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  1. snooprob

    Polyurethane Suspension Bushings - Quest

    I have a 2013 P85 with 185k miles and it's had various repairs in the last year, but the biggest current issue it has is worn bushings in several places: - front arms - rear arms - read motor mounts Because the only real option right now is to buy the entire metal replacement assembly from...
  2. snooprob

    2020.12.10 USB for music now works

    Yes - the older Model S MCU works with USB again (updating from 10.x to 12.x) - one tip: - exFAT (for big 64GB//256GB+ drives) is one option for file system on the USB. - another alternative I've tested that works (seemingly faster) is EXT2 (Linux) - which can be done on a Windows PC with some...
  3. snooprob

    Rear trunk won't open

    This is currently happening in my car - getting the kids out was easy, just have them stand up, release the rear seat catch, then fold the 2nd row seat (or seats) forward. A bit harder if you're ADULT size ;-) lol
  4. snooprob

    Make Time To Visit Reno's National Auto Museum

    I'm in too - will be in Reno through Sunday! :-)
  5. snooprob

    East Coasters - road trippin'?

    Thanks for the tip! I'll actually be continuing down I-81 from Charlottesville (towards Nashville), so won't have that issue... but I can see the gap! Check this out too - I dunno where the data is coming from - but the ones with pre-opening status are interesting :-) supercharge.info
  6. snooprob

    East Coasters - road trippin'?

    Thanks for the offer! Won't be going quite that far South, but appreciate that other owners are so welcoming :-)
  7. snooprob

    East Coasters - road trippin'?

    I'm tentatively leaving Massachusetts (7/15) for a leisurely drive through some family/friends stops to be in Reno 7/27... Currently looking at stops in VA, then TN, and then no plans through NV. Anyone else going that way - or meet up along the way? :-)
  8. snooprob


  9. snooprob

    Any CT owners have a recommendation for a trailer hitch installer?

    I also did my own EcoHitch install - took me a couple days between sorting out all the tools/tweaking I needed to do... but it's always satisfying to do it yourself! And - I'll never argue AGAINST an opportunity to buy new tools ;-) haha
  10. snooprob

    TMC Connect - Content Sharing Archive

    I couldn't find a way to attach PPTX files to the board (here) - assuming that's a technical limitation - so I've instead started an external Archive: http://1drv.ms/1fHPGbR I put up my CANbus presentation - and for anyone else who wants to post their files, feel free to private-message me...
  11. snooprob

    CHAdeMO error tracking thread

    Follow-up : after running into a ChargePoint representative at an EV event, I got some more info on the units... Apparently the challenge ChargePoint has been having is that their bolt-on bit (for auth/billing) is just a pass-through, so when the charger unit generates an error like this, they...
  12. snooprob

    Excercising Massachusetts - Right to Repair

    The lawyer is for the ("proprietary") software bit - AFAIK, it's extremely hard to get diagnostic software from *ANY* manufacturer (having tried for BMW, Honda, and Subaru). And yes - I did see a few posts about getting in and browsing the material (July/2013) - so the (web site) error I'm...
  13. snooprob

    Excercising Massachusetts - Right to Repair

    Thanks for the replies - however: 1) Yes, I know about that site, and I actually posted the link right in my first entry! ;-) Problem is - if you try to sign up, it's broken, and I've tried unsuccessfully (for a couple weeks now) to get Tesla to fix it/respond for help (as their web site...
  14. snooprob

    Excercising Massachusetts - Right to Repair

    For anyone that hasn't heard of this, I believe we're the first state to pass something like this (back in 2012/2013): https://malegislature.gov/Laws/SessionLaws/Acts/2012/Chapter241 The basic premise is, ever since OBD and CANbus, auto manufacturers have kept many of the new electronics and...
  15. snooprob

    Any fast chargers from Concord NH to to Montreal?

    Very cool thanks! That ABB 50kW unit looks really nice - haven't seen that yet... and I see they put it into a highway "rest stop" (like some of the SuperChargers here in the U.S.) Will let you know if I'm in the neighborhood :-) And if you're ever down my way - I have 80A HPWC and 30A J1772...
  16. snooprob

    CHAdeMO error tracking thread

    I followed this sequence on the 25kW Fuji ChargePoint units in Burlington - but it was failing the test cycle... the pattern appeared to be: - Charger executes test cycle (clunk sound of main breaker in unit) - Car ramps up to 400-500VDC - Clunk as main breaker either trips or dis-engages -...
  17. snooprob

    Any fast chargers from Concord NH to to Montreal?

    Hey Llavalle - where is this at? I don't see exits #28 and #25 on Canada highway 15 North of the U.S. border...? Would like to know as I'll be going back that way next time (need to stop at border station to do NEXUS stuff ;-) ) thx! Rob
  18. snooprob

    P85d. Montreal trip. Range assurance? Chademo? No range anxiety? Right...

