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  1. Haxster

    Blog Musk Says Roadster Acceleration Will Be Like a ‘Hardcore Roller Coaster’

    Elon was just kidding about putting a rocket engine where the back seat was. According to my imaginary sources, it will actually be an industrial strength rubber band on a spool/slingshot wound up by the drive motors. After a ten second, five KWH "stretch"....
  2. Haxster

    Wanted: Pinout for Model X Lift Gate Motor Strutt Actuator Connector

    Agree. My bad. BTW, I found the connector wiring diagram for the Model S similar part. So, that may do.
  3. Haxster

    Wanted: Pinout for Model X Lift Gate Motor Strutt Actuator Connector

    It looks like this:
  4. Haxster

    How secure is glove box? Can thief pry open door or cut open bottom/back?

    Master thief Austuro tells me that a tiny dollop of well-placed C-4 will pop it open in a jiffy. However, you need to move fast because the next Tesla update will trigger the car alarm if the glove box opens when locked.
  5. Haxster

    2021 Convertible Model S

    Maybe if it had suicide doors like the 60s Lincoln Continentals.
  6. Haxster

    not plugged in for 6 months?

    While the MX may suffer some hardships, your neighbor may be much worse off. If you've not been able to contact them, and you don't observe anyone visiting their house (maybe leave them a note if you do see activity), you may want to ask the police to investigate. They may be able to reach the...
  7. Haxster

    WTB 19" Sonic Carbon Wheels and Tires for Model S

    Prefer wheels in good condition from a facelift Model S, with TPS, tires with good tread, and within 100 miles of San Jose, CA.
  8. Haxster

    Behold Lucid's Project Gravity SUV: As Efficient As The Air Sedan

    Overheard at the final design review: Chief engineer to design team, "Well, it looks like we didn't meet our headroom requirements." Lead design engineer, "No problem, we can fix that."
  9. Haxster

    Lucid Releases Video Foreshadowing Air's Crazy 1/4-Mile Acceleration

    I sure hope that Lucid bundles this feature with FSD so than when a driver blacks out from the high G's, their crashed Dream won't become their Nightmare. :eek:
  10. Haxster

    100% charge or 90 or 95?

    And...the car is pretty smart. It should alert her to charging stations approaching your home if the car doesn't think it can make it there. Worst case, she'll need to pull into one for enough juice to safely make it home. Although the car is smart, it's not smart enough to text you that...
  11. Haxster

    100% charge or 90 or 95?

    Well, that should work to avoid range anxiety. She'll most likely have to move the car some time during the day to free up the charger for others to use, though.
  12. Haxster

    100% charge or 90 or 95?

    And in the winter, the Tesla electric heater sucks up a lot of juice. She could get more range by turning off the climate control and wearing a heavy coat, gloves... o_O
  13. Haxster

    100% charge or 90 or 95?

    Can she get her workplace to put in a charging station?...or at least find access to a 110V outlet (and/or maybe use a long extension cord) near where she can park it?
  14. Haxster

    EAP to FSD upgrade price drop by $1k. Will be $3k until July 1st

    When I ordered my Model S in November of 2016, I opted for EAP, thinking FSD would be years off. So far I was right. Had I spent the extra $, I would have seen virtually no practical benefits. Just a lighter wallet. While stopping at intersections would be nice in theory, it would take me a...
  15. Haxster

    Does Autopark actually exist?

    Inspired by this thread, I tried back-in auto-park today at the local Office Depot. Between a low slung Ferrari and rather tall Rolls Royce, (actually a Prius and a non-de-script SUV), the back-up was smooth and uneventful. After pulling in, the car realized that it wasn't very well centered and...
  16. Haxster

    Does Autopark actually exist?

    I agree with most of the others. It does have trouble recognizing parking opportunities. And the "P" is not obvious on the display (at least on the Model S). IMO, it does a very good job parallel parking. (Unaware of it, my son-in-law, viewing from the sidewalk, complimented me on the...
  17. Haxster

    Any Warnings for First Drive?

    Congrats! Be REALLY careful. New Tesla owners are coaxed into driver distractions on steroids. Accident rates for new cars in general are very high the first few days. I don't know the stats for Teslas, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them near the top of the list. My advice: 1. Be extra...
  18. Haxster

    New option to buy FSD in app. No longer includes city driving.

    Good to know that I am entitled to these features and that they won't be lost by not spending $4K to risk our lives as FSD pioneers.
  19. Haxster

    New option to buy FSD in app. No longer includes city driving.

    When I ordered the car in November, 2016, only autopark for parallel parking (and summon) were part of the EAP HW2 package. The other features were added later by software updates. I was wrong about summon. It WAS included. I mistook it for "come to me" which was not...but is now. BTW, I'm...
  20. Haxster

    New option to buy FSD in app. No longer includes city driving.

    I saw this too on my EAP Model S phone app. $4K for some features that I already had!? And then, paranoia set in. Navigate on autopilot, both auto-parks, and summon were NOT features included in my original purchase. Would they be taken away if I didn't pay the extortion fee? Probably not, but...
  21. Haxster

    Where will Cybertruck be built?

    A new Tesla Mars factory?
  22. Haxster

    A Little of This? A Little of That?

  23. Haxster

    Measuring 0-60 Performance on iPhone?

    I've used PocketDyno. Can't vouch for it's accuracy, but it is consistent. However, it's not accurate below 1,5 seconds 0-60. ;)
  24. Haxster

    Hissing sound under the trunk

    Before checking under the trunk or wheel well, make sure that you have a snake bite kit handy. :eek:
  25. Haxster

    Why are people waiting at Costco gas stations instead of buying Teslas?

