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  1. garry753

    Looking To List My 2010 Roadster Sport

    The title says it all - looking to list my Thunder Grey Roadster Sport - It is loaded and has quite a few add ons: Premium Paint Premium interior with extensive leather Beautiful black alloy wheels Full Carbon Fiber accents, outside and inside. Double Din Radio with new Pioneer Wireless Apple...
  2. garry753

    Supercharger - Austin, TX

    Do you think this one will hit 200 days of construction? My guess is ‘yes’. :)
  3. garry753

    Just put a Pioneer Apple CarPlay Receiver in Roadster

    Lightning cable for full carplay, but it does support bluetooth for regular pioneer apps.
  4. garry753

    Just put a Pioneer Apple CarPlay Receiver in Roadster

    Originally (even before the Kenwood) I had a head unit with this issue. At the time, I cut the stalk and sanded it down to shorten it. It worked just fine, but of course I needed to modify the car to make it happen. That stalk piece is like $30 or so to replace btw.
  5. garry753

    Just put a Pioneer Apple CarPlay Receiver in Roadster

    I just had a Pioneer SPH-DA120 installed in my Roadster Sport, replacing an old Kenwood head unit. It really transformed the experience in my car - it feels much more like the Model S center pad, but in a Roadster form factor. People can hear me on calls much better with the mic from the Pioneer...
  6. garry753

    Glass Roadster Top - New Group buy (May 2013)

    If anyone is interested in a gently used glass top, I'm selling mine for $2200 plus shipping.
  7. garry753

    New Roadster Goodies for 2014

    I am so excited by this announcement (the 400 mile pack), both for the additional range and the support of the roadster. Hopefully we get more information on it soon.
  8. garry753

    Texas Supercharger Locations (location speculation, discussion)

    Tried the Waco SC yesterday around 11:00 am - in less than an hour we were back up 289 mi range...awesome to have it working!
  9. garry753

    Texas Supercharger Locations (location speculation, discussion)

    Has anyone tried the Waco SC yet? I've heard that it may already be open...
  10. garry753

    Glass Roadster Top - New Group buy (May 2013)

    I jumped in today (called David to add my name to the list).
  11. garry753

    Official: Roadster Extended Service Announced

    One month after purchasing the 3 year extended warranty, my emergency brake cable snapped...I feel good about the purchase.
  12. garry753

    Marriott Rivercenter charger - best to avoid

    @Bonnie1194 - will do. And, yes, it was a hassle. @stephenpace - Tesla is definitely looking into this (we weren't the only ones caught there); didn't want to assume this would be a problem for other brands, but it definitely is for Tesla. The remedy that the Model S has is shutting off the...
  13. garry753

    Marriott Rivercenter charger - best to avoid

    There is a bad public charger located on the second floor of the public Marriott Rivercenter garage. When you plug into it with a J1772 adapter, it will most likely short out the 12v battery and cause a shutdown of the main battery system. Further, because of the location, it may be difficult...
  14. garry753

    Austin Gallery now open at the Domain

    Just stopped by this morning with our roadster and S - very cool to have one of these in Austin!
  15. garry753

    Used Roadster buying experience

    Welcome to the club!
  16. garry753

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    I'm sorry if this has been said already, but the iPhone app makes me really want to tie into the rear camera feed remotely...it is really great to have the additional utility and convenience that this app adds to the car.
  17. garry753

    Texas Road Trip

    On the Austin to Corpus trip, where did you charge in Corpus? We're looking to do a similar trip from Austin to Corpus and back... Thank you!
  18. garry753

    Roadster's Future

    Hi Bonnie - Just wondering if you had heard anything new from Tesla. Just had my annual service and all is well, but it would be great to see what Tesla offers in this extended warranty.
  19. garry753

    Roadster's Future

    I am not interested in speed improvements, but would gladly pay for a battery with twice the range for the Roadster, and I too, am looking forward to seeing what Tesla offers for an extended warranty.
  20. garry753

    Advice wanted. Car arrives tonight. Should i take 230 mile trip tomorrow.

    A couple things: watch your energy monitor and keep comparing the projected to the ideal. It will give you a better idea of how your driving is affecting range. @dsm is correct - seat heaters use less power than heavy HVAC usage. Draft behind trucks if possible - you won't believe how...
  21. garry753

    Tesla Service Center - Austin

    Thanks @dsm363 - do you have an idea of the location?
  22. garry753

    Tesla Service Center - Austin

    Has anyone heard any updates on when this will open? I have heard through the grapevine End of November, then end of December, but haven't seen any developments...
  23. garry753

    Parking sensors

    By far, parking sensors are the biggest omission on the S, and my wife and I really do feel the need when pulling into parking lot spaces. I'm excited that Tesla is at least promising an implementation somewhere down the line.
  24. garry753

    Does supercharging harm the battery?