    FWIW - anyone who's on PlugShare is usually amenable to visitors! ;-) I met Henry last year - and a few other owners (Long Island NY, and Miami FL) - and it's always a blast to make new friends! B-) As long as you can get all your in-car travel companions to stop and smell the flowers! :-P lol...
  19. snooprob

    CHAdeMO error tracking thread

    Chris - when I was trying to get the ChargePoint Fuji 25kW unit working in Burlington VT in the central garage, I flipped the main (electric) breaker a few times to "reboot" the unit, and got that message displayed on the ChargePoint (green-white LED screen) as a scrolling message... is that...
  20. snooprob

    CHAdeMO error tracking thread

    Yea - interesting data point - as that is *NOT* what I did... the car door was open in one case, and in another it was closed, but there were people in the car and it wasn't locked... I still think we've got a software issue - but I don't have any way to tell what version(s) of software were on...
  21. snooprob

    P85d. Montreal trip. Range assurance? Chademo? No range anxiety? Right...

    I've done 6 "long" trips (2 or more charging stops): - Boston to Miami twice - Boston to Montauk (NY) twice - Boston to Montreal (QC) twice And numerous trips to the Cape, New York city, and Hartford (CT) in the last 2 years and 45k miles... And - everyone really needs to keep in mind that...
  22. snooprob

    CHAdeMO error tracking thread

    I confirmed the problem appears to be communication - tried a SECOND Fuji Electric / ChargePoint / CHAdeMO in Burlington on the way home and had the same problem (VE122 error)... so I ended up back at the Nissan dealer (pulling 37.5kW at least B-) ) Thanks for the offer DJ - was in a bit of a...
  23. snooprob

    CHAdeMO error tracking thread

    So I grabbed a CHAdeMO adapter to get from Boston to Montreal (Supercharging doesn't quite cover it yet ;-) ) - and stopped in Burlington VT to give it the first field test. Few issues: 1) First ChargePoint unit (Marketplace Garage) - was down... make sure to check your ChargePoint app first...
  24. 2014 09 14 Mt Washington (1280)

    2014 09 14 Mt Washington (1280)

  25. Car shots

    Car shots

    On location
  26. snooprob

    My P85 Salvage Story - Help!

    This is a very interesting angle on the Massachusetts law - and one I'm sure they weren't considering when they wrote this as... who would have ever thought a car company would *NOT* be selling in a Franchise model - eh? ;-) lol I actually just sent an email to the NA service help address...
  27. snooprob

    XM enable (without Sound Studio)

    Has anyone tried to get the XM feature turned on after purchase WIHTOUT the Sound Studio package? I deliberately avoided the Sound Studio bundle because I knew I'd be adding a much higher quality after market amp, speakers and sub... but it hadn't occurred to me the XM radio module was all...
  28. snooprob

    New England area owners/enthusiasts/employees dinner/meetup

    Here - waiting for Aaron :-) And had to steal the HPWC that's marked as reserved for someone because the wall plugs are all NEMA 6-50... what the heck?!
  29. 2013 10 14 Tesla Natick

    2013 10 14 Tesla Natick

  30. snooprob

    New England area owners/enthusiasts/employees dinner/meetup

    I'm in - and I bet I'll be the only white car there given the sales stats in New England ;-) hehe
  31. snooprob

    Head of the Charles Regatta this weekend - Tesla marketing opportunity?

    Very sorry I missed everyone - was a perfect day for it! Agree another get together before we get socked in would be great :cool: Anyone used the Green Park & Charge? http://www.dinosaurcap.com/DInosaur_Capital_Partners/Green_Park_%26_Charge.html It's inside the corners of Merrimac, Market...
  32. snooprob

    RF (Radio Frequency) Interfearance - Cell Phone - Stereo amp

    So - this isn't about cell reception, it's about your cell phone causing audible (and very annoying) noise over the speakers in the car when the volume is anything except OFF :-\ Here's a bit more info on what I'm talking about: http://news.cnet.com/2100-1033_3-6199149.html No other low-serial...
  33. snooprob

    RF (Radio Frequency) Interfearance - Cell Phone - Stereo amp

    I wanted to check with other "low serial number" owners on a problem I recently confirmed has been fixed. I took delivery in March 2013 (SN: ...4187): - listening to radio, cell phone (charging or not) and sitting in storage bin area under stereo or on floor in carpeted channel - car exhibits...
  34. snooprob

    MA Plug In Day - Martha's Vineyard and Plymouth - and Hanscom Energy Fair Oct 9

    Yea I was looking for one "close" to go to this year, and discovered we had slim pickings in MA... Manchester (NH) has something, and the biggest one close to here looks like the CCSU one: National Plug In Day - Central Connecticut State University
  35. snooprob

    Cars & Copters Fundraiser - Sunday, September 15th - Plymouth, MA

    I'll be at C&C (+3 kids) and Harvard event is on my way home so - in if the kids aren't too unruly ;-)
  36. snooprob

    New Englanders -- check in!

    Hey all - sorry I registered here a while ago when I was getting ready for delivery but haven't been back since I got my P85 :redface: Had it for months (delivery was 3/2) - about 5200 miles so far - it's a blast to drive, super convenient (5 adults + 2 kids - or : Ikea run!) - and I've taken...

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