordered replacement (aluminum metal) pads for the brake and accelerator pedals. I was just installing them, but discovered that only the original brake pad was there. There was no pad on the accelerator pedal, just black metal! Is this as it should be or did Tesla...
  13. longshadows

    Charging during holiday travel

    Holiday travel is just around the corner and we all want to take the new "wheels," but I'm a little worried about finding adequate charging at my destinations.. The kit that comes with the Tesla has a 20 foot cable and adapters for the NEMA 14-50, 110 volt home sockets and the J-1772 adapter...
  14. longshadows

    Maine Model3 deliveries

    My AWD M3 is on order, scheduled for delivery "Sept-Nov 2018" What's not clear is how I pick up the new car. I am paying cash and can EFT the final payment to Tesla when they ask for it. I believe all paperwork can be done electronically. So, all that's left would be "delivery." Does this...
  15. longshadows

    Wrapping a new M3

    I'd appreciate input from current or potential owners of the Model 3 concerning body wrapping, both as a means of full-body protection and as obtaining a body color not offered by Tesla (dark green). What has been the experience with either Full Body 3M or Avery Dennison vehicle wrap vinyl...
  16. longshadows

    A PowerWall on wheels?

    I’m an M3 res holder. The other day, following a major power outage in our state, my neighbor, an engineer, told me that when I get the Tesla, it can "power the house" during outages. Is this true? Is a Tesla a PowerWall on wheels? I’m sure it’s not that simple. Has anyone used an EV to power...
  17. longshadows

    ¿Mexico, que pasa?

    Anyone know what's up with our neighbor to the South? At present, there appears to be but one (1) SC in the entire country, and that is south of Mexico City, at Cuernavaca, over 500 miles south of the U.S. border and about 600 miles from the next SC, in Texas!!! So is this a token "island" to...
  18. longshadows

    Superchargers on the "Southern route"

    I notice that between Nashville and just east of Dallas, there is currently no operating SCs. So, a trip to Dallas taking the most direct route from the Northeast is problematic. Additionally, going west from Dallas (1-20) or San Antonio (1-10) is impossible, as there are no SCs until Tucson...
  19. longshadows

    Range anxiety in the desert

    Making my first road trip in an Model S-85. Left Phoenix for Palm Springs. Initially the on board Supercharge display map said I could make the trip to the Quartzsite (AZ) SC with 13% battery to spare. Then, after stopping about half-way at a rest area along I-10, the car recalculated and...
  20. longshadows

    Easternmost Supercharger in the U.S.

    Just visited the only Supercharger station in Maine--not busy, but next to a couple of decent dining options (Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and a Ruby Tuesday's). I was amazed by the additional infrastructure associated with these eight chargers. There is a large transformer (green circle), but...
  21. longshadows


    How does any Tesla (assuming the ||| will do likewise) maintain connectivity? Is it a case of Bluetooth to owner's cellphone, or does each car come with its own wireless system to perform necessary car to Tesla (and vice verse) data exchanges? Does this result in the owner incurring an...
  22. longshadows

    On board generator

    Any thoughts as to why Tesla automobiles don't incorporate any sort of internal generator, which might run when car us in motion, if not charging the main battery itself, might supplement power usage of accessories, like lighting, a/c and heating. Any extension of range has got to be a winner.
  23. longshadows

    HEatingAC battery depletion

    As a Tesla newby, and a depositor for a |||, been wondering how much of a toll the use of on board heating and air conditioning takes on the battery. The announced miles/charge of "215" on the ||| must be an average, or maybe without use of climate controls. I assume that unlike an ICE vehicle...
  24. longshadows

    Confirmation without RN?

    Curious, but some people here talk about an "RN number" (whether it means anything or not) which they received when their deposit on the Tesla ≡ was received. I received an email about six hours as I made my online reservation, with a PDF attachment letter confirming the amount of my deposit...

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