    Now that people are finally getting to do some realworld tests of the Supercharger network (waiting for them patiently down here in Texas), are you seeing any any negative effects on battery life?
  25. garry753

    East Coast Supercharging network

    For those using the Superchargers, have you seen any reduction in range?
  26. garry753

    Model S on the way

    Yep - I heard from the truck driver that one was headed to New Braunfels. Ours arrived yesterday - I'm guessing yours did too? And yes, the feeling while driving the car is surreal and really fun - what an amazing feat of engineering and magic. :) g
  27. garry753

    Good rate on insurance in Texas for Model S

    Called Geico a second time, and got a much better rate - they blew Progressive out of the galaxy. Roughly $250 for the S for six months. Definitely worth it to call the same company twice if you're not happy the first time.
  28. garry753

    Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

    Just wondering if anyone else in Texas is expecting delivery in the next day or so? We haven't heard from the truck yet...
  29. garry753

    Good rate on insurance in Texas for Model S

    Progressive just gave me a ridiculously high quote on Model S (even though they are great with a Roadster). Geico has said they won't insure either car in Texas, even though they do in California. Anybody have any good suggestions for an insurance carrier in Texas? Thank you!
  30. garry753

    Model S on the way

    Left California early Thursday morning (midnight actually)...getting harder and harder to sleep...
  31. garry753


    I'd be in to it as well. By then, we might have two Teslas to bring. :)
  32. garry753

    Clean Energy Works for Texas

    Thanks - this has been a huge frustration of mine since moving to Texas.
  33. garry753

    12V battery trouble

    The only issue being that you have to know to look for the message when the key fails, which for me wasn't immediately obvious...mostly you're just thinking "why doesn't my key work - oh it's a problem with where I am in relation to the car."
  34. garry753

    12V battery trouble

    Yep - I just had mine replaced as well - same key fob symptoms.
  35. garry753

    Roadster - new options

    I'm with Jory and ViperDoc - don't need any more performance than I've got, but would love more range and supercharger capability. Looking forward to Model S in a couple months, but it isn't the same form factor as the Roadster. It would be nice to get to San Antonio and back, or to get to...
  36. garry753

    Dave's (dsm363) Signature Performance Model S

    Congratulations on the new toy!
  37. garry753

    Texas Supercharger Locations (location speculation, discussion)

    Thanks, Babylon - this is awesome. Now if Tesla would tell us when these are happening within the next two years, we'll be all set. There's still a gap to El Paso, but this will make travel to Houston, Dallas and Galveston. I also wonder if Tesla will also have Supercharger capability at...
  38. garry753

    Hotel/Airport parking in Texas with Charging Stations

    My understanding is that the Westin Element has J1772 charging, but I have not personally confirmed this.
  39. garry753

    New factory CF airdam w/xenon fogs upgrade! (MAYBE!)

    Wicked cool. Day One purchase!
  40. garry753

    Latest "Finalize your order" date

    Hmmm - that's entirely possible - there is no letter before my number...
  41. garry753

    Latest "Finalize your order" date

    Just got ours - P414! Now starts the battle between Green and Blue...
  42. garry753


    mfarendt - Sticker Stop on 620 near Cedar Park does a great job, and is really fast. They were able to find the lack of an emissions test for a Tesla Roadster in their computer and issue the two stickers. They didn't even charge me for the Emissions test, so I've got that $14 annually...
  43. garry753

    San Antonio

    Thanks for the recommendation. dsm363. I just noticed a little knick in the star shield on my driver's mirror, and was researching where to fix it in the Austin area.
  44. garry753


    +1 - an Austin get together of Roadster owners would be great.
  45. garry753

    Used Roadsters in Texas

    Just passed my six month anniversary of a used Roadster in Austin. Loving every minute of it. Service has been great, and like the other posters, mostly for simple things, like a tire pressure monitor, sqeaks, A/C retrofit of cowl housing, etc. Just added HID headlights and sound dampening...
  46. garry753

    Likelihood of a CHAdeMO adapter for the Model S

    I really question evgonetwork's business model. The subscriptions are fairly steep, and are geared toward users in the metropolitan areas that they're serving. I spoke to them last week, and they are allegedly working on a plan for out of metro users who would want to pay as they go. I'm...
  47. garry753

    Likelihood of a CHAdeMO adapter for the Model S

    evgonetwork (evgonetwork.com) has committed pretty heavily to CHAdeMO chargers in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas of Texas. I would like to second the assertion that it would be foolish of Tesla not to support this standard on Model S, and hopefully for the Roadster as well. Because of...
  48. garry753

    What did you park next to? (Or what makes the Roadster look tiny?)

    As far as I can tell, this one didn't have a flux capacitor...:)

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