    Saving money is more about psychology than economics. It's hard to rationalize the feeling that most people get when they get something of value for less than they would otherwise get. You'll see some expensive cars in line at the Costco gas pumps. Personally, I get more enjoyment from...
  26. Haxster

    Supercharger - Los Gatos (expanded Jun 2021, 20 Urban stalls)

    According to the Alternate Wiki, squirrels are very territorial and aggressive, but have poor eyesight. When they're up in the pine trees and look down at a dark colored Tesla with a cable/tail out the back, they see what looks to them like a giant squirrel. Hence, the attack with the pine cones.
  27. Haxster

    Random sudden deceleration on AP.

    When this happens, I get angry at AP... My wife gets angry at ME for having AP engaged. Some advise: Don't tailgate. But especially don't tailgate a Tesla.
  28. Haxster

    How do I disable the noisemaker in my Tesla Model 3

    Is it true that in Version 10, you'll be able to select the sound from a choice of: Cow bells Sleigh bells Harley motorcycle Mac Truck Bicycle bell Growling dog The theme from Jaws Jet engine "Watch Out... Watch Out..." Your own recording
  29. Haxster

    Electric car sighting in Sunnyvale, CA

    It seems that different automakers tend to sprinkle ugly on different parts of their cars: Lexus on the front BMW i3 on the side, and Volvo on the rear ....IMO
  30. Haxster

    How do I disable the noisemaker in my Tesla Model 3

    I'm not so much bothered by the noise makers outside of the car... it's the ones inside that can really be annoying.
  31. Haxster

    Electric car sighting in Sunnyvale, CA

    Ah yes...The car of choice for successful strippers.
  32. Haxster

    Is it possible to remotely open/close windows?

    Auto reversing is somewhat problematic. If it's too sensitive, a really dirty or frost-covered window may not close. If it's not sensitive enough....ouch!!
  33. Haxster

    Is it possible to remotely open/close windows?

    Yes, Tesla DID have this feature way back when. And yes, it certainly is a safety concern that most likely removed this feature. There are several work-arounds that Tesla could consider: 1. Sensors that reliably detect and quickly respond to obstructions, 2. Additional cameras (if not already...
  34. Haxster

    Never a better time to own an electric car

    It's not so much the damage to these two refineries but the fact that this act of aggression may be an early sign of impending/escalating war(s) in the Middle East. Oil supplies may only be the tip of the iceberg. :( It's a good thing that we have an administration led by a "very stable genius"...
  35. Haxster

    Emergency Braking Question

    Does anyone (who's less chicken than me) want to coast into a couple of empty plastic trash cans to see what happens?
  36. Haxster

    Emergency Braking Question

    I'm still a little confused. In stop and go traffic, creeping forward at under 7 mph, if you take no action after the alert goes off, will the car actually come to a full stop before hitting the car in front?
  37. Haxster

    Solid Black Owners

    I'm not sure that I qualify as a solid black owner. What if only three of my four grandparents were black? o_O
  38. Haxster

    Booking service appointments by app

    In my limited experience, if everything can be taken care of by mobile service, they'll set up a mobile service visit with you and cancel your service center appointment.
  39. Haxster

    New Model 3 or wait for Y?

    While the Y will be based on the 3, early production/quality issues might be a risk to consider. Also, Tesla may only offer higher-end (higher profit) versions during the first six months or so. And, the federal tax credit will be even smaller or gone by then.
  40. Haxster

    Steering wheel wear?

    Top of the wheel?...It could be sun damage.
  41. Haxster

    Is it worth $3k for FSD for EAP owners

    Maybe I'm just an old curmudgeon (or a realist?). Legally approved FSD may require HW4 or even HW5 and maybe new sensors before all is said and done, With over two years of personal experience with EAP, my opinion is that's it's a big leap from the impressive, but problematic, EAP to...
  42. Haxster

    New offer from Tesla for FSD. $3000

    Sounds like a good way for her to become your future former girlfriend...
  43. Haxster

    Condo Living

    Three other thoughts: 1. Have you thought about getting to work early enough to snag one of the stations? 2. Set up a remote motion triggered camera to alert you when a car pulls out of a charging station at work. 3. Petition for more stations to be added where you work. I'm sure that the other...
  44. Haxster

    Portland punk smashes windshield — of a Tesla, which caught him on video

    Maybe better than high resolution video...AI miscreant-recognition software that zaps them with high voltage.:eek:
  45. Haxster

    Summon out of my garage

    Yes, a cool feature that I actually use on occasion. A bit of a mystery to me is how long the car waits to actually start backing out of the garage. Like...what if the garage is really slow to open? Or it gets stuck or stopped and doesn't open all of the way? Does the car know if it will...
  46. Haxster

    Bay Area Tesla Meet: Santana Row 8/10/2019 8am

    I appreciate you setting this up. It's a really big garage. Where to meet? At the Tesla showroom? At the chargers on the 4th floor? Not much atmosphere there...but a lot of Teslas! FYI, there's a Peet's Coffee at the south end of Santana Row.
  47. Haxster

    Tesla Software Version 10.0

    Doesn't sound like much more than another V9 update to me.
  48. Haxster

    Those with EnhancedAP to receive 3k discount on FSD

    While some of the incremental FSD features likely to be offered over my EAP may be useful, I'm not sure that I'll still have the car in 2022 when FSD is likely to be approved or that my car can be retrofitted with HW4 and the new sensors required. It will be interesting to see how Tesla handles...
  49. Haxster

    WTB Bay Area Model S 19" Sonic Carbon Wheels & Newish Tires

    Set of four Sonic Carbon Slipstream "pull-offs" preferred with TPMS 2 and minimal miles on tires for my "facelift" Model S.